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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Men in Motorcycle with Molotov Cocktail.

Borderland Beat

The video displays military personnel who have detained two young men on a motorcycle carrying Molotov cocktail incendiary devices in the town of Apatzingan, Michoacan. At one point gunfire is heard that prompts the military to react.

This appears to be filmed by a resident from the window. The husband asked how the military came upon them and the female answers that they were intercepted by the military.

It is believed that they are chicleros or halcones that had set a business on fire before being captured. In the last couple of days there has been violence on the streets of Michoacan as the Templarios (Knight Templar Cartel) fight for control of the region from Comunitarios (community police) and military forces.


  1. The CTs are in desperate mode. They are utilizing blockades to avoid what might be inevitable: the taking of Apatzingan by the ADs-PCs. Short of a major casualty loss by ADs at the hands of CTs, they lost Tierra Caliente. The jig is up Tuta, Tio, and Tito.

  2. 1st, "nimodo que se meta para fuera" lol. 2nd, "no se alcanza a ver el numero de patrulla." Para que pendejo? Para reportar que los soldados agarraron a 2 pinchis morros templarios pendejos?

  3. La verguiza que les espera a esos pinches mugrosos, Viva Mexico libre de malandros!!!

  4. Las templarias andan desesperadas.los autodefensas tienen todo rodeado apazingan estan en todas las orillas de la ciudad.hay mucha jente que los esta apoyando y dicen las palabras de la calle que en apazingan esta un lider templario que puede ser el tio plankarte que por eso estan aciendo chingadera imedia para que no entren las autodefensas por que el guey ya esta sin salida...

  5. The soldiers didnt do nothing wrong,,,report what?
    Get a grip,callin the soldado puta madre,,for what?Stopping these clowns from burning another house or business?

  6. The soldiers are too gentle with the assholes !

    If it was the other way around the troopers
    would be tortured and killed.

  7. They should light the molotov's and throw them onto these two and watch them run around and burn. Believe me these guys would do it to innocent people for fun so why not let them reap what they have sown. The people of Mexico have to rise up and take back their country from criminals and they need to kill them instead of putting them in jail's that all they do is pay and their on the streets once again murdering innocent people.

  8. I was always annoyed by narco corridos. I always thought it was for ghetto people, and that it would inspire dumb kids. None the less, the music is a cultural phenomenon


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