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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chapo was not above kidnapping and killing migrants

Borderland Beat

 by Óscar Martínez
It was February 2007 when  300 people had disappeared from a town called Altar.
All were Mexican and Central American migrants who were concentrated in this town of Sonora, bordering Arizona, waiting to find a opportunity, where they could enter the United States.

The narcos, omnipotent narcos, kidnap migrants from Altar heading to the crossing points. Altar is 100 kilometers from the border, but it is the town where the migrants gather supplies before heading towards the unforgiving desert, which can be so cold that it burns or so hot that it burns.
After gathering hoodies, coats, gloves, hats, those who attempt to battle the desert travel 100 kilometers of dirt road between Altar and El Sasabe to reach the border and choose a location where they will attempt to pass. Locations with names such as, el poste verde, el carro quemado, el cerrito ( green pole,  burning car,  little mountain).

It was in that stretch of land, controlled by “Halcones” (narco lookouts), that the migrants were taken from the trucks that were transporting them to El Sasabe.
Some 15 trucks had been detained and all - drivers, coyotes, and migrants - had been kidnapped and  taken to a nearby ranch. There, at the ranch, many were tortured. Some of the migrants had their ankles shattered as a punishment for those who were attempting to walk in the desert.

I was in Altar when the kidnappings occurred. When I asked taxi drivers and drivers of vans why there was so much cruelty, kidnappings with no ransom requests, his response was simple and unanimous: the narcos were dispatching "mules" and they did not want migrants wandering around because they bring "heat" to the area.

The "burreros" are men - teenagers mostly - working as drug mules. They carry 20 kilograms of marijuana on their backs and are released into the desert, with the guidance of a coyote and trusted operative of the local kingpin.
They walk two nights through the desert of Arizona, until they reach the U.S. base, the Indian reserves of the Tohono, an autonomous territory within the United States. From there, the drugs are transferred onto trucks that will travel by road to the cities of distribution.
When narcos are going to transport an important load of marijuana, they don't want migrants wandering the desert. Migrants attract the attention of the border patrol, and that generates losses for  narcos. And narcos hate losing. That is why they want the desert to themselves. For this reason, that terrible February, about 300 migrants were kidnapped.

“Narco” is a name used to label just about anyone: a cocaine street vendor, a truck driver who transports two kilograms of cocaine in his tires, a young man from Sinaloa that works in the fields cutting tomatoes, then goes to work in Altar as a “mule”.
But here the narco had both a name and surname. The company which gets overshadowed by those five letters- Narco-, in Altar is the Sinaloa Cartel, one of its “executives” is named Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera, they call him “El Chapo”, and he was just captured in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Padre Prisciliano Peraza blesses migrants
In February 2007, his company kidnapped 300 migrants and only 180 are known to have been released.  Released, thanks to the village priest Prisciliano Peraza, whose anger compelled him to speak out and call for their release.
He was given the most badly beaten migrants.   (continues on next page)
In February 2007, Chapo’s company kept about 120 migrants and they were never heard from them again. In February 2007, most likely, his (JAGL) company massacred 120 people.

I interviewed one of the truck drivers that had been released from the ranch with the warning that no driver could transport migrants until further notice. He said to me:

"If I tell you something and they hear about it, tomorrow I will be killed, I would not survive a single day. And they would find out. Here, everyone is corrupt."

I interviewed a Salvadoran migrant that, for lack of money to pay for transport, had decided to first send his sister. She fell victim to the kidnappings. I interviewed him in Altar, the day of the kidnapping, when he was still shaking from the fear, maybe the anger. He said this to me:

"I already spoke with the coyotes who have returned, and some truck owners who have gone to see if there was anything left in the vans that were burned.
They confirmed that my sister was there.
I can't  file a complaint, I can't do anything, because they would kill me, everything here is pure mafia. I just want to go back home, but I have no money for the trip."

I spoke with a person that has access to information on the locals, someone who for safety reasons I will call "Mr. A".  He said this to me:

"Everyone knows what happens, they kidnap them, they rape the women, and beat the migrants, the smugglers, and drivers. But what are we going to do? Here we only have eight policemen, and traffickers have up to 50 well-armed men and many corrupt authorities."

I left Altar on the recommendation of my contacts, and returned in April, month and a half after the mass kidnapping. I interviewed Father Peraza. He said this to me:

"They had them at a ranch close to El Sasabe, but they only wanted to give me 180 victims, the badly beaten ones, the ones with broken ankles or those with heads split opened from beatings with bats. The rest of the 300 I don't know what happened to them, I don't know if they released them."

Those who were released vanished. They returned to their country, they returned with the coyote that had been contracted to try for another area, they surrendered to immigration. Each did what they decided, except for reporting the kidnapping.
Viewing the preceding statements, it would be absurd to ask why nothing was reported. The remainder, 120 that stayed at the ranch of the Sinaloa Cartel, it is not hard to imagine them as earthy bones which, in the best of circumstances, one day will appear.

Over the next three years I never stopped going to the Altar. I went back five times, and I learned more details. The Sinaloa Cartel, which in the area led by a man known as El Falcon or “sparrow hawk”, charged to the migrant 700 pesos (about 50 dollars) to let them board the van carrying them to El Sasabe. About 30 trucks worked in Altar, and each had two daily trips to the border. In every truck they carried 20 migrants.
That means that for each trip, the company of Chapo Guzmán earned a 1,000 dollars. Also means that each truck, and the two trips, earned him about 2,000 dollars a day. That means that migrants who were using Altar as path - that will surely continue to use Altar - represented, in one day, about 60,000 dollars for the enterprise of El Chapo Guzman.
Or, for skeptics calculating only a daily trip by truck, the company took at least 30,000 dollars a day just in one border town of some 8,000 residents.

The fees were charged by masked men in broad daylight and they inspected each truck that was heading out. In front of the church, on the central square of the village, the masked men counted and made sure that only 20 migrants were on board, received payments, and gave a piece of paper with a password to the driver of the truck, in case he was stopped in a checkpoint by one of the cartel guards.

Yes, thanks to the system of government corruption that the Sinaloa Cartel was able to buy, they can traffic drugs with relative ease in their border areas of control, when the offense comes to smuggling migrants it is committed in public without any worry, strategy, or modesty.

Anyone could say that those thousands of dollars collected in Altar are relatively small for a company headed by a man with an estimated fortune of more than 1 billion dollars. However, that sum of dollars from migrants not only occurred in Altar.

It criminal business of the Sinaloa Cartel. The same in Mexicali, in Algodones, in Nogales, in Sonoita, Naco, in Agua Prieta... I am not saying that only in those places, El Cartel de Sinaloa charges fees, I say that in those places I know that they charge them, because I visited them.

When one talks about Central Americans Migrants traveling through Mexico, when one speaks of kidnappings, murders, clandestine graves, of  72 migrants massacred in Tamaulipas, of trafficking in women for sexual exploitations in the smelly brothels of Reynosa, the name of the cartel that is mentioned is that of Los Zetas.
The caveman cartel that slain and abducted en masse under the midday sun and into the heart of people's towns overshadows other gangs in the area by turning the lives of migrants crossing Mexico a living hell.

However, if something is said in the midst of so much news and revelation, in the midst of so much tweet and post, amid so many doubts and photography, the mobster recently caught in Mexico led a mafia that day by day fucks with the lives of thousands of undocumented migrants.
A mafia who is responsible for the disappearance of  about 120 Mexican and Central American migrants, in February 2007.
A mafia that charges $50 per trip.
A mafia that, able to do that to travelers, must first corrupt municipal and state authorities so they may turn a blind eye.
That man, “EL Chapo Guzmán”,  who has been captured surely could say something about  the matter… although for the moment it seems that nobody is willing to ask.

‘The author Óscar Martínez  is coordinator of  ‘el camino project’,

Martínez has authored the book ‘Los migrantes que no importan' (‘Migrants are not important’) and "En El Camino" "The Beast"
Sources: MiMunicipio, and narcconoticias


  1. @Chivis

    Thanks for posting this story! I wouldn't have translated it had I known you guys were working on it.


    1. Im going to quit my job and take chapos place

    2. Chapos mom will die like these people did

    3. El cheapo es el chingon id rather have him running shit not the zetas but oh well everybody falls sooner or later it's just the way it is in that line of business

  2. Ummm well don't cross migrants through those regions, the US population needs to get high, if Pena Nieto manages to wipe out all drug cartels, production and distribution of narcotics, the drug crazed population which is in the millions and revolt against society which would in hundred thousands of deaths its a no win situation, also if the Kremlin invade Ukrane do you think the US would go to war with Russia thus initiating World War 3

  3. thank you for posting this. I live in San Luis and wifes family in Atar. this is one incident but there is many. chapo is a sociopath and cunning making his reputation as a good capo. not so, he hated indios migrants and rape, extort kidnap and kill them regularlly.

    they were dirt under his shoes in his opinion. he is where he belong. no good capos no good narcos. the truth is simple.

    see siglo torreon for story about chapo pedophile

  4. sick of some people including this lowlife pedophile in hero worship status.
    The ignorant, and uneducated assume because he feeds or employs the poor he is a good person. They don't realize it is a form of oppression. 'They don't know better so they don't want better. it is all part of the operational plan..

  5. Thanks for posting this.
    The problem is, nothing like this will change people's opinions of Chapo. Every sensible person knows he was a bad guy whether or not he killed migrants. The people who think he's a GOOD guy are not going to be swayed by this. Did you guys read the forum posts about the 'Free El Chapo' march in Sinaloa? There were people saying things like "we support him because he gives us jobs". I mean, is that seriously their opinion??
    Chapo supporters are not on the same rational wavelength as anyone on this forum, and their reaction to this story would probably be more like "Maybe he will give my third husband a job killing migrants so that we can feed our 15 children whom we otherwise have no way to support. This would bring honor to our family."
    The cartel problem in Mexico is 1/3 criminals, 1/3 corrupt politicians, and 1/3 immature gullible citizens.

    1. Not you again, with the "it will dishonor my family" crap. It seems as though you only know Mexican culture through Hollywood productions and racist websites. The last 1/3 that you mention are citizens like you.

  6. @ March 1, 2014 at 11:31 PM
    You make a good point.
    I am from Michoacan, and I believe there would be a similar march if La Tuta were caught. One of the skills of the narcos is to determine who will support them if they hand them money and promise to protect their family. People are told things like "the government will not give you money. I will give you money, so I am protecting your family from the government." They determine who is likely to fall for that, and one of the reasons men like Chapo enjoyed so much protection from citizens is that majority of citizens will fall for this.

  7. Ignorant wanna be cholo pc are you and your homies.

  8. On the forum there is talk about chapó sleeping with 13-16 year old. . Maybe I misinterpreted this song 'Está De Parranda el Jefe".. but if im not wrong the 4th verse says something about it

    "Que se traigan las muchachas 
    mas bonitas pero ya 
    la mejor es pa' mi amigo 
    que me vino a visitar 
    y si acaso no le gusta 
    traiganle una sin usar. "

    This is the lyrics

    Esta de parranda el jefe 
    lo tenemos que cuidar 
    recuerdo la vez pasada 
    cuando se puso a tomar 
    se llevo una jovencita 
    al salir de aquel lugar. 

    Las puertas ya se cerraron 
    va pa' largo el reventon 
    conosco muy bien sus mañas 
    esta vez ya se pico 
    ya que dice salucita 
    es señal que amanecio. 

    Pa' variar tiene visita 
    es su amigo el coronel 
    y esta bien acompañado 
    por la reyna que usa el 
    vale mas sacar la nuestra 
    por que nos va amanecer. 

    Que se traigan las muchachas 
    mas bonitas pero ya 
    la mejor es pa' mi amigo 
    que me vino a visitar 
    y si acaso no le gusta 
    traiganle una sin usar. 

    No hablaremos del negocio 
    porque todo marcha bien 
    que le traigan lo que pida 
    a mi amigo el coronel 
    cuando el jefe esta de buenas 
    no se mide en complacer. 

    Se emociona con corridos 
    y con este mucho mas 
    cada vez que se termina 
    no se cansa de escuchar 
    lo repite y lo repite 
    mas no se por que sera

    1. @1:15 a.m wish i knew spanish so id know what the lyrics said!

    2. Bring the prettiest girls now
      the best one is for my friend that came to visit
      and if he doesn't like her
      bring him an unused one

    3. That song ain't even about chapo

    4. Basically it says to bring him a lil virgin

    5. The song says too bring him a young barely hitting puberty lil girl between 10 and 16 years old, it's very evident that thats what his corrido for pedofile, chapo says

    6. That song is about Don Chalo araujo

    7. That would make sense but if it was about chalo araujo ..He was also known for .His preference of little girls but .I wonder what coronel their talking about

    8. My bad ...the song does fit both of them..since it has been said that they both like little girls..chapó wad associated with nacho coronel..I dunno what coronel araujo would be associated with

    9. If the song is about chapo then the girl is not for him "la mejor es pa' mi amigo
      que me vino a visitar
      y si acaso no le gusta
      traiganle una sin usar"

      The best one is for my friend that came to visit me and if he doesnt like her bring him one that hasnt been used.

      Pongan atencion plebes jajajaja

  9. This is going to sound annoying, so i'm sorry in advance lol because it ISN't a big deal at all, but the translation of carro is car, not truck? Why did i have to comment that idk, because you know what carro means. Anyways i think im just tired. Awesome work chivis!

  10. @11.31pm the biggest problem in mexico, and you are leaving it out,is the!% remaining after you add three thirds to 99%, that makes pena nieto and his sicarios. regarding the alleged murders of immigrants in the altar, 300 hundred disappeared, but 120 were never seen again,we,ll have to wait until more proof is found,the san fernando tamaulipas murders leave no room for doubt, you actually got photos, carcases, everything, on this case we have the words of a reporter, whom i don't have any reason to doubt, certainly, some men get lonely and opt for the easy way to get it on with women, and to rob other men, chapo has been arrested, not his people,and any smart police officer will know how to investigate this case, cadavers are not easy to invent, and we need to remember that chapito isidro used to hang around there and go killing sleepy farmers in the early morning, accompanied by his many sicarios,find the bodies and the perps, then we talk...

  11. In 20 to 30 years America will predominantly be latin and Europe muslim! White people will be marginalized as their once rich and prosperous nations are gradually destroyed!
    Don't say it won't happen as it already is!

    1. Dude this ain't a fox news blog

    2. "Fox News blog" OMG I couldn't stop laughing! I just discovered this site and have been reading for the last hour... I have been appalled at all the violence, but upon reading this: me dio una carcajada de no podia controlar! Thanks for adding a little humor.

  12. I don't get it: how can they be bothered by the immigrants drawing attention while on the other hand knowing that it happens and taxing them?

  13. Just imagine there was no food stamps section 8 and government assistance in the USA the people that would recieve help from the cartels would also praise and support the drug barons. Coridos are nothing but fairy stories example.acording to los corridos M1 and Macho Prieto were buddies however M1 put a hit on Macho Prieto. MP in many corridos was very loyal to the bosses however Chapo and Mayo gave him up because he was independent. Chapo may be the best of both evils when compared to Zetas but at the end he still is a murdered a drug smuggler he commits rape war crime

    1. Wouldnt you think that maybe the corrido was written when he(MP)was ok with M1and the bosses,retard.

    2. You are correct m1 and mp never got along especially after mp killed some one very close to m1.... Chalo araujo also hated mp many times vicentillo took him out of chalos trunk tied up and readdy to be killed

  14. Thanks, u have guts, be careful. Too bad Mx Govt won't do anything

  15. Criminals & the Politicians are the same no difference, maybe they are worse, because let this happen. God Bless Mexico, because nobody else cares

  16. the people who get rich in Mexico are the Politicions

  17. no mercy for Mexico

  18. Mexico and Latin America's problem is the "NO RE-ELECTION" law.....All these politicians, AT EVERY LEVEL, only have ONE chance at getting rich....and they exploit it royally....They also have an unwritten rule NOT to audit or investigate a previous administration's finances....Until that changes, Mexico and Central America will not change. El que es politico, es RATA!!!!!

  19. @ 11:31 PM
    Well said! I remember watching the following documentary, in which the people in small communities in Sinaloa were described as not regarding drug trafficking as a bad thing, but rather as a glamorous way to make a living. It's true that many are driven to this because they have many children without the means to provide for them, but this is a deeply-rooted custom that won't change any time soon. Family honor in Mexico is about being married, not necessarily marrying the right person, and about having kids, not necessarily raising kids well, and this is a set of values that's almost sacred to many Mexicans.
    I do think that what EPN has said about investing in creating jobs is the most sustainable solution to the crime problem in Mex. That way the young mothers may have a better chance to at least send their kids to school, because God knows they won't compromise on having 5+ kids when they're teenagers. The problem is that EPN may not be as committed as he says to this sustainable economic growth.
    There will always be a majority population that is immature and cannot really take care of themselves, and they will always support people like Chapo who bail them out. So I think the only solution is for there to be honest jobs available so their neglected children don't enter lives of crime.

    documentary link:

  20. God has forgotten about mexico, time for mexio to forget about God and stop having so many kids in poverty that will end up narco....send birth control to mexico!!!

  21. OK, back on topic... where were the Federales and the Army?

    I know that area and have been through that corridor at least 100 times. Altar is so blatent. The church and plaza are right beside the highway... the highway is the main road through town. The road headed to Sasabe is in front of the church/plaza. Everywhere there are puestos selling backpacks and all sorts of gear in black or camoflage. Since at least 2002 that I know of, this has been the scene.

    And, the drug and migrant traffic is well known. In the night there are retenes falsos along that stretch. As the guy said, puro mafia. There are government migracion, aduana, and Banjercito in this stretch. If @ March 1, 2014 at 10:30 PM truly knows this area he knows what I am talking about. In my estimation, everything from Queroabi to the north and west is wide open and lawless. There is a family named business operating, supposedly tourism related transportation and support companies, called Mota (ironic). I would be sure they had a hand in the movements.

    It is hard for me to believe that any cartel could operate in that area without the complicity of the federal government. The corruption involved should make people also aim their anger at the feds. They could have prevented this and all such crime and abuse but they choose not to. Chapo is no saint, but the dogs he sleeps with have fleas. They all sleep in the same bed.

  22. Chapo is a ruthless pedofile

  23. EPN has publicly stated that his admin's priority is the economy and education. It's safe to say that with Chapster's arrest he has prioritized eliminating top criminals but he has done it in a covert way so that maybe they would slip just as Chapo did. If anything other criminals should take a cue from this and not trust EPN and his administration that they are not taking crime seriously. Part of EPN's job is to tackle criminality and Chapo slipped trusting that he was soft on crime. I don't think the others going forward will make this same mistake.

  24. I don't know, but there's a law firm in Nashville that may be representing a lot of cartel associates. I was searching a criminal lawyer and came across their Twitter page-
    They have a lot of Sinaloans following them. What up on that?

  25. Ur comment is very true,america needs to hold mexico and third world countrys accountable for people migrating from their countries to usa.ur comment is not racist its da truth!!!

  26. More bigotry and increased institutionalized racism won't save Amurika.

  27. You and @422am are probably the same person commenting

  28. Haha you wouldnt post my comment about mexico and birth control cause you know its true!!! Hahaha, hiding the truth doesnt make it go away. Belief in God creates godless situations....

  29. This is contradicting, first you report he hurt those 300 because they didn't want to bring heat to the area. Then you say they had 30 trucks running daily trips charging 50 per person.

    This just sounds like the writer is trying hard to make CDS look bad.

  30. Como es ignorante la gente , k dicen k el chapo , no extorsiona , secuestra , viola jovencitas, aver ahora k dicen con este articulo...sigan creyendo k es buena gente, y alo mejor un dia ustedes mismos van a sufrir un atropello de estos puercos, un delincuente de estos no tienen madre, solo se aprovechan de las desgracias de los demas al igual k los zetas, ratas templarias, golfas y snitchaloas..saludos a todos los ignorantes..


    2:15 and 1:15Pm
    first of all, I have a life, it may be hours before your comments are considered. more often and stay up with the news.

    Mexico has virtually the same low birthrate as US ..Mex is 2.1 US is 1.9

    Mexico has been in a birth rate freefall for two decades.

    and Mexicans citizens are living longer. now only about 1.8 years under US.

    that creates a huge issue.

    you get that? I doubt it.

    I imagine you also still think the rate of Mexicans migrating to the us is climbing in numbers.

    It would make me smile, but you are so many years behind, that I cringe to think we attract such people, so oblivious with the world around ones self..

    Ignorance has potential for bliss...however when arrogance is in the becomes the joke of the day.

    1. One new terminology added to Wikipedia. .. retefuckenpendejo!! Might take so me time to decider. ..since 2:15 & 1:15 consists of .0001% of the animal population.... got your back Chivis...

  32. I thought Sasabe - Saric was controlled by the Gilos (Beltran-Zetas) not Sinaloa Cartel.

  33. 111:13 has the best comment...

    read this from the governments psychological profile of Chapo.

    in part:

    Psychological profile produced by the federal Government stresses that in a Criminological perspective Guzman is a career criminal, with a criminal high capacity, medium to high social adaptability and high dangerousness index.

    Diagnosis is antisocial behavior and a "marked egocentric and narcissistic."

    "He has a personality structure with characteristics of selfishness, cunning, perseverance, tenacious, meticulous, selective, manipulative, secretive and captivating,"

  34. maybe these immigrants are just trying to get to Mexico for a better life .

  35. Some commentators blaming the United States for illegal immigration are ignorant. Blame should befall on those countries that individuals are leaving from. It's apparent that the Mexican government and four Central American countries cannot control their rampant corruption, lack of social stability and economic opportunities. It is commonsense that corruption causes the dominoes to fall which leads to the decline of social norms and lack of moral culpability. So blaming the United States is easy to do. Try blaming the countries that the immigrants are coming from.


  37. Hope some zeta prisoner pushes chapos shit back in for him being a pedoflie child rapist molester

  38. The thing is this money that was charged does not go to el chapo directly but except the people that are running the show in that town. I cam guarantee you not even chapo knew about it

    1. He knew the ages of the young girls he molested tho.

  39. zorraz mugrozaz apeztozaz are hideous beasts when mugroza 40 got under arrest and transfered to supermax mexicans celebrated when chapo got arrested some mexicans were saddened I wasnt I stayed neutral but when apeztoza was apprehended I celebrated with beer n fajitas n went to the club ugh I bet zorraz mugrozaz apestozaz dont bathe most likely they stink

  40. If you ever read a book or went to school you will know that the usa,canada was built and made by immigrants from different countries the white america you speak about is immigrant america italians,irish,euoropean,mexican etc so 3rd world countries built america

  41. Chapo will one day be released from prison like Caro...

  42. check on the origins of barbarism and abuses by the military and police organizations under the excuses of fighting communism on the latin-americas,started by CIA connected organizations, juan ramon matta ballesteros, friend and associate of felix ismael rodriguez, and luis posada carriles, cuban exiles, terrorists, associated with narcos all over the latin-american banana republics and the heroin trafficking since the vietnam war, and with air america, the aviation company that under that name and others, has been moving drugs to the US, and under different names, amado carrillo fuentes planes came from somewhere, the planes of TAESA, with dirty tijuana and the hank rohn brothers connections, all the way to jenny rivera's last flight. also the benefits of having latinos immigrating into the US is no accident, it moves money into everybody's pockets, the terrors instituted by the sicarios of communist fighters/pirate drug trafficking combos, would make everybody leave their country, and leve it ripe for take over and recolonization, nobody needs hungry citizens questioning their governments and becoming socialist/communists like hugo chavez, evo morales, daniel ortega, etc, fidel castro only wanted to be a baseball player, in the US, if he had been given a chance, he would not have been cuba's communist leader, or participated in trafficking of drugs to the US...
    blaming illegal immigrants for the ills of the US is ignorant, cowardly, uninformed and STUPID!!! if US imperialism were not trying to reign over the popo, it would not have soiled its chrystal slippers on the latin-american people's or lands...
    cheese of itself is wonderful,and tasty, not so much when you find it is attached to a rat trap, and the US never fails to go for it; WHY do you think the chinese , the hindu, arabs, canadians, spanish, english, french, are buying companies and lands all over the latin-americas, and stealing US jobs like there is no end? WHY the chinese are taking control of so many african countries? at accelerating rates, and US chickenhawks are still demanding more US interventions in a few other countries, with borrowed money, again, ha, ha, ha!

  43. Raping migrants Mexico is hell. When govermenst sell themselves for money you create monters. I feel bad for every descent person that has to put up with this assholes everyday or get killed

  44. Le van a arrenpujar los beans al chapo ayi adentro..... deja tu le va a gustar.. y los va a contratar. al jefe lo k pida ...fierro jaaaaaaaa 8) chapo cheerleaders in 3 2 1..

  45. IN SINALOA, public shows of support for el chapo continue.
    --governor malova, under orders of el pinchi presidente keeps trying to supress the public shows of support with police and military attacks against the people.
    --guilty or not, el chapo continues to have the people on his side.
    -- pena nieto's popularity keeps going down, on a race against z40 to see who is the heaviest asshole to crash land.
    --emergency measures need to be taken to prove the misdeeds of el chapo, --no chismes, ladies...

  46. @11:13 chapo's mom... please she is over 80
    @11:13 opresses people... yes, a man with a 3rd grade education now is a certified evil doctor psychapothologyst, with a refined instinct for disappearing his victims, first cut the amount from 300 to 120, unaccounted for. must be a magician too; let's wait for more evidence than a sensational report, that provokes one to puke, but does't prove nothing yet

  47. el siglo de torreon, coahuila? the home state of the zetas and bertie boy moreira? that's three strikes against that shit being true, we need bodies, and at least some witnesses, a video of el chapo voluntarily confessing...
    there is a big conflict of interest in trying to get poor chapo in deeper shit than he is...we'll see...

  48. 6:43 not all white people are being accused of being assholes, deming(!!!?!!!) and other theoreticians propose that 10% of the people cause 90% of the problems, maybe we could start assembling the lists; as soon as saddam hussein and his buddies went on the cards of the 40 thieves, and went into hiding, they were as good as gone, if we went trough the list once a month, we'd be out of troublemakers real quick, nobody should be generalizing, let's put blame where it belongs, starting with those that can't see justice done to their friends, protegees and accomplices in high places...

  49. Im a Canadian and we are a very similar melting pot like the US with immigrants from all over the world but don't you yanks realize that Mexico has many illegals coming into their country as well as the US and Canada Mexico is considered the US of Latin America with an economic growth rate higher than our own countries and 1million Americans living there and 400000 Canadians

  50. @8:50 the USSR had reelection laws, it is now gone!
    Russia has reelection laws, the US has reelection laws, and see how much corruption and impunity is there on both.
    what is needed is accountability, at gunpoint if necessary, if the politicians and their property were declared national treasures and leaving the country was forbidden, they would not be delivering the loot to foreign banks to come and re-invest owr money on further corruption and stealing of our patrimony... reelection = bullshit

  51. @4:07pm here we go again, you can't really be that stupid!
    the united fruit company of the US, sick and tired of the latin americans demands for fair pay, and the problems they caused with their ignorant communist pretenses of education and health services from their own governments, on their own countries, led to the formation of the CIA and to the represion, and to the continued exploitation of our countries, why do you think they are called BANANA REPUBLICS? while most americans are good nice people, they have been kept in the dark about where their nice way of life comes from, more properly, used to come from, as they are kept on the dark about why their soldiers go to die on foreign battlefields, and why their way of life keeps going dawn every year with less and less jobs, most of them menial, inspite of their multiple degrees, jobs that for immigrants are good jobs, compared with what we have at home, thanks to the corrupt governments the US has installed and supported with arms and kickbacks; you don't know shit about corruption do you? even if it is bitting chewing and clawing at your ass, get off your KKK rags, and allow yourself to see the world as it really is, stupid mofo...

  52. BRIGITTE... what a wonderful name, i'm all for leaving a lady in here!
    i wish you wasn't part of the british commonwealth.
    Canada, the country that could have had american technology, english culture and french cuisine but ended with american culture, english cuisine and french technology, poor canada.
    could yo give us a speech on the causes and effects of corruption all over the latin americas and the importance of the KU KLUX KLAN in preserving the amerikkan way of life? i"ll be checking, and welcome to BB!

  53. PS brigitte, the economic growth rate mexico enjoys is not real, it is just propaganda to steal rich widows money, invest in mexico and steal it, we have seen time and again that kind of mirages, all the investments that get stolen, mexico ends owing, we still owe to the US the money they "paid" us for the half of mexico they stole, beause the check bounced, we owe charges and overdraft fees, plus interest, monthly, in twenty days months, you know banks, after the US corporations steal everything, we still have to deliver all the drug money by the truck load,to launder supposedly, but we never see our drug money back, unless the foreign bankers lend it back to us for more added interests payments and fees.
    as soon as we agree to those fees, prices will mysteriously drop, and we will end paying even more to those that stole our patrimony and bestowed on our poor countries such high and elevated "growth rates"... we don't even get mirrors or fire water for our properties anymore, just more and more fees!

  54. Chivis, I heard that there was a special on the Spanish news with an interview from Chapo's wife or women or something. Any chance BB will be translating/writing about any of that?- El Paso Ro

  55. Hey Ro!
    Well I think you mean with his mother. A reader volunteered to translate it, but I think he is finding out it isn't so easy :)

    I may do it, but it is very long. It was on Univision.

    She seems such a sweet woman, Chapo looks like her.

    Anyway I hope to have it up soon.

    Kisses to Adam, the most adorable kid on the planet....Paz, Chivis

  56. Chivis,
    Daisy said she saw some of it on Sunday and it was his wife's..... I am not certain, since I don't undserstand of course, hahaha.... She told me a little about it, it sounds so interesting. I am sure it is very hard to translate. Either way with wife or mother, I think it would be awesome to read.

    Thanks for the shout outs =) it always makes me feel special. Hope all is well.

    I emailed you new Adam and Sophi pics. I know you are swamped. Hope to see you soon.

    I am now going to keep reading your newest story about the Armenian, That is so crazy. Over 200 comments too, I am trying to finish those, I'm very interested. I had no idea of the ties, but am not surprised at all.
    El Paso Ro

  57. el paso ro

    the gangbanger post tapped out in comments. we have almost 350 but no room. I thought the video was entertaining and want Bravo to run them in a reality series.

    about chapos wife, I think she just made a mistake, but if she has a link email to me!

  58. chapo's mother, over 80 years old, is quietly waiting for a chance to go and see her son, she is asking the government to please keep her son safe, and she says that chapo has lived , and saw it all and she hopes he will change his ways, and something like see the light, and she said she is not answering any questions about chapo's business, that they should ask him,after all, they got him now...poor lady, she seems resigned to whatever the lord brings and to have found her peace in religion.
    sinaloans do not seem to find chapo repugnant like other cartels on their own turfs that they victimize, we'll have to wait a bit for more investigations to really pin murders and kidnappings of innacent migrants on el chapo.

  59. complete 2007 BL associates controled the road....I used to take it to the beach and got to know a bit


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