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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mexican security forces rescue 61 in Reynosa

Mexican security forces located and released 61 individuals in Reynosa, Tamaulipas they said were being held for ransom, according to an official Mexican news release.

According to the news release posted on the state government website of Tamaulipas, a Mexican Army unit was dispatched to a residence in Las Fuentes colony based on an anonymous citizen complaint.  There they found a number of men and women being held against their will inside.

Among the captives were 33 Guatemalans, 20 Salvadorans, four Hondurans,  three Mexicans and one  Nicaraguan. The news release said men and women were in that group, but failed to detail a count.  Some of the captives had been physically abused.

Soldiers were told that some of the captives has been kidnapped various locations in Reynosa including bus stops and local markets.

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  1. Wow at least some people got saved from getting their heads chopped off!

  2. they could not come up with 61 pesos for the maruchan,?
    the systematic emigration on the death trains, seems so well organized, in spite of its pedestrian appearance, how many of these people end up on the jails of the Correctional Centers Corporation of America? at 200.00 dollars per day, per prisoner, they must be doing a hell of a good business, involving pension funds and politicians of all persuasions, whose investments can't be lost, but will be lost as soon as shit hits the fan, meanwhile it will keep going on for a long time, until some smartass leftist journalist brings it out...

  3. Reynosa?We all know who controls over there?The cartel that doesn't mess with gente inocente,thats right CDG.And who says their not all the same?
    Its not bad enough for migrants? They have to deal with this filth ...

    1. The gulf cartel is not the only cartel operating in reynosa the zetas are still there in small not making excuses just saying.anyone praying on immigrants is a piece of shit.unfortunaly smuggling immigrants is a moneymaker for organize crime and any cartel controling turf on the border will be involved directly or by taxing the smugglers.

    2. Then they will be killed.even 10 years later when the people gain complete control.I guarantee that everybody knows who does what
      The people are growing in power.ATTN cartels hands off innocents or you will die,!!.

  4. Was hopeful when reading the headline that perhaps the American James Stacy might be among the rescued. But guess not, since they don't cite any Americans. They already drained his bank accounts, so I guess they didn't need a ransom. B@stards.

  5. it would not be surprising if the mexican criminals move the kidnapped straight to the Correctional Centers Corporation of America's hands, it is easier for everybody, than releasing the pollos and having to chase them all over the country; the trains of death in spite of its being an apparently pedestrian operation, seems to be well organized and highly suspicious...

  6. @ 8:56
    No, nuestras cárceles no están llenas de trabajadores inmigrantes ilegales. Nuestras cárceles están llenas de pinche Sanchos de mierda, que creen que tienen derecho a tener su pastel y comértelo. Sancho y Sancha, encuentran respeto por la autoridad que ser vil y ofensivo; mucho menos, que consideran la vergüenza y humildad para ser signos reprobables de debilidad; y, con la vanidad arrogante, ellos desairar a lo sagrado, de los votos del matrimonio. ¿Pobrecitos? No pinches mames! Tirar la llave y dejar que se pudra!

    American prisons are mostly full of... Americans.
    Americans with no ethics, morals, values, scruples...
    Gringos, Gueros, Gabachos, Pochos, Chicanos, and African-Americans...

  7. WHY would americans, WHITE too, go to mexico, to dangerous areas by themselves? that just proves it, they are stupid. the descendant of what, Malcolm X? that got killed in mexico months ago, prove that black moslems are not safe either, you go srinking with the teiboleras, you are going to get fucked up, the moment you pay to enter, whether you have money or not, why be a tourist in mexico? mexicans are not safe themselves, what makes foreigners go there? formidably apt american soldiers have gone missing while visiting, with family and friends, what did these guys expect? retiree communities full of rich foreigners are going to get hit next, as the markets dry and the gangs of lazy motherfuckers discover that retirees have more money than paletero-zeta/ carwazzher-tamalero narco-combos, they will start getting hit, right where it counts in the pocket, and it will be by the police, i'm sure...

  8. There are 61 people grateful to be rescued and alive.

  9. correctional centers corporation of america has contracts with the US government to keep an amount of illegal immigrant prisoners everyday, and they need the flow to keep their contracts paying, i'm sure they will help it by moving people from latin america to their turf on the death trains.


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