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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mondragon y Kalb quits Mexico's security agency

By Chris Covert

Manuel Mondragon y Kalb will quit Mexico's top security agency today, according to Mexican press reports and Twitter accounts.

A news account which appeared on the online edition of El Sol de Mexico new daily said that Mondragon y Kalb will end his job with Mexico's Comisionado Nacional de Seguridad (CNS), a job he held since the start of the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto in December of 2012.

Mondragon y Kalb was appointed head of the CNS directly after a major reshuffling of Mexico's interior ministry Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB).  Part of that reorganization changed Mexico's Policia Federal from a cabinet level ministry to a sub agency of SEGOB.

Part of the restructuring included a change in the way federal crimes such a intentional homicide were reported.  SEGOB mostly reported statistics, not individual crimes and ended the practice of presenting detainees before the press.

Since that time SEGOB has been slowly immersing itself into a growing scandal in which violent crime statistics are being deliberately misreported, charges that have been leveled and apparent since the beginning of Pena's term.

According to a newd report which appeared in Latin Times news daily website, Mondragon y Kalb resigned in  the wake of a federal prison escape last week in Ciudad Juarez involving five inmates.

The report also hints that personal reasons may have been involved in his reason to quit.

Mondragon y Kalb is the second top security official to resign in two days.  Friday it was announced that Tamaulipas' Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Estado (SSPE), Rafael Lomeli Martinez reigned his position leaving a legacy of the worst of 33 states to retrain police officers, a nationwide  effort that has been ongoing since 2011.

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  1. Lomeli resigned because of accusations against him. It was because of him and Egidio Torre Cantú that ENRIQUE SANTILLAN and ROMAN RICARDO PALOMO RINCONES aka EL COYOTE were let go when they got arrested. Lomeli along with the governor personally met and received bribes from Z-40 and Z-42 along with Lazca.


  2. Replies
    1. Que vivaaaaaa!!!!!! Que viva sufriendo en el infierno por toda la eternidad junto con toda la bola de putos narcos!!!!!!

  3. That old Mayor from NYC taught them well how to underreport crime. Like so many US Cities which got one if those past top Commanders crime, on paper, goes wayyy down. Milagros!

  4. 10:22 que viva!... but he died a while ago...
    let's face it, el lazca was a PENDEJO, he met his match in z40 another hungry pendejo that lost the z empire in 6 months.
    the victims of their cowardly crimes were easy to handle, running a drug trafficking emporium that they stole, biting the hand that fed them, losing the bosses in the process, leaves no reason to say viva el lazca, the dirty deeds of the zetas leave no room for them in the world...

  5. so genaro garcia luna's helper is out, enrique francisco galindo ceballos keeps ,making room for his fat ass at the top of the nazional policia de colombia,i mean mexico? i hope carlos slim helu doesn't forget or forgive this new affront and makes sure galindo ceballos shit gets exposed, soon...

  6. 11:59 rudy giuliani, $10 000 000.00 usd in one year to fix crime in mexico, DF, the US president wanna be, played them mexicans for suckers, didn't fix anything, just like NY, he did more damage to mexico than the 9/11 did to New York, like a true republican, he took the money and ran, corruption went on like never before, but i'm sure giuliani made some good solid connections, an italian will always trump another to take over his cake...

  7. Same old story everthing is fine in Mx.

  8. carlos slim helu and andres manuel lopez obrador as mayor of the capital city of mexico DF hired rudy giuliani to kick the tepitense chilangos out of their neighborhood, and the three of them discovered they didn't have the balls to ger the job done, the chilango is better prepared this time, la candelaria de los patos was easy, the government just up and rolled the barrio like the garbage dump it was, tepito,y te chiflo y si rebuznas te descobijo.
    carlos slim helu will have to find some other barrio to set his court of versailles on, maybe on top of el popo.
    i'm trying to find info on the drug trafficking connections and associates of carlos slim helu, including el chapo, the lebanese community in mexico and around the world, the DFS where his brother julian worked took over drug trafficking and carlito's way made a pretty chunk of money for his billionaire empire, i think it's time to bring it all out in the open before he dies and escapes from the humilliation of seeing his dirty laundry hanging out without the benefit of a washing...


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