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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mexican Army reinforces southern Chihuahua

A Mexican Army rifle unit arrived in Parral in southern Chihuahua state Thursday totaling 100 effectives, according to Mexican news reports.

According to a news report posted on the website of El Diario de Juarez, the unit, arrived in 21 vehicles at the base of the 76 Infantry Battalion, part of the 42nd Military Zone.

The reinforcement comes on the heels of a violet week in Parral and nearby municipalities which saw 12 violent deaths in one week, and other violent incidents.

Meanwhile in the capital Chihuahua city Chihuahua state governor Cesar Duarte lamented the spike in violence saying that those who commit violent acts will go to prison.  Gov. Duarte came into office in late 2010 promising to crackdown on the crime of kidnapping by having that state impose life sentences.

However, since the start of the Enrique Pena administration less than 15 months ago, kidnapping has spiked, so much so that the Mexican federal Secretaria de Gobernacion has launched a new program intended at stemming the crime.

Kidnapping is an especially critical issue in remote regions of southern Chihuahua.  Kidnappings are routinely used by local criminal gangs to impress shooters into their ranks.

An initiative early last year by the new Mexican federal government was to provide additional funds to municipalities for crime prevention among Mexican youths, but very little has been mentioned of the program since it was announced.

Mexican Army deployment have changed since the start of the new federal government last year. Whereas in past years, army units were routinely rotated in and out of areas, incidents in Michoacan appears to be straining military resources. 

A Milenio news report Thursday hinted that a number of military units based in Tamaulipas have been retasked to Michoacan, leaving paramilitary units such as Policia Federal to take up the slack.

Starting with a promise of moving Mexico's military forces from the streets "back to barracks" early last year, no question a change has occurred whereby that goal has been rendered inoperative as security conditions have worsened nationwide.

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  1. Ese gobernador es un loquillo...dice que los que cometan crimenes van a pagar con carcel..que hermoso el. La impunidad en Mexico es mas del 90% y los que van a la carcel son puestos ahi para pagar cuentaa de otros. Saludos señor gobernador y saludos Pena Nieto ( y mi ñ sirve)

  2. Federal police from the capital are experts in kidnappings for ransom, especially when the victims are supposed to have money for the ransom, illegal or not.

  3. I love the use of the word, effectives in Spanish. I picture a youg soldier with an M-16. I know that the trained riflemen are indeed effective. I pray that they are led by commanders that are honest and loyal to the rule of law. I miss the days when we heard often of The Mexican Military making huge strides against the cartels and not of their collusion with them. I pray for the honest ones and pray for Gods vengience against the corrupted ones.

  4. Southern Chihuas is still a mess, not getting much press but there are still executions everwhere. Alot of restructoring has happened within the mafias in Chihuas. It seems that the local Chapo supporters were shafted and others have moved in.

    1. So who is fighting in s. Chihuahua? The linea took over again the last i heard

  5. 4:22 AM Mexican Army fusileros deploy with the HK G3 rifle. Dunno how good Mexican Army gunnery is under General Ciefuegos, but under General Galvan their gunnery was really good.

    1. I should have just said rifle. I guess I am still haunted by the unexpected traffic cones leading me off the road to an army checkpoint in Mexico back in 1998. I suddenly found myself surrounded by young soldiers with their primary issue weapon of that time; M-16's. I haven't had a close encounter with the Mexican Army since then and haven't been in Mexico at all since about 2008. You are correct but I found a picture of a soldier on BB with an M-16 and another picture of a soldier with an M-203.

  6. Ayudameeeeee papi Peña Nieto ayuuuuudameeeeee dice el Chapo con unos gritos que se le salen doz pulmones aparte del Azul y El Mayate Zambada.

    Los TerroritaZZZ

  7. redeployment to michoacan,"strained military"...
    how in the hell a non fighting military needs reinforcements?
    to fight a ragtag army of peaceful marchers supported by a few autodefensas? the ct are not that many, and have been bested on their very own turf by the decent citizens of the state,there is no need for more army elements, and the existing ones are not needed, the government is not trying to bring peace, it is trying to restore the rule of its caciques, right before our very own eyes, dressing the pig as a princess as always...
    it is up to us to call their every move as soon as possible, and work on preventing and frustrating their ill conceived maneuvers,not to wait until the state is full with the government armed thugs,soldiers will not come to pick the lemmons or the avocados, they come to kill and murder their way to a pax romana that will fuck the people once more.
    army and federales need to get the fuck out of the state, not to get reinforcements...


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