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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Unpaid Debt of the Federal Government

By: Sarai Díaz

Morelia, Michoacán— Following the signing of the agreements between the Federation and the Council of Self-Defense Groups of Michoacán (CAM) on January 2014, one of the most urgent requirements is the release of the 79 community members who are still detained to this day for protecting themselves from organized crime.

After the uprising in February 2013, there were 96 members of the self-defense groups of Michoacán who were detained, 51 in the community of La Ruana, municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, and 45 in Aquila, of which only 18 have been released.

Furthermore, last Wednesday night Hipólito Mora Chávez, leader and founder of the self-defense groups of La Ruana, was ordered to be arrested.  He had put pressure on the Federation to comply with the release of the members who are still detained.

It is necessary to note that the arrests preceded the agreement with the federal government to institutionalize the armed movement, signed on January 27th of this year, even involving the release of the self-defense members.

Following the agreements, the self-defense leaders, José Manuel Mireles Valverde and Hipólito Mora, expressed on several occasions the lack of the federal government in not being able to comply with its commitments.

La Ruana, Buenavista Tomatlán

On March 7 2013, 34 members of the self-defense groups of La Ruana in Buenavista Tomatlán were detained by the Mexican Army for allegedly receiving weapons from organized crime, specifically the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

Relatives of the detainees stated that the guns that they carried were taken from the members of the Caballeros Templarios as part of their job as self-defense groups.  They also reported that during their detention, they were kept isolated and without the help of a lawyer.

Of the 34 detained, 11 were transferred to the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1 "Altiplano" (CEFERESO) located in Almoloya de Juárez; another 11 to the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 5 of Veracruz, and another 10 to the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 3 of Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

It is noteworthy that on March 5, the members had taken over the Municipal Presidency in Buenavista Tomatlán and detained the leader and five elements of the Municipal Police for alleged ties to organized crime, they were later released.

Four days later, 17 other members of the Community Police of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, Michoacán, were also detained by the Mexican Army.  Up to this day, none of the 51 self-defense members have been released.


On August 15, members of the Mexican Army, Navy, and State Police carried out an operation in Aquila in which they detained 45 members of the self-defense groups; five of them had an arrest warrant and the rest were detained for possession of weapons.

Later, 40 of them were transferred to the Federal Social Readaptation Center (CEFERESO) in Veracruz, and five more to the state Social Readaptation Center (CERESO) “David Franco Rodríguez” of Morelia.

On August 21, a judge ordered the release of 18 of the 45 community guards, which were transferred to the town of Coalcomán, where they remained there protected by federal forces.

The then acting governor of Michoacán, Jesus Reyna, denied that there could be a negotiation with the self-defense groups in order to release their members.

Meanwhile José Manuel Mireles, has expressed the injustice that the federal government commits, by not ordering the release of the self-defense members; they were only protecting their families from the insecurity prevailing in their municipalities, given the absence of authorities.


  1. what a disgusting fucked up country

    1. Dismissing a whole country in that manner makes you sound really dumb.

    2. Exactly. To many people read articles and think that all of mexico is corrupt. Its pretty obvious who the morons are when they leave posts like at 2:18pm. Makes you want to smack em up side the head.

  2. Crooked azzz mex gov . Gold, tourism, airport taxes. goes on and on and on . Cancun alone could be taxed and support a large part of the country.
    Mexico has oil and more tourism than the U.S.

    Its all about greed and always has been. That's why jose has to be a wetback and wait for amnesty. & That's why sicarios , halcones do the dirty deeds they do for pennies on the dollar.

  3. Without international intervention it will only decompose even more.

    1. Yeah i know right? We need america to save mexico just the way they saved iraq!!! Not!

    2. More like japan and south korea, you know many muslims don't really like democracy and freedom, i mean really kill a woman for getting raped in the so call "honour killing" marry a 13 yeard old gir with a 40 year old in the arrange marriages, hanging homosexuals just for being gay, killing christians, atheist, basically any body who is not muslim. I hope my comment gets publish unlike many of my comments.

    3. Mexico does not need help from the U.S. The solution will come from citizens rising up like the defense groups are. Its the begining in my opinion. I believe in the mexican people and their ability to build a better mexico.

  4. Its just destiny that the government itself is planting the seed of their own overthrow!

  5. Defense groups with no international allies or resupply lines. All subject to arrest by Mexico. God have mercy on these poor souls.

    1. International supply lines are from illegal Mexicans in modesto california mainly.

  6. Chivis you always post what's happening in my quierido michoacan relating to the autodefensa, so y haven't you post about of the new cartel of Los H3 in mich, from uruapan and apatzingan which the " AD" control now, and mireles not even 1 word of that issue, can you explain something about that

  7. Fuck all Governments, and fuck The Federal Reserve, IMF, EU, Western Banking System, Bank Cartels, CIA, DHS, Drones, State Police, fuck the corrupt system! I've had enough of USA Cops killing us, and our dogs, and Governments fucking over their citizens in Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Syria, USA, North Korea, Mexico, Venezuela, and on and on! I have had enough. You want my gun? come get it! Messed up Government in Mexico? Look around you sleeping sheep, we are getting fucked over by the Western Banking System in every Country! You ain't seen shit yet! Wait till the dollar collapses. Hell is just around the corner. Hell!
    Enjoy your freedom of speech here on BB, because it won't be here much longer, I bet my life on it. Everything will be censored and shut down if they feel you are a threat to their corrupt system.
    You people better wake the fuck up!

    1. @10:48 +1, YOU ON TO SOMPIN BOY!!! I must confess I felt like I had written that myself..

    2. I'm awake.. where can I sign up?

  8. 5:01AM...
    Honestly, I have been searching for good information about H3. If you have background info please email me or send comment. If you say DON'T POST on a comment I will honor your request.

    But, here is the operatonal structure...I think, and they ally with Los Viagras...I think, and operate in Uruapan and Apatz as you say...I think!

    Here is some basic info:

    El cartel de los H3
    Líder: Miguel Ángel Gallegos Godoy "Migueladas"

    Brazos políticos.- Fernando Rosales Reyes (diputado); Casimiro Quezadas Casillas ( municipal president)

    Regional Comandantes:


    Jefes de Plaza:...
    Buenavista .- Luis Antonio Torres González "El Americano"
    Apatzingan.- Carlos Sierra Santana "El Viagra"
    Paracuaro.- Beto Gutiérrez "El tragabalas" o "El 5"
    Huacana.- Sergio Huerta Tena "El pollo"
    Churumuco.- Gabino Barrera Estrada; Arturo Martínez Peñaloza; Froylan Solorio Peñaloza "R1" o "Froy"; Homero Solorio Peñaloza
    Nueva Italia.- Francisco Tovar Pantoja "Pancho"; Martín Cervantes Velázquez "chícharo"; Manuel Cervantes Velázquez "maniquis"; Feliciano Ledezma Ramírez "El Chanito"
    Lombardia.- José Alfredo Jiménez Alvarado "Cukin"; Audel Arteaga González; Francisco Jiménez Alvarado " El Cejas" o "El Negro"

    Los Viagras are the first ever splinter group from CT. A band of brothers run the gang with Mariano and Carlos Sierra Santana the maximum leaders. Mariano is "El Viagra"

    they engage in extortion, kidnapping, killing and meth making. their stronghold territory is from Huetamo across up to Nueva Italia.

    If the American Harry Devert was taken in Huetamo, as many think he may have, then it was Los Viagras who kidnapped him

  9. They should all be wiped out. The only thing they'll accomplish will be a new cartel who will continue the very same actions they are trying to abolish.

  10. Somehow I feel the many years from now they'll look back at this point in time an\d say WHAT WERE THEY THINIKING???? about the current government officials. At this rate AD will be a thorn in their heels for many years to come.

  11. Chivis well I read about that in that is the only reason I commented about that and thank you for responding on that and I read that now the ppl of Buenavista want him out cause of his role as a boss of los H3 or TERCER HERMANIDAD go to that site and find out, thnx

  12. The population is fed up with all of these fuckeing criminal leeches, they hate paying extra to pay some lazy ass criminals, they jate living in fear. Now is the time to keep the fight and kill these fucking criminals. They will always be criminals. Sorry but some people will never be reformed just like child molesters!

  13. This is for the fuckin lazy ass sick criminals! Ustedes son una bolla de gueyes que no valen nada! Son unos pendejos que estan tirando su vida por estupidos. Alun dia la mayoria de ustedes los van a encuentrar muetos de varios formas por un rival! Hojala que otros queyes criminales de otro cartel no maten a tu familia lor tu estupides! Todos los Mexicanos estamos artos de todos ustedes!!! Pincjes culos!!!! Como se ponen a matar mujeres in ninos? A sequestrar y quitarle los organos otra persona humana? Todo por un pinche peso? Que la humanidad no vale nada? No tienen mama, papa hemanos, hemanas, esposas, o hijos? Pienen en ellos y su futuro en Mexico. Aveces la vida era mejor cuando estabamos pobres y la familia estaba mas cerca! El pinche dinero nos esta volviendo pendejos!!! Toda via hay chansa de cambiar y hacer algo bueno en la vida!!!


  15. the point in not releasing the AD from prison, is to scare the ones free, and keep and make them weak, now that the ct have been routed, miguel angel gallegos godoy is preparing to take over for good, but, but, el americano must know by now who he's dealing with, he is at the top now, he is at gallegos godoy's ass, or his ass, hay palenque,! cierren las puertasn!

  16. Chivis, I just read your comment on Los Viagras. You state that El Americano is a plaza boss. Is this true? I thought it was speculation? I thought all along he was bad. So what was all the drama with Hiplito? Why can't the personal matter between them be talked about? Do you think Hiplito is guilty of murder? Why is the AUC not going after El Americano?

  17. I never meant to say americano is viagra or any cartel. I said that is the rumor but dr m says it is not so.

    I didn't want the personal matter to be talked about because it involves so many people and issues. BUT the main issue is americano had a relationship with Mora's niece and something happened that offended the Mora family. so Mora retaliated by evicting Ameicano's mother from one of his properties. so then americanos family filed a lawsuit against mora in a land dispute. and mora filed one back...and on and on and on...for a long while

    I do not think Hipolito is guilty of murder. I feel he is incapable of murder. the guy is a wuss. he stays in Ruana most the time and does not go out with the other leaders. his interest was always for Ruana, not so much the other communities. Myself AND THIS IS JUST SPECULATION....I thought the one with a motive for the murder was americano. Friends are expendable when the ultimate payback is at hand.

    And if so he sure won in spades...right?

  18. WOW Chivis very very interesting stuff!! I am telling you something is very very fishy with El Americano. Do you think there is any chance he had his men pull the double murder trying to frame Hipolito or am I reading into it way to much? What is your opinion on Gallegos Goday? Is he really a narco and if so is he really top dog? I have read numerous times he is the man pulling all the strings in Michoacan whether it be KT or H3. Do you believe or is there any proof of Chango Mendez being behind one of the splinter groups? Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.


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