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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Autodefensas Surround Templarios Leader La Tuta

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
 Above: Dr. Mireles speaks to the Tumbiscatío crowd after autodefensas took control of the city from Templarios.  In the inset, Templarios leader "La Tuta", who recently, at the same pavilion, was mingling, giving money away, and having his hand kissed by a child
Led by Dr. Manuel Mireles who directed the operations, autodefensas took control of Tumbiscatío [photo above], and Arteaga.  Infiernillo and Las Cañas were also secured in the autodefensa operation.

This is the “land of Tuta”, Servando "La Tuta" Gomez,  the leader of Caballeros Templarios is from Arteaga.  There is a new urgency in the autodefensa operation to surround and capture Tuta.  With the May 10th deadline for disarmament approaching, and the confusion of what will transpire, there is a boundless resolve by the autodefensas to isolate and capture the leader.   

In the event that Tuta would be captured or killed, [my bet is he will be captured rather than killed] the  heir to the cartel would be the first cousin of the slain Templarios leader "El Chayo", known as "El Gallito".  I am developing a post on Gallito, who is said to have betrayed his late cousin.
                                                         [Click to enlarge any image]
Tuta supporters attempting to block autodefensas entry in Arteaga
Yesterday, Osorio Chong, vowed to adhere to the agreement previously signed with the autodefensas.  Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Secretary of Government Relations [SEGOB], denied that he has given an ultimatum to Michoacán's self-defense groups to surrender their weapons.

Osorio Chong said:
"This government is about agreements. This is a government that approached the people, who are close to the [autodefensas] groups."

At a press conference in the Senate building, Osorio Chong pointed out the results that the society and government have achieved together in the intervening two and a half months since a coordination agreement was reached with the government of Michoacán Governor Fausto Vallejo.

The federal official was confident that the agreement signed with the self-defense groups will be respected, and if something might not have been considered” he said, the government of the Republic will attend to it.

Conversely, Dr. Mireles says the autodefensas federation will not disarm and will adhere to the 8 point agreement contractually signed and agreed to by the autodefensas and the government on January 13th.  The agreement was signed while Dr Mireles was recovering from his injuries sustained in the January plane crash.

He reiterated and confirmed to Borderland Beat today;
     We will not disarm until the main points of the agreement are met.

2      A total cleaning of criminals in Michoacán. (destruction of cartel operation in Michoacán)

       The restoration of rule of law (efficient security and a fair justice)

4     Freedom for the autodefenzas prisoners (imprisoned for defending the lives of themselves and their families) 

Tuta Territory
After first entering Tumbiscatío, and subsequent to installing the autodefensa council there, they then moved to Arteaga.  With the newly acquired communities and cities, and the previously acquired cities,  autodefensas have surrounded the territory in which La Tuta resides.

In Arteaga, they met resistance by a group of Arteaga residents, loyal to La Tuta, who formed a human blockade, but eventually, autodefensas were able to  move forward and take control of  the city. 

Readers may remember the video of La Tuta in the town plaza walking freely, giving money to residents, this is Tuta’s home, where he is most comfortable and secure, where he enjoys celebrity status.  In the first photo above,  a young child shown from the video, who rushed Tuta and kissed his hand in adoration.

Below is a video depicting Templario caves used for a hideout, this was taken just after autodefensas took control of Arteaga.  They are utilized for staging drugs, weapons, and  as a sanctuary to stay out of sight.  The autodefensas found many signs the caves were being occupied, and fresh shoe prints leading away.  At the ranch, Tuta's uncle raises cocks for fighting. 

Arteaga is the birthplace of Tuta and where he taught school.  In the video there is a man hidden in the shadows, who did not give his entrepreneur  by profession .  He is  an autodefensa, he "took up arms" because, like the overwhelming majority of Michoacán residents, he has his tale of grief and horror.

He says that his two brothers were executed on orders of the Templarios chief because they refused to keep paying extortions.
"When he was a teacher La Tuta taught both of my brothers, but he killed them three months ago," he said. 

The hunt for Tuta stepped into high gear yesterday.  34 autodefensa trucks filled with AD members, accompanied by 10 federal trucks with federal forces, began the search in and around Arteaga.  They found three homes belonging to Tuta and his parents on the ranch his uncle raises the cocks.

Autodefensas searched outdoors and stood on guard as federal forces searched the interior of the homes. At the same time another group searched the cave, it was autodefensas who braved the dark cave, knowing it was possible Templarios were waiting with weapons.  The caves of the Sierra's extend for miles, some having deep rivers running through.  Perfect for hiding but not compromising the ability to retain mobility. 

Both places of interest came up short, but clear evidence was found indicating, Tuta and his men were on the run, and not too far ahead. It seems inconceivable that he will not be captured.  One wonders why he didn't stay in a neighboring state. 

How long the autodefensas can maintain control of these cities remains in question.

Alfredo Castillo, federal safety commissioner of Michoacán, insinuated in a press conference that Arteaga and Tumbiscatío may have “criminals” that need to be located, “as in Huetamo last Monday”.

Last Monday an autodefensa was killed, while standing guard at a road block, in the newly controlled Huetamo.

Autodefensa leader “Papa Smurf” says; Then dozens of armed autodefensas were mobilized in order to apprehend the alleged murderer, whom they identified as “El Vicki”.

Federal forces arrived and a shootout ensued, lasting for an hour.  The end result was 44 “false autodefensas” were arrested.  Even more interesting is who the arrested are, they have been identified as being CJNG (Cartel Jalisco New Generation. Apparently, following behind autodefensas in an attempt to pick up the plaza, now that autodefensas cleaned the plaza of cartel presence.  The detainees were originally from; Jalisco, Guanajuato and Tamaulipas.

Below is a video with footage of the Huetamo incident.  In the video are autodefensas detaining a group of men, some of the captives are lying on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds that appear very serious. One or two maybe dead. [photo above and to the left]

Towards the end of the video, there is a conversation between people in a red vehicle parked on the side of the street.  One is an autodefensa and he says in the conversation “we need to wait for Papa Smurf”.  Smurf did say the person killed at his guard post was his friend.

There are no police or federal forces in the video and the government did not report any deaths or injuries

Thank you to Sr. Joe for finding and sharing the Artega video!


  1. Remember that the government's top priority is its reputation. If the majority of Mich citizens do NOT support the Templarios, the government will cooperate with the autodefensas and take action to disarm the Templarios instead of the defensas.

    The problem is that most Mich citizens DO support the Templarios, and NOT the autodefensas. Michoacan is full of citizens who are desperate for money, and get more desperate by the year as they have more and more children without a plan for how to support them. The Templarios take advantage of this and tell the citizens they will give their husbands jobs, and that they are there to take care of the community. These citizens are gullible and see the immediate gain of supporting the Templarios. The government recognizes the citizens' support of the Templarios and so it allows them to operate.

    God bless the stubborn, gullible, oblivious citizens of Michoacan, who as a group hold the power to stop the power of narcotraffic, but choose not to.

    1. What? Dude wake up! The AD is from Michuacan? Yes there are many ignorants that support CT, Just like there are people that liked Al Capone, and John Gottie!!

    2. Agreed, Mexican ignorance at its finest. Majority of the population only finish secundaria in that pathetic education sysrem.

    3. You act like you can't read. Autodefensas are doing a great job. Stop hating. If you have no facts then don't comment out your a$$

    4. Oh yeah! Don't pay extortion fees and see what would have happened! I hate to say because I grew up on Italian American mobster movies and love them and the acting, but as I've gotten older I've realized alot of innocent people suffer because of organized crime especially the regular people that are just scratching to make a living! Alot of people lived in fear to cross a mobster. Just because movies glorified the lifestyle didn't mean people were happy! In the movies the give a few bucks to a poor grandma or do somebody a favor and now they're all of a sudden the good guys? Sounds alot like Tuta, don't it? The regular honest hardworking people that show up to work every day consistenly to support their families with the few bucks they make are the true heroes!! The good guys are guys like the bus drivers, union workers, teachers, store clerks, the point is everyday people who make society a bettee place!!!

  2. Great post Chivis,thanks for keeping us as up to date as you can with this increasingly fluid situation,appreciate it girl.
    Come on people give the singer some........Chivis "BB" Martinez.

  3. CJNG have got some front if this really is them?Pretending to be AD and bangin away at almost anyone they feel like cause CJNG do not fuck around.
    Anyone have any idea what happened to dudes who were taken away,or did the popo turn up and collar them all?Must be some scary shit for women and children to go have to go through tho?

  4. amen brother. singing BB's praises

    to the other person some parts of sierra's true, not so everywhere most every body have a family member been kidnap,kill, rape so don't tell lies.

  5. The video clearly shows the AD's did all the work in Huetamo.

    Castillo has been giving press conferences the last couple days saying the feds did it all. He didn't mention the AD's.

    Looking at the video you can see why Chong is now saying "ultimatum, what ultimatum"? The AD's are on a roll.

    The PRI government just blinked!

  6. *sniffs air* la tuta is close near by. So the hunt begins once more.

  7. @ April 24, 2014 at 5:22 PM

    I agree, it is a very important fact that the government will act in whatever way it thinks will get it most support from most influential people. And even though there are many outspoken citizens who hate the Templarios, the majority (who don't speak out) do support them.

    1. I don't think so, most Michuacanos day good riddance!

  8. miren el anillo de mirelez

  9. If La Tuta is captured, I wonder if there will be protestors marching in the streets of Michoacan demanding he be released, the way the Sinaloans did for Chapo? A few people have mentioned it already: the perspective on the ground in Mich is different from this forum of (mostly) Americans. No one on Borderlandbeat supports La Tuta, but MANY people in Mich do!

    We can see it here:

    1. Of course there will be, he steals from some poor and gives it back to the ones where he grew up!

    2. He only gives back one dollar from 10,000 extorted.big fucking deal.meanwhile he's murdering 13 month old babies.those puta tuta supporters need a good beating.

  10. It's simple the reason why the government is after them is because they did not pay off la marina that's why CJNJ is moving in because they have la marina on there payroll that's how things work in Mexico

  11. the local politics is most of all kidnapping, extortion and intimidation, maybe some of the pay is drugs, but stealing properties and from the former SICARTSA and now arcelor-mittal have been the main sources of money, getting paid for the money spent on electing priistas all over the state did not work, and backfired on cts arses.they gave the pri the state and now the pri sticks it up the ass of their friends, beautiful

  12. Found this article very interesting thanks. If La Tuta wants to survive he's got to get out, you would think he would be able to get to a safehouse in a area away from the auto-defenses and send out orders from there. The auto-defenses at this stage seem to be making huge progress and as this article shows, they are hitting him close to home. He still have lots of gunmen and loyalists but if he just keeps going the way he is he'll be arrested or killed. The auto-defenses have nothing to lose on the other hand, Tuta has everything to lose.

  13. it is not true that most people love tuta. it is only those in arteaga and Tumbiscatío and a few other little towns high in the sierra. it is true like people say most people have a loved one that has been killed in a brutal way. all the autodefensas have this experience.

  14. So they show la tuta handing a couple peasants a few bucks and saying he will save everyone this doesn't mean all of mich likes him. People get real if I lived there id be with the autodefensas and if we found la tuta id should him myself. This is basically a libya type scenario unfolding and remember what happen to muammar gaddafi ...bullet to the head. Hopefully the same happens to la tuta.

    1. Not even close to the Libyan situation. The tribes/factions opposed to Gaddafi had the assistance of the U.S.A., U.K.and France airforces/navies. Plus special
      forces/operations providing them
      ith intelligence and logistics support
      on the ground. If it weren't for thatoverwhelming support, Gaddafi would still be in power.

  15. The balls on this guys going to them caves.

  16. May god bless us all brothers and sisters because believe it or not we are going to pay for all our sins one day .

  17. Z-42 para El Presidente!

  18. don't disarm whatever you do! if the government don't do their jobs then DO NOT lay down your weapons.

  19. A new cartel trying to move in.
    And after the Templarios are out, the other Cartels will try to come in.
    That's why the Autodefensas can not disarm.
    Dr. Mireles needs to be steadfast about the agreement with the Feds:
    As long as the Feds can not guarantee a Cartel-free Michoacan, it would be suicide for the Autodefensas to disarm.
    Once the Templarios are gone, the other Cartels will be licking their chops for the opportunity.

  20. @ April 25, 2014 at 12:52 AM
    I am not saying everyone in Mich likes Tuta because of this video. I am saying that MANY people in Mich like him, based on his reputation and my knowledge of my fellow citizens in Mich. This video is just an example.

    1. Which reputation you pinche maricon?
      The one where he murdered a defenseless entire family.? Or the one where he also murdered their 13 month baby girl?

  21. @ April 24, 2014 at 10:37 PM
    Do you live in Michoacan? You are proving my point that most people on borderlandbeat assume that the citizens of Michoacan have the same perspective on the Templarios and Communitarios as they (the Americans) have.
    YES the Communitarios are from Mich, but they do not represent the majority. They are the ones who are wiser to the situation and have been personally affected by the Templarios. Most citizens have not had close family members killed, or if they have, they are not sure who killed them. But most HAVE been manipulated by the CT's public relations tricks, saying "we are here to help you".
    I am telling you, as a citizen of Michoacan, that the majority of Mich citizens are easily manipulated and do support the Templarios. And I believe the government recognizes this, and this is part of the reason they are eager to disarm the Autodefensas: they know there is public support for it.

  22. April 24, 2014 at 7:11 PM
    "The video clearly shows the AD's did all the work in Huetamo"
    I watched this video on YouTube and the description underneath said

    "this video is reportedly initiated by CJNG posing as self-defense members. Federal forces cam later and arrested 44 in total of what they deemed pseudo autodefensas."
    So who knows what is going on,misinformation by government trying to discredit AD,44 arrested people?Who were they?The gov is still holding legitimate AD to this day?

  23. @5:22 & 8:08

    i think you guys don't know what your talking about...most mexicans are honest good people who don't support criminals, in Michoacan, Sinaloa, or Tamalipuas. You fockers sound like Cliven Bundy, making stupid stupid assumptions off of one thing you saw. i bet neither of you foolios ever even been to Michoacan.

  24. Rubido declares that the Tuta is surrounded, Chong says he will clean the Michoacan police forces and government completely, and a temporary mayor has been but in place for Apatzingan.

  25. Osorio Chong said:

    "This government is about agreements."

    apparantly the Mexican Gov has plenty of agreements with cartel members. that piece of shit Chong told the truth for once.

  26. Dont You think Auto Defensas in time will be infiltrated by organized crime and will probably become another cartel, remember money is what controls practically everything .... just saying

  27. 11:41
    Possible that some AD join a cartel, but the difference is AD are regular people with businesses, professions and jobs, they know how to earn money to support their families they do not need to turn to crime.

    As for infiltration, of course, and they have said in the beginning that is the most difficult aspect.

    What they hope for, the GOAL
    that crime is controlled and the rule of law established. Mich has been ignored for 12 years.

    CT dismantled and seucirty established on a permanent basis to deter other cartels.

    Fair justice- no arrests without supporting evidence

    The fight has been about how CT has affected them directly, killings, dismemberment, rapes including child rape, kidnappings extortion and narco tax on everything including highway use...etc someone spoke about how every AD has been directly impacted, and this is true, 3 members of Dr Mireles family were killed. and all the others have family members killed, raped, kidnapped etc

    1. Heyy they now federal gob confirms that more than 90% of michoacan police forces are or were working for cts they just started a cleanning of all police forces in michoacan also the so called desarme aka taking guns away from the ad is not really that but incorporating them into a new police force named policia rural or rurales rural police forces which are going to get uniforms and everything they need soo they will not look like arm civilians on street giving the perseption to the world that there is no rule of law in the country or the state and stopping turists and investors from coming to the country thats the main idea of the federal gob to institutionalize the ad , there will be some guns taking away from them like 50 caliber , granades, granade lounchers but ar 15 and ak 47 ad will keep with a special permission giving by the federal gob . They just will be ask to not show them off on the streets like now .

  28. So when is Osorio Chong going to release the imprisoned ADs? And drop the charges against Mora and the guy arrested/tortured for the mayor's murder?

  29. 9:41
    I only get my information from the AD leaders primarily Dr M. And if I see a story I want to post I ask him if it is valid.

    Those men in the video were AD and they were waiting for Smurf,,,it says so in the video, which I pointed out in my post. the CJNG were on the ground and laying down in the truck beds waiting to turn over to federal forces.

    I told Dr M, I strongly urge they began putting photos, info and vids of what these incidents are so the damn gob won't take all the credit. You can see in the two big events of the week who was doing the work. Myself I feel they should work together, the sierras is rigid land and if you don't live there you will not know how to get around and federal forces would be going in circles if not for AD.

    Another thing is how AD are the brave souls who confront the unknown danger, not any federal forces, not even marina who I respect.

  30. Yo soy Michoacano . you are partially correct.
    all Michoacana want to be is safe and when there is an objection to autodefensa it is fear the community will have violence when caballeros and autodefensa fight. most people admire the community police and the autodefensa social movement

    1. Objection to AD because of possible violence if they fight ct??
      Ja,ja,ja,go kill yourself you ct nuthugger.

  31. Reports of Omar Treviño/Z-42 being killed in Guatemala!!!!!!!

  32. I hear 42 is dead

  33. Omar was not killed..just another BS story

  34. Its somewhat hilarious,we have people posting comments here on BB who live in Michoacan and consequently routinely know what many people think and feel there,but when they say something that an indignant reader sees and doesn't agree with,whether they be from Mexico or the US,they get somewhat hysterical at the posters from Michoacan?I believe that a person on the ground who has lived in Michoacan all their life will know more than 95% of know-alls here,be they Mexican or US.The senore from Michoacan please keep posting your thoughts,never mind the silly ravings of people who don't live there.



  36. Chivis thanks for keeping us up to date on this fast-changing situation. You want some light relief?... I am old enough to remember a US show that was exported to UK called "The Dukes of Hazzard". Papa Smurf IS Uncle Jessie. No doubt. Peace.

  37. @ 2:04 a.m.

    Most of what you say is correct. It's ridiculous that in the middle of this mess, Castillo and the feds are trying to go forward with the agreement with the AD's AND, at the same time, they're firing about 90% of the local, state and ministerial cops in the state!

    The "disarmament," is only registration of the weapons (after a ballistics test). You're right, there's no disarmament.

    But, from what I see, that's it. There's no mention of this Rural Police Force in the latest timetable that was published Friday, and is due to start tomorrow, Monday the 28th (the registration).

    Maybe they're gonna put that off for a while.

    Registering the weapons of the AD's and firing all state and local cops is probably enough on the plate for now!! I don't think the timetable for even registration will go as planned. I mean this IS Mexico we're talking about!

  38. Hey, Chivis, it's 10:12 a.m. again. Since you're posting, here's the 90% figure that Castillo and the feds are using! Must be 99.5% in fact!!:

  39. 10:34AM
    I KNOW!! I saw this yesterday in another publication. I may be able to write something later but I am leaving for the day now.

    also the fact that chong says there is no deadline but castillo says yes there is and he gave the schedule. only 550 have registered so far, did you see what the requirement is? even a ballistic test of the guns, that doesn't set well with me. so they can be used against them to "solve" crimes?

  40. Don't forget that the state of Micheocan produces very good marijuana. So there is alot of Ok interest in controlling certain areas to produce it. It's all about the money. More money more power and weapons.

  41. tuta's supporters, full cowards

  42. I think the autodefenses are getting to powerful soon they will stand up to the government or inspire other people to form a group and stand up to the government and everything thats going on.. you have the pemex situation for example.. I think this is the reason the government is taking down so many big fish to make the auto defenses give up the weapons and go back to watching the soccer games

  43. The sad truth is that Mexico is in need of a revolution
    The government is very corrupt and are only interested in there benefits. The people are not being heard and they had enough. The AD is doing a great job in ways of standing up against oppression and fighting for what they believe in. If only the rest of Mexico were like them they can truly make positive changes to their country


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