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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Video: "My Right To Self-Defend"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

This poignant video was created by Mexican film students and released yesterday,  tonight it was released with English subtitles.  It begins with the footage I have posted here on BB twice, that of federal forces killing a citizen.  The  video then shows the hanging in Michoacán of four people, two teenaged sisters, one an university student, 18, and her sister, 19,  she a mother of a 3 month old baby and is the wife of one of the two men hanging, the second man was a beloved teacher (see photos below).  Their crime was supporting the autodefensas movement.  The video takes the viewer into the history of Michoacán from the viewpoint of those who have suffered alone at the hands of Caballeros Templarios, by every imaginable atrocity.   Atrocities that the CT leader "La TuTa" acknowledges his "boys" are guilty of, explaining that they "do not know better". 

Phtos in life, Sisters, teacher, sisters, baby and husband, and to right
another photo of Prof. Diaz.They were all tortured, and then hanged alive


  1. My peoples FUCK this garbage of the caballeras templarias everybody knows what their about so quit the BULLSHIT :) ....yours truly THE or El TEMO :)

  2. You should post the interview with la 'tuta. They should Settle diferences unite and remove organized government for self rulership. Everyone should carry automátic weapons on their backs unconcealed Just how Nipsey Hussle says on "Payback"

  3. Bunch of wimps. Cant defend your family!! Maybe you deserve to die. I guess the gringo is going to have to to down there and do your fighting and get rid of the cartels. Remember what happened last time the gringo went down there, you lost half of your country. Want to loose the other half?. Baja Sur looks real good to us, would make a nice 51st state..... gb

    1. More like you guys had to buy the land because your weak military troops got raped by Pancho villa in your own country.aaah you didn't mention that huh.

  4. Chivis the war started in agua prieta sonora !!!!

  5. This is an unfortunate situation....... May God bless the souls of all innocent victims.

  6. I've never understood the total ignorance of the criminal mind. You see these different drug trafficking organizations and they make great profits but it's never enough so they get greedy and that has always been their downfall. I've always believed that you don't touch anyone who's not involved in the business, especially women and children. Even in places that turn a blind eye if you go after the innocent you seal your death warrant, as we see in Mexico. The trafficker's in Mexico thought that if they employed enough violence and fear they could rule supreme, but to be so ignorant of the human spirit is their greatest mistake, for you can only intimidate so far and when you reach that point the innocent's will rise and it's over. You have groups taking innocent people and killing them to claim they are from some other group when the other group knows the truth and all it does is make the takers look even more cowardly. I think as time goes on the traffickers are going to reap the whirlwind of what the masses can do when they have been pushed beyond fear of death and they only have their own greed to blame for it.

    1. And victims familes have long those 4 innocents hanged,find out who did it all the way to the top,even years later and kill them even on the otherside of the world,like isreal does.

  7. Its time to create a new Mexico.. ppl don't give inn this is just the start. You will go down in modern history as a western Springs !!!!

  8. I hope everybody sees why its important to own guns.if you dont have at least one ar15 and one good pistol your crazy.just think if somebody is going to take your daughter.and alls you can do is die because you dont have any guns to fight.

    1. Well i dont have because i suffer of depression and if i have a gun ill be dead by now or have killed someone already.

    2. 7 59 yea dont get one.

      There is always someone happier with less than u have. Get well.
      chi town

  9. As is said, in the video, the AD are not soldiers, they are not trained, they have no strategy, they do not know tactics.

    There are plenty of people that do have that training, people that support their cause. People that offer advise, people that understand the strategies required to win a war against oppression, against the evil that men do.

    The lessons are not hard to understand, but they are not easy to implement.

    A famous revolutionary, from the not to distant past said it, in just few words.

    “ war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    The objectives of the campaign have been made plain, the liberation of Michoacán from the criminal element, criminals from both the drug cartels and the public officials that protect them.

    The 'Magnificent Seven' are not riding to the rescue of the people of Michoacán. The CT has no where else to go, it is a fight to the death.
    That is often a difficult concept for normal, decent, civilized people to accept.

    Find the cost of freedom, it is buried in the ground.

    Maybe there's only one revolution, since the beginning, the good guys against the bad guys. Question is, who are the good guys?

    When that question has been answered, and in Michoacán it has been, then there is nothing else to do, but support the good guys. To advise them, to try to stop them from being led astray, to keep eyes on the prize!

    The battle is joined, but victory is not assured.

    'Black Jack' Hawkins

  10. It is not just in Meico, that he people are standing up!

    Ukraine crisis: Clashes as thousands defy protest ban

    Clashes have broken out in the Ukrainian capital as tens of thousands of demonstrators rallied despite new laws which aim to curb public protests.

    Opposition politician Vitali Klitschko called for calm as pro-EU protesters, some with sticks and rocks, made for parliament despite police cordons.

    The laws were passed with a quick show of hands on Thursday by MPs loyal to President Viktor Yanukovych.

    The opposition accused the ruling party of a coup.

    The president signed the bills into law soon afterwards.

    One of the laws bans any unauthorised installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places. It also permits the arrest of protesters who wear masks or helmets, among other restrictions.

    Those who violate the law now face a hefty fine or prison.

    Another bill provides a punishment of one year of corrective labour for slandering government officials.

    The Evil will not go quietly into the night.
    It never has, before. There is nothing that is happening in Michoacán hat has not happened before, elsewhere.

    Heed the lessons of history, they are there to be seen.

  11. More from the BBC, in reference to the Ukraine, but the song remains the same, even in Mexico.

    The rally heard a call from a former Ukrainian navy chief for members of the armed forces to defy "illegal" orders from those in power, Unian news agency reported.

    Rear Adm Ihor Tenyukh, who was sacked by President Yanukovych in 2010, warned of the dangers posed by the "coup d'etat planned by the current authorities".

    "Tomorrow the regime will enslave you too. Therefore we are calling on you to fulfil your military oath of loyalty to the Ukrainian people and not to the authorities who have gone off the rails," he was quoted as saying.

    Opposition leaders are under huge pressure to come up with an action plan, amid criticism from many activists that their campaign has been too passive.

    Black Jack Hawkins

  12. The video is great. Thanks, Chivis.

    And like I said a few days ago - El Komander and Calibre 50 (promoting their new CD "Corridos de Alto Poder") are playing in Morelia Feb 2nd.

    Why not just throw gasoline on the fire?

    1. Heyy ask el komander to go to cheran see how it goes

  13. God bless you , God bless you all. Keep up the good fight .

  14. Mexican law protects the rights of the criminal. Period. Innocent people...the poor, whom Jesus appears to have forgotten, are ruled and dominated by the evil that governs the failed Mexican state.

  15. That's what these cowardly shit-house rats do, murder people who cannot defend themselves. As soon as the AD began to make headway, the templarios can't be found anywhere. I just hope that if the AD capture any of the leaders, that they will execute them on the spot to send a clear message. If they turn them over to the government, they'll be out in not time. Somebody commented on another thread that the carteles are but a symptom of a larger problem, a corrupt government and I could not agree more. Maybe the movement will spread to the rest of Mexico and the people themselves will erradicate this goddamned plague and at the same time put the federal government on notice because that is who the real enemy of the people is.

  16. If you want to find the CTs, look under the skirts of the politicians.

  17. all of us should start linking stories like this and Auto Defenza stuff on all our local new station forums and post on major news forums and try to get more world attention on Mexico

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  18. Their a rumor that La Tuta forms part of el Cartel Del Golfo now and that they let Chayo aka el mas loco alone in morelia because his killing his own ppl

    1. The rummor is that la tuta is formming a gay cartel called las caballeras desquintadas

  19. bastards tha killed these innocent people with kids and babies. they will pay one day.

  20. Grow and get stronger.dont forget those hanged.find out who hands on killed them,who ordered it,search for them,torture them(very important to send a message to future cowards)and then kill them.use their bodies as fertilizer.dont give up.find them.kill them.

  21. HERE IS THE CABALLEROS TEMPLARIOS.This families only crime was not wanting to live under the CT yoke,if the CT are as benevolent and caring as they say,they wouldn't murder innocent women and men from their"beloved"Michoacan.Look at that family hanging there,that is all the proof we need,to know what the CT are.A gang of lawless scurrying rat bastards who prey on decent people by force of arms and violence.What kind of men do this kind of thing?

  22. Kiki Plancarte Solís,,,WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE YOUR DAUGHTER "Melissa" AND SON "Kike" hung like that?And this family that your and PUTAS"boys"did this to were innocent of any wrongdoing,,,your whole organization is a fucking disgrace.


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