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Monday, March 17, 2014

Mora's Attorney Lays Out Defense Strategy. La Ruana is "Ghost Town" After Mora's Arrest.

The Accused (Mora) and the Accuser (el Americano Simon)

At a [Thursday] night press conference, Prosecutor Martín Godoy Castro confirmed that criminal action was brought against Hipólito Mora on charges of the "qualified murder of two people."

Prosecutor Godoy Castro also said that another 35 complaints are being integrated against Mora Chávez on charges of plunder, illegal imprisonment, threats, and burglary and violation of domicile.

 Eduardo Quintero, attorney for Hipólito Mora,  In an interview with Radio Fórmula, Quintero said:

 "No one would doubt that Hipólito Mora was indicted  due to the political situation."

In a separate interview with MVS News, the lawyer maintained that there is no evidence showing the co-participation of Mora in the double homicide. His client, he added, was asked to point out the murderers, but he does not know who they are. Quintero added that since the alleged perpetrators have not been detained, there is no one to make statements against Hipólito Mora.

If the community leader is accused of killing in partnership, Quintero explained,

    "what must be understood is that Hipólito Mora allegedly ordered the death of El Pollo and El Nino, but strong evidence would have to be [in the form of] statements by the perpetrators, who might say that they received the order from Hipólito, but since the perpetrators are unknown, there is no solid evidence."

 Documentary Filmmaker Comments

Mario Mandujano, documentary filmmaker and founder of the production house From Horns to the Abyss, is making a documentary titled "The Law of the Hill" [La Ley del Monte] about the Michoacán self-defense movement. For Mandujano, Hipólito Mora's capture goes further:

“ [Mora] became a representative figure of the self-defense movement that emerged in La Ruana in February of 2013; with the passage of time, he become someone "inconvenient" for a group of criminals led by Simón The Americano, who were Templars and then become self-defense troops

el Americano

Based on the testimonies of Michoacán residents, including Padre Goyo [Gregorio López, Cathedral of Apatzingán] and his insight as a documentary filmmaker, Mandujano has concluded that, in their quest to "recover the plaza [i.e., recover territory lost to self-defense forces]," the group led by Simón El Americano sought to expel Hipólito Mora with the government's voluntary or involuntary support.

For the government in general, Mandujano added, the self-defense groups are embarrassing. With Mora's arrest, the government is seeking "a way out":

"What I see in the general big picture, they [Mora's self-defense group] were the only ones who obstructed the path, that they have the capacity to prevent crime from rearranging itself in La Ruana .


“When we started our struggle, we knew the state government was our No. 1 enemy,” Jose Manuel Mireles, a doctor from the nieghboring municipality of Tepalcatepec, told the Americas Program. In January, Mireles – the self defense groups’ spokesman since the outset – was badly injured when the small plane in which he was traveling made a crash landing and taken to Mexico City to recover.

Now back home again, Mireles boasts of the groups’ achievements. The movement has pushed the “Templarios” out of more than 30 municipalities, he claims, and aims to free the entire state of Michoacan from the presence of the criminal group.

YA BASTA  (Enough)

"In the past year, we have learned a great deal,” Mireles said. “Most importantly, we learned that we have a weapon more powerful than the cartel’s guns – a community.”

La Ruana and Tepalcatepec are picturesque villages. It’s hard to imagine their people have endured so many atrocities. 

On Feb. 24, residents prepared to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the uprising. Mariachis, barbecue and beer had been brought in for the big party. A parade with hundreds of people wearing t-shirts that read “Self-Defense Groups for a Free Tepalcatepec” kicked off the activities.

“A year ago Tepalcatepec was a living hell, a ghost town where you couldn’t even walk around,” Mireles observed. “This is a great achievement because they said our movement wouldn’t last 24 hours, yet here we are today.”

Early last year, the government sought to take control of the situation by disarming the self-defense groups, inciting unrest that resulted in several arrests and a fatality and  nearly prompted a major confrontation between the self defense groups and the Army. The official strategy shifted and the government made a pact with some of the self-defense groups. They agreed to register all weapons and legalize some members of the self-defense groups.

However, there were critics, including Buenavista native Luis Antonio Torres Gonzales, aka “El Americano”. “The government is trying to establish us as rural police troops, but we rejected being placed under the government’s authority. We refuse to stand around and let people continue to get killed,” said “El Americano.”

The government stratgy involves keeping a presence of Army and Federal Police troops while engaging in negotiations with individual self-defense leaders. The federal government recently promised an injection of 45 billion pesos for development projects in Michoacan.

Mora before his arrest said, “We’re hoping to take advantage of the government support to revive the economy,” Mora explained. “The dream we’re now embracing is to generate sources of employment.” He believes the government should work alongside the self-defense groups, because the locals are the ones who can identify the criminals in each village. Mora denied rumors of division within the organization, but admitted there are differences. He says the priority should be to strengthen the self-defense groups, suggesting that the government and the public working together can rid them of infiltrators.

Both Mora and Mireles were asked if they would accept a government post if it were offered. “I would accept such an offer only if it benefits the public, not for my own personal benefit,” Mora declared. Mireles gave a different answer. “I am solely focused on the movement. I fear that if the movement is politicized, it will be over because towns can be divided by political parties.”

Mireles says the movement was inspired by the autonomous indigenous town of Cheran, which kicked out illegal loggers and political parties, setting up its own patrols to defend its territory and to prevent organized crime activity. The Cheran movement based its autonomy on Convention No. 169 of the International Labor Organization and the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. He notes that these rights don’t apply in the same way to his movement, comprised of mestizos, but they serve as a model.

Mireles asserts that  the self-defense movement bases its legitimacy on Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution: “Every Mexican citizen has the right to have a gun in their home, for security and self-defense” and Article 39, which states “national sovereignty resides essentially and originally in the people … Citizens have at all times the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government.”  

The spokesperson explains that the self-defense groups were originally called “communitarians” as are many of the indigenous groups, but they adopted the name self-defense groups since self defense is a legal right of all Mexicans. He notes that the groups “made a pact so that when elections come, they will not divide us.”

In Buenavista and other communities, the self defense groups had turned their attention to rebuilding the community after ousting the criminal gangs. In new neighborhood councils, representatives propose initiatives and deliver petitions to the government or consult on what measures to take.   

Some people worry about their children, who have been growing up in an environment where they learn about different calibers of weapons, see murders close up and are close to many forms of violence. Others struggle to cope after losing children, siblings or parents, and still others have loved ones imprisoned for taking up arms.

None of that dampened spirits at the anniversary festivities though. Michoacan’s self-defense groups celebrated and vowed to continue in arms until the Knights Templar have been defeated.

Film maker Mandujano says that spirit is in danger;

"People are very frightened. On February 24 (the self-defense groups) were celebrating their first anniversary: dancing, singing, drinking beer. Today, since the arrest of Mora, La Ruana is once again a ghost town. "
ghost town
 Self-Defense leader Estanislao Beltran said Sunday the civilian "self-defense" groups' leadership met this weekend to try to form a united front to demand that the Mexican government live up to its promises of bringing security to Michoacan and forming a national guard.

Beltron and Mora in better days

 The group said after the meeting that they are being persecuted not only by criminals but also by authorities.

Dr.  Mireles, said in an audio message posted on the Internet that the groups are "being persecuted by the Knights Templar, the army, the navy and all the police departments."

Mireles claimed that prosecutors levied the charges because Mora dared to demand that the government keep its promises.
Mireles believes Mora is innocent and continues to support him

"When (Mora) put pressure on authorities because they haven't fulfilled their part of the accords, they became demanding and now say there are 35 complaints against him," Mireles said.

"And now they are coming after us, they want to scare us," he added.

Mireles's statement came a day after a federal official said the government would "put a stop" to the vigilantes.

It is a very sad situation. My hope is that everyone will remember the chant of the several hundred people that greeted Dr. Mireles when he returned to Michoacan after his convalescence from his plane crash injuries;
"The people united will never be defeated!"


  1. GVt afraid they have another Zapatista movement on their hands, separation from the state.
    Pollo's buddy, who was killed with Pollo, was connected to that crooked female senator from Michoacan.
    The wolves have to now disarm the sheep as they are threatening the wolves!
    I would suggest, if possible, to make a much noise by AD supporters in America and other countries that the AD need to be protected and supported(bear arms). They can march, have support rallies, send letters to politicians in and outside their respective countries, contact news agencies. The gvt must no the international community is watching their actions in Michoacán.
    If they are not supported and protected by the gvt any AD who is murdered or anyone of their community members murdered the gvt will be held responsible.

    1. The AD needs to keep their ranks clean from infiltrators like El Pollo, and his criminal buddies who should have never been allowed to become AD in the first place!

  2. Will someone please come forward with any evidence that El American is or was a Templario? Where does this come from?

    Hey, Chivis, do you know anything about this Mandujano documentary filmmaker? He sounds a little confused to me.

    From a post on Valor Por Michoacán, commenting on Los Plancarte trafficking in the body organs of children: "entonces ya sabemos de donde saco el Higado el fausto pellejo" !!

    (Ruana misspelled in headline)

    1. El Americano may not have been with AD, but he seems to have surrounded himself with criminals and has been taking in lower level Templarios who will work for anybody to get a paycheck!

    2. Sorry I meant El Americano may not ever been a Templario!

  3. Muy pronto van a sacar Al puto Americano junto con sus viagras y templarios arrepentidos ya se esta hablando de eso en las reuniones de los lideres de autodefensas eso H3 son puros vendidos pero ya pronto les van a dar piso.

  4. The law of the hill? La ley del monte how is that a direct translation...shouldn't the translation be backwoods law or the law of the land or bush? Come on mr doc guy get it together this type of shit is insulting.

  5. Marshall law in michuacan will remedy all this non sense of who r the good guys and who are the bad...they are one in the same opportunism at its finest.

  6. The corrupt government will pick apart the movement by taking out the lesser leadersand not directly kill or arrest the natural charismatic leader of the good doctor. The doctor will either be killed by an "accident"(like the plane crash) or by an unknown assassin.

    1. Lets hope not, because if that happens he will be immortalized! The people will be hardened in their case for revolution, and be inspired to fight harder. The mistrust for government will be imgrained until there is a Golpe De Estado ( Government Overthrow). Arab spring anybody remmember? It started with a guy who set himself on fire because of the government injustices and the police! That movement grew out of no where! Lets just hope the government works with a clean uncorrupted AD and follows through in getting rid of the criminal underworld like they set up to do, in the long run it would benefit everybody! It would also help out politicians to carry out their job without fear of criminal backlash and would actually give the power back to the voters!

    2. Its to everybody's benefit to keep Dr. Mirales alive!

  7. martin GODOY castro, miguel angel gallegos GODOY, former governor leonel GODOY, all against the autodefensas.
    miguel angel gallegos GODOY, said to have a beef against el kike plancarte, and to have ordered his sicarios to shoot to kill plancarte's sicarios, seems to be winning on all fronts, the most powerful drug trafficker on tierra caliente, seems to be getting the upper hand.
    nothing is being said about arcelor-mittal, except for jayhawk, and rarely other reporters on other sites.
    it would be no surprise if it would come out someday that someone other than the templars caused the provocations that sent everybody against them, and their protests of innocence were at some level true.
    the sneakiest criminals are always the ultimate survivors, by skinning alive friend and foe, Kike Plancarte needs to get the jump on el micheladas, before he loses what he's got left, his life.
    El Chayo didn't rat on the boss, now he is dead, how about that Kike? or la puta tuta?, you know something, rat and snitch on el micheladas before it's all over for you... be a snitch or be el "micheladas"pendejos...

  8. Sad to see this occurring it really is.Whatever the truth behind this,it is sad to see different"leaders"behaving in this manner.It does not benefit this movement one bit to accuse each other of the exact crimes that they rose up to fight against.We have yet to see the truth behind all this,but until then we should hold judgement either way.Dr Mireles probably doesn't want to get involved in this unsavory episode,and indeed he is probably caught in a difficult situation regarding these two people?Whatever is going on hopefully it doesn't do any damage to,and halt the progress of the AutoDefensas

  9. Ha,look at the beautiful little one with the
    There is what this movement is all about,in essence that little girl,what better reason and motive can there be?What can be more important than that little girl and countless others like her?There is nothing more important !

  10. Dr Mireles for President ! This man has done more for the state of Michiocan in one year than the entire Mexican government has in the last 5 years.He has demostrated que "El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido".

  11. everyone please just pray for dr. mireles and those that are true followers...they deserve to live happy and free lives. I struggle to find reason why anyone would believe otherwise.

  12. El americano needs to be put down

  13. How long does it take to 'go to trial' in Mexico?

    Or until a Judge decides there is not enough evidence to convict?

  14. Mark my words.
    The drug cartels will work to get the Mexican government to disband the self defense groups as these are working against their interests.
    And they will succeed.

  15. The Government is just doing what it can to make an example of Mora on all kinds of bogus charges. The people of Mexico will have more justification to continue an armed struggle if it ever comes to it if they feel government can't be trusted with their well being!

  16. "El Americano" no manches? pero de donde? Inche nopalote en la frente, la papada CA!!!! Tipico tambo de feces, se mira en sus ojos that he will back stab you in the freaking back. He should go back to El Paso and sell carros from the remates, andale, andale, arrriba, arriba.......

    1. That is why we are like this because people like you put down your own kind down talk about people like your parents. You think you are above them when you yourself do not have papers either.

  17. The Government by choosing to create chaos within the AD'S, are going down a very dangerous route by possibly alienating the people of Mexico

  18. Even if he did order a hit on el pollo & el nino, those guys were piece of shits...I think americano is a pure templar in sheep skin

  19. In respone to the legal part of the story , it doesnt matter if there is no evidence against Mora as the trigger puller , or that he gave direct orders to the alledged assassins , it only takes two witnesses to say " I heard Mora discussing this , and they have him on conspiracy to commit murder , which is considered more heinous than pulling the trigger.

    He will not lack funds for a good atorney , and as the pressure grows on the Mexican government to dismiss all charges , they may well release him.

    How to get rid of El Americano ? well one could speculate that El A is part of a counter attack by CT. Certainly I think CT has become a lot more dangerous since La Tuta took over. He is an evil psychopathic manipulator , destroyer of lives and dreams. Its only a matter of time until El A does something stupid. As a car salesman he will think that everybody believes him . Sooner rather than later news will come out of La Ruana that people there once again are paying piso to him. The AD of the other towns will surround La Ruana and force El A men to disarm.

    The other Ad have to continue to gain more ground , keep El A men hemmed into La Ruana , and expand aggressively into Tutas remaining towns of influence. AD cannot afford to lose the momentum they currently have. Any let up in the pressure on the CT will allow them more time to plan and organise counter attacks.

    These will not be of the military type , but will be strategic. Tuta is less of a hot head than El Chayo , he wont have his thinking blinded by machismo. As Denzel washington said in " Training Day " , " this shit is chess it aint checkers". Up to now the AD have been playing checkers.
    The AD have to start co-ordinating much more strategically than they have been if they want to beat the CT with tuta at the helm. Tuta is predictable even if he is sneaky. His love of PR will eventually be his downfall.
    He is happy to wander about towns under his influence in daylight , very different to El Chayo hiding out in the Mountains. This makes him vulnerable .

    1. Tuta is at the stadium in Morelia selling elotes!

  20. DR. MILELES COMMENTS? ......Dr Mireles comments.

  21. There's something about that "Americano" pig I dislike, Dr. Mireles should order a hit on his fat ass before it's too late.

    1. You must be working for the Mexican attorney general trying to get the leaders of AD arrested!

  22. Mexicans should vote to be annexed to the USA...Say what you will about the US govt., but this kind of impunity for murderers and torturers does not exist in the US....The mexican people would gladly give up their oil for some peace and it stands, the mexican politicians aint sharing the profits with regular mexicans anyways

  23. No I have not seen any evidence of Americanos criminal past. In fact I am thinking of seeking an interview.

  24. I am not sure who the filmmaker is, but what I am sure of is some of his facts are not factual....

  25. Mora arrested, no big surprise! This is all the govt needed to use as an excuse to stop them.I hope the ADG continues on with what they are doing.The group has done some great things, much more than the govt has done.Of course their will be a "Judas" in the group, sent to destroy the good names of good men.This is what happens when you are going against a corrupt state, people living in fear and a govt that only takes the side of the criminals.Continue on strong ADG, don't stumble over a pebble when you have a mountain to climb!

  26. Chivis, regarding your comment about not having evidence regarding El Americano's we have a saying. if it walks like duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. People fighting with a sincere desire to liberate and free their people, don't put much focus on driving luxury pickups and appropriating as much luxury goods as they can in the process. wake up!

    also , that pitufo always seemed shady too and he was the first to say he wouldn't stick his neck out for mora and now keeps on contradicting everything Mirleles says in the press. Mirleles is the only one standing up for Mora. and although Mora did plunder, by his own admission, at least he was honest enough to say so, which earns him some credit for trying be honest. I think its breaking down to Pitufo and Simon against the doctor and Mora, with the corrupt government siding with the the way, a body turned up today with a narcomanta threatening the life of Castillo

  27. You fools need to stop making up stories and saying things you know nothing about if you do not live in michoacan and are not there stop saying el americano or any other auto defensa is a cartel member please stop this shit about well i think hes a scum bag. And chibis how are we going to believe you if you cant even do a camera interview and so you say you are in mexico????????!

    1. El Americano needs to to an Interview and answer all the questions so he can discredit all of his alleged connections to criminals. For all we know he be also be a victim of misinformation to bring th AD movement down. I just find it hard to believe he is good!

  28. @5:35
    I would hate to be judged and accused without fact. I think Americano has been unfairly judged because there is no proof that he is of a criminal element. . I asked Dr M about him and he contends he really is not with nor has been involved with narcos. He says he is a good person, and what happened was personal. If anyone has evidence to the contrary please send to me!

    I have been in Coahuila for 10 years. I have a staff at my Coahuila offices with young families that I must think about for their safety. I don't feel I have to explain anything to you or any one. Take or leave what I say. If you can't put yourself in my shoes screw it. My personal life is not for your consumption or judgment.

    1. Chivis please don't let these idiots get to you about your personal life, your doing an outstanding job and we really appreciate your reporting! You carw too much! Which is also the reason that makes you great!!! but just remmember I believe 99 percent of us appreciate you and want you to continue being the good peeson that you are!!!!!

  29. chivis, thanks for the enchiladas, they was good, i knew you'd come through for me, and only for me, let the envious die from anger, you are doing more than any of us has ever done, and without having any obligation, because you don't owe anything to mexico or the mexicans.
    don't worry about the haters, for each one of them, there are hundreds of us that admire and love you and what you do, and thanks to BB for having this site for us to rant and bitch to our hearts' content, i hope buggs don't sell us down the river, nearing 43 000 000 readers! a few skunks are ok...

  30. for 5:45 anyone that begins a comment with "you fools", and was so demanding, on a personal level, of Chivis, sure didn't deserve the respectful reply she gave you. Why the f***k do you think the reporters use writing names? guess you weren't around when one of the reporters vanished. Her in front of cameras may mean a death sentence. I would say hop back on the short bus, but that would be an insult to those with special needs.

  31. sometime The Criminal Defense injury ares how an incident against me beyond reasonable question!” if attoreny injury Is that programme offer any other perks or just provied simple training for attorneys.

  32. March 18, 2014 at 11:22 PM
    "chivis, thanks for the enchiladas, they was good, i knew you'd come through for me, and only for me"
    Some sad cases on here,shit,some real headcases,,scary

  33. March 18, 2014 at 11:38 PM
    Oh shit,we got a stalker,,run

  34. March 18, 2014 at 9:29 AM
    "Mexicans should vote to be annexed to the USA"
    My god,are you insane?They hate us,and you know who i mean when i say"us"they tell us on here enough times?Why would you want that?People who hate you for no reason but skin color?Really intelligent.

  35. Jack Hawkins said...
    "How long does it take to 'go to trial' in Mexico?
    Or until a Judge decides there is not enough evidence to convict?
    The evil doers of this planet shall not prevail,yay,we shall lay down with the lamb and have his plums on the order of travail and suffering in our time of indignation at these times of yay,nay,and hay.If attoreny injury Is that programme offer any other perks or just provied simple training for attorneys

  36. 10:10 back when all you had to do to be a lawyer, was being able to read the bible and wipe a pig's ass with your bare hand, shakespeare declared:
    "...first we kill all the lawyers..." I do not know why, but they survived and multiplied and rule the world, whole armies bend over backwards to please lawyers, we have thousand of tons of law books and all the laws necessary to neutralize any law someone rich does not like.
    Today like yesterday the most important laws beside those of Physics is the one that says "money talks,bullshit walks"

  37. See on here people mentioning H3? Isn't that a type of clave for a part of Americanos group?They are all a part of his group in other words and not a new cartel springing up out of all this?

  38. 9:56 if i got my enchiladas and they were good what does it matter to you?
    now you'll never get one, vieja de vecindad, keep smelling other men's shoes, payasa!

  39. 10:05 mexicans are annexing useful parts of the US, we are selling tacos all over the US now, we have moved on to taco trucks and more than a few high class restaurants and bars like los pinches tacos, las pinches cervezas and los pinches tequilas.
    H3 someone already said on BB is for GM hummers H3 version, the favorite suv of el americano's motorized cavalry.
    hipolito mora's air cavalry was a tramp, the enemy provided a riot headed by el taliban, i mean el templario major el americano for the federales to come to the rescue and arrest him, we should call that helicopter the ipiranga, for the ship that was used to invite president Vicente Guerrero to dinner and where he was asassinated, to please the rich panistas of the day.
    that will teach hipolito a lesson, to not hang with the enemy and to not get into the vehicles of people he doesn't know, any child knows that...

  40. "proof" is a highly interpreted term. I dont expect you all to like this... but the US needs to support Mexican citizens more. US is always supposedly about human rights and there own neighbors are suffering. Yet the US cares more about homosexual persecution in Uganda. What a joke.

  41. --the US mercenaries can not just up and go fight anybody's dog fights at the dog pound for them, there needs to be an implicit order from the NEW WORLD ORDER.
    --the US president must be willing to send other people's children to fight their dirty false ill-advised and misleading wars, that they are not suppossed to win by any means, not for lack of manpower, but because US politicians have sold out the outcome from the start.
    --arcelor-mittal is winning the war against the other NWO, china, so why would anybody need the US in the middle? the NWO wins anyway.
    --the african continent saw many wars recently, raped women, machete army fights, famine and other wars, nelson mandela's liberation wars that led to his liberation, the end of the angolan war that led to guevara and ochoa's deaths.
    --the african continent that benefitted from so many wars of liberation, weakened, hungry and tired of fighting, was ripe for the takng over.
    --the chinese are loading their manpowered tricycles with loot from africa, civilizing the africans in the process.
    --the africans won't eat each other anymore, they won't kill each other with chinese machetes, they will use the chinese machetes to cut up some kitties to eat after working hard all day for their chinese masters.
    --the bolivians, after the dirty wars conducted by klaus barbie, felix ismael rodriguez, the CIA and co. ( that killed thousands of people in south-america and continue to kill hundreds of thousands), are the partners of the chinese on some enterprises, which was the idea on the first place, but they needed to play coy first, you know the chinese, no you don't, the NWO, they know their chinese, the good guy/bad game is over, the chinese is in, the US is out, except for drug trafficking, after afghanistan sells their load, whatever market remains is all for the US... check and mate, the NWO wins, again.
    --no mexican drug lords need apply...only grameros welcome now...
    --the chinese are working on the warships that will come and kick the malvinas sized empire of the india's enterprise, then india will find out who is the dragon on the air land and sea.
    --the US may be the most peacenik country in the world by then, and the most full of fervorous prayers that still won't work, but keeps'em busy...


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