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Friday, March 28, 2014

Alleged Caballeros Templarios Shoot at Police In Morelia

By: Camila Luna

During the early hours of Friday, a group of armed civilians attacked the facilities of the Citizen Protection of the Attorney General of the State (Centro de Protección Ciudadana de la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado) in the west of the Michoacán capital.

According to police reports, it was around 4:00 am when two trucks filled with heavily armed men arrived at the Center for Citizen Protection belonging to the Attorney General of Justice of Michoacán, located between avenues Francisco I. Madero and Pedregal.

After getting out of the vehicles, the criminals shot up the building leaving one policeman injured (who was reported as stable) and severe damage to the building structures and the facility located beside it, as well as damaging six police vehicles.

Within the Center for Citizen Protection, there were a dozen ministerial policemen who tried to repel the attack, however, the criminals fled.

After initial investigations were carried out, about 100 shell casings from AK-47’s, 7.62x39mm, and AR-15’s, .223, were found at the scene.

Almost simultaneously, a second attack on a base of the Municipal Public Security located in the north of Morelia near Estadio Morelos was also recorded. 


  1. I thought the Templarios were supposed to be the good guys? Thats not how good guys act!

    1. 1:03. Exactly. Another one bites the dust.lmao.

  2. This means war. I hope for a successful investigation that leads to the guilty parties; followed by swift justice. Best to exterminate the culprits and not to capture anyone alive....according to the rule of law. I hope the Templarios (they are not caballeros) give the reaction force reason to open fire with overwhelming capacity.

  3. Templarios getting desperate and arenlosing power/money to buy off the protectuon. This is good news or it can be a warning threat to state authorities to do something about the AD. What percentage of the AD have "liberated" towns in Michoacan. Is Morelia a stronghold of CT? Which I doubt.

  4. also, a bomb threat to the Morelia Cathedral was called in resulting in a cancellation of services so the police could evacuate the parishioners

  5. If i ever think of anything bad that the templarios would do. I don't know if we can go back to michoacan and los mochis sinaloa at least untill we can get things togetter .but that is just me .

  6. Criminals in Mexico need to get exterminated one town at a time!

  7. Why don't these ppl smarten up? The mafia killed ppl that were criminals like them. They didn't slaughter innocent men and women and especially didn't kill children. They didn't kill cops unless they were corrupt. They knew that it was bad for business and would bring unwanted heat from the police. So y can't the mexican dto's just wise up. the only thing ur gunna get for shooting up a police station is more and more heat. Nobody would give a shit if they just sold drugs and left the public alone. It just baffles me

  8. Its CJNG trying bring heat to the CT jaliscillos putos pasta jotos son

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they found a bunch if dead Templarios soon. The people know who they are, what vehicles they drive, where they live, and hang out! Templarios your criminal empire in Morelia is crumbling right in front of you!!! The people will turn on you!!!! Your fear and intimidating tactics are what people despise most about you and that will be your downfall!!!! What are you going to. Do know blow things up out of desperation? Kill some innocent people as retribution? Threaten everybody? All thats going to do is harden the resolve to exterminate all of you sick ass bastards!!!!! Fuck You and all of the criminal elements in Government that work with you !!!

  10. Kike.plankarte dead.


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