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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 suspects in 2010 Juarez car bomb released

By Chris Covert

Five suspects in the July, 2010 car bomb in Ciudad Juarez were released from prison, after Mexican authorities said they had no role in the crime, according to Mexican news reports.

A news report which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Chihuahua said that representatives of the Procuraduria General de la Republica (PGR) or attorney general of Mexico said that not only were the five accused tortured into confessing the crime, they had had no role in the crime.

The innocents were identified as Noe Fuentes Chavira, Rogelio Amaya Martinez, Victor Manuel Martinez Renteria, Gustavo Martinez Renteria and  Ricardo Fernandez Lomeli, all from Chihuahua state.

The 2010 Ciuidad Juarez car bomb was the first car bomb used in the Mexican Drug War since the start in 2007, and the first of a series by other criminal groups in northeastern Mexico between that time and early 2011.

That attack which took place in Zone Centro of Ciudad Juarez took the lives of four including one Policia Federal agent.  At the time it was thought the explosive used was US made C4 plastic explosive, but it was later learned that the explosive was a commercial grade dynamite known as Tovex.  Tovex is used extensively in mining operations in the sierras of western Chihuahua state as well as by Pemex, the state owned petroleum entity.

The Policia Federal unit operating in Ciudad Juarez were the target of the attack.

At that time the five had been placed in preventative detention, which is a common practice for serious drug related crimes in Mexico.  Among the crimes which landed the five in prison were possession of marijuana and possession of a weapon under the Firearms and Explosives Act, which prohibits anyone without explicit permission from the government from owning  the same caliber of weapon used by Mexican security forces.

According to a lawyer with Centro de Derechos Humanos Paso del Norte (CDHPN) or Human Rights Center, Diana Morales, said that the Istanbul Protocol was applied in the cases of the accused, and it was found that because torture could be proved, the five must be released.

Additionally, the document used to charged the five had already been filled out, dated for August 11th instead of August12th, the date of the actual detention.

According to the account, the human rights office met with current PGR Jesus Murillo Karam and said that if any of the five had been subject to torture, then must all go free.  It later transpired all five had been abused by federal police while in custody.

The Guadalajara Juzgado Primero de Procedimientos Penales de Distrito ordered the release of the accused Thursday and last Friday they left prison.

The complaint about torture  had been filed a year ago.

The Policia Federal unit which was attacked by the car bomb, had long been under suspicion in the press for illegal practices such as torture and abuse of authority.  This writer saw news reports at the time including video which purportedly showed top local Policia Federal officials engaged in torture of suspects, but could not credit the information.  Those officials also reportedly used drugs seized in other operations which were planted as evidence in other cases.

The practice at the time was so bad that the unit itself was under nearly constant attack from criminal elements in the city, one week suffering several attempted ambushes of their patrols, losing three agents.

Finally on August 8th, a mutiny took place at the hotel where the unit was billeted where the grievances were aired out publicly.  Two days later the entire unit was rotated out by air and replaced with another different unit.

Two months later in October 2010, forty agents, presumably in that unit, were relieved of duty and imprisoned.  The El Diario report does not say if the same Policia Federal elements were involved in in illegally extracting the confession from the five accused.

The Juarez car bomb was an attack conceived by Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez. AKA Diego, the prolific number two man in La Linea, the enforcement wing of the Juarez Cartel.  Acosta Hernandez was busted in Chihuahua city by a Policia Federal special forces unit in the summer of 2011.

According to the El Diario de Chihuahua report, several suspects are to be tried in the bombing.  Thery include  José Ivan Contreras Lumbreras, AKA El Keiko,  Jaime Arturo Chavez Gonzalez, AKA El Jimmy,  Mauro Adrian Villegas, AKA El Blaky or El Negro, Fernando Contreras Meraz, AKA El Barbas, Martin Perez Marrufo, AKA  El Popeye or  El Gordo, Lorenzo Tadeo Palacios, AKA El Shorty or Shorty Dog and Jorge Antonio Hernandez, AKA  El Chapo or  El Chapito.

Acosta Hernandez is also accused in the attack, but since he is in prison in the United States, he will not be prosecuted.

The El Diario report also said that the Policia Federal's role in the wrongful imprisonment and torture are still under investigation.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and He can be reached at


  1. This is what chapo caused through out mexico, he lost all the wars and went down as a snitch

  2. I think chapos mom is in danger

  3. Mayo was chapos boss

  4. --leyzaola was the municipal police commander in juarez?
    --who was egging the people against the police commanders?
    --will all the barrio boys arrested recently be released?
    --the el paso police agencies know a lot of things about who are the corrupt mexicans on the mexican border, but never want to say anyting.
    --the confiability examinations have been suspended for the national policia by the commander commissioneer and highest lord of the mexican nazional guard of los zetas enrique francisco galindo ceballos, who could not pass the examinations, failed two times, and was deemed unfit to serve, making him cry and confess to being corrupt, stealing 100 000 pesos, being on the take.
    --that led to his "resignation" for health reasons after being fired by el gobernador del estado de San Luis Potosi himself.
    --galindo ceballos is accused of disappearing commander Martin Castillo Palomo for knowing his dirty secrets.
    --his uncle julio ceballos, long time love of the zetas, arrested with them for weapons offenses and drug trafficking.
    --his brother Ricardo galindo ceballos, accused of selling inoperable IT equipment to the state of SLP, where he works as information technologist.
    --after disappearing for a while, taking a few weeks of training about how to fight kidnappings, extortion, and money laundering, (with the FBI !?! again?
    and in spain, the country of the broke ass econmy) the arts he most practices, he is ready and appears at the vanguard of those that pulled the strings of the zeta nation puppets, mexico! mexico! mexico!
    --that for pena nieto must be a nice enough record.
    from here it all stinks to high heaven

  5. Excellent repot. The five must really be innocent because they do not have sinister nicknames. I can't believe that it took the police from the 11th to the 12th to apprehend five 'suspects' thus closing the case. Next time they could have a pool of suspects ready before a crime occurs. They could have them in custody in minutes after the crime occurs as credit to police efficiency. In all of this, I would hope that someone would actually investigate and persue the real bombers. I have seen how the police in Juarez 'solve' cases quickly by grabbing anyone off of the street firsthand.

  6. "El Diego"La Linea(The Line)Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez was indeed prolific and a mean motherfucker of the highest order.It was somewhat ironic to see his interview in which he appeared soft spoken reserved and quiet,no doubt contemplating the end of his life as he knew it.
    This is the same fool who threatened the DEA,his"career"began because he was a police officer?Killing consulate employees because they"looked"like contras,ordering bombings,this guy no doubt personally ordered over a 1000 people killed and many he admits were innocent?But hey he does look contrite thinking about his little children?Throw his ass away FOR EVER

  7. in the late 70"s the DFS fighting la liga 23 de septiembre, started the cd juarez academia de policia, most of them evolved into the commanders running la linia, drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion in cd juarez, las casas de la muerte, show how well off they were, common criminals just throw their victims bodies away, or just do drive bys, police and military go to great lenghts to torture and disappear their victims, and i think more than half of the murders and disappearances in mexico can be credited to them, the few police that la liga killed, the liga paid dearly, the surviving DFS left a school of traffickers and murderers like no other criminal organization in the world.
    the militaries that used to carry amado carrillo fuentes purse, also learned something, and they were not going to be no purse carriers forever, now they are taking everything, allied with zetas and whoever wants to cooperate, no mention ever of cubans in el paso and cd juarez, or the allies of the carrillo fuentes in the US, or the real owners and financers of amado's airplanes, or the airports where they landed safely, before they all moved to califa, before TAESA, and jorge hank rohn and the arellanos...


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