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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 die in Tamaulipas state

By Chris Covert

Four unidentified individuals were killed or were found dead in a series of intergang firefights in the southern municipality of Tampico Tuesday and Wednesday.  Also, a total of 179 migrants were released  from captivity by Mexican Army units over several days in four different cities in the state, according to official state and Mexican press accounts.

According to a news account in Proceso news weekly, two gunfights took place which left one dead.  The first took place at  La Puntilla market, while the second took place near the intersection of calles Aduana and Perimetral at a shopping center called Macalito.

Meanwhile in Tolteca colony, near the intersection of calles Nicolas Bravo and Rosalio Bustamante, armed suspects drove customers and employees from a children's playground, Castillo de Sueños, then torched the building, which was destroyed.

That afternoon, two men were executed in two separate incidents in Tampico. The first was near Hospital Militar, while the second was in Primavera colony, near a Coca Cola plant.

The next morning, Wednesday, two armed encounters took place in Tampico, the first at a nightclub on Avenida Universidad, which took place at around midnight and then at first light at the Seduccion disco, where Molotov cocktails were thrown.  No one was reported wounded at either incident.

Mexico is in the middle of Semana Santa, or Holy Week, which is a major event especially in Tampico, as residents and tourists as well take advantage of warm weather and Tampico's beaches to spend Easter Sunday.  During Semana Santa, Mexican security is usually beefed up, and it has been announced so since last month that army and naval infantry forces would in the streets to provide security.

Ciudad Madero, a sort of twin city of Tampico is also the headquarters for the Mexican Navy Zona Naval 1, which is a large naval detachment.  The Mexican Army maintains a large base near Ciudad Mante, about 60 kilometers away.

Busts in southern Tamaulipas

Units of the Mexican Army detained nine individuals and seized contraband in southern Tamaulipas municipalities in two separate operations Tuesday, according to official government news releases.

Just after noon, a Mexican Army road patrol encountered four suspects near Rancho Nuevo in Llera municipality, and detained all four.  Inside the ranch house, soldiers found one unidentified man who had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom. 

Soldiers also seized two rifles, two pistols, 124 rounds of ammunition, six weapons magazines, one stolen vehicle, and MEX $3,868.00 (USD $296.58) and USD $48.00 (MEX($626.03) in cash.

Meanwhile in Altamira, five unidentified male suspects were detained by a Mexican Army road patrol.  In that incident, soldiers seized one rifle, 50 rounds of ammunition, two weapons magazines, four vehicles, 1,950 packages of marijuana, presumably wrapped for individual sale of marijuana, two cell phones and MEX $188,000.00 (USD $14,414.71) in cash.


Since April 9th, Mexican security forces have rescued a total of 179 migrants in several separate operations, according to a news account posted on the website of Tamaulipas state government.
  • April 9th: In Ciudad Madero a Mexican Naval Infantry unit located an freed 35 migrants, all from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  Among the migrants was a four year old child.  A total of three suspects were detained at the scene, identified as Hugo Cesar Rodriguez Niges, Servio Tulio Avalos Gonzalez and Ernesto Alvarado Machado.  Sailors also seized three rifles, 132 rounds of ammunition, six weapons magazines and four vehicles.
  • April 10th:  In Reynosa municipality in  Pedro J. Mendez colony, a Policia Federal unit rescued  76 migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, totaling 65 and 11 women, who were kidnapped for ransom.  No one was reported detained at the scene. 
  • April 11th:  In the city of Tampico, 20 migrants were rescued by a Policia Estatal Acreditable unit as they were being loaded onto a bus for the United State.  One suspects, identified as Eladio Lopez Cardona was detained at the scene.  A total of 12 from Guatemala, four from  Honduras and four from El Salvador were rescued.
  • April 12th:  In Matamoros municipality in Estancia Residencial colony, Mexican Army and Policia Estatal Acreditable units were dispatched to a residence based on an anonymous complaint to find 48 migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua detained by criminals. One suspect identified as Daniela Gomez Garcia was detained at the scene.  The count of the kidnapping victims were 38 men, six women and four children.
Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and He can be reached at


  1. Who will win the battle of Tamps. CDG plazas. It seems that the battle for Tampico is at a draw. Sheylas/Dragones and Chive/Jimmy's are at a draw. What strategy will Metros and Ciclones employ to shift the balance in favor of one faction or the other for control of Tampico. The weakening of CDG is to no factions favor though that is exactly what is happening.

    1. I heard theere wrre more than 100 dead in Tampico alone

  2. This post will probably not get posted as it is not kissing up to the moderators, but I find it interesting hundreds die in fighting in the Northeast and Tampico in the last two weeks and we get just this notice of the four. Either all of the other online have gotten it wrong, or Borderland Beat is has an unknown agenda.

    1. I can enlighten you to my BB experience. I have been reading for a long time and have become familiar with the pace of things on this blog. It is not meant to be all encompassing or meant to compete with the other Mexico Narco-Blogs. It offers a sampling of stories from Mexican news sources that are translated to English by a handful of volunteers. I like it because it covers a variety of trending narco topics and does not concentrate on gore or sensationalism. The moderators usually post about topics with which they are familiar. They frequently invite dissenters to seek news els here if not satisfied. Through good fortune and some moderating they keep this forum free of trolls and free from bigoted statements. Every one who has an honest opinion is valued. Occasionally the moderators slow down on posting due to them having a life away from this forum. Don't second guess them too much. Just give it a break, have a kit-cat bar and come back later. You might like the next story.

  3. So is it the Golfos fighting each other?

    1. Yes it , metros from Reynosa and ciclones from Matamoros , then you have two separate groups from tampico going at it , I wonder who's side the golfos from zacatecas Monterey and veracruz are going to join or if they are staying out of it

  4. I've got to say, 9:50AM, you've hit the nail on the head - I know things have to be carried out a certain way in this current atmosphere but still, it tends to be a case of bb quoting "official" reports and then leaving it to us to draw out own conclusions? I'm not complaining though, I think bb do a fantastic job as it is. Sources have to be solid and verifiable; this is not easy to achieve through word of mouth or even through "authorities", a harsh situation to be in.

  5. @ 9:50 a.m.

  6. We gona see more comments when the kids get outa school

  7. Yes.. I'm from reynosa.. word is there gonna let those factions settle there shit. The high ups here and moros aren't gonna get involved.

  8. chivis,
    do you remember that obama visited mexico in Feb and a couple of days later they caught chapo? well, he informed pena nieto of a plan to nuetralize el chapo using U.s. special forces. Well, Pena Nieto went to the DEA who was tracking him, got the info and arrested him instead.

  9. @9:50 the press in northeast and tampico will not inform about crime in the tamaulipas area or all over the gulf of mexico or veracruz, because of the chayotazos or the plata o plomo. how are we going to know?
    it's all up to you pretty boy, don't complain, report...

  10. I heard around the camp fire that Putin hired AD from michoacan for resistance against the Ukrainian people.

    1. The ethnic Russians of Ukrain don't need ADs from Michoacan to resist the Ukrainians. Mother Russia is just across the border ready to launch their T-80/90 tanks and Mig jets inorder to help their fellow Russians in Ukraine - weapons they have also!

  11. Either all of the other online have gotten it wrong, or Borderland Beat is has an unknown agenda.>

    I rely on news reports, both commercial and government, and on Twitter to a far lesser extent. Tamaulipas has been in the thrall of criminal groups which have control of a lot of media through threats of violence, and since 2012, the government has gotten into the news business. I have little doubt the violence is much worse than what is officially reported, but I can't rely on every Mexican who Tweets something and expects it to be treated as Gospel. Nor should you.

  12. 9:50...
    Tamaulipas has had a black out on narco news for 4 years.

    Tamaulipas in 2010 ran out the only credible entity calculating drug death
    tallies, like my state do not keep a tally

    ditto to kidnappings
    What you see published is news approved by narcos. and is limited.

    So we are dependent on credible media outside the state. and social media sites

    Tamaulipas is ground zero for using social media to get out SDR and information on balaceras and deaths. #ReynosaFollow, Tamauiplas Angels, and a couple others began the narco tweets, and FB pages, all those that followed came from Tamps, because of the blackout and distortion of news, such as death counts and kidnapping counts.

    One of the main originators of the Tamps SDR movement was a BB reporter. Who will remain anonymous. That reporter was one of the creators of the manifesto published in newpapers around the globe.

    Malo (Badanov) has a tough task getting the posts he publishes. Because news is scarce. He has to balance what is reported by media, and agencies against what people on the ground report. and that is very tricky. there is always a need to support what is reported, with photos, vids and multiple similar accounts from people, documents and so forth.

    It is an arduous task. It may not look like it is. Sometimes research means hunting for and reading 2 or 3 dozen accounts in all media forms, and a dozen or so credible social media sites. and building a resource of sources that are reliable for verification.

    Like agents, reporters, people on the ground, some nice some not so nice. And people integral to a subject, like Dr M. His information has become invaluable to me when reporting on Mich because so much bullshit and fabrication has been reported, at time supposedly quoting him. I wait to verify stories with him and other key people.

    @1:03 thank you very much. That was a good analysis overall. BUT I would like to add that all of Malos and ACI's work is authored by them.
    Myself about 1/3 of what I post, I write. Havana would not take credit for this, but she also authored many of her indepth articles.

    Many of Buggs early post ..he wrote. He was damn good at it. Go back to "GO" and check them out.

    But, we are volunteers. We have businesses and professions outside BB. We usually find the hotspots that interest us and write or translate material about those subjects.

  13. There is a trend I have noticed. It seems North of the border so many people think all the deaths/victims are somehow related to specifically drugs.
    They forget extorcion, kidnapping, no,no,no, do not fall for it.
    Innocent people are dying in Mexico.

  14. Sure I do...
    I said then and believe now there was a finalization of a deal, because the US had isolated the movement of Chapo.

    But ...go back to the beginning. EPN is in office but 3 weeks and makes the announcement the American agencies in Mexico will cease having access to information afforded Mexican agencies. All the intel, data investigative material etc. This info was always available for the asking in the Calderon admin.

    So the US tried to woo EPN and gave them info for captures, like Chapos FIL and Z40. But that did not work. The Marina is the only agency that continued to work in the same way as in the Calderon admin, and frankly the only agency that DEA trusted and highly respected.
    So I think the US was able to track Chapo, and offered the info to EPN but I think in the deal, the US wants extradition. EPN to save face prob said something like, he has to have Chapo finish part of his 8 years in Mexico first. And that Mexico gets most the credit for the capture. I think the US could care less about that but wanted it to be noticeable it was a joint effort. Hence US agents were along side Mexican in the Chapo press conference and transfer. Unlike Z40’s.

    Although 40s capture was rumored to be from US intel, it was never said in an official manner like Chapos. BUT, I was told by a source of mine exactly where 40 was. I shared the info with only one person. A BB reporter who lives in Sabinas. So he would be aware. That was 8 or 9 days before the capture. Because of who gave me the info, I know the info truly came from US drones.

    my dos centavos

  15. 4 more Die in Tamps. Probably more like 40. Who the hell knows how many poor souls live under the reign of terror. And Tamps. has seen some of the worst atrocities. Not including the missing. Its a criminal free for all.
    From petty theft , to rape , extortion , and kidnapping. They got it. There appears to be no real organization. Just every kind of hoodlum for themselves.

    April 17, 2014 at 1:03 PM,,,,,,,,is concise and to the point,read it......
    "It is not meant to be all encompassing or meant to compete with the other Mexico Narco-Blogs. It offers a sampling of stories from Mexican news sources that are translated to English by a handful of volunteers"
    Do you get it girls?It offers news,maybe not what you want,but you cannot please everyone.Can you girls ?

  17. April 17, 2014 at 9:50 AM
    "or Borderland Beat is has an unknown agenda"

    This crank is a troll,,,,fuck him and the play-station he kisses every night .

  18. --what does MANUEL CAVAZOS LERMA, ex-governor of tamaulipas state and new federal senator, have to say about crime in "his" state?
    --probably nothing, no see, no hear, no talk at work.
    --along with MANLIO FABIO BELTRONES, aka LA FABIS on the US lists of narco associates and drug money launderers, ex-priista governors, proud priista politicians and corrupt to the core, and other political sellouts, cavazos is too busy legislating the legal appearances of the privatization of pemex.
    --the narcos are fighting like bitches for the leftovers and the table scraps.
    --drug trafficking into the US is back on the hands of the real owners, and their central american associates, who are not going to live forever from the concessions on the px, laundromats and pop vending machines at their many central american military bases, until the venezuelan oil is back on the hands of the international plutocrat oligarch combos, their only means of support will be the drug trafficking stolen back from the mexican narcs, who can bitch and brag all they want.
    --the mexican military and police are being left with no other option for earnin' than kidnapping and extortion, as the mexican government have no patience for the lazy, and the job requires the lower ranks to:
    "PRODUCE or ELSE"...

  19. So basically you can run but you can't hide from the u.s... damn!!!! That right there my friends is the true scary part

  20. interesting and plausible analysis Chivis. can you say if your source on 40 was agent?

  21. the intifadah and the terrorist bombings, provoked more land grabs against the palestinian state, the palestinians could do NOTHING to defend themselves without causing more land grabs, for the greater benefit of the jewish state.
    while i've been a sympathizer of israel since the wars of the 60's when israel beat the crap out of friend and foe, and because of the holocaust, now denied by neo-nazis, zionistas and islamic states, i suspect israel itself has knowingly provoked the intifadah and with saudi arabia drives the islamic countries against each other, hezbollah, al qaeda, taliban, suni, shia, all of them...for the greater benefit of...others...
    --lawrence of arabia despaired when he saw the arabia he and the arabs conquered, get lost in the middle of influence peddling and trafficking, and which continues today.
    --and WHAT has this to do with borderland beat?
    well look at the pattern, and it clearly shows that somebody HAS an agenda and is working on it, by the book.
    --the narco-democracia inflicted on mexico by others, has turned into narco-fascism, mexicans have been paying for all of it with their ass, and "someone else" is about to reap the greater benefits of owning all the oil, water, land, mining rights, etc etc, not mexicans of course...
    --the US is next, and is well on its way, begging for loans from china... to further mortgage the land of the founding fathers "hasta los calzones"
    --no wonder the rabble is not encouraged to study history, but those that do, get promptly hired by big money, and showered with money and doctorates, from the highest learning institutions like Hardvard or yale, skulls and bones nazis, or "no means yes, and yes means in the ass" philosophers in the ayn rand shool style of PAUL RYAN who dreams of being the next president of the US...

    1. STFU pendejo! This is about the Mexican drug cartels.

  22. Sooner or later Israel is going to have to make an agreement with the Palestinians. If you have'nt noticed, Arab populations are exploding, no pun intended, and Israel won't be able to build a levee high enough, no pun intended again, to keep the water from overflowing their nation. They no longer have the Christian dominated Lebanon as sympathizers; the Shah of Iran is long gone; the support of secular Turkey is quickly eroding due to a more conservative Islamist attitude by the Turkish people; and no nation in the world supports their continued occupation of the West Bank - including the U.S. I don't think the desire for endless war exists by the majority of the Israelis. On the other hand, the Arab nations have an endless supply of manpower to continue in unending war with Israel.

    1. April 19 /2014 @ 1:25 pm. What in hell are you babbling about.

  23. April 18, 2014 at 4:24 PM
    Oh shit,verbal diarrhea is back.

  24. The Yarrington Group who laundried his and their money, what happens to them? They are all in the US. The FBI knows, its all dirty $$$$$$$$$$. They justs as bad as the Zetas, thats where they got the $$$$$$$$ Zetas payed them for protection. Come on US feds you know who they are. Get them him.
    Cavazos Lerma is another dirty guy.

  25. Great reporting. Hey who gets Juan Miguel Garcia (Z) in Cuidad Victoria Where is he? Spain Dea knows

  26. 1:39 the mexican cartels are not as big a problem as the foreign transnational powers that exploit them and fuck up all of mexico and latinamerica, if you were not an ignorant mofo, you would know it•
    @3:35 ...back, and you keep lapping it all up, platter cleaner, your ass must be so fat now, har, har, har, and more har! har, har! you could skip it, but you must step into it and lick it, piggy boy!!!
    @11:53 ukrainians, ethnic russians and russia are having a hard time keeping NATO, the IMF, the EU, the zionista impossed government full of the neo-nazi tea party of ukrainia forces headed by ex-boxer kiltschko, bilionaire ukrainian front men and women and the US mercenaries away from their oil and gas resources, pipeline pipe dreams, etc etc, and of course, russia's resources are next, a russia/china war would be in order promptly to complete the global ownership of russian land, water, oil, and mining resources for the imaginary zionistas...
    --leave the mexican drug cartels for the unimaginative and ignorant who think the world turns around the " powerful" drug cartels and the mexican US border...
    --mister STFU, you have earned your doctorate in estupido, enjoy, and keep running around in circles after your tail, in your flat mexican world.
    --i'm sooo happy to have reached you...
    atentamente: tu mero padre,
    PS anonymous, of course, it would be a shame to oficially recognize such an idiot for a son, so this will have to make do, doggy doo...
    that's why men should not mess with lesser women, too late now...


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