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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Piedras Negras: 2 Bodies Dumped at Cemetery in Retaliation Killings

Borderland Beat
A story out of Piedras Negras, where a “Miss Fitness Coahuila” was executed, it is not fresh it is over a week old, but I took another look at the message and decided to post it. "if the authorities won't do anything, we will..."

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico - The bodies of two men were found dumped Tuesday evening outside La Villa de Fuente cemetery in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.
Law-enforcement officials said the bodies were found shot execution-style by the front gates of the cemetery located on Revillagigedo St., about a block away from República Boulevard.
Two written messages were found next to each corpse alleging the victims were involved in the killing of Titanium Gym owner Martha Adriana Sandoval Morales late last week, officials said.
"This happened to me for messing with the lady from the gym and for being a rat [sic]," said one of the messages. "This goes for all the rats... if the authorities won't do anything, we will," said the other one.
Sandoval Morales, 29, was found brutally murdered Saturday afternoon. Police say she suffered a total 19 stab wounds to her chest and neck area.

The bodies found Tuesday have not been identified. 

Source on this story is Eagle Pass Daily, thank you to “G” who emailed the story to me


  1. Yeah,i would be one of the ones who killed these motherfuckers,all you can do with shit is clean it up.Whoever killed them,,greetings men,who says some shouldnt die?Some positively beg to die,and some oblige!

  2. What a waist,she was a beautiful woman,those rats got what they deserved

  3. Sick Story , no offense Mexicans but the smell of death permeates from the bowels of Mexico. Satan is on the loose and alive and well in Mexico.
    All this happening while federal authorities are looking for clandestine graves in Coahuila . Anything goes in Mexico

  4. This is what can be expected from uneducated, underpaid ,desperate, demon processed criminals with nothing to do . And I knew Piedras Negras in the good years. Before the trash came to town. It was a nice place to have dinner and relax . (Its Where Nachos originated ) Not anymore. Why do people in some places not believe these crimes are happening ? Some are just now learning about the Michoacán war. Thanks BB for exposing the Crime and atrocities in Mexico. Any updates on the 80 plus families missing from Allende Y Zaragoza ?

    Firmado y Sellado : Roughrider 1898

  5. the lowly class men executed, why would they kill a beautiful rich and powerful woman like martha adriana sandoval morales and her fake ass and chicharrones? no appearance of a robbery or rape, it looks more like an execution by close associates, and the prompt execution of the presumed murderers, only make me suspect that somebody very close to this woman killed her for other reasons than wasting her nice waist...

  6. I wonder what this was about?


  7. The real killer has just covered his tracks by killing those two men. Hopefully those two men were not innocent.

  8. Su Ex Beto Jr tiene comprado piedras teniay ya no ora los Gate's le puso los cuernos Miss Ass solo la verda atte Motamoros

  9. Since she owned a business she was probably a target for extortion. They even rob kids selling chewing gum on the streets and school teachers each month.

    Comes the day, you can no longer pay, they kill you.


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