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Monday, April 14, 2014

Attemps to reconcile "Americano" and "Hipolito" La Ruana groups fails

Borderland Beat
The Ruana version of the Hatfield vs Mc Coys, is a selfish, personal war destructive to the autodefensa movement.  In my opinion they should have been kicked out the federation as soon as their conflict became an issue that impacted the movement.....Take what either side says whith a massive barrel of salt.....But this will give you a peek at day to day life in La Ruana, population 10,000.....  Chivís

                                                       (Hipolito's brother in photo at left, Americano on right)
La Ruana, Michoacán -
The gathering takes place with 20 insults and 5 death threats each minute. On  one side of the plaza, adjacent to the bandstand, stand  Hipólito Mora’s people. On the other side, the followers of Luis Manuel Torres, aka "El Americano". In between both groups, no one, because the Federal Police "took a hike", as they say around here, as soon as the conflict began.

It’s after six in the afternoon. At 1p.m. there was another meeting that ended up with a small march to on of Torres' community roadblocks. Mora’s followers hoped to run them out of town. There was yelling, pushing and hitting. Mora’s followers, now headed by his brother Guadalupe, say that H3, the letter and number that identify the patrol cars used by Torres’s army, fired into the air and "the ground, near our feet", according to one the most daring ladies.

The problem is well known: mid-March, the self-defense groups of El Americano besieged those of Hipólito Mora, which were greatly outnumbered in people and arms, to arrest the founder of the self-defense groups and two of his men, who were accused of shooting and then burning Rafael Sanchez Moreno, El Pollo, and Jose Luis Torres Castaneda, the first one a reformed (ex-Templar converted into self-defense group member).

The siege lasted three days. On the second day, Mora was taken out by the government and later jailed, accused of being the intellectual author of the crimes. As the days went on, more accusations were added.

The local priest, Jose Luis Segura, says that since then things are worse than when the Templars were around, but the description is not exact: it’s hard to imagine during that time people would’ve had the courage to go out, as they do today, to demand that El Americano’s people leave town.

We have to say, it’s not everyone. The town is clearly divided. "Murderers!", Mora’s followers shout.

"Thieves!", answer El Americano’s people.

And who gave them permission?

La Jornada arrives around three thirty, when the initial commotion ends. A couple of men sitting under the shade dare to talk. All of a sudden, one of Torres’s men interrupts: "What are you writing there?", he asks, and snatches the notebook. He tries to read the scrawling writing. He makes out something one of the men just said about the government: "Hipolito was set up." It’s proof enough to take the reporter to El Americano.

The reporters are surrounded by about thirty armed men. Torres reviews the notebook. He stumbles on the writing. "What does it say here?", he asks several times. He says he doesn’t remember an interview done in January. Around him, several men complain and threaten. "Don't say anything more that’s good for Hipolito. They lie!"

After an exchange that seems to last forever, and with one simple look, he authorizes the journalists to be present. He even authorizes photographs of the assembly. Since he’s a man of few words, prior to the explanations El Americano had said: "And who gave you permission? Leave."

Four young men on motor scooters follow the reporters everywhere they go while they wait for the assembly to begin.

The point of the meeting is to decide if El Americano and his men should continue watching over the town and name a council that would theoretically have control over the self-defense groups. An important fact: there are no guns in sight.

The first one to speak, Guadalupe Mora asks that his people be placed on one side and his opponent’s on the other. And the shouting starts. They accuse him of dividing.

The deputy mayor, Ramon Contreras, adds his voice to Mora’s petition. He says this way the votes will be counted. "The one that wins, wins," he says.

The next one to speak is a courageous woman, whom some identify as El Pollo’s sister: "Who has the moral quality to decide who can live in this town and who can’t?" She also asks that no one on the council should have a heart full of rancor. She gets an ovation, but only naturally from the side of El Americano, who only shows up after the assembly has been going on for a while.

A follower of Torres speaks next and says: "If we are not wanted, we’ll leave. We won’t fight. We only need the town’s decision."

"Shut up, asshole!", someone shouts.

The speakers at the microphone are accompanied by shouts for sanity, insults, dead threats and even some punches between the biggest hotheads.

"The one that did harm needs to show his face," says an old man.

A pregnant woman in a miniskirt challenges those that went to her home and tried to throw her out to show their faces.

A chubby guy shouts his accusations against a "repentant" Knights Templar: "You killed him!" His father, on the bandstand with the accused, pleads: "Don’t kill him for that, please don’t kill him!"

A young man looks Hipóolito’s brother in the eye and says: "Lupe Mora is responsible for whatever happens to me or my family!"

A rotund woman accuses Hipólito of jailing her husband, accusing him of "stealing  " and using drugs: and "if he uses drugs, so what, if he buys drugs with his own money."

"Hipólito put me in jail because I refused to kill a guy, but I’m not a murderer," says an old, toothless, man.

The deputy mayor, who on February 24 still worked for Hipólito, wants to stop the discussion: "Are we going to do it or not? Hey, separate your people on this side," he tells Guadalupe Mora.

A space that looks more like an abyss starts opening up. It looks like Mora’s people are the majority, but the voting doesn’t take place because some demand there be ballot boxes.

Also, aside from the deputy mayor, the only authority present is Mayor Luis Torres, recently reinstated in his post thanks to an agreement with El Americano.

He takes the microphone and wants to be a mediator, but he can’t stand the shouts of "get out, get out!" He ends his small speech with: "11 thousand people voted for me, a group of 100 can’t tell me to leave," he says, stops talking and goes to the back row.

The government declared war on him

A speaker, older and short in stature, goes straight to the point: “We don’t want any Americanos here!”

"Cabron you live in McAllen [Texas], you don’t even know what’s going on in La Ruana," they yell back.

That’s when Luis Manuel Torres [El Americano] shows up, wearing a Lacoste 1927 cap and white sandals: "I’m from La Ruana and no one will make me leave."

He speaks little, but goes straight to the point: he says he knows they are going to do to him "the same thing that they did to Hipólito". And he says: "the law is useless."

El Americano and Lupe Mora try to reach an agreement. A repentant with Bvlgari glasses seems to be Torres’s consultant and proposes the creation of a council made up of people from both sides. They try to negotiate, but can’t reach an agreement, while the shouting continues below.

Let’s go, there is nothing to do here, says Lupe.

“Americano, Americano, Americano!”, shouts a group of women.

 Torres speaks again: "I’m going to keep watching, and if they sick the government on me, do it, let it come to try to disarm me and I will declare war against it."

When the assembly ends, Guadalupe Mora laments: "I called Commissioner Alfredo Castillo yesterday to ask him to send the Federal Police, and look, they left us alone."   

La Jornada: Arturo Cano-Translated by Ruby Izar-Shea


  1. El Americano and his people jyst don't pass the smell test, sorry but they just don't seem very honest!

  2. CHIVAAA! this is all your fault.
    since you allowed some poster imposters into scaring you away from expressing your own examinations, opinions and embellishments, i don't know what to think, i feel lost like little orphan annie, and that can't be good.
    i hope you can come back, and bring the enchiladas...

  3. Hipolito and the good people of La Ruana started this movement, and the Americano people hijacked it along with their criminal backgrounds. El Americanos people judt bring force and fear to the whole situation! I just don't trust them period!!!

  4. Hipolito and the good people of La Ruana started this movement, and the Americano people hijacked it along with their criminal backgrounds. El Americanos people just bring force and fear to the whole situation! I just don't trust them period!!!

  5. So the sister of a known criminal speaks and naturally Americanos side applauds, don't you guys get it they have got criminals mixed in with their families and as long as Americanos people are around the situation will never get better period !!!

  6. Why are Americanos people trying to control what a journalist writes? What are the afraid of? The truth? These guys around El Americano just go around threatening people plain and simple!!! The bullies always feel justified in their dirty tricks!

  7. El Americano saying the law is useless, he must know since the witnesses from his side that testified against Hipolito could work as comedians on the side! What a joke!

  8. If an election is actually done I will not be surprised if Americanos people try to intimidate and rig the e l election! Mark my words!

  9. jack you need a hug?
    you may no longer use your name but your rhetoric remains the same, easy peasy to ID you.

    find someone that cares.

  10. Dr M , Smurf and other leaders had a long meeting with the government today.
    Universal is reporting a agreement was made in that AD will disarm on May 10. but it says the Government agrees to arrest all the top templarios.

    So I am not sure if it is for theater or what's up, I just sent an email to Dr M and tomorrow I should have some news for you...Paz, Chivis

    1. The government will find a way to backstab the AD! The crooked politicians ( the real cartel) just cannot be trusted!!! The day they start keeping their word, maybe!

  11. It is suppose to be easy, darlin'.

  12. Ughh I KNEW there was something fishy about El Americano. He just looks like some pocho thug. He just reeks of thuggery I mean look at him. I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but come on. They should both be kicked out so no side remains butt-hurt. Imagine if AD starts to fight amongst themselves, all because two dumb fucks couldn't settle their personal differences. Como quisiera tener El Americano aqui enfrente para decirle que pendejo es y como la esta cagando para todos. PENDEJO!

  13. Nothing but bad for the integrity of the whole AD movement.Petty egoists and macho men posturing like little boys,grow the fuck up.Is this endemic in some way?There always seems to be arguing and bullshit rhetoric,until it turns nasty.
    I agree,they should have thrown these clowns out,the AD movement could achieve something if not for this kind of idiocy,but with the sway they hold it will be hard to do just that.It would be ridiculous if it weren't so sad.

  14. Very murky,the little fiefdoms and their little overlords,except its damaging something more important ?

  15. Were are the templarios to handle these AD morons. Its like they feel as though they gain some type of power and now fight for control! If y'all were foreal y'all would unite not try to divide. That had been mexico biggest problem even during the Mexican revolution. To many people want to be the face of the revolution and don't care for the people the workers and the pesants

  16. chivis kicking ass and no bigger ass than that ignorant know it all jack Hawkins. do us a huge service keep his misinformation off BB

  17. black eyes jack, sorry, i could not distinguish your comment, while we welcomed your nice presentations, and suspected from the start that you was some kind of infiltrator, WITH AN AGENDA, we welcomed you, and see what you have done, you thoroughly discredited yourself when you tought you had established a good enough reputation.
    i'm sure it's killing you, sorry joke ass jack, you've dishonored the nickname of 5 star general of the armies Black Jack John Pershing. you have shown wit your little tantrums you are not much than a cheap army one dollar loong love all night sucky-sucky trollop...
    i guess you'll start another Academi operation somewhere else, but you'll never find a better place than BB, and we won't miss you, i swear.
    please don't go killing latinos for revenge or to get even jayhawk!!!

    I am going to find time to write an article sometime today, don't believe El Universal there is no laying down arms and that is from Dr M to me.

    here is part of his message to me:
    No habra desarme. Habra legalizacion de armas. Habra limpieza total de criminales en michoacan. Habra liberacion de autodefenzas presos. Habra restauracion del estado se derecho.todo esto en 30 dias. Hasta el diez de mayo



  20. 10:09 AM
    11:16 AM

  21. jayhawk got his massive ass whipped with the enchiladas chivis, thanks!!!
    now he can go and make his grandchildren believe he is some kind of missundastood hero, no credibility left here, go to felix ismael rodriguez arms to cry jayhawk! you sure deserve each other, you sucky sucky loong night one dollar trollop...

  22. They are all bunch of idiots if you ask me. It looks like the autodefensas is its own worst enemy. All the CT have to do is sit back and watch them destroy themselves. The autodefensas idea was a good thing at the beginning and now you have multiple individuals trying to take the movement in their own particular direction. All this bickering will do is bring the feds and military into the state and force them to disarm.

  23. "jayhawk got his massive ass whipped"
    Ok let it go now,we heard you the 40th time suckaaaa

  24. The little kid to the far left is like YEAH...


  26. @7;49 what is suppose to be easy, darlin'?
    we'd like to partake of the discourse, if you post the time you tolikin' to we'd know, it's like, you know,'' darlin' " \*!

  27. Mexico is so corrupt that they steel from their own poor, how sad!

  28. El Americano is clearly seen and is part of the Autodefensas convoy which comes under attack from,and repels, CT gunmen. People use your eyes,do not rely on gossip.

    1. So Narcos don't attack each other now? Whats the best way to gain power than to us3 the cover AD!

    2. Why does El Americano have fear of the reporters? Hmmmm.....

  29. Its better to be the puppet master and not the puppet. Its also better to corrupt those outside of your borders than prey upon your own people. There is no money in victimizing your own country and the citizens in it. Its sad when a family from Mexico or Central America would rather leave everything they own behind and their family's history to get away from a country who doesn't care about them. Its unbelieveable to me that they are actually treated better by the US government than their birth country.

  30. 2:12AM
    wow great eye. I have posted that video and did not remember seeing Americano.

    I think I will post it again...

  31. 10:19 the impinging by the US government weaponized local thugs, drug traffickers, "antiguerrilla" forces, and designed governments all over the world and specially in latinamerican banana republics, made banana republics by the US, make people run to the US, where they still can not be mass exterminated because posing as the saviour of the world is still important for the US oligarchs and plutocrats, in spite if the nazi influences that permeate the environment in the US...

  32. 2:12 great eye MUST be a cop,i can't even see the truck.
    10:46 mexican government and their sicarios, federal, state, municipal,SSP, AFI, DFS, CISEN, PGR, PFP police and narcos, kidnappers, extortionists, carteles, grameros, drug traffickers, governors, mayors, senators, congressmen, etc etc etc, they are all corrupt, and working for the US, who arms all of them with army surplus everything, at record prices, paid for by the US taxpayers, and paid again by the mexican government.
    yes, they need to steal from the poor too, like "they" need to steal from the poor in the US, "they" are now trying to buy all the elections in the US, looking forward to the day when only "they" can vote...

  33. Touche' 1:56.....The US does want to be the hero in most situations even at the peril of military troops. The hunt for Bin Laden and the invasion of Iraq in recent times as an example. Not to mention Korea and Vietnam eventhough the "official" excuse was to stop the spread of Communism.

  34. Divide and conquer. Any power must be stripped from the people. Governments do this by implanting agents into positions of power within these movements, and breaking it up into fragments. This causes internal wars, and prevents the needed ingredient for success - unity


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