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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Video Manipulation Charges as Recuperating Autodefensas Leader Dr. Mireles says he opposes Disarmament

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Charges of video interview manipulations by Televisa...see bottom

He is asked about is what's  circulating  on the social networks and the news is that he authorizes the disarmament of the autodefensas,  he is asked "is its true?"
He says he has not  not authorized or unauthorized any disarmament of auto defense community and when the group is going to make a decision,  they  meet in general Council first, there is no one person from the general council that can authorize or overrule anything, the full council would have to be there to discuss the issue, as to why they would want to disarm or arm.
He is asked to clarify his personal stance, asking if he is in favor of disarming the autodefensas…
He says no, he is not  in  favor of disarmament.  What he agrees with, is that  that when they apprehend the 7 major organized crime heads,  and restore the rule of law, in all Michoacán, then we will sit down and discuss it. He says they will continue to accommodate people that for the necessity to save their lives had to arm themselves, so if they want  to continue being armed, they can utilize legal methods.
and finally he is asked; what would you say  to all the people that support and follow you?
He sends a message to the people, that he appreciates all their actions of moral support, and to please remember their economic needs. That he is grateful for the moral support from people, not just in this difficult situation but during the entire movement

The National Human Rights Commission has opened an investigation into human rights violations due to the killing of civilians by army.  They have confirmed at least 4 were killed, although the feds (segob) says one "died"
The Human Rights Commission opens investigation to
the killings after receiving many complaints

In video below, after being disarmed, villagers vocalized there disbelief and  frustration to the army.  Shots rang out and footage depicts a man in a white shirt lying on the ground bleeding from one of the gunshots.  He was unarmed.  Chaos erupts, people screaming, a man shouting "Stay here!  Don't leave" to his friends.  Then shouts to the soldiers "We are recording you!!"  This is one of the killings by the soldiers being investigated by the Human Rights Commission.  Another version of the same footage is under the first.  The poster has edited for light but it causes blurring.  I think both you see enough and hear enough.  Sad

Televisa interview:" Dr Mireles agrees to return to communities"

Charges of manipulation:

Re: Joaquín López-Dóriga video
From Michoacán por valor, SDR etc: It is important to clarify to people handling of televisa in the video of Dr Mireles, and not allow them  to harm the image of Dr. Mireles.

In the  first video in the minute 3:37, in an act that cheapens ethical and  journalistic ethical boundaries,  removes the audio and then there is a break in the video, where omitted the significant conditions in which Dr. Mireles states "accept returning  to our communities"  omitted was  when they "stop the 7 main heads of the CT” here is the video. -above-...

another report  different video re: the manipulation by Televisa (anyone want to tackle the translation of this video in completeion?)

No Call to disarm- Extract from Al Jazeera
"The government on Monday had called on the self-defence groups to disarm.
By Tuesday afternoon, vigilantes blocked roads leading into towns under their control, and federal police manned their own roadblocks outside.
One federal officer who was not authorised to speak to the press said they had no orders to disarm anyone, or to try to take vigilante-held towns.
The Attorney General's Office said it could not confirm the death toll.
The Interior Ministry said it had no information about reports from people in Antunez that soldiers arriving in the town on Monday night fired on an unarmed crowd.
"This is how they plan to protect the community? We don't want them," said Gloria Perez Torres, grieving over the body of her brother, Mario, 56, who was killed in the clash.
Michoacana support from the United States:  Michoacán is the second Mexican state with the greatest number of migrants in the U.S.  These migrants are at the Mexico consulate expressing their support, this is in San Jose NorCal.  Dr Mireles resided in Nor Cal for a decade, he was an active humanitarian for both Mexican and American causes.
Below is video footage of the liberation of Nueva Italia, the day prior to the arrival of the army and where a day later the army would kill two unarmed citizens

no caption needed

As of today, there are no reports of even one member of caballeros Templarios being wounded, killed, or apprehended.
Note:  El Chayo one of the founding leaders of CT is reported to be the nephew of the mayor of Apatzingán, and acting governor, who replaced Governor Fausto during his medical leave, is the brother in law to La Tuta, his wife and Tutas are sisters. 


  1. It would be nice to donate but how can we know if it's a legitimate account and not a embezzling ass account like the teleton?

  2. Mas vale caer a la carcel por andar armado Y no a la tumba por no andar armado - Chalino Sanchez

  3. Televisa and pena nietos governmebt are a freaking joke!

  4. Fukk they made him read that. I bet he wouldnt say the same thing if he wasn't in the government hands like he is right now.They aee trying to fool the people so they can disarm them.

  5. The Army is not your friend. In History, any time a government and it's Army has fired on it's people, it is the beginning of the end of that government. It is time for a real revolution of the people to start in Mexico. You have the attention of the world right now, carry on.

    1. Mexicos history is filled with revolution

  6. Nothing new from this manipulators of the truth. What can yoy expect from the main stream media who not only has know drug addicts(or in this case of Joaquien Lopez Doriga recent exdrug addict) as employees? Also, did you forgot theirTelevizzza vans with their so called "FAKE CREW"(and with profesional tv equipment than can only be bought at a hand full of places) got busted with 9 millon DOLLARS in cash and with residues of cocaine in Nicaragua last year?

  7. Pinche televisa aparte de ratas frauderos esas son las consecuencias de votar y llevar ala precidencia a una rata como peña nieto disipulo de la peor rata de mexico carlos salinas. Animo jente si ca tronar que trunen los chingasos .

  8. Hey, Chivis, great work.

    The WORLD knows how Televisa edited the tape to protect the narco PRI state.

    I'm trying to find the link I saw earlier about a protest outside the Mexican consulate in San Jose CA tomorrow around noon to protest the human rights abuses occurring NOW in Michoacán.


  9. I haven't read the articles in full detail but if Dr. Mireles is detained. How do we know the government didn't have something to do with the airplane crash? Is there an independent agency who will investigate other than the government?

  10. Televisa, you can't hide the truth! You have been exposed!!!

  11. Here's the first 6mnts of the video.

    I’m doctor Jose Manuel Mireles Balverde, one of the 32 general coordinators of the community self defense group from the state of Michoacan. We take the risk of granting this interview to remove the speculation that surrounds our/the movement. Since my life is currently at risk and have just gone thru extensive physical therapy and having also been prescribed and eight week long intermediate physical therapy regimen, I’ve made a very personal decision to look for a place to complete my personal physical therapy. Due to my multiple facial factures, seven broken ribs and two spine fractures…..the fear that I have at this moment doesn’t allow me to be in peace in any place. Taking advantage by me and all the general coordinators of the community self defense group (that I’ve seen…garble ) an agreement that we tried to solicit, from the moment that we decided to arm ourselves against organized crime, that the only thing that we wanted was the reestablishment of the rule of law in the state of Michocan…..we are not looking to remove the establish powers, because that will bring about a civil revolution which will be uncontrollable by anybody. But, yes that Government assume it’s responsibility that they have to bring about the security to one and all productive citizens that our nation and state have. The main commentary, I repeat I do it (garble 2:45), the general consul the community self defense group from the state of Michocan calls the Secretary of Governance and also to our friend the Governor , we manifest that the concept we manifest to the rules outlined today 13th of January 2014, in the reunion of State Public Safety that took place today in the city of Morelia. We accept to return to our original communities and reincorporate ourselves to our agricultural activities, remember that we are the civil eyes, we are good and working people, that assumed a responsibility that didn’t belong to us, during the past 12 years..No (garble 3:60) It’s is important that, like we have stated before, myself, my friend H.Mora, El Aduane, our friend M. Gonzalez, etc……….that have joing our cause, is that the only thing we have pretended since the 24th of February, has been that the State and Federal Government or whose ever has the responsibility - to assume the responsibility that they have, so that we can live in holy peace in our work, we are not criminals, we are not hostile people, they made us delicate but we guard our composure to this day to not become those that we have been at war with. (6mnt.)

  12. sorry autodefense.... only room for the corrupt government and cartels... money.

  13. Thx 12:53 for the translation. I think the intelligent Dr. Mireles chooses his words carefully ... especially with his desire to restore the "rule of law"... while trying to find a good contact for the UN for people to request aid (unsuccessful so far)... they have a page devoted to their Rule of Law work around the world... here's what they say:

    Promoting the rule of law at the national and international levels is at the heart of the United Nations’ mission. Establishing respect for the rule of law is fundamental to achieving a durable peace in the aftermath of conflict, to the effective protection of human rights, and to sustained economic progress and development. The principle that everyone – from the individual right up to the State itself – is accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, is a fundamental concept which drives much of the United Nations work.

    The principle of the rule of law embedded in the Charter of the United Nations encompasses elements relevant to the conduct of State to State relations. The main United Nations organs, including the General Assembly and the Security Council, have essential roles in this regard, which are derived from and require action in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.

    "For the United Nations, the rule of law refers to a principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards. It requires, as well, measures to ensure adherence to the principles of supremacy of law, equality before the law, accountability to the law, fairness in the application of the law, separation of powers, participation in decision-making, legal certainty, avoidance of arbitrariness and procedural and legal transparency."

    Report of the Secretary-General on the
    Rule of Law and Transitional Justice in
    Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies

  14. Isn't it funny how the government seems to be putting so much effort into stopping the self defense groups, meanwhile they allow criminals to run rampant on the streets. If I was with the self defense groups I think I would try and push forward and forward and take back as many towns as possible and as for giving up my weapons to the government, ya right. I would tell the government to shove it. Those corrupt bastards in the government would love it if everyone would just let them have the weapons and as the people of Mexico have seen over the past years just how well has the government protected the people right's and their lives. Mexico is not alone when it comes to their government wanting to disarm the law abiding citizen, government's around the world know that if their people have arms they can not do as they please, what I mean is be as corrupt and tyrannical as they would like, you see if they know that the citizens have access to arms at some point the people will say enough. You can push man for only so long before he turns and when someone is willing to give their life the government knows that person is very dangerous to them because their blood money can't buy those people off anymore. I can only hope that the self defense groups give no quarter to the government and take back their country, those greedy corrupted politicians actually think that Mexico and everywhere else is their for the taking, people need to teach these scum bags that this is not only their planet but the people's planet and they need to go because these are people without a soul and will do what ever it takes to keep their cushy life styles. Long Live the People of Mexico, you have many who actually give a shit about you all. Peace.

  15. The Mexican government offerd these people jobs as police.I think they should take that.and keep the self defense group. Thats what the cartels do and its very effective.

  16. Where are the so called balls of the AD? When they're hunting templars they stand up but when the army kills them like the savages that they are they sit down like bitchies that they are because they know the army don't f around ajajajajaj

    1. Chinga tu madre pendejo!... you go face the pussy ass Templarias or even the army if u have the balls punk ass...hablas a lo pendejo puto culero..

    2. They are playing it smart. You can't fight the government with weapons. Justice will prevail. The government lost a lot of power with each bullet fired, each inaction and each injustice.

  17. Every level of government in Mexico is corrupted! It's time the few honest people in government turn on the crooked S.O.B.'s and take a stand!!! What side are you on GOOD OR EVIL!!!

  18. These so called CARTELS play the part of being tough guys, theres nothing tough about going around threatening people with a gun and massacring families, woman and children!!! Mexico is infested with devil worshipers( some worship these fake saints)! They are a small minority, most people in Mexico are good people and they far outnumber the bad. Don't give up your guns that would be a huge mistake!!! These Evil people have no feelings, they are sick in the head all they see is greed and fear of losing power and MONEY!!!

  19. Mainstream media in cahoots with politicians to dupe the general public? Egads !! I'm so glad that would never happen here, cough cough.

    Hey, so where is Univision, Don Francisco, etc. in all of this? Oh yeah, complaining about everything up here, saying nothing critical about what's going on down there...

    1. Today Jorge Ramos said on his program that the soldier's gun went off while wrestling for his weapon,which the videos prove is a big mother fucking lie,the clearest video needs to be sent to others to show that Jorge Ramos was wrong, he was also talking about the "violence" like the CD were to blame, because before they started, things were "quiet",Mr Ramos needs to be dragged to a very big debate on TV where he accepts his report was at least lacking in substance and short of the truth...ASAP.

  20. Media bias?

    Who would be surprised by that?
    Only people that have never been exposed to the truth.

    In the United States there is a long history of it.
    Dan Rather, while at CBS, reported 'False but Accurate' details about GW Bush's service regarding his service in the National Guard.

    As to the remarks that when the Government shoots at the people, the governments' days are numbered ...

    The Four Dead at Kent State, in Ohio in 1970 gives lie to that claim. Although HR Halderman does lay the downfall of the Nixon administration at the doorstep of that Massacre of Innocents by the US National Gaurd, deployed and operating under orders of the Governor of the State...

    In The Ends of Power, Haldeman (1978) states that the shootings at Kent State began the slide into Watergate, eventually destroying the Nixon administration.

    The US Government not only survived shooting its own citizens, its power and reach has grown exponentially since that point in the arc of history.

    Reality beats empty ideological rhetoric, every time.

    'Black Jack' Hawkins

    1. @8:05 jayhawk,let's be clear,I like your posts and wish you noting but the best.
      Kerry loathing swiftboaters sinking facts/The New York Observer.
      the swiftboaters with more connections to the bush white house than Karl rove has fingers and toes,published a book,accusing john Kerry of being a construct of lies,cowardice and self-inflicted wounds...
      The accusation seemed so from Mars,not many believed them,except fox news and Matt grudge...certainly john Kerry didn't take it seriously,he said nothing about the accusations that went against the heart of his integrity...
      In my opinion,it is dangerous to take sides,especially without information.
      The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,were exposed for the liers they were,on national TV,when their wisest guy was badmouthing Kerry,and the nothing worked against the lies they had spread against john Kerry,
      Faux News is still revered,and still spreads the most gigantic thurds,the consequences of the propaganda that got bush elected,you know perfectly,the dead and the maimed soldiers deserved to at least win their wars quickly,and have lasting results,it was not to be because contractors like blackwater and haliburton had exact their pound of meat (billions and billions and billions of dollars)
      And that after having the Iranian and the Iraqi armies killing each other for a half a million casualties for each side,while the US government was assisting both sides with weapons and mustard gas...

  21. This cause needs to grow so they can protect themselves. La gente se tienen que juntar para crecer en numero. Que vengan todo Mexico para apoyar a la causa! Who is in charge of this Human Rights Commission? And what are they gonna do?

  22. The bottom video is amazing. The good people of Michoacán are finally rising against the La Familia Meth Cartel...Just by looking at the video, you can tell the Auto Defenses are not working for a rival cartel. They are not trigger happy and don't look to all be high on coke/crystal. This is not CJNG like La Puta says. "Evil prevails when good men do nothing."

  23. From their Facebook page:

    "A todos los ciudadanos de Apatzingán y de Michoacán entero, les pedimos que debemos hacer publico que el presidente de Apatzingan Uriel Chávez Mendoza es sobrino del chayo y que el secretario de gobierno del estado de Michoacan Jesus Reyna es concuño de la tuta lider de los caballeros templarios."

    Everyone should know that the Mayor of Apatzingán is the nephew of one of the founders of the Templars, and the Interior Minister for the state of Michoacán is the brother-in-law of the leader of the Knights Templar.

    1. Big surprise!!! The local government is the Templarios!!! So lets get one thing straight. All of these years while the CT operated, consolidating all the peoples power and wealth threatening and massacring the civilians. The federal government did nothing, turning a blind eye and recieving a cut (bribes). Now that the civilians have had enough and have rizen up to retake their dignity, and get rid of this evil cartel scum. The federal government now all of a sudden wants to be the hero and restore order! What a joke!!! The soldiers should realize they are just pawns and their Generals and higher ups all have a stake in corruption. So the real question is who Is going to be the first military unit to turn and side with the people. The whole world knows whats really going on. Its time the people get their dignity back!

  24. Okay, there's a difference between what Televisa broadcasted and what Dr. Moreless statement was, but the diffarance is only in the toltality of the intriview/length, but the missing portion still maintains the same position of which Televisa reports on, which is that they would disband and return to their communities when and only the 7 individuals mentioned are confirmed captured or killed thru DNA being that some have been miraculously been resurrected. What Televisa did is the same practice employed by all major broadcasters in the USA, to bring about division, conflict, drama to generate intended outcomes of viewers, ratings and revenue. This is marketing ploy nothing more and nothing less, it's the American way in broadcast journalism.

  25. @ 6:12 AM

    "Wheres the AD's so called balls?

    That's a great talent that you have. You can type and gobble CT's balls at the same time. You must have lots of practice.

  26. Hey, Black Jack Hawkins,

    Thanks for the BB link to the study by Grayson. Good info and interesting thesis.

  27. To 9:25 AM,

    Thank you for that bit of important information. Please send more on the family links of CT and the Michoacan government.



  28. todos los michoacanos deben de armarse con rifles y camaras para capturar a los militares violando los derechos de estos ciudadanos...

  29. The UN and the 'Rule of Law', perhaps there is an opening at 'Comedy Central'!

    Tell the people of the Congo, or the Central African Republic about the UN and the 'Rule of Law'.

    Ask the Palestinians what happens when not only the 'Rule of Law' is ignored but the UN Resolutions passed to enforce the 'Rule of Law' are ignored by the the oppressive political regime that is large in charge.

    If the people of Mexico are waiting for action by the United Nations to improve their condition, well, they should not hold their breathes, asphyxiation would be the only thing they'd accomplish.

  30. Caballeros Templarios your time is numbered, either turn yourself in or become maggot food just like you have done to so many innocent people!

  31. 10:51
    wrong, there is a big difference. Televisa had a mission, and mission accomplished. Can't put the genie back into the bottle 50+% of Mexicans will only remember what televisa reported and their headlines.

    In a staff meeting yesterday, we were speaking of Michoacán and one of them said "chivis, before I saw the information you have given to us and people, I thought Mireles and autodefensas were not good people because of what some of the papers first said, like televisa. But after seeing everything and the "proofs" the doctor is a hero and great person. No where does big papers say about his 30 years of humanitarian work, or the volunteer work in the US with migrants and red cross. US papers have it, but not Mexico, they tell lies. But tell the people that the army are corrupt and are with CT and they will stop defensas not CT"

    Citizens rely on national papers to get national news so if they lie then the lie is remembered and evolves to fact. so it doesn't matter if I or valor or proceso or others reveal the truth, the lies have a life of their own.

    and televisa knows that. I was surprised that Mireles gave them an interview.
    I did not post what the defensas posted after seeing the televisa article and when they didn't know it was manipulated but here it is:

    "Council of united self defense group of Michoacán"

    The self defense won’t leave the weapons and Mireles can say whatever he wants, Mireles is not in Michoacán, he is guarded by the presidential chiefs he has always been guardedr by the presidential chiefs in a military hospital in mexico city

    We are in the war, we give a message to our community

    We are not leaving the weapons even Mireles have said so we repeat we are not leaving the weapons, we are in war spread the word, send this message to the every news portal this message is giving by the council of united self defense group

    Applies to all community in each forts

    I repeat we are not leaving the weapons"

  32. ESB - You are welcome.

    As a new contributor, reader, I am left wondering why the Federales sweep into both the port and city of Lazaro Cardenas is discounted so heavily in the comments?

    The objective of the operation is to "strengthen the rule of law, as well as the legality of the daily commercial activities of the port," government spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said.

    Granted that the killing of the civilians by elements of the Mexican military is a 'bad thing', but who were those soldiers, where are they based, who was in command?

    To cast a blanket indictment against the Mexican government seems to be 'over the top' considering the movement of 5,000 Marines into Lazaro Cardenas to disrupt the CT control of the port.

    I read the praises for President Calderon and wonder ...
    Was it not during his tenure, and that of Senor Fox, during the past dozen years, that the CT solidified its control of the region?

    Is it not under the current occupant of Los Pinos that the CT is on the defense, on the run?

    Is the support for Calderon based upon political partisanship?
    Or is there a message in the history of his administration and the concurrent growth of the Cartels and the spread of the violence, upwards of 50,000 civilians killed during his term that is, to date, hidden from observation from the mountains of Arizona?

    If we look beyond the political rhetoric, to the results of his and Senor Fox's policies, where was the upside for the typical citizen of Mexico?

    What part of the story am I missing?

    Black Jack Hawkins

    1. Jayhawk,you are missing the part where his army failed to carry out the mission president Calderon gave them,the US trained military strategists,sold out,much like US brass have failed their armies by not winning any wars since Vietnam was lost in the diplomatic dealings of a henry Kissinger, who was working for somebody else instead of for the US...


  33. As for 10:51 and our host's response ...

    'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.' — Mark Twain

    Black Jack Hawkins


  35. Chivis, Dr Mireles should not be giving interviews to anybody from televisa,Carmen Aristegui may be more reliable,make friends with her.
    It takes a long time to be media savy,and longer to be a movie star,I hope the tricks of Doriga serve as the lesson on who to trust.
    There is a Magician blogger on BB,trying to find out about Dr mireles,and questioning his relationship with Miguel angel Gallegos godoy,el traficante mas poderoso de tierra caliente,who has been sponsoring the familia michoacana,and then the cabelleras templarias,he is always obsequious to the victor,but a bad ass to the core. Magician's line leaves the doctor looking bad,and you know every little seed of discord needs to be nipped before it even sprouts,thanks for your dedication,if you were being paid you could not do a better job. XOXOXOXO

  36. 2:49 the lingering effects of propaganda,are clear in the success of televisa and faux news,they are big and rich because they make lots of money from their puppetmasters,not because they have ever been paragons of truth or journalism,televisa has the fame for prostituting young promising "artists" to the best bidder,with freebies for the insiders,la gaviota,Pena nieto's first lady,being one of them since she was 14 years old,now she puts down the asalariados her husband begged to vote for him...

  37. Chivis,that is why wrong and spurious statementes need to be quickly and widely debunked,foreseen and prevented,the rightista leaders immediately wail like coyotes whenever their dirty shenanigans are exposed,and they love to spread their filth whenever possible,and keep their opponents down,on the defensive and out fir the count,debunking is a wonderful occupation for a hobby

  38. Its clear to see that the government fears autodefensa and a growing possibility of a revolution. Secondly the government works hand in hand with narcos, that's where them rats get the extra cheese.

  39. The New anthem of struggle against the forces of evil.

    God help Mexico. Please restore hope and peace to what was a country of beautiful people.

    I wandered so aimless life filled with sin
    I wouldn't let my dear saviour in
    Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    Just like a blind man I wandered along
    Worries and fears I claimed for my own
    Then like the blind man that God gave back his sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I was a fool to wander and a-stray
    Straight is the gate and narrow the way
    Now I have traded the wrong for the right
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light

    Courtesy Hank Williams I

    Firmado y Sellado : Roughrider 1898

  40. The international rule of law must be enforced. Those responsible will be held accountable in a Nuremburg type trial in Chapultapec by International tribunal.

  41. Long live Dr. Mireles and his people !!!!!!! Too bad all of Mexico cannot follow the good Dr.'s example. I firmly believe this man is the history and future of Mexico. Dr. Mireles we love you !

  42. Dr. Mireles is a Hero .

    I dedicate this to him in his and the auto defenses fight against evil.

    Evil people reading this can intake these words . Justice and the Rule of Law will prevail. Not only in Michoacán but throughout Mexico. Evil carteles and demon possessed souls will fail in the fight against evil .
    There exist those who will not let evil prevail.

    Hitler ?

    If we could learn to look instead of gawking,
    We'd see the horror in the heart of farce,
    If only we could act instead of talking,
    We wouldnt always end up on our arse.
    This was the thing that nearly has us mastered;
    Dont rejoyce in his defeat, you men!
    Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard,
    The bitch that bore him is in heat again.

  43. Chivis, I the big picture of things, it's my opinion that Televisa's intentional/non-intentional reporting, is actually a benefit to the "autodefensa", due to the fact that it has generated an interest and the atmosphere of how power that be try to sabotage and manipulate reality, for the rest of the world to see and judge. Overall it has given legitimacy to the "autodefensa" in the view of many.

  44. Also Chivis, this provides the Dr. with a platform from which he can use the same tactics employed by those with power, which is not to attack Televisa, but to encourage people to question and investigate for themselves what is the really truth. Only when people question those with influence and power can change be achieve, given the burden of being truthful and responsible to the people, can deceivers drown on their own lies.

  45. black jack Hawkins, I like your analytical posts and a longer perspective than most. from the perspective of the challenge to the federal government by Zapatistas under subcomandante Marcos, how is the federal government reacting now? are there parallels?


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