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Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 die in Durango state

A total of 10 individuals, eight of whom were from the same family were found dead or were killed in armed confrontations in Durango  state since Saturday, according to Mexican news accounts.

In a news report which appeared in El Diario de Coahuila news daily, eight siblings were found shot to death in Pueblo Nuevo municipality Saturday.

According to the report the dead were from the Duran Chamorro family and were found in the village of Balontita, which is near the border with Santa Rosario municipality in Sinaloa state.  A few of the dead were identified unofficially as Eusiquia, Bernardo, Erika, "Chuya", Cruz, Cecilia, Hermelinda and Samuel.

Also in Pueblo Nuevo, although the news report failed to state when, an individual identified as  Fidel Ortega, 44, was shot to death in the village of Los Naranjos.

A Mexican Army road patrol engaged and killed one armed suspect near the village of La Puerta in Pueblo Nuevo.  Another man, identified as  Lamberto Sarabia Cabrera, 20, was wounded in the encounter.

The 10 dead in Pueblo Nuevo municipality is the worse death toll since 2012, when a total of six armed suspects were killed in an intergang shootout in 2012.  A total of nine individuals were killed in that municipality in 2012.

Pueblo Nuevo sits astride Mexico Federal Highway 40, which links the Pacific seaport of Mazatlan to Durango city and points east.

This region of Durango is also part of the Golden Triangle in the western Mexican sierras, where drugs are grown and processed by most of Mexico's drug cartels.

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  1. Apparently, the capture of JAGL has created a state of chaos as the different criminal groups try to reset the structure of organized crime. El Mayo has been unable to control the forces that are pulling on CDS, and is unable deter the attacks of CDS. The CDS is falling apart. Now with his son copping a plea with USDOJ and turning rat, and another possibly snitching in custody, this cannot be good for el Mayo Zambada's credibility and respect within the world of organized crime. All help is breaking loose in CDS plazas! It's time somebody take the reins of the CDS and stabilize the situation pronto. Something big is going to go down!

  2. Mexico truly has become a "Failed State".

  3. I guess if Dr. Mierles is not there, we are not going to hear of the chaos in Tampico.

  4. I am sorry, but I have not posted this week, as I stated I have a house full of company and easter sunday at my house.

    So I am only logging on for an hour a day. I posted something I had in draft this AM. but I thought Tampico was now calm? if you have a link that would help. I don't have time to research.

  5. This has nothing to do with jagl this is between groups from durango

  6. The fact that there are 12 million plus illegal aliens and still coming to the US. They boldly protest on our street but they cannot protest for better conditions or jobs in their own country? This in itself make it difficult to just rollover and join their cause for staying. We need to start concentration on the citizens of the US who many are without jobs and is hurting in every financial way.

    1. This whole Danm country was founded on immigrants u dunm ass.. I bet ur white.. the race that Shits all over the world.. n dont forget the death n plagues u animals doused when coming to America. We were here before u were.

    2. And the reason more immigrants go to the US is because we actually take advantage of job opportunities, unlike most lazy citizens living there who complain and dont work for themselves and instead let the government pay for all their things. Also if it wasnt for immigrants the US wouldnt be what it is today.


  7. at 9:32 AM
    "I guess if Dr. Mierles is not there, we are not going to hear of the chaos in Tampico" You tell us here at BB then fuckin Einstein.What the haps at Tampico ?
    Oooooohhh,bit of sarcasm ?Tell you what man,why don't you peruse the internet and news outlets and ask people who may know bits and pieces,spending all your free time writing that shit up for clowns like us to come here to BB and whine like a gimp when a certain piece of news is not forthcoming?Sound good to you?Go to it my man,lets see how you do?C,mon man,we waiting?

    1. Uh T tt am Tamp ttampppico is in kkkkaos. Im shared to talk.

  8. Who's the most powerful cartel now ??

    1. Los Chilaqueles De Anapra !!!!

  9. 11:14 ooops, "your country..."
    mexicans can't protest in their own country because the mexican government will kill them with the weapons the US provides to supress such demonstrations of disrespect against the mexican government and their US masters.
    the blame for the US lost jobs, you can place squarely on the reaganaut republicans that promised all kinds of benefits would come trickling down on the US populace who would then have all the money needed to buy all the drugs the CIA could traffic into the US to finance the republican dirty wars against poor latin-american countries, money that got stolen by the rogue agents that on top of it lost all said dirty wars.
    dear Msbjoy, blame the US jobs loses on the job offshorers that sent the US jobs, science and technology to foreign countries like china, of whom the US begs for loans to barely survive on a day to day basis.
    the economic benefits from offshoring US jobs, get put away on foreign banks, along with the laundered money from drug trafficking, and only comes back to the US as investments and loans to carry on more wars against poor countries, or to buy more US companies to offshore more US jobs.
    blaming the situation on poor latin american immigrants is retarded, cowardly and ignorant, as much as blaming the poor for their poverty and their ignorance, you really have a lot of ground to cover in your quest for wisdom, and i'm affraid you'll never get there, given your ignorant and poor perspective. to help in your quest, google DOPE INC, the book that drove henry kissinger mad; The Opium Wars; check on The Bush Crime Family; etc etc etc, and then the false wars on latin america, why the latin americans can not own their own minerals, oil, land, water, or tourist resorts, why sexual tourism, involving minor children, is a major business all over the world, mostly fed by rich american citizens, and why latin american illegal laborers are so fascinating to US entrepreneurs, and their wives...
    --ESB, take over, edit and improve, i can't deny i need help...

    1. Hey bro u make A LOT of great points, can't deny that such dose of truths has to sting those who disagree with you. Even to go as far as calling you the racist when I never once read u saying anything about whites. Your frustration however comes across very strongly, and rightly so, but you seem to be a reasonable intelligent person and as one I think that you know that those who chose to be ignorant will never be convinced that they are wrong. Just think about those who still think going into Iraq was to "free" the ppl & bring democracy, some of those r the same ppl that argue that the US govt. bears no responsibility for the atrocities committed by governments they support and sometimes fund. I guess my point is why waste our time on those who willfully chose ignorance over facts, that energy could be better spent on something else, anything else actually. Peace

  10. Msbjoy J said...
    A whole lot of definite truth,but gets called racist off the most racist people on planet earth,yes,you guessed it folks.Mexicans,the most argumentative,hateful attitude to other skin colors(even their own fellow Mexicans)that you can find anywhere.Oh,am i being racist for stating plain fact?

  11. Msbjoy J
    True enough,and i couldn't agree more brother.Not politically correct but very true.We need to wake up in the face of all this hate.

  12. @2:25 giving up, means losing, i have no desire to be anybody' savior anymore, and have been thisclose to burn out, then i discovered that getting clobbered with or without reason is a test, that many fail, and the reason behind surrender and giving up.
    this site allows us to anonymously front some ideas, it was before, me against everybody, it is today you and me against six or seven guys, plus the patient complicity of BB and chivis, it makes worth it to keep repeating just about the same things over and over and over.
    it s also NICE the way whitey jumps to defend whitey without being specifically mentioned, they must know something about whitey.
    except for here, in the words of roy rogers: "i've never met a white honky i didn't like"...
    YES! i know, Will Rogers' ,almost
    keep the faith, and one of these days we'll take off the anonymous masks, although my main objective would be to see chivis melt at the sight, right after that, a disciple or two, would be nice...

  13. Im half whit half mexican and yoy sir are a sad sad man

  14. mexicans are not exactly racist, we make fun of everything and everybody, and if somebody doesn't like it, well, too bad.
    it's more like irreverent.
    on the other hand when whitey, being so straightlaced, righteous, and religiously segregationistas try to make it funny, it bombs, because they can't deny their record, which is just not all that funny.
    this doesn't mean all whites, only about 40%, and half of them don't can't see where is the beef, 5% of them are the tea party, who want back "their" country... not happenin' boys...

  15. --The stun and awing of latin america.
    --from united fruit co. to CIA
    --the bush crime family
    --neil bush and his family
    --la hermandad, imeco, mexican police corruption
    --el retiro dorado de genaro garcia luna
    --la señora wallace, (kidnapping, extortion, murder, and faking righteousness to get the mexican government complicity)
    --presunto culpable,hector de mauleon
    --DOPE, inc excerpts/third world traveler
    --the opium wars
    --el camino de sangre de arturo beltran leyva/hector de mauleon
    -- los zetas infiltran al ejercito, la PGR, la AFI, la PF.../proceso
    just some reading suggestions until chivis comes back


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