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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nine Dead in Attack on Tuxpan Prison in Guerrero State

By DD for Borderland Beat.

The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) confirmed that an armed group early Friday attacked the Center for Rehabilitation of Tuxpan, on Iguala, Guerrero, and 9 people, 4 inmates and 5 of the attackers, were killed.  The attack occurred in the city of Iguala, about halfway between Mexico City and the Pacific Coast resorts of Acapulco.

Unofficial sources said the six armed attackers approached the prison disguised as Ministerial Police and told a guard at the gate that they were bringing in a prisoner after midnight..   Once inside the prison, they went immediately to the area where the prisoners slept and opened fire on the sleeping inmates.
cell of one of the murdered inmates
Four inmates were killed in the gunfire.  The armed command then kidnapped a guard and held him hostage as they ran for the gate.  They opened fire on the guard tower and gunfire was exchanged with the tower and other guards.  Five of the attackers were killed in the shootout, while another attacker and a guard were injured.

The motive for the assault on the prison was unknown.  Yahoo news reported that one of the dead inmates was a convicted cocaine dealer, another was a kidnapper and the two others were inprisoned for carrying illegal weapons.

In a statement Friday, the state prosecutors stated they had not ruled out the possibility of involvement by prison officials “by omission or participation”.  Mexican prison authorities have a long history of colluding with criminals.  Members of the country’s powerful drug cartels, meanwhile, have a long tradition of masquerading as law enforcement officials while doing some of their bloodiest business.

The attack came less than 2 months after the Mexican human rights commission issued a report on the deplorable conditions of the country’s penal system, noting that 65 of the 101 most crowded prisons were effectively under inmate control.   That report emphasized that in 2012, in Mexican prisons, 261 inmates escaped and 174 were killed in riots, fights, and other acts of violence.

In coordination with prison authorities, the 27th Battalion of the Mexican Army reestablished control of the facilty

If any reader has any info on any “big name” inmates who are incarcerated in Tuxpan, please post it. 



  1. Arriba la sierra y tambien Culiacan.

  2. Great news for Mexico!

  3. Fucked up! At least some of them died. That's the good news

  4. Si estuvo perra la balacera

  5. Chivisssssss dr mireles in about to die according to valor por michoacan sdr he had a very siries accident on a light airplane or avineta and his internal organs got dammage but he cannot get to a good hospital because the onea on the region are in cts territory

  6. Pray for doctor mireles! He just had a terrible accident! News from my fam in ruana.

  7. Hey chivis I just saw on FB that they just killed cheyo antrax and that a lot of ppl are going nuts down in culiacan can chech if this is true
    Angel from OC california

  8. Un grupo de sujetos armados, interceptó la noche de ayer, la carroza fúnebre de uno de los reclusos fallecidos, en los hechos ocurridos la madrugada del viernes en el Centro de Reinserción Social de Tuxpan, Iguala, donde un grupo armado irrumpió en las instalaciones.Según información policiaca, los individuos, bajaron el ataúd donde estaba el cadáver de Ismael Ocampo Álvarez, para prenderle fuego y después huir con rumbo desconocido.Los hechos ocurrieron cerca del poblado de Platanillo, en el kilómetro 35+500 de la carretera Iguala-Cuernavaca.

  9. They must have been going after someone important. This was a suicide mission. Crazy crazy.

  10. I got nothn against these guys I think they are tryin to help...but like in the past these guys stop and kill the bad guys but they live of there resources..the guns and they sell the drugs like the people there tryin to stop..we got to put a stop to the violence but not in this way...there gonna be like los pepes in columbia..


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