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Monday, January 13, 2014

Mireles Complies with Request from Feds? while Army Kill Unarmed Autodefensas

Chivis Martínez Borderland Beat
Autodefensas say Dr Mireles Televisa interview was manipulated and edited to present something that was untruthful...
  • Dr. Mireles says Autodefensa will not lay down weapons
  • Army unarms autodefensa, kills 6 unarmed, wounds 1
  • Army confiscates then returns weapons
  • Community leader guards, Estanislao Beltran of Parácuaro says citizens were unarmed when army killed 4, including 1 11 year old girl. 
 Dr. Manuel Mireles spoke publically for the first time since his plane accident and according to Milenio, he has made an agreement with  federal forces
Shortly before midnight the AUC of Michoacán accepted the request made by the federal government and the state to return to their home communities, according to a video message from José Manuel Mireles, one of the leaders of the autodefensas group.
In a message sent to  Joaquín López-Dóriga, Mireles asked the federal government to provide security for autodefensas members and that "the rule of law is restored in Michoacán."
"The General Council and Community Self-Defense Michoacán respects the call of the Secretariat of Government and also the governor of the state," Mireles said.
"We adhere to the rules of today January 13 come forward and accept the request to return to our  home communities,," Mireles said.
There appears to be a conflict within the group, and a secondary announcement from others in the autodefensas groups has been issued (see below), I am attempting to get a better verification of the announcement and will post when possible.

Update: There are charges of liberal editing of Dr. Mireles' interview with Milenio, a second interview with Pricilla of Grillonautas was conducted and I will post tomorrow, but in the video he makes it clear it did not say that the autodefensas would lay down their arms.
Two civilians have been killed by federal forces, and in Nueva Italia, the recently liberated municipality, forces disarmed autodefensas in a peaceful manner.

Earlier I posted this on forum:
 killed by army today

                       Above is raw footage of army killing an unarmed citizen

After months of huge gains against organized crime, a division is apparent with the autodefensas, with some  worried that the deployment of forces  is a tactic by the  Michoacán government to quell their gains.  Autodefensas/Citizens do not trust the state government.  

However, the destruction of property and disruption has to be suppressed.  The worse move the federal government could do is fight against the autodefensas, instead they should respect the work they have done, and will continue to do as they exercise  their constitutional right.  

However, the government should be allowed and encourage to do their job and duty in bringing security to the region and peace to Michoacán.

Today, the chairman of PAN party asked for a clarification that it was organized crime that is being targeted and not autodefensas.

Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, interior secretary  formally requested the self defense to lay down their arms and return to their communes of origin, through a press release, the United Self-Governing Michoacán said "We will not lay down our arms."

Fearing the loss of gains, the statement released by the Facebook page Valor por Michoacán, said: "The self-defense  struggle will continue until we see leaders of  criminals behind bars, we want the leaders of organized crime apprehended  and then we'll sit talk to the government. "

Until this happens, "and do not see results by the government, will continue to help the people  free themselves from criminals," self-defense groups  now control security in over 14 towns and 67 villages in Michoacán.

Also the group criticized the lack of results from the government security strategy that has failed apprehension of the leaders of organized crime in the state and emphasized that they rose up in arms against drug trafficking, because the government failed to do their job.

 "we are not just a group of people with guns, we are people, we are the  UNITED  COUNCIL OF MICHOACAN AUTO-DEFENSE, formed by entrepreneurs, farmers, mayors, aldermen, gardeners, lemon growers, students, parents etc. ... We are united people and we all partake. "

This Monday in the presence of the National Security Cabinet, headed by the interior minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and Governor of Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, an agreement was signed  for additional support from the Feds.

This week has brought horrific destruction and disruption throughout areas in  the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán,  where there have been roadblocks and burning vehicles, businesses and even a city hall in Apatzingán.

Through the destruction and outbursts, autodefensas managed to liberate 4 additional municipalities, with largely without loss of life  of citizens. (fotos: "Hercules" arrives with forces, PGR helicopters arrive in Morelia

Federal forces disarm autodefensas and citizens express frustration 

Sources: Milenio, LaVoz, PorMichoacanSDRFacebook


  1. I´m reading in Facebook(don´t know if the page is legit or not) that the army killed a young girl and a lady. If they are doing this kind of stupid acts they will only worsen the situation.

    I imagined something like this would happen. So sad for the people of Michoacan.

  2. If these so called Community police has restored peace in the municipalities are people going to work or they still being extorted??? Or unable to go to work due to the community police stopping them??

  3. God help Mexico. Please restore hope and peace to what was a country of beautiful people.

    I wandered so aimless life filled with sin
    I wouldn't let my dear saviour in
    Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    Just like a blind man I wandered along
    Worries and fears I claimed for my own
    Then like the blind man that God gave back his sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I was a fool to wander and a-stray
    Straight is the gate and narrow the way
    Now I have traded the wrong for the right
    Praise the Lord I saw the light.

    I saw the light I saw the light
    No more darkness no more night
    Now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight
    Praise the Lord I saw the light

    Courtesy Hank Williams I

  4. Now you need to fight the government. Now you need help from the world.there is alot of pressure on these people.I bet if Calderon was president they wouldnt be getting disarmed.

  5. This is a disgrace to the Mexican army.that solder should be ashamed and the commander.tutu must have threatened to stop paying somebody.

  6. Ive been in the military. And when I first got there every time there was shooting I was scared.but fear is the worst emotion. People can't stand it for long.later I just said fuck it and started shooting back.haven't been scared in year's. Only for my kids.these people have reached that point .they would rather die than live in the Mexican government wants them to go back and live in fear.that will never happen.

  7. You cartels should have left the poor people their coming for you and you will lose everything.

  8. Was it this bad in michoacan when la familia ran the state??

    1. @6:13 la familia was bad,they made the zetas run away,the ct are worse,they kicked la familia,the ct are so bad that they have no more credit,now they are exhausting the credit of the federal government...

  9. The war against cartels is won... Why ? Its simple, their is more good than evil, their screwed adios templarios, if so i can visit my mom hometown nueva italia aka as the ranch people call it their " LA NUEVA"

  10. My grandma told my mom the templarios are getting ran out or killed by autodefensa the reason is because everyone knows who they are and where they stay, but no one had the guns or people to run them out , i believe her becuase when i went i remmeber their was a group of men in a nice truck chillin drinking and my cousins would jus say dont look at em or be noisy those guys are pesados meaning heavy slang for armed and dangerous . so those mother f*** would get drunk and burn tire all night play loud as music and no one would tell em anything this was back in 2004. So i can imagine how much power the cartels had. I guess people got tired when they crossed line taxing and taking their wives and children raping em and killing em.. This was by nueva italia aka la nueva . greetings from california central valley!

  11. 4:17 the people of michoacan were being abused during Fox and Calderon presidencies.
    Crime increased when the federal government started privatizing the state owned corporations and industries,and stealing everything in sight,I know for sure the mining industry,nationalized since the sixties by president Adolfo Lopez Mateos,started having loses of production by stealing the mineral ores processed,by the truckload,on the way to the smelter,al the bosses of the mines in silent complicity,that financed the buyouts in the times of Carlos Salinas de gortari after the softening sustained by the economic loses,the government was "eager" to sell,now,
    the government is eager to sell the rest,like Mexicana de Aviacion,"sold" for 1 000.00 Mexican pesos ($80.00 usd),now they are selling pemex and the electric generation industry.
    The fucking government is not to be trusted,not when the federal police agents get sent to be ambushed by the cabelleras kagadas in the presence of the army,who are NOT ATTACKED BY PREVIOUS AGREEMENT ,none of this is investigated, ever,as no investigation is carried out when soldiers get killed,they get accused of having gone AWOL after stealing their paychecks for a good while.
    Osorio chong,after fucking up his state,the proud birthplace of el lazca,gets to be the peacemaker, with the fucking michoacan state governor,vallejo and the CP.absolutely not!
    How come the ct are not even persecuted?they have been murdering and abusing the people,they have been firebombing stores,gas stations,cars and trucks,they are the ones committing their crimes in the dark of the night.
    The CP are out there,with their faces uncovered, in the light of the day,unlike the police and the army,putting it on the line...
    Vallejo,installed the puta tuta's inlaw,Jesus Reyna, as the secretary of governance in his state,after the fucking mess he did in his place,how dare he get in the middle now?
    Remember general goroztieta and sandino, And pancho villa,all assassinated after laying down their weapons,making peace with the state...
    Then there is the peace agreements between Stalin and hitler,or between hitler and Chamberlain,not worth the paper they was written on,for hitler.
    No laying down their weapons even if the ct leaders are captured,killed or imprisoned.
    Que muera el mal gobierno,y que viva el dotor mireles y su gente!

  12. The first step in cleaning up this mess is to accept the government of Mexico is corrupt and has to go too. You need to find one or two honest Army Generals and a revolution must start there backed by the people.

  13. So sad they were stopped just when they were this close to finishing the templarios. Now the mexican government will never give them the templario leaders.

  14. Chivis, there's a video up now on the Valor Por Michoacán Facebook page where Dr. Mireles CLEARLY says:

    1. He has no authority to call for the autodefensas to disarm. This can only be done by the Committee as a whole.

    2. He personally is against disarming.

    3. He will not support disarming the autodefensas until he sees "la siete cabezas" of the leaders of CT.

    If the army or the PF continues disarming or killing, we have a full blown Civil War.

  15. Doc Mireles was in the plane crash and hospitalized for a week, the 'command' of the Militias shifts over to Hippo Moras, and the actions against the Knights Templar escalates appreciably.

    Nuevo Italia is liberated and the battle for Apatzingán is joined. Local government offices are attacked and the violence escalates exponentially.

    100 vehicle convoys of armed men are moving through the region ...

    Whether or not this level of action would have been undertaken if Doc Mireles was not hospitalized is an unknowable, but that the violence would garner a response from the Federals, that is not surprising.

    The challenges in Mexico are being studied at the US Army War College, in THE IMPACT OF PRESIDENT FELIPE CALDERÓN’S WAR

    George W. Grayson
    January 2013

    This study is the basis of US policies being pursued, by US.
    It contains a lot of data points that describe both the successes and failures of the Mexican Government since 2006.

    The auto-defense movement IS NOT discussed, as it commenced in a month after this article was published, one year ago..

    'Black Jack' Hawkins

  16. I used to like going to Mexico as a kid but, the government being so intertwined with organized crime is really sad. In a perfect world a citizen of any country should feel secure when in the precence of of their government's armed forces or police!!!!

  17. Omg fucking federal gov theyare nowdesarmming the people and killing them to help ctscartel god take me with you i hate this world where evil controls governments

  18. Where was the army , the gorverment, when this people where being killed, extorted, when their daughters were being raped and killed, where were they???????? Now tha the people has rise against the cartel now the goverment appears. The autodefensas group should make a video telleing the atrocities with detail, and the impunity, and the protection these cartel had, every autodefensa member, should do this and there for the reason they won't lay down their weapons.

  19. I been sayin this for a while this movement sound wonderful! Autodefensas are gonna save Mexico! Autodefensas are saints! Hahaha all it a fairy tail. It was only a matter of time for the government to move in and disarm or kill these people. They are damaging their image and their interests. Everyone got hyped up! Jaja .

  20. the piece of sit Feds know the fight is not with them. Why the fucking Feds have to kill innocents?? how about protecting the citizens and kill the templars better... fucken piece of shit mexican federal forces. they have balls to kill unarmed innocent civilians, but are chickenshit to actually do their job and fight the templars...

  21. This is sad/bad news. It appears to me that the federal forces are assisting the CT. It also appears that the people of Michoacán have their backs up against the wall. They are victims of the armed cartel and armed government. Por favor dejen a la gente de Michoacán que se defienden!!!

  22. Chivis there were 4 people killed in antunez michoacan by the army from the 51 batallion from apatzingan which averyone knows in the area works for cts , among the dead there is a 11 years old boy

  23. Bb proceso magazine is reportting that the army opened fire to 11 people killing 4 including a 11 years old girl not a boy a girl

  24. This iswhy the Mexican government doesn't want people arming themselves with ar15 and the people cant fight the army.there not concerned with the people. I hope everyone who voted for the fucking pri is watching. There the ones in charge. And just like allways they choose the cartels over the people. You can say anything you want about Calderon but I know he would have welcomed this self defense shit with open arms.

  25. @ 7;41 AM

    When you type your confused words/crap, try not to be high on crystal.

    Your words/crap sound like, you're writing about the narco history of Mexico. Your homework is due tomorrow in your East LA, Jr High's history class. Late, no research and twisted. Well, I do give you credit for turning something in.

    1. 11:24 you edit,since you don't have any other gifts other than using your mamadora.
      I don't have the kind of work you like,so you will have to use your mamadora on someone else,enjoy bitch!

    2. 11:24 PS that you?why don't you use your other alias,ESB? hide all you want,cull your name,I know your ass! Tell me,I will stand corrected EAGER BEAVER...

  26. I pray this doesn't turn into another slaughter by the PRI government.

    I am not hopeful that it will end with minimum violence. The PRI has a looong history of using assassination and violence to get what they want most. Keeping their power and money.

    The assassinations of the 1911 revolution heroes, Zapata, Villa, Obregon. The Olympic games attack on the peaceful, protesting students in Mexico City's plaza, hundreds died by the army and federales. The hunting and "Disappearing" of the New Left groups that were opposed to the PRI's enrichment schemes. The attacks on the Zapatistas in Chiapas. And the open, in your face, secret agreement with the Narco cartels. An agreement to sell drugs and commit violence against the people opposed to them.

    If Pena Nieto and the PRI decides to smash the Auto defensas, I believe it will mean another 70 years of thieving PRI rule.

  27. Valor por mex says tuta is in lambardia

  28. Tin soldiers and Nieto's coming,
    We're finally on our own.
    This summer I hear the drumming,
    Four dead in Mexico

  29. Imagine how great Mexico would become if the 12 million illegals over here went home and took the country back from the crooks. Then again, it would be corrupt after 24hrs and nothing would change. I guess there is a reason people have stereotypes.

    1. 100 million Mexican would like to join Obama and help restore some decency to the US political scene,it would be hard to corrupt and mislead 100% of them,as it was hard to mislead them Mexicans in the last us presidential election...

  30. indicate US made deals with drug dealers

  31. Pretty stupid move by the Mexican military they are only going to piss off the Autodefensas who in return may fire back.
    This could get ugly and before you know it, it will be Los Tempelaros VS the Government VS Autodefensas.

  32. @137 now that's a fucking post. The intelligent are at last beginning to comment here on BB, which sadly has gone the way of BDN for English speakers

  33. 8:47 yeah,man,many intellegent people have went gone to Craig list,limping with stones in their Chrystal slippers,but they keep coming back to BB,thank you Lord.

  34. The words of Oscar Romero are alive and well in Mexico.

    To the soldiers of ( Mexico )

    Brothers, you came from our own people. You are killing your own brother peasants when any human order to kill must be subordinate to the law of God which says, 'Thou shalt not kill'. No soldier is obliged to obey an order contrary to the law of God. No one has to obey an immoral law. it is high time you recovered your consciences and obeyed your consciences rather than a sinful order. The church, the defender of the rights of God, of the law of God, of human dignity, of the person, cannot remain silent before such an abomination. We want the government to face the fact that reforms are valueless if they are to be carried out at the cost of so much blood. In the name of God, in the name of this suffering people whose cries rise to heaven more loudly each day, I implore you, I beg you, I order you in the name of God: stop the repression.

  35. @ 3:45 and 3:52

    Hello Mr Narco Troll/Tool,

    Did I "Get a rise out of you?". You don't like my sarcastic comments about your "Stoopid" comments. Then STFU! Sorry, I meant to say... Shut The Fuck Up!

    You have bombarded, the BB comment section with your cowardly comments for a long time. You have nothing to contribute to the discussion, except mindless drivel. You cavalierly toss out insults to anger the readers. You can't even put together a simple paragraph that makes sense.

    I once gave you free advice. Did you see the You Tube videos? Dog Whisperer, On anti-social behavior. Well? It's free.

    Maybe Dr Oz can help you through this difficult time. Call him. His televised show is always looking for people with personality issues. You can be on the tube! Isn't that what you always wanted? Attention? You can scream out: "Look at me I'm on television!", "Hi Mom!", "Que Onda Carnales!, Los Caballeros Templarios!"

    You are trying so hard to find out who I am. Why? Are your employers mad at me for slapping them down? Tell them I'll stop slapping them down, when the "Siete Cabezas", are bought to justice. :)

    Tell u what, give me your name first and stop hiding behind Anonymous. Okay?

    You know, I am your amigo. I just wish to help you... so... Shut The Fuck Up!

    As always, Have a Nice Day! OXXOs

  36. My question is, where can i donate money for the autodefensa cause??? i hear non of these just ppl reading up on the subject and getting pissed. we need to become pro-active and lend financial help to these ppl instead of just reading up and boo hoo hooing


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