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Friday, January 24, 2014

Human Rights Commission "Authority has Abandoned Michoacán"-AD Groups Organize in Other States

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat
"The  self-defense groups would have no reason to exist. If the government would  fulfill their duty of providing security..."  CNDH
The human rights commission has issued a notice of their findings after investigation of the Tierra Caliente region of conflict in Michoacán.  See letter below.
In a  statement the commission announced that the CNDH remain in Michoacán the time needed until the authorities do their job and "be achieved restore public security, peace and tranquility".

(translated from Spanish)

The National Ombudsman, Dr. Raúl Plascencia Villanueva, offered favored full support and ability of the National Commission of Human Rights  to the limit of its powers, to join the Michoacana community, that has suffered double or triple victimization, violated  by Organized Crime, and the authority that has forsaken them and who has on occasion arrested unfairly.

I Announce that the NHRC will remain in Michoacán, for as much time as needed, until the authority conducts its work, in until  public safety, peace and tranquility is achieved and to bring to justice those responsible for the violence.
During a tour of two days by different communities of Tierra Caliente, Dr. Plascencia Villanueva held Meetings with victims of the prevailing violence, who reiterated that there is no justification for authorities ignore the population and let it drift, exposed to crime.
The President of the CNDH heard the testimonies of:
Housewives, farmers, traders, laborers companies  and "autodefensas forces", who all freely denounced the neglect and inaction of the authorities.
The citizens asked to help secure the release of jailed relatives and friends, imprisoned for the carrying of arms, which, are needed to defend themselves against criminals.
He said the NHRC shall grant that request which will require a careful review each one of the cases of detainees. The  self-defense groups would have no reason to exist. If the government would  fulfill their duty of providing security
As they pass through the towns and ranches, he expressed his deep sorrow  and pain for the regarding the testimony; After Receiving complaints and denunciations, Dr. Plascencia Villanueva reiterated their solidarity and offered to Provide accompaniment in each case of innocents being unjustly held in prison and strive to restore the security of the community."
Autodefensa Organized in Coahuila, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi

Calling on citizens who are tired of violence and impunity, a group of citizens through an email address  called Huasteca Armada,  has decided to make known what they say. verbatim, as "the repression of our people in the hands the Gulf Cartel mushrooms and the deep roots of complicity of the governments of San Luis Potosi and Veracruz. "
They claim that once peace is restored and social justice in the region, they will give up their weapons. They refer to article 39 of the constitution which states: National sovereignty resides essentially and originally in the people. All public power emanates from the people and is instituted for their benefit. The village has at all times the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government.
Social networks in Tamaulipas also have gain interest in organizing autodefensas.  And in Coahuila citizens are campaigning against  the Government of Coahuila and  accuse it of acting inappropriately and against the best interest  of citizens which compels the creation of a self-government group.
Poll from El Siglo Torreon asking if readers support the creation of AD in Coahuila
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I have two points of thought of this spread of self-government concept.  First, the articles in the constitution other than 39 clearly defines the constitutional provisions is for indigenous groups exclusively.   If citizens groups pattern themselves after the autodefensas of Michoacán there could be legal ramifications and liability.
Secondly, the tone of the message of the so called group in SLP/VER, seems to be missing an equal offender, Los Zetas Cartel.  It is a reminder that narcos are slick opportunists and will use the interest generated by the success  of Michoacán autodefensas to their benefit. 

It would appear that the Coahuila and Tamaulipas movements are authentically originating from citizens fed up with being trapped by terrorism imposed by cartels, and the corrupt state governments who they deem in collusion.

The corrido below has footage that readers keeping up with the Autodefensas Michoacana movement will recognize
Sources: Vanguardia, El Siglo, Facebook 


  1. My respect for Don Dolfo pictured above. If him at his age has the huevos to fight the cartels. That should be motivaion for anyone.

    1. Truly! The time is now. Mexico has suffered for far too long at the mercy of criminally insane greed with an insatiable lust for bloodshed. Then, there's the hp gringos who are as big a problem in Mexico as the poverty the majority are forced to endure. The real fear to also consider is said same hp gringos would love nothing better than rolling across the border in military tanks into Mexico. BEWARE! VIVA MEXICO CARAJO!

  2. That auto defensa sign looks like the zorras one

  3. Thats what im talking about common if in a 60000 people town there are more than 200 people being extorted and kinnaped they could organize and instead of paying the extortion to the cartels use this money to finance a movement im sure they could support 400 people arm in the town plus once they kick out the cartel add the local police which of course will be replace by selfmdefense members that could add at.least 60 to 80 people more which the total will be almost 500 people armed defending that town plus everybody else in the town will be a natural look out for them reportting any cartel movement to them chivis what do you think of my idea.

  4. Old school ain't even got socks.... But he's got balls. Faggot ass narcos better stop fucking with innocents and conduct business the way the old dogs did it; in the fucking shadows and with el PRI...... People are getting sick of the bullshit.

  5. the movement is growing

  6. Chivis, maybe you were in a hurry but you forgot to add the letters "ed" making it abandoned not abandon

  7. It's not far fetched to assume that the Mexican government is supporting los narcos on one hand while condemning them on the other by supporting the auto defense groups. By doing so, the Mexican government would be playing the disinformation & misinformation game against los narcos which in turn would create panic within criminal groups and make them less efficient and organized. Politicians are better at playing politics because they are better educated than most narcos. It's beginning to look like los narcos weren't anticipating any of this.

  8. thank you so much and thank you for the respect @6:29

  9. can someone translate this song for me?

  10. I truly hope this catches on. When the government is no longer able to protect it's citizens. Then its the up to the citizens to do so. Mexico is waking up, we are no longer going to be pushed around by these RataZZZ.

  11. i have believed for a long time the internet and cell phones would lead to rapid change in mexico. i wasn't anticipating revolution but in other places, the muslim world, much of the efficacy of the people was the ability to communicate among themselves and the world. just as an observer i am connected with five michoacan lucha related facebook pages. it is amazing to what this unfold. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED.

  12. This war was intended to be by the mexican gov to ease the pass and implememtation of the new reforms they passed trought last year.

  13. the government is slowly getting rid of the ct by allowing a "controlled" advance of the AD,they know they can stop or control then anytime they decide to do it,all foreign elements,police and soldiers,officers and commander need to get out and stay away until new order.
    the way things have been going, the only police needed is and must be local,as long as there is chilango influenced authorities around anywhere in the motherland,mexico will never see the end of olympic sized criminality.
    invading mexico will never be a priority as long as the principle of authority from above remains unchanged, in mexico it means the deification of the president,and the submission of the military, police, governors and any other public servant,they all are supposed to serve the people, not to abuse their positions to help themselves to the people's family and patrimony.
    the corruption was blamed on "all of us" a few presidents ago, but that was a fucking and misleading lie,the system has been corrupted from the insides of the government,from the top,which a US government stated as "we don't need to conquer mexico,as long as the president is for sale,all we need is to make sure to educate all future presidents in the US, as has been the case for a looong while, no wonder our visionary leaders know perfectly which side the butter goes on,and that money talks,specially when it talks to them. Now money talks to the public servants all over the US,dividing and quartering the once powerful nation from the inside, splashing the blood shedding all over the world, because we the people can't figure out what the fuck the problem is,why,who is causing it,where, when,since when. It is a pitty, having so many PhDs with so many doctorates and masters degrees all over the world,from all over the world, with all kibd of especialties, the process of living in a better world is so badly lacking in analysis and problem solving, ignorance in general,propaganda,etc, but there is information for those that want to see further than their noses, lets keep trying to get there...


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