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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Huetamo: 4 Dozen Arrested Posing as Autodefensas

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

Michoacán State Security commissioner, Alfredo Castillo confirmed that federal  forces arrested  4 dozen people in the newly autodefensas liberated city of Huetamo.

The commissioner reported the detainees were “Pseudo –autodefensas”, members of organized crime posing as autodefensas.  A tactic becoming more commonly used by criminals to confuse the public and federal forces.

As federal forces entered the city they came under attack and called for support.   The clash lasted for more than an hour.

The commissioner did not report the number of injured or dead resulting from the melee but reported the situation under control.

There was no word on the role of the autodefensas in the action, but typically they have called on federal forces when help was needed in a  situations of risk, the commissioner did report the city of Huetamo is an autodefensas city.


    given the criminal track record of murderous and corrupt incompetence of all municipal, state, federal police and military, and the previous arrests and imprisonment of autodefensas everybody believes are innocent of any crimes, castillo is not to be believed of being telling the truth.
    the torturers must be hard at work torturing the arrested into confessing, with the most effective investigating tools of the federal police, waterboarding, beatings and cattle prods, as taught by the nazi-CIA agents klaus barbie and felix ismael rodriguez, "el pinche cubano".
    castillo needs to explain why the past, which is in the past, of course is so full of incompetence on the part of the military and police organizations in the state of michoacan as in all of mexico, over the last 13 years, in a public trial at the plaza.
    the autodefensas need to kick out all foreigners from all the mexican communities.
    que se vayan a chingar a su madre todos los putos chilangos a la capital de los carteristas.
    that means all the two finger pickpockets from the mexican capital should go and %$#& their mothers at the mexican capital of the pickpockets...
    the police never demanded that the criminals put down their weapons, but surprise! the autodefensas must do it...

  2. Papa Smurf is reporting what Dr. Mireles has been saying. Among the 40+ detained as pseudo-AD's were sicarios from Tamaulipas and Jalisco. They're poking around in Michoacán. WAY too early to disarm!

    1. So ur sayin that the zetas n jalisco r moving in?

    2. Its all three cdg cngj and zetas

  3. Does anyone know who the sicarios are with? CJNG, Zetas or CT? Sounds like this kinda thing will help disarm the AD and its back to square one for those needing the protection.

  4. --julio ceballos, from san luis potosi, federal commander, star detective and investigator, arrested with zetas and drugs.
    -- the uncle of ENRIQUE FRANCISCO GALINDO CEBALLOS, national police commissioner, friend of el mamito, el taliban and el lazca, zeta from the start, i suspect he is taking michoacan back for the zetas, let's not forget that el puto presidente puñetas is a friend of yarrington, cavazos, bertie boy moreira, fidel herrera, mario marin, etc etc etc, la gran familia priista will not let priista pellejos vallejos down.
    --after using the familia michoacana, and the cabelleras kagadas, and the autodefensas, it all goes back to el PRI!
    --like it or not, el Partido de Ratas Institutonalizadas, is taking it all back for epn's and galindo ceballos zetas, maybe under other name, el nuevo PRI?

  5. if 45 guys were caught and only 23 weapons were confiscated, does that mean the cartel is trying to fight on the cheap? were the other 22 guys there to pick up the weapons dropped by guys who die fighting? and then use them to keep fighting themselves? it used to be there were more weapons than thugs at the scenes of these battles. It doesn't make sense to have unarmed sicarios there. unless mexicans willing to kill are cheaper to buy than the guns used to arm them? did corrupt police keep some of the weapons to resell them later?

  6. An eyewitness to the balacera in Huetamo reports that as many as 20 men were killed and many more injured. She personally saw the dead loaded into the bed of a pickup truck 'like so many animals' and taken away. Is anyone else reporting deaths? And if not, why not?

  7. I will check on the dead bodies reported. I think I would have been told, but let me check.

    Do not worry AD is working hard especially in Tuta territory, some good news came yesterday but it was sent to me as CONFIDENTIAL.

    AD are working with and apart from the gob, there is a deep mistrust so certain information is not being made public.

    That was an excellent observation of the "narco" vs weapon count..hmmmmm could it be?

    I will check that also

  8. Im from Nocupetaro north of huetamo and i know for a fact that they were all caballeros trying to block the real AD from moving north were alot of sicarios are hiding, caballeros have alot of people here. They made the AD run for cover and there were no shoots fired at the goverment it was all AD they hade alot of victems,it was a hardcore ambush the real AD hade a bad day

  9. i can't post anything on the forum, but miguel angel gallegos godoy, was picked up over there, when are the chuntaros at the forum going to pick up on enrique francisco galindo ceballos and carlos slim helu, for example?
    i think they would make better targets than wondering about the color of el chapo's bloomers everyday...


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