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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

4 armed suspects die in Tamaulipas

Four unidentified armed suspects were killed in an armed encounter with Mexican security forces in the northern Mexican border state of Tamaulipas Tuesday afternoon, according to official Mexican government news reports.

A road patrol of Mexican Naval Infantry came under small arms fire in San Fernando municipality near ejido Santa Teresa from armed suspects traveling aboard a GMC Sierra pickup truck.  Marine return fire killed all suspects in the truck.

Inside the truck sailors found three rifles and four weapons magazines.

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  1. The zetas randomly shot at the navy? wow, I know it was them because CDG won't do something brainless like that also a DEA official said that with Chapo arrested El Mencho could be the next top drug lord in MX, and that he may fight CDS I hope not that existing alliance could do major damage to Z and CT, also who's the leader of CDG now, who took over for El Coss

    1. Comandante Polimenso? Cortez? F1? Cherries?

    2. After El Coss went down there was war between cdg ,el gringo n el puma I think vs X20 n comandante cortez , X20 took over n lifted them up but was captured last year note sure whos boss now

  2. Good story! Short and to the point, just like the military response to these 'Muertos de hambre'. No need for all the discussion of how they may escape from prison or get released early. Theys ded! LOL.

  3. Just CDG mofos nobody cares about these fags dying may they rot in hell.

    ATTE: English Zieta

    And a big toast to all my Z comrades worldwide. Here's to that short fuck sapo getting caught keep the fight going we got MX on lock now we're the #1 cartel now!

    1. English Zeita hahaha! Everyone knows you are from Guatemala.

    2. So many Z wannabes on here Z are nowhere near the top cartel Chapo is one man it'll take 1,000 Z to equal him. Your comments are laughable are impossible to take seriously.

  4. Para El GDL

    Oye Guero que pasa en tamaulipas. Quien anda ganando la guerra ahi?

  5. hip hip hooray! for lacras down, thousands to go

  6. ATTE: English Zieta
    Holy shit,your becoming a legend of epic bell end proportions?
    "The epic bell" Thats your new name ?

  7. February 27, 2014 at 6:49 AM
    @ Epic bell
    Ever heard of the San Fernando massacre? Who killed all of those migrants ?
    Yep,thats right ZetaZ San Fernando,,,,,idiot

    1. The fucking zetas , comandante Kilo's bitchass n his men , but he was caught n was crying about the handcuffs being to tight

  8. Shut up dick heads your all idiots your all supporting the murder of innocent people get a grip

  9. einglish zieta, is a tall blonde eingleizha, she likes z40, she will have to go to can-cun and find herself another prietito mexicano with a lot of menudo overthere, just like z40 who will never see freedom again, after 6 months in charge of the shittiest cartel ever, if it was not for their being sponsored by the military and goverment they would never have went anywhere.

  10. First of all Homero Cardenas-Guillen controls Ciclones and Plaza of Matamoros (CDG Headquarters), Metros control Reynosa plaza from Diaz Ordaz? to Rio Bravo?, they are against Cardenas-Guillen and Ciclones, and they are run either by Comandante Polimenso? or El 98? or Tachas? Deltas are from Valle Hermoso? and run by Comandante Diablo?, Tangos are from Tampico and is run by Comandante 14? Pumas are from Ciudad Mante? and are run by ???, Lacostes are from close to Mante? and are run by ??? . Los Cardenas-Guillen still controls much of CDG because they have the long established connections with the Machu Picchus and Chimichurris.

    If someone has more info and cares to fill in the ?'s and ???'s, Many of us will thank you.

  11. @10:53 it's OK to kill one's enemies, but to kill the public you are supposed to serve, even if they are criminals, is BAD.
    the crimes that police and the military commit against the people, covered under the mantle of their official authority, while enjoying impunity are high treason, these people have the dubious honor of being the most despised in the world, and the paralels with the zetas put all them on the same basket of rotten eggs, not all murderers are the same, some specialize in extreme sadism, and in making you suffer as much as possible before YOU die, because YOU are going to die, on your own, they don't see themselves as murderers, "they" are patriots, defending their country, their heads are full of chickenshit, working for a "commander" justifies it all.
    guess who is famous for levantones, kidnappings, sometimes for ransom, beatings, torture, murder, fabrication of prisoners, false confessions, drug traffickers protection, etc, etc, the policia federal, under all the different names,AFI, DFS, CISEN, SSP you name it, and under military generals, or under the misguidance of civilian appointees or career officers they continue to reproduce and multiply all over the country, and there are plenty of reports and proof all over from the sixties to today, and there is proof that all narcs work for a police or military organization that are working for politicians high and low, who have to pass on kickbacks to the biggest fish...if you could chose your murderer, who would you chose?
    you wish all murderers were the same, but the way to diying is not paved by the same pleasures for everyone

  12. Commondante 14 Javier Garcia Medrano went down earlier this week in Guerrero. Many are saying he was down there because of the alliance with the knights templar. He was not the current plaza boss of Tampico. He brought way to much unwanted heat to the city. Tampico is probably the 2nd most important plaza to the Gulfos because it is where most of the major loads arrive from South America. Its then stored and broken down before heading north to the border. 14 was doing way to much extorting and murdering. Homero runs the show and focuses on moving weight north and keeping a low profile. He has very strong ties to many very powerful families in NE Mexico. Since Mario Pelon went down things have really cooled off except in Zacatecas. As far as factions it seems like their alliances are always changing. I am pretty sure Groupo Pumas and Groupo Lacoste are one in the same and call Ciudad Mante and it's surrounding areas home.

  13. The CDG is currently going through an explosive resurgence. The Cardenas-Guillen family has brought peace amongst all factions. OSIEL CARDENAS STILL OVERSEES AND MAKES THE MAJOR DECISIONS BEHIND BARS BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Lower level comandantes are quickly put in place if they start anything. After having taking the Northern part of the SanFer plaza they've cut off most attacks into Reynosa and Matamoros. The reason the CDG was never making incursions into other cities was because they literally had to put their main assets on the defensive because of the weekly Zeta incursions. The Metros have everything on lock in most of Frontera Chica and Zetas haven't been able to infiltrate Reyno or Moros for months. The reason the CDG is still strong is because they have operators that have been in the game since the 80s 90s etc. There's still plenty of old-crime families from Reynosa/Matamoros that helped keep the CDG on the lifeline after the CDG-Z split. The CDG is making incursions in Ciudad Victoria and Mante in the South. The Z have C.V. plaza on lock but the CDG intentions aren't to take over the plaza at the moment but heat it up. They know that while the Z's control the capital they'll control the State police and FP and to some degree the Army. While the Z's keep making incursions into frontera chica. It's a tit-for-tat game. While the Zs still control most of Tamaulipas the CDG is putting up a fight that I'd never though would happen. They took over the northern San Fernando plaza and are disputing the Mante plaza while heating up the Ciudad Victoria plaza. The Z's are starting to bring in Zs from Veracruz, Tabasco and SLP to back up the Tamaulipas Zs. The government of Egidio Torres is on the Zetas payroll. It was because of him EL COYOTE was let go. Y'all might remember EL COYOTE as the plaza boss along with ENRIQUE SANTILLAN during the San Fernando massacres.

    Expect the following months to heat up. It's gonna be Zs+state police VS CDG in Ciudad Victoria, Mante, and Reynosa. Reynosa is gonna be the target of Z incursions while CV and Mante the target of CDG.

    The BLO is with the Zs but they have a truce with CDG at the moment. While the BLO lets CDG operate in Nayarit the CDG lets the BLO pass drugs through Matamoros. They both pay fees to each other though. The BLO alliance with the Z are more convenient so I expect the CDG-BLO truce to break once the Z give them an ultimatum.\


  14. February 27, 2014 at 10:53 AM
    "Shut up dick heads your all idiots your all supporting the murder of innocent people get a grip"
    Supporting the murder of innocent people? Where ?
    Go back asleep,your talking out your ass again?

  15. at 6:50 AM
    "Oye Guero que pasa en tamaulipas. Quien anda ganando la guerra ahi?"
    Why would you say that?Are you part of CDG or CDS or GN,kind of guess not?
    Another keyboard cartel jefe de guerra ?

  16. February 27, 2014 at 4:09 PM
    Thats what i,m talking about dude,a bit of constructive information to try and unravel some of these players,they put themselves out there anyway.
    As some one above says Cmdte 14 apparently pulled he was already wanted for murder in the US and well known as high CDG.Anyone know who is in charge of grupo de Dragones out of Tampico i think?

  17. @ GDL
    Are the Z having to fight to keep Ciudad Victoria plaza?Mante is disputed no?
    Thought CDG Diablo was in CV but mostly stirring shit up and incursions.
    Good posts dude


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