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Friday, January 24, 2014

State Of México: 51 Executed In the First Month of the Year

By: Raúl Linares

January 24, 2014— At only 24 days of starting the new year, in the state of Mexico there has been at least 51 murders, mainly occurring in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.  The fires that occurred on Sunday in the municipality of Tecámac, apparently, were not related to the “cockroach effect” of Michoacán.

According to a count from Revolución 3.0 based on newspaper articles, the violence of this entity, governed by Eruviel Ávila and in the past, Enrique Peña Nieto, has its own war which this month, would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Almost all of the murders that they’ve recovered have had ominous marks as other entities have recorded before.

This trend, moreover, seems to confirm the findings made a few weeks ago by the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice AC (Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y Justicia Penal A.C.), which warned that it was possible that some municipalities of the State of Mexico are in an imminent danger of being a “failed state”.

“Municipalities of the State of Mexico, and its suburbs, which have had an increasingly widespread rate of extortions by organized crime and homicides on the rise: Neza, Los Reyes La Paz, Chalco and Valle de Chalco, among others”, read the document “Municipalities of Mexico under the condition of a “failed state”.

Here is the list of murders within the said precinct in recent days:

January 1— 2 men in Tlalnepantla (executed)
January 3— 1 male and female in Chalco (executed)
January 5— 1 male in Chalco (executed and burned)
January 5 — 4 ​​men in Chalco (executed)
January 6— 1 male in Chalco (tortured and executed)
January 6— 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl( tortured , executed and left on the street )
January 6— 1 male in Toluca (confrontation with Army and Navy, allegedly belonged to La Familia Michoacana)
January 9 — 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl (murdered inside his vehicle)
January 9 — 2 men in Chalco (shot)
January 9 — 2 men Acolman (tortured and executed)
January 9 — 2 men in Cuautitlán Izcalli (executed and abandoned on the street)
January 9 — 1 male in Tultitlán (executed and left with a message from the Sinaloa Cartel)
January 9 — 1 police officer in Naucalpan (assault and crossfire)
January 10 — 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl (executed, wrapped and left with a message)
January 10 — 5 men in Cuautitlán (4 executed and 1 man found dead)
January 10 — 3 men in Coacalco (killed inside a vehicle)
January 10 — 1 male in Nezahualcoyotl (executed)
January 10 — 1 male in Nicolás Guerrero (throat slit inside a vehicle)
January 13— 1 female Nezahualcóyotl in (executed and thrown in a dumpster)
January 13— 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl (executed, leader of a carrier)
January 13 — 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl (executed and tied with wire)
January 13— 1 male in Nezahualcóyotl (murdered inside a taxi)
January 13— 1 male in Chalco (executed and tied by the hands and feet)
January 14— 1 male in Chimalhuacán (executed on his scooter)
January 14— 1 male in Los Reyes La Paz (beaten and stabbed to death)
January 16— 1 male in Atizapán (persecuted and executed)
January 18— 1 male in San Juan Ixhuatepec (executed)
January 18— 1 female in San Miguel Xalostoc (shot at her business)
January 18— 1 female Nezahualcóyotl man (executed)
January 18— 1 male in Zumpango (killed in a shootout with police)
January 19— 1 male in Naucalpan (burned to death)
January 20— 2 women in Cuautitlan Izcalli (stabbed to death)
January 20— 1 female in Ecatepec (found dead floating in a sewage canal)
January 21— 3 men in Texcoco (burned to death)
January 22— 1 female in Chalco (tortured and beheaded)

Source: Revolución 3.0


  1. Hmm... All these people executed by cartels, and the Mexican politicians making a stink about one piece of shit that killed a cop and was executed by the state of Texas...

    1. @3:36 p.m thats what i say too but the difference between texas and mexico is in texas u take a life and they will take yours u can almost bet on that one especially a cop!

    2. That stupid son of a bitch killed the wrong person in the right state; anyways, Why get all worked up over a piece of shit, but not care about their own people in their own county?? Hypocrite bastards.

  2. Wow!! Only one person beheaded? Seems like cutting heads off is too much work for them now


  4. la hermandad, the brotherhood, an organization of police officers,now with many branches,organized from the times of el negro durazo,even when commanded by military elements, has been found repeatedly to be the ones guilty of kidnappings for ransom, torture, murder, disapearances and false detentions of innocent people forced to confess.
    all police commanders have been found suspect,all the way up to genaro garcia luna,and police commanders all over mexico,exported from the capital city to keep crime levels down a little over there. last to be accused, julian leyzaola,with accusations from tijuana to cd juarez and el paso,commander of los jaguares, a police unit specialized in fighting the crimes they themselves commit.
    for better reports,check:
    ---Mexico en Llamas,by Anabel Hernandez,caso wallace.
    ---grupo zorro/manuel camacho solis.
    ---Reporte de Lucio Mendoza Rios/IMECO.
    ---Mexico Denuncia/la hermandad,policias delincuentes
    ---Programa de Seguridad Publica,todo l que deberia saber sobre el crimen organizado en mexico/editorial oceano by IMECO
    there is a whole lot of information, te blame for disapearances is laid squarely at the feet of police commanders since the times of el negro durazo, instead of a national police or anither name change, all commanders need to be fired and investigated, thrown in jail and their pensions and property taken by the new police to help fight their kind.pena nieto is said to have brought back some of the worst commanders ever, and with all their experience as criminals themselves,it will all go back to worse again,happy hunting my friends...

  5. Hang em high texas Texas!!

  6. 90% of crime victims in the DF do not report it to the police, because they will be victimized again for being crybabies,these are reports of the murdered, the police will kidnap for ransom, and dissapear their victims,they DON"T want to leave any witnesses behind,at least criminals and traffickers leave a body for their family to bury.
    all the police organizations in the DF have been implicated in all crimes all over mexico,named la hermandad (the fraternity), with different branches in the capital city,and franchises all over mexico,to avoid pointing a fingers to themselves,all police commanders should be investigated, starting with genaro garcia luna, famous for kidnapping, torture, fabrication of criminals, inexplicable enrichment,all trough his 25 years working in law enforcement, and julian leyzaola, leader of the grupo jaguares,famous in tijuana and cd juarez for his kidnappings and tortures. see:
    ---How genaro garcia luna got his job as SSP boss
    ---La terrible senora wallace ( Mexico En Llamas, by Anabel Hernandez)
    ---caso wallace,se comprueba la tortura de brenda quevedo anabel hernandez/proceso
    ---investigan a marisela mirales y a isabel miranda de wallace por fabricar culpables y cobros de recompensas.
    ---carmen aristegui: las mentiras de wallace
    ---Mexico denuncia/ la hermandad de policias delincuentes
    ---Todo lo que deberia saber sobre el crimen organizado en mexico/ editorial oceano, IMECO.
    We really should not lose sight of the police operations,wether led by military,ex-military,old police commanders with records more stained than their bloomers,or career politicians looking for the rewards of a life as a criminal leader from the top of a police organization.
    corrupt police officers and commanders, whenever charged, demand proof of the charges, fully confident that being "police" ,they have covered their tracks very well,but as we all know there is no perfect crime.
    other source of information,if not the best,IMECO director Lucio Mendoza Rios, a former mexican law enforcer that has seen it all from inside since the start,thank GOD for an honest man from the other side.too late, but we finally meet at last...

  7. Believe it or not Chicago is just as bad

  8. @9:14 we don't have as many disappearances or kidnappings for ransom by the police in chicago,maybe some shakedowns of drug traffickers,which i do not give a rat's ass about,the victims just will let their handlers or internal affairs and believe it or not,corrupt police officers will be very sorry for their misdeeds,rather soon.
    8:24 About "texas", the law is powerful and infallible,especially if you are born black,mexican or a Kennedy,you are guilty,charged or not, and you are going to pay,with your life,no matter what tyhe law says.
    the murderers of James byrd jr.assassinated by dragging with a chain from a truck until his head was severed from the body on june 7 1988,were not killed by the "great" state of texas,until one was executed by lethal injection, to spare him from suffering, on september2011,another is waiting for the death penalty to be carried,the other was sentenced to life in prison.
    Not until oct 22 2009, the federal Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act was passed and signed by barack obama on the 28 of october 2009, a racist resentful and full of vengeance action i am sure.
    let's not make texas seem look like its justice system is somehow very good.
    High government officials,some of them from texas,are wanted from different parts of the world for murder and crimes against humanity,in spite of the desperate efforts of their cronies,sponsors and handlers to cover up or at least get the charges diminished or dismissed,and that is only the tip of the iceberg,so, kill all they want,right or not, FUCK THEXAS and the racist horse's ass they ride on...
    and no, i ain't goin' back to my country,tank you...

  9. I'm moving to Texas soon! Wanna make sure I'm a resident before they become their own country. Gonna keep the pussy USA and USM in check

  10. @11:44 @11:49 texas will NEVER become their own country,no matter how many whites and coconuts ride in mounted on their horse's ass. the union bought it, the union made it part of the union and men from the union paid with their blood for it, when the shit hits the fan you will see who is the big enchilada,all the teabaggers in the world,helped by all the tea in china can not carry out the secession of any state,much less a pinche cubano/canadiense's state, namely ANGUSTIROSTRIS
    ted cruz.the cowpie diet isnaffecting your brain, get obamacared...


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