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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

25 dead found near Guadalajara

A total of 25 individuals were found in a series of graves in Jalisco state, near Guadalajara in central Mexico, according to Mexican news reports.

An APRO wire dispatch which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, said that the dead were found between Tlaquepaque and Tonala municipalities near a break in terrain known as Cerro del Gasto.  The exhumation of the dead have been ongoing since March 1st. 

Six have been discovered thanks to an anonymous telephone call to authorities.

According to the report, a total of 109 unidentified individuals have been exhumed from graves.  colloquially known as narcofosas in Jalisco state since last November.  A total of 67 individuals have been found in November and December, 2013 in  La Barca, Jalisco and Vista Hermosa, Michoacan.  Another 19 dead were exhumed in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga municipality last February.

Michoacan state is the coastal Mexico state in which indigenous Indians have been frustrating narcotraffickers with their grupos autodefensas or self  defense groups since last summer.  It is unknown as of this report if the dead have much to do with Michoacan autodefensas.  Normally in Mexico when this many people are buried in one spot,  they are usually kidnapping victims, or individuals who have fell afoul of local narco gangs.

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  1. They are all CT running from AD in michoacan they run to jalisco and there they get picked up by CJNG killed and trown to these narco graves.

  2. Indigenous indians are in michoacan? I hope you know Michoacanos are proudly mexican and don't see themselves as outcast like the state of chiapas does. My dad is from michoacan and i have family from the state as well, & we have never referred to ourselves as INDIGENOUS INDIAN. Like okay just say mexican. Even though michoacan does have a little more indigienous blood then then some mexican states, the people are mestizo none the less. You saying that makes it sound as if it wasn't a MEXICAN movement and you make it sound like its an indigenous movement. Come on bro, there's some idigenous towns just like any southern mexican state in Michoacan but the state is mixbatch!

    1. I here you with the indian part .

    2. I agree with you with the Indian , I dont think the person from the article did his research correctly

  3. Chris are you suggesting the autodefensas killed these people and buried them? Where did that come from? is that your point of view or fact?

    1. He is saying that the ad have made narcos run out of michoacan so they then prob get kidnapped by cjng and killed

  4. this is the most confusing post I have seen on bb in God knows when.
    Make yourself clear, are you saying the autodefensas killed these people?

    That is something I have never heard them ever doing. Bullshit article, and where is your supporting points of fact?

    Indigenous Indians is not a term used

    El Diario Coahuila is a rag bought by narcos.

  5. what? Michoacan ad? in Guadalajara? you mean cjng

  6. It is unknown as of this report if the dead have much to do with Michoacan autodefensas.

    Normally in Mexico when this many people are buried in one spot, they are usually kidnapping victims, or individuals who have fell afoul of local narco gangs.

    That seems abundantly clear. The is an 'Vigilante' movement in Michoacan.
    It is UNKNOWN if that movement has any connection to these bodies.

    Normally narco gangs are responsible.

    That is in no way putting the 'blame' upon the AD.

  7. The research in this article is foul, the person is totally confused in numbers and using a source mixed with the translation.

    This is the original source:

    Now, it is true, over a 100 bodies have been found in Jalisco in the last 5 months, most of them in the border with Michoacan, probably as a result between Templarios and CJNG struggle. Most of the bodies were found to be old, have a cadaverous evolution over 2 years, meaning that those places were used during the last 5-6 years for burial of enemies. Many were found marks of torture, meaning it wasn't a simple kidnapping of an inoccent, but an example to the enemy gang.

    Despite my initial reject to EPN, I now believe that during Calderon's time the "war on drugs"was fought in a stupid and atrocius manner, EPN is proving to be more transparent and is trying to clean the mess, it will take a few years, but he got Z40, Chapo, several lesser leaders and is using Autodefensas to destroy Templarios, he is smart.

  8. I hope all of them were zorras mugrozaz apeztozaz.

  9. boys and girls, the indians mentioned refer to the hindú people from India, the asian country that celebrate cow dung and work on the state of michoacan looking after the interests of Laksim Mittal's owned mining and steel making Arcelor-Mittal, supervising the raping of the mexican environment and its people, arcelor-mittal wasn't going to use mexican supervisors, knowing how corrupt apatridas they are, if they can't be honest to their mexican government employer, they are not going to be trusted by the new landlord,Arcelor-Mittal.

  10. InDigenous Indians ? Wtf

  11. There's no such thing in the Americas as an Indigenous Indian. Indigenous will do.

    On another note, how sad is it to read someone getting upset over being called Indigenous. "No we aren't, we're mutts!" Quite different than the Indigenous of the US.

    Lastly, Mr Covert should clarify a bit more so there isn't confusion.

  12. Read it again. It's not blaming Autodefensas.
    And, for the record, people do use terms such as "indigenous" and "indio" in Mexico often. Y que?
    Do you speak for todo los indios Mexicanos? Who said anything about indios being less Mexican? No mamen.
    Aqui no hay víctimas del racismo. The article's not blaming anybody.
    This guy is just giving a body count with a few statistical details. That's it!
    So quit trying to read too much into it, and acting all "offended", already.
    If more information becomes available about WHO is responsible,
    I'm sure they'll post it.

  13. Zetas been in Jalisco for some years already especially in Guadalajara. I belive Z jave some thing to do with these especially since CJNG is to worrie about CT going in they lost some focus on Zetas being on there turf.

  14. > outflowing Syria Thread: Did I hear these guys right? They were shouting out to the Suramos gang? Como se dice "baboso" en arabe?...El Senor Sale-la-baba !!!

  15. that's like saying it is unknown if Obama had anything to do with it. THINK> Michoacan AD are in Mich not jalisco. jal is cjng and AD don't kill and put in fosas. that is ignorant and stupid. even implying that AD could be involved is being careless and uniformed. i agree no one says indigenous Indians. that is incorrect. used is Indios or indígena

  16. @12:20 the indians they are referring to are hindú, original from INDIA, supervising ARCELOR-MITTAL , the newly new company don't trust mexicans to be their watchdogs, after witnessing the mexicans' trickery when they stole from their own government and company SICARTSA to end selling the biggest steelworks in the world to laksmi mittal for peanuts, the mexican govermnent does not care about the mexican indians, only when it comes to stealing their land for some rich project financed by foreign investors.
    the autodefensas are mestizo mexicans, descendants of the spanish and the indians, indigenous only because they are born on the areas the are defending, the native indians of the region are the TARASCO, also called MICHOACAS, the third kind of indian are in reality hindú, from south asia INDIA, remember christopher columbus thought he had found INDIA when america landed on his way, and they started calling the natives imdians...

  17. "That is in no way putting the 'blame' upon the AD"
    Ok jack,,we get it now,thanks jack,ok jack,cya jack,thanks again jack

  18. Whats the score with all the little girls squealing about indigenous this and that?Who gives a fuck?Any writers,in future just say Mexican fo fucks sake or we,ll get all this bullshit again.Might be trouble if you say Mexican?I wouldn be surprised?So touchy about bullshit

  19. at 3:44 PM
    "So quit trying to read too much into it, and acting all "offended", already.
    If more information becomes available about WHO is responsible,
    I'm sure they'll post it."
    At last,a bit of common sense,we need more Mexicans like you senore.It is just a story posted to BB there is no offense meant at all,but people look for it nowadays.Talk about getting sidetracked by inanities ?

  20. pese a kien le pese el jefe sigue ordenando! jaja kerian pedo pos ay les va..

  21. 1:08 y quien es el jefe? say it big ass, and say it loud!
    by the way DUCK DYNASTY does not offend black people, they don't wear their white linens outside at night, they don't have no black people driving miss daisy anywhere, and i have not witnessed them making people talk like pigs, i am not defending them , but someone need to plant some evidence, or swiftboat them or sompin' walmart people love them, hillbillies and moonshiners need their heros too, and since popcorn has passed away, i don't see why duck dynasty can't be our new oscar winners.
    ----best regards to el mil escupidas, the ayatollah of BB (genial!)


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