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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The municipal president of Paracuaro expresses support for the Cinco5
DD Note;
The citizens self-defense movement is entering a crucial phase.  As it has grown and expanded very rapidly, several strong leaders have emerged.   Overall that is good thing even though there will inevitably be tensions and disagreements between strong leaders.   That is the natural course of things. 

But the risk is there that personality cults can develop.  As their power increases will ambitions and goals increase past the original purpose of defending their families and property?   
The self-defense movement has not been an insurrection against the government, it has been an insurrection against the lack of government.   Could the movement evolve into armed groups trying to seek political change through force?   
I applaud the citizens in other states that have shed their apathy and stood up for themselves, but some of them seem to have  a goal based on political change rather than self-defense. That could spell trouble for the self-defense groups don't maintain that distinction.   
A group in Pueblo recently announced their formation of Common Front For Peaceful Civil Resistance (FCRCP).   According to an article in Proceso, The FCRCP emerged out of protests from past local elections, held in July, in which armed individuals who were favoring the success of Rigoberto David Martínez Rosas, nominated by the PT (Labor Party in Mexico), as mayor of San Gabriel Chilac.

In addition to announcing that they’ll be monitoring the entrances and exits of the municipality, Alfaro also said that they’ll also be preventing the swearing in of Martínez Rosas as mayor on February 14. 

That sounds more like a revolutionary talk than self-defense.  There have been times that I have thought that a revolution might be only way to clean out the corruption that permeates Mexican government at all levels.  But then I think back to the consequences of the last revolution – 1,300,000 Mexicans killed and the creation of a government that evolved into PRI.   No one should want to see that happen again.   As hard as it is for me to put any trust in any agreement the EPN administration enters into with the people, maybe the agreement entered into yesterday with the self-defense movement can accomplish some good.  

Self defense is not the same as self management.  With the strong leaders in the self-defense movement involved, maybe this agreement can provide a command infrastructure for a more cohesive  self-defense movement and be a launching pad for the giant leap to self=management.

This article from la Jornado (translated by Mexico Voices) shows the differences of some of the leaders and tension that has arisen in the self-defense movement.

Jan. 27, Morelia, Michoacán - Eleven months after the self-defense movement began in regions of the Tierra Caliente [Hot Land], the western highlands and part of the [Pacific] coast of Michoacán, leaders of the community guards today expressed serious differences. The so-called Comandante Cinco [Commander Five] said that Hipólito Mora is a television icon,

''but he never left the town of La Ruana, he didn't venture out even 20 meters in order to continue advancing.''
Hipolto Mora

Meanwhile, Mora said that the movement was contaminated with people whose interests are different from those of the initial struggle. Even more serious, he said, is that the comunitarios [community members] are quarreling among themselves.

Comandante Cinco, who heads the expansion of the self-defense groups into Tancítaro and Parácuaro, said in an interview that
"the self-defense groups were not born with Hipólito. He joined us but never left the town of La Ruana. He remained stuck (in that area). We, natives of Tepalcatepec, we have advanced, because first the people of Coalcomán, Aguililla, Chinicuila and the others asked for our support.''
According to Comandante Cinco, Hipólito Mora became a television icon because he was the one who showed his face all the time, and he relies on government support, which keeps him shielded.
''We are cleaning up the region with Simón El Americano, El Burrito, and with the people of El Aguaje, with Misael and Felipe from Coalcomán,'' he said.
He also maintained that in his movement there are no personal interests; thus arose the idea of ​​forming citizen councils in the municipalities in order [for them] to take responsibility for the security of their families,''because we're leaving." He explained that while it is stated that he is involved with the New Generation Jalisco cartel, that's a lie.
''If we had wanted from the beginning for another cartel (opposed to The Knights Templar) to move in, we'd have opened the door and said to them, 'Come on in, have at it with them [The Templars]'. But we are fed up. We don't want any other cartel whatsoever.''
He said that Tepalcatepec was once a town very damaged while two cartels, The Knights Templar and The Millenium, operated there. He said that this municipality is a crossroads toward Colima, Jalisco (neighboring state), and Michoacán.

Papa Shorty, On Alert

Estanislao Beltran Torres, known as Papa shorty with Knights Templar confiscated sword.
 On January 4, the coordinator of the self-defense groups, the physician José Manuel Mireles, had an accident in the plane in which he was riding and was temporarily out of the movement. Into his place stepped Estanislao Beltrán Torres, known as Papa Shorty, who shares responsibility for events with Comandante Cinco.

When Tepalcatepec and Buenavista Tomatlán took up arms, on February 24, 2013, the surgeon José Manuel Mireles was just involved in the self-defense movement,

''but one day it was our turn to talk with a military commander, and he and Mireles understood each other. We saw that he had a good dialogue, then we decided that he was the spokesman for the self-defense groups,'' said Comandante Cinco.

First Spokesperson: A Templar

In the first days of the movement, the one who showed his face to the communications media was a person who later turned out to be a hitman for The Templars. When they [self-defense members] discovered him, he barely had time to escape.

So Hipólito Mora appeared. Hipólito Mora, head of the self-defense group from the village of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, known as La Ruana, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, is a recognized and respected person in this city of more than 10,000 residents. Mora saw that the federal forces had first detained 37 members of the self-defense group in La Ruana and then another 17 from the municipal seat of government, of which 45 are still in prison

el Americano showing pistol taken from Templars
Almost from the beginning, Mora took charge of La Ruana, coordinated by other people who were joined by Simon, El Americano, who later joined Mireles's group.

Don Polo, who also knows Mora, said that he has confidence that the federal forces will assume control of public security, and that they will arrest The Templars' most important bosses. But he also made clear that their weapons cannot be delivered before [the drug bosses are arrested]. Similarly, he reserves his right not to accompany the other groups in expanding the movement.

Hipólito has not been clear in stating why he didn't accompany the self-defense groups during the process of expansion. He only says that it was contaminated by the entry of dozens of people with other interests.

What the press sees is that there are no comunitarios [community members] from La Loma, Jalisco [stronghold of New Generation Jalisco Cartel]. There are some repentant former Templars and some people who manage weapons very well, as if they might have received professional instruction. Mora and Estanislao Beltrán are the closest to ordinary citizens from this region of Tierra Caliente.

One, a Physician; the Other, a Horse Breeder

On the other side, of the group from Tepalcatepec, Mireles and Comandante Cinco

 --the first, a physician; the second, a horse breeder--say that their struggle is genuine and that they seek liberation not just of one town, but of all Michoacán.


  1. Estos hombres fracasaran en sus intentos si no se ponen de acuerdo.

  2. why are you yelling at readers?
    whoever wrote this should have studied the union organization and decision process. there is one vote for each community. I would be very surprised if there were not differences, the leaders are human. There are 4 other leaders that are pretty dynamic as well.

  3. These man are smart enough to be civilized if they become drunk with power and kill each other they are worse than tutas punk ass...keep everybody safe and come to a mutual agreement like humans not like wild monkeys..this article is speculation and triying to instill doubt

  4. Whether the leaders quarrel with one another or not, it cannot be denied that the AD guys have accomplished more in less time with less gear and than the people who were supposed to be watching out for the public in the first goddamn place. Gone somewhere with that chismosa bullshit, whoever is behind this wack ass article.

  5. The Auto defensas need to be very careful that they keep former cartel nembers out. It seems some people are going to try and exploit this movement. Hopefully by forming the rurales it will be a way to keep track of who is who and not let this movement get hijacked by rival cartels! Every organization goes through some growing pains. The glue throughout history has always been strong leadership and accountability!!! May god bless the brave souls putting their lives on the line for a better Mexico!!!

  6. it will be peaceful mainly because of democracy. but the USA has drones in Mexico and they don't just video stuff they can also intercept transmissions....

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  7. These are Michoacano campesinos with some or minimal educaiton. Most are not from cultured generations. They will eventually tire out and come to be like most Mexican leaders in that they will be overcome by power hunger, greed, and corruption. It's only a matter of time. Morelia holds most of the well to do, cultured, political, and rich families. The rest of Michoacan has always been campesino and ranchero mentality, therefore they will not change from that. They will become just like the Tutas and the other CT that hold power in their hand with no real critical thinking process or well defined goals for the country. Sorry for the boldness, but I think this has become a media frenzy more than a political movemnent. Their initial risks and skills has helped the state to get rid of some criminal and corrupt elements, however, most everyone in Michoacan thinks the same way.

    1. This is a great response . right on the point assessment. Michoacan needs laws and 0 tolerance for corruption. How I have no idea maybe ethnic cleansing would work.

  8. La Revolucion Mexicana was not the last great conflict, besides the recent drug cartel violence, that caused a great loss of life in Mexico That honor goes to the Christero War which caused 300,000 deaths. The right to self-defense is a revolutionary idea in Mexico in itself; thus, H.Mora just wanting the right to defend his property and his town is legitimate action. If every town in Mexico took the initiative of providing its own security no advance of the Tierra Caliente ADs is needed. The ADs of TC decision to expand its movement is a also a legitimate cause. The idea to rid other regions of Mexico of the control of organized crime and those who abett them. They should demand the capture of any corrupt official who colluded with the CTs, of which they were many. Then again the minute the Auto-Defenzas demand the apprehension of criminal officials, you just might see the attitude of the fed.govt. from one of cooperation with the ADs -- to one having to check/detain the movement. Then you might see violence between the ADs and the govt. Revolutionary change is needed in Mexico, and the ADs are leading the way to reform. The question remains: will the revolution of the ADs continue forward? Or will forces opposed to the movement with ulterior motives decide to pull the plug on the winds of change?

    1. The government does not know what to do. They are just reacting, and trying so hard to keep this movement from spreading. LA MORDIDA MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS , EVEN IF IT MEANS KEEPING THE COMMON IGNORANT AND POOR!

    2. I consider that the right to " autodefensa " is a god given right to survival. The ct are criminals rapist and ultimately predators that prey on members of society that work and live, and ultimately attempt to follow the laws of mexico and their local and state laws. The issues itself here in michoacan and in other states. "Corruption" government inability to inforce and protect its population, because of bribery or political agendas. I consider as a victim feed up with extortion rapes and frustration of being unable to fight back due to numbers.. many against myself. If I take my ak 47 and I shot the guy that comes to get the quota every month, I will be sent to jail!!! If and I when I call the police they tried to burn my vegetable stand 3 times. Till when will either the government either will enforcement of laws equally. Or allow to defend my way of earning a living. I will hire my own security and shoot the man that comes to get 20 percent of my earning every month... bullies , for bullies like this they only understand "fight or fuck".

  9. The Zetas will arrive to set things right; a place for everything, and everything in its place.

  10. January 29, 2014 at 10:55 AM

    Jajaja, this is some of the biggest bullshit that has ever been posted on here.

  11. 10:55 these "mexican campesinos with minimal education" have achieved things politicians, militaries, government, professionals of all kinds, did not even try,and if they become corrupted, they have earned it, at least it will be their corruption. Dr. Mireles said himself, it is up to no single person to decide the course of their movement, that there is a commitee, they have earned that, it is up to them, and i personally hope they never lose their movement to epn envoys. regarding their quarrels, grown men love to put down each other, and bitch and be big mouths, president Reagan recommended to the US lawmakers when they were going to be televised to amog other things, on the kissing scenes, "keep their mouths shut", i am sure they still laugh about it, i do, and i recommend that they paint their lips to look prettier,just look at papa smurf, he needs some beauty treatment, new hairdo, a facial. don't badmouth my buddies, not before washing your mout with soap...then paint your lips and look at yourself on the mirror before entering the closet...or going out with the "girls".

    1. Sounds like the one who needs to come out of the closet is you,with lipstick and heels!!!

  12. I knew this was going to happen next thing you know they'll be fighting each other

  13. Nope. I have no idea why they are making an issue where nothing exists. Yes the are a union. They do have equal voting rights and majority rules.

    I remember a BB reporter said that if Mireles was out of the picture that would be disastrous because of his leadership. I told him that the union has a dozen strong leaders. Hipolito is strong, but lacks charisma and is in it more so for his municipality, Papa Smurf is as strong or even stronger than Dr Mireles.

    They began as friends sitting around a table at lunch, talking about the absurdity of so many good citizens being held hostage by a few narcos, and what if.....etc they began as friends and remain so. As the reader said earlier they are humans, and as such will have differences of opinion. But a majority vote is the equalizer.

    BTW I have been emailing with him again. He says is doing well and in the midst of his most important phase of therapy which will last 4 weeks.

    1. Sometimes its ok to agree to disagree as long as they stick to the objectiv!!!!

    2. Chivis good morning and god bless for trying to help the people in michoacan in it's quest for dignity and freedom against. Do you have an email to contact Dr. Mireles. I have been talking to my uncle a president municipal in a small town near morelia. And I would like to find a way for Dr mireles to give a speech on my small town to fire people up. They are ready but need a spark. Thanks in advance. God bless. This is a movement for human rights, the right to live in peace and feed a family with out being victimize.

  14. Motherfuckers trying to instill doubt and diss campesinos.... As if any of that affects a man with the balls to run towards gunfire, not away from it, to save his municipio from the grasp of greedy fucks. To hell with you naysayers!!!

  15. China's red army did nothing to stop the red guards, and epn is not going to stop the AD/CP by a bloodbath, not in front of the eyes of the world.
    The peoples are outsmarting the pri and their sicarios in quantity and quality and peacefully are achieving their goals, conquering land and political influence on their way to freedom, they are the champs!!!

  16. This is all so honestly LAME! These "Auto-Defensas", now get a little taste of power, and soon or later there ambition or greed towards power will be there downfall. Only a matter of time for these group to become into criminals. There will always be crime, its better to have once crime syndicate rather than a bunch of groups going at it with one another. A new form of cartels is rising! Don't trust these Auto Defense groups.

    1. My question to you is the following. What would you do if you lived in michoacan any given city and extortion rape and genocide was inflicted to your family? A. Call police. B. Bend over. C. Pretend is ok, given your daughter to cartel. C. Grow some balls purchase ak47 shoot back. . My. Answer is C. God is on my side. Cause I fight for freedom and my immediate family.

  17. @1:35 miau miau back to you!
    --Don't drink from the toilet and come out barking.
    --Don't eat the kitty litter and come out scratching
    --If you wanna be really intelligent, the mouse droppings diet is all for you.
    --Badmouthing those campesinos, is all your sophisticated intellect can come up with?
    --Wringing your hands about the future now is waay counterproductive.
    whatever the future brings, will be better than staying slaves of a bunch of lazy ignorant motherfuckers like the cabelleras kagadas and their corrupt bosses, putting yourself in the middle with your doubtiful dubts do not help,
    --follow, lead, or get out of the way, any of the three you can do wearing your favorite fishnets, high heels and lipstic, but in the kissing scenes keep your mouth shut,for there may be minors around, or watching the tv.

  18. @4:29 and who are we going to trust then, pretty boy? they are handling their business better than any meddlesome wise guys would ever do, Respectfully, if you can't help, don't criticize any of the AD or CP,or their quest for dignity, the ways and means, or the results...
    dogfights welcome on this site, pick your battles and come ready, no uñas postizas

  19. chivis i blew up you avatar, very funny, before, it loked like a boy and a girl, and after, it reads about getting your hands dirty, i am jealous of your other avatars,by the way do many of the banned keep trying to come back somehow? i suspect they even try to crash BB here, i've done some bad things,and did not make it in, but l have posted when i was half asleep, i don't even understand what i was talking about, and got posted, just how bad you have to be as an elitista blogger to get banned? do they practice swordfighting much over there? i am new to this world you know,and like dogfights better,while not picking fights or looking for them, they are some of the most pleasurable sins i have discovered, even if i'll have to crash someday,i'll dust myself, and back to work next day.
    atentamente: woodstock,the red baron


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