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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Autodefensas Reenter Apatzingán Unarmed

Photo By: Víctor Camacho, La Jornada
Hundreds of members of the self-defense groups began to peacefully enter Apatzingán, considered to be a stronghold of the Caballeros Templarios, this morning.

Entering Apatzingán
Photo By: Víctor Camacho, La Jornada
Unarmed, the groups moved towards the county seat through different access points such as the road connecting Tepalcatepec, and also the one connecting Múgica, Parácuaro and Morelia.

Hipólito Mora, leader of the self-defense groups in La Ruana, headed the advancement of the self-defense groups.  Mora entered the city around 11:00 hours, accompanied by 100 members of the self-defense groups.

Commandante Cinco

Meanwhile, Commandante Cinco, who is located in Chendio, around five kilometers from Apatzingán, with around 300 members of the self-defense groups waiting to enter the city, was upset because Hopólito Mora had entered the city.

The Federal Police confirmed the implementation of a special operation to ensure the safety of the members.

Black Hawk helicopters patrolling 
Photo By: Dalia Martínez, Sinembargo
Ground patrols as well as helicopter patrols were reported in the city in anticipation of attacks on the self-defense groups by members of organized crime.

Five helicopters belonging to the military and the air force fly overhead.

It was reported that so far at least 17 alleged “hawks” have been arrested.

The shops in the center of Apatzingán have closed fearing clashes are imminent.

In the entrances and exits of the city, federal forces, members of the self-defense groups, and community police have set up checkpoints.

Medical institutions of the federal, state, and municipal government, as well as the House of the Constitution of 1814, are guarded by federal forces.

Hipólito Mora said that the arrival of the self-defense groups to the municipality have been arriving since 8:00 in the morning.

Photo By: Víctor Camacho, La Jornada
Mora met with members of the City Council (“Cristos, consejo ciudadano responsable de impulsar el sano tejido del orden social” ) (Cristos, City Council Responsible For Promoting A Healthy Social Order), a group led by the pastor of Apatzingán, Gregorio López.

Photo By: Dalia Martínez, Sinembargo
Father Goyo met with Mora at 11:30 hours at the cathedral of the county seat and will remain there until 17:00 hours.  Father López put aside the belligerent speech against the Caballeros Templarios and said that he and the church members will participate peacefully and that the arrest against the criminals should be left to the federal forces.  “Some 500 community guards are supporting the federal police and the military to clean up this town and detain the criminals; they aren’t armed and are only backing up the feds”

Hipólito Mora commented briefly inside the cathedral, that they weren’t armed and that their presence is peaceful.  “We will not participate in raids or arrests or any security operation.  We only came to accompany the Father.”

The Civil Defense Council hosted an informational meeting this afternoon in the main square to ensure the safety of the city and invite people to join.

At 5:00 pm Father Gregorio will offer mass in the cathedral to give a speech to the people to support the self-defense groups.
At mass
Photo from Valor Por Michoacán SDR's Facebook page
It has also been reported that the brother of Enrique Plancarte “El Kike” has been arrested at a checkpoint by federal forces and self-defense groups.

Sources: Proceso, La Jornada,


  1. I don't understand. Why are they there? And why unarmed?

  2. @February 8, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    I updated it a bit but as stated by Gregorio “Some 500 community guards are supporting the federal police and the military to clean up this town and detain the criminals; they aren’t armed and are only backing up the feds”

  3. They are here, to be there.
    To do just as Senor Mora said, to accompany the Priest.

    Read, it is in the story. It is masterful strategy.

    They and the Federals will take the town without a fight.
    Watch and learn, "el poder del pueblo"

    Why go unarmed?
    Easy ...

    They did not need to be.
    The Army was by their side.

    The are walking with the Law.
    Viva la revolution. the Law is walking with them.

    That is revolutionary, no?

    1. Sitting ducks is what they are, they are hunting the enemy (CT) with the enemy (federal government).

  4. 2:09 puro teatro, pero esta forma de resistencia pacifica de parte de las autodefensas esta trabajando,otros que traen armas estan por ahi, listos para lo que se ofrezca, y el ejercito les esta apoyando como parte del teatro.
    pure theatre, but this form of peaceful resistance from the AD is working, other armed people are around, just in case they are needed, and the army is supporting them as part of the theatre.
    see: hombre en llamas/ Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos,"riqui".
    to know who the auto-defensas are dealing with, in spite of his academic qualifications, wherever riqui appears, kidnappings for ransom skyrocket, as does crime in general, this guy and his uncle julio ceballos from san luis potosi worked for the zetas from the start, just check and check and check.

    1. ZETAS are doing the work for the DEVIL plain and simple!!!!!

  5. How can they they back up federales unarmed?

  6. Is it true some autodefensas want hipolito arrested?

  7. Who better to help identify criminals then the autodefense groups, they are the eyes and ears.

  8. They just took apatzingan and akila

  9. Was really hoping for a bloody showdown!

  10. Anonymous said...
    Who better to help identify criminals then the autodefense groups, they are the eyes and ears.
    February 8, 2014 at 6:07 PM


    Ahora viene la comprensión del valor del teatro!

  11. Hey chivis they say there were more than 300 trucks full of autodefensas members that got into apatzingan 800 members went in unarmed but the rest are well armed and are working with the army and the federal police to detain cts cartel members also papa pitufo said that if they get to raise in arms the people of apatzingan he will shave his beard

    1. The C.T. used to be so tough when they threatened, raped, extorted, and killed the common citizens! Where are they now? Even la Puta said "if they want me out of here then come and get me". Ok so where are these C.T. Scumbags? Defenders of nothing!

  12. Damn Jack Hawkins, you are so smug and self satisfied that I don't like agreeing with you even when you ARE right. Fortunately it doesn't happen very often.

  13. Well they got balls that's for shure

  14. enrique galindo ceballos, zeta associate from the start, is just sticking it up the templars' ass for not being nice before remember?
    the warm comradeship and broterhood pena nieto used to show
    are proof enough of where his heart is, bertie boy moreira, tomas yarrington, manuel cavazos lerma,fidel herrera beltran el z1, mario marin, all the certified corrupt ex-governor with super big frauds on their states are epn's friends, and zetas associates,or another gang, and remember the el padrino mayor, the biggest godfather rat, carlos salinas de gortari.
    anybody that expects that the fairie dust epn and his associates spread will be any good to mexico, must be smoking his own supply and having pipe dreams, see how nice everything fits?
    kabelleras kagadas out! zetas in... michoacan forever, viva mexicooo!!!


  15. History in the making. They will make movies about this one day. And all Mexicans will rejoice in the bravery shown. I am proud that Mexicians have modern day hero s to look up to.

    1. They are walking a fine line where alliances can change quickly! Let's pray to GOD that the citizens don't fall in the age old trap of some public officials use the cover of being your friend when in reality they are just looking to put in their own people and continue the cycle of coruption. This is the best opportunity that the citizens of Michuacan and Mexico have to start fresh without corruption. Don't fall for their tricks!

    2. Its not always your enemy you have to worry about more than the guy thats right next to you with a knife in your back!

  16. The policia and the ADs should team up rather than brawling who's better than the rest.


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