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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Armed suspects fight Mexican security forces in southern Tamaulipas

By Chris Covert

Tamaulipas state police and Mexican Policia Federal have been reportedly involved a a number of armed confrontations with criminal groups in south-central Tamaulipas state, according to official government reports.

According to a news release posted on the Tamaulipas state website, the fighting has been going on at a location between Jimenez and Padilla municipalities.  The report said that Mexican security forces were fired on by armed suspects, and apparently security forces returned fire.

No one from either side were reported hurt in the encounters.

Possibly unrelated is the report from the same website that two unidentified assistants of the municipal president of Abasolo were injured in an auto accident a few hours later about 20 kilometers away,

According to the news release the vehicle's tires had been punctured or were blown out, causing the crash.  Both victims were said to be at a hospital in Ciudad Victoria, the state capital of Tamaulipas.

The latest two incidents comes on the heels of the announcement of a new self defense group in southern Tamaulipas, colloquially known as autodefensas.

According to a news report which appeared in the leftist Proceso news weekly, said that the new group had distributed a leaflet detailing their existence earlier in the week.

The group, dubbed the  Brigada Alberto Carreta Torres, was formed to counter the criminal activities of Los Zetas drug cartel in the area.

According to a separate report which appeared in El Universal news daily  last February 11th, several autodefensas have formed in Tamaulipas, and were operating in Hidalgo, Tula and Ocampo municipalities.  The Proceso article, dated two days ago, said that the newest group was operating in Ciudad Victoria.  The article also hinted that the new group were operating checkpoints in the city.

The Brigada Alberto Carreta Torres  group has claimed a number of executions of Los Zetas criminal operatives.  The autodefensas of Michocan, unlike the Brigada Alberto Carreta Torres, had not, to this writer's understanding, targeted one criminal group over another as they began their own security operations

The Brigada Alberto Carreta Torres sounds like the Matazetas group from Veracruz and Jalisco states three years ago, which were groups funded and operated by local drug gangs to gain public sympathy for their goals, even as they rounded up and brutally murdered innocents at the time.  The Matazetas were later found to be funded by the Sinaloa drug cartel. 

The absence of a reference to the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels in the announcement of the existence of the group, both of which are in alliance would seem to indicate they were in fact funded and operated by one and/or the other group.

The Proceso article also said that another group, autodefensa Columna Pedro J Mendez, was operating in Hidalgo municipality and had claimed the lives of a number of Los Zetas.

Dip. Elizondo Salazar

In the El Universal article a Tamaulipas state deputy, Francisco Elizondo Salazar lamented that since elements of the Policia Federal had been redeployed to Michoacan, "insecurity permeated the streets" of the state.

Two days later, at least some Policia Federal units returned to the state to begin new operations.

Deputy Francisco Salazar also repeated a warning that travel in Tamaulipas at night should be discouraged.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and He can be reached at


  1. The hunters are becoming the hunted! I guess the Zetas are getting a taste of their own medicine!

  2. Hidalgo Tamps.what a colorfoul town. I Love it... But, they gunned down the mayor, killed all the cops and transit officers. Beheadings on the streets. improvised explosive devices, All night long gun battles, kidnappings, rapes, burned homes and busines'. Entire families disapeared, and nobody saw nothing, if you know what I mean? "Now things are calm." Says an old woman then she follows "they found 3 bodies., but they wern't from around here."... People from Hidalgo supposedly aren't welcomed in Cd. Victoria. From Oyama to Barretal They rob people and 18 wheelers on the road lately. Federales, and Rurales help the zetas. For example the Rurales came in to check if the army had left, imediately there was an attack by the zetas. So people chose to stand up and fight and rightly so.

  3. I like it, Tamps. is coming around kill those Nacra SOB. Cut off a few heads let them know what fear is. Kill Kill Kill those SOBs

  4. great news , Tamps fights back

  5. The auto defense group in cd. victoria are gulf cartel and another article had stated that another Zeta boss from victoria had joined the gulf cartel which already had a presence in cd. victoria. Real Auto defense group don't execute the rivals, they turn them over to the feds or military

  6. Why not turn them in? You ask. Well, they get released from prision at night. And they leave to murder and steal. So, turning them in does no good. The feds are working for them. And since they're supposed to be Locked away, nobody looks for them when their description comes up. This was true for "El Duro" he was in jail on possesion charges. But he was responsible for many deaths. Its easy to think, you know what should be done, or who should join the fight. But when you're on the ground you realize this is a civil war. Brother against brother, old friends killing each other and their families. It's easy to have an opinion when you dont know the facts. Remember there's three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, let one live and you might not live to regret it. The army kills the too, even when they drop their weapons. Soldier said to me, "They think its a game, this isn't hide and seek. You can't just put down your weapon and say I give up...". Same mentality applies to the auto defensas, they've had their friends and families butchered. Don't expect civility, when there is no law.

  7. --there is no law because the mexican federal police fucked it all up.
    -- starting with hiring gafe zeta1 arturo guzman decena, army lieutenant, killed by the "army" in a chance encounter with the real military, where he was caught with his panties down y los cachetes polveados.
    --until finally el jefe z3 arrived; el lazca got il all and lost it all because of a greedy judas,even his life.
    --now the fucking federales are trying to clean it up only because their foreign masters want the land cleared of dirty mexicans and crime.
    --the gas in the tamaulipas area they expect to get is worth more than all the drug trafficking and the traffickers the federales used to sponsor,on both sides of the border...
    --no refugees wanted on the US, Eagle Pass has enough mexicans to last a life time already.
    --it is the will that the US, in pursuit of its manifest destiny and the mexican gas and oil, the people and the pushers be pushed away from the area target of the rockefellers mephystophelian ambitions.
    --room must be made for the signs of standard oil, british petroleum, exxon, shell and all the other oil conglomerates that want to help rob and steal from the mexicas...
    --the mexican mexican government is going to suck ass and kiss the ass of the whatsumaras or they will see a venezuelan/CIA styled spring like no other one...
    --in their time of trouble during the chilean pinochet/CIA "spring" used to jump Dr Salvador Allende,and a lot of his countrymen, Mexico was there for Chile, now Chile should be there for the Mexicans.
    --except that the mexicans expected some other kind of chile...

  8. there is law in the books in mexico, but the federal authorities have wipped their asses with it, all of it, and with the lawmakers too, under the false pretense that they are THE AUTHORITY, the trust of the people is betrayed when instead of serving the people the public servants help themselves to the nation's patrimony,on the strenght of the second hand weapons the US delivers to them to keep the indians on the plantation peaceful or dead.
    Weapons US middlemen acquire for pennies from the US government and sell to the mexicans as new for the US dollars mexico gets from the US to fight poverty, i guess dead mexicans are not poor anymore.
    querias paz, y ya tienes paz, descansa en paz (RIP)
    querias tierra, y ya tienes tierra ( a narcofosa is a piece of land)
    querias libertad, y ya tienes libertad (GOODBYE !)

  9. Hell yeah,I agree with u 100%,fight fire with fire!

  10. This fight is bigger than just good guy vs bad its good vs evil and the devil possessed must be eliminated for a better Mexico!

  11. Kill all mugrozaz

  12. March 7, 2014 at 3:49 AM
    "Federales, and Rurales help the zetas. For example the Rurales came in to check if the army had left, imediately there was an attack by the zetas. So people chose to stand up and fight and rightly so"
    Dude,put it out here for everyone to see,you see publicity works people remember to say"see what going on in Hidalgo Tamps"(funny i just mentioned Hidalgo)better than no-one knowing nothing?Post up but keep yourself safe.Tener cuidado

  13. March 7, 2014 at 9:57 AM
    I agree with everything you said,also the soldier.The same man you have mercy on,who threw his weapon down and pleaded with you may kill you later on because whatever else is said they are killers and they have killed many times,it is nothing to them.Why not kill them?Who said you can't kill someone who is trying to kill you?He is pouring rounds on you,he is overrun,then throws his weapon down to surrender?Funny thing is,they know whats up and even expect to be killed,why they always bang at the sight of soldiers,marina.Fuck all that political shit,this is life and death,nothing more.

  14. March 7, 2014 at 11:20 AM
    Do you have a lot of stress?I mean,dealing with all that innate knowledge of world politics and the systematic never ending victimization of pobre Mexico?
    Take it easy and lie down,the whole world is a victim,and its gonna get worse no matter how much you hate certain peoples.Why is Mexico always seen as the victim?Who rules Mexico?I,m sure you know,tell all of us who don't know?

  15. My god everyone is an expert on world affairs and the dastardly goings on with developed countries picking the poorer ones apart?Tell us more oh learned ones?You can't put nothing over on this gang here,tooo intelligent?Conspiracies aside watch out for the NWO,,oooohhhhh

    1. 12:40 if the shoe fits... I know it doesn't, but the global sized boots of the neoliberal conquerors rewarding the nazi sacrifices with the defeat of the allies 68 years latter, is better than never.
      The financiers of hitler, the children of benedict arnold and you are riding again, welcome to hell.

  16. @10:40 and @10:44 and all aftertoughts
    --henry kissinger, as secretary of state under president ford,continued the dirty war campaign in argentina, started under nixon in chile.
    --under jimmy carter, aid was discontinued 30 sep 1978, 502b of the foreign assistance act.
    --in the late 70s and early 80s, israel became the main supplier of weapons mainly originating from US, to the military juntas of brasil, chile and argentina, earning more than a billion dollars a year.
    -- "thus, while argentine newspaper publisher and human rights advocate Jacobo Timerman was being tortured by the argentine military in cells painted with swasticas, three israeli generals including the former chief of staff, were visiting buenos aires on a friendly mission to sell arms" wiki
    --reagan reversed in the 80s jimmy carter's condemnation of the juntas...
    --today, the same dirty wars of the juntas, forty years old, keeps affecting all the latin american continent, now at the mexican/US border, there are tons of intormative reports, of course, it may be too old or too much for a lazy ass to read or study, holocaust deniers, can't even contemplate looking at the SHAMEFUL TRUTH, foreign money rules the latin american corruption and has brought to us the claudication of the US, now on its knees begging for loans from china, the exploiter of communist slave labor per excellence, but ralph reed keeps trying to save the poor slave chinese by turning them on to christianism.
    --i am not happy counting or crying about the daily count of the dead on the border, that is a feminine chore, real men want to know where it all comes from, and why, today, not 40 years from now, so i'm not going to stop, you can die from the yapping boredoom for all i care...

  17. @10:40 and @10:44 and all aftertoughts....All floaters ...
    "holocaust deniers, can't even contemplate looking at the SHAMEFUL TRUTH"
    Dude,i really think you some issues,,seriously.I mean,mr,i aint got a clue what you are gibbering about?Do you think man landed on your moon?

  18. There are a few brave civilians in Old Mexico, 'bout time. Its time to fight back for you country and families......


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