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Monday, February 17, 2014

Chihuahua ambush was reaction to police strategy

By Chris Covert

Last week's ambush and deaths of three Chihuahua state police agents were a reaction by criminal groups by new measures taken by Chihuahua state's Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE), or attorney general, according to Mexican news reports.

A published report which appeared in the online edition of La Polaka news daily, quoted an anonymous source source within the FGE office, saying that Chihuahua state FGE, Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas had been tasked with "dismantling the connections" between local criminal groups on the western sierras of Chihuahua state and the ministerial police agents who had been posted there by the previous Fiscalia, Carlos Manuel Salas.

According to the report, as a solution Gonzalez Nicolas began to rotate state security officials among several offices in Chihuahua state municipalities including the southern municipalities of Cuauhtemoc and Creel.

The report goes on to note that the latest state police counternarcotics operation which took the lives of six people in Bocoyna municipality was part of a change in tactics in which police agents aggressively entered into areas known to be ruled by local criminal gangs, which is what happened in Bocoyna.

A previous report posted on the online edition of La Parada Digital news daily said FGE Gonzalez Nicolas told a Chihuahua state Chamber of Deputies budgeting committee last December, the Junta de Coordinacion Parlamentaria, that among his plans for the year 2014 included building a new regional police headquarters, presumably in southern Chihuahua, as well an intensifying police operations in the Mexican sierras with newly expanded Policia Preventativa elements.

Gonzalez Nicolas was a regional attorney general for the northern district of Chihuahua state before he was appointed to his new post last October.

In 2011, Gonzalez Nicolas had undergone withering criticisms of grieving relatives of the Reyes Salazar family which lost several of its members to separate violent incidents including a triple murder in February of 2011.  The claims at the time were that the three family members killed in 2011, Elias Reyes Salazar, Malena Reyes Salazar and Luis Ornelas Soto, were kidnapped by a "paramilitary group", which is a buzzword for unofficial state sanctioned killing.  Since that time little evidence has surfaced that the 2011 deaths had a nexus with Gonzalez Nicolas or the Chihuahua state attorney general's office.

Meanwhile in southern Chihuahua state, three individuals were killed or were found dead in ongoing drug and gang related violence.
  • Sunday two brothers were shot to death in Parral.  The victims were identified as Jesus Carrete Pereira, de 28 and Eduardo Yañez Varela.  The were found inside their Datsun pickup truck on Calle 10th de Mayao in Morelos colony at around 1530 hrs when nearby residents heard shots fired.
  • Saturday night, also in Parral, a man in his 30s was shot to death.  Felix Barraza Barraza, 31, was shot by armed suspects who were traveling aboard a Volkswagen Jetta sedan and a Jeep Cherokee SUV near the intersection of calles Raúl Soto Reyes y Francisco Morales in PRI colony.  The victim was known by the alias El Foco.
Police have been conducting counternarcotics operations in municipalities of southern Chihuahua.
  • In Parral last Wednesday night a joint local, state and federal counternarcotics operation seized a number of weapons and stolen cars. The raid took place on Calle Galeana in Centro colony.  The raid netted eight vehicles including five luxury sedans and three pickup trucks including one Ford F-150.  Among weapons and armaments seized were one AK-47 rifle, five weapons magazines, a small quantity of ammunition and one fragmentary hand grenade.
  • Last February 11th, Chihuahua state police agents seized 200 kilograms of marijuana in Moreolos municipality.  Police agents happened upon a Dodge Ram pickup truck at a location called Cienega Prieta where the drugs were found wrapped in 17 nylon bags.  The news report says the suspects traveling aboard the truck abandoned it when they observed the state police units nearby.
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  1. Though many of us dismiss Mexican law enforcement as corrupt, in truth, many are not. I offer my condolances to the families of those killed upholding the rule of law. I pray that the effort to break the criminal reign of terror currently gripping Mexico succeeds.

  2. Its time Mexico cracked down on all cartels. All they do is bring corruption, fear, and violence!

  3. Although not, if not most of the police in Mexico are not corrupt, if their commanders are corrupt, the possibility they might be utilized to carry out operations/work for the benefit of organized crime. Their in lies the problem with corruption in Mx. The people at the top in all sectors of govt. in Mexico. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the whole batch. The questionable history of Jorge Gonzalez Nicholas says it all.

  4. the impunity of carlos salinas de gortari and his brother raul, the open arms and sweet baby kisses of the US government for kidnapping murderer narco-on the take genaro garcia luna, the appointment as national commissioner of the policia federal of Enrique francisco galindo ceballos "el riqui" in spite of having failed the confiability examinations and his bad record as a zeta associate from the start, accusations of kidnapping and murdering his own police commanders like Martin Castillo Palomo, says all we need to know about the new PRI and pena nieto, no fucking good anywhere anyhow,,,

  5. from the honest soldiers that survive the cannon fodder status, the new generations of corrupt narco-police officers will emerge.
    what is needed is a lynching of all the privileged government narco-politicians and their billionaire handlers, the rabble didn't need any laws to take the bastille, only the instigation from england, to pay back the french monarchy for messing up their north american colony, which they are about to recover under guise of "globalization", for which no laws have been needed either, all it took was corrupting a few select benedict arnolds and voilà, the magic of corruption worked, with impunity for all concerned, at the expense of everybody else's liberty...TO THE GUILLOTINE WITH THE PRIVILEGED AND THEIR ROTTEN SPAWN !!! then we will gladly go to hell...
    a government of the people by the people, for the people, is no more; it is now a government of the people by the government for the rich.


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