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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hong Kong triads supply meth precursors to Mexican drug cartels

Borderland Beat.
I wrote about the triads in 2013.  This is the first time I have seen an article in an Asian publication about the Triads/Mexican Cartels connection

Members of 14K and Sun Yee On crime gangs supplying the notorious
Sinaloa cartel with raw materials to produce 'Ice' as demand surges
Two Hong Kong triads have linked up with one of Latin America's largest and most notorious drug cartels to supply the burgeoning global market for methamphetamine, the Sunday Morning Post has learned.Members of the 14K and Sun Yee On triads are supplying Mexico's Sinaloa cartel with the raw materials needed to produce methamphetamine, or "crystal meth", as demand skyrockets.

The Sinaloa cartel is one of Mexico's most powerful organised crime groups and has played a deadly role in the country's drug wars, which have claimed 60,000 lives since 2006.

The connection emerged a week after one of the biggest drug busts in recent years saw a massive methamphetamine production racket closed down in the eastern Guangdong city of Lufeng.

China is one of the world's biggest producers of methamphetamine, also known as Ice, and of its precursor chemicals. Hong Kong triads have long been significant players in the regional narcotics trade, but recent developments suggest they are seeking to build networks further afield.
Details of the Mexico connection come in the wake of the arrest on Christmas Day of three known affiliates of the Sinaloa cartel in a US intelligence-led raid on a cock fighting farm south of Manila.

Philippine anti-drug agents smashed a meth lab and seized 84kg of the powerful and addictive stimulant in the raid.
"The Mexicans are already here," said drug task force chief Bartolome Tobias, adding that he believed they were getting help from "Chinese drug syndicates".

Informed sources have identified the 14K and Sun Yee On as being among the syndicates known to smuggle the raw material used to make meth - ethyl phenylacetate - into the Philippines.
A Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency source told the Post that intelligence reports indicated the involvement of the 14K in the meth lab busted south of Manila. Several drug syndicates may have been involved, but details could not be disclosed until certain arrests were made.

Ties between Hong Kong triads and the Sinaloa cartel were also outlined in a report by the Mexican attorney general's office last year.
Click on image to enlarge

According to the report, the 14K and Sun Yee On supply the cartel with precursor chemicals such as ethyl phenylacetate and ephedrine for the manufacture of meth for the insatiable American market.
In recent years there have been a spate of seizures of precursor chemicals by authorities in Latin America, with most of the shipments coming from China.
In a six-week period in 2012, Mexican security forces seized about 900 tonnes of precursor chemicals.

Months later, the authorities in Belize intercepted a single shipment of meth from China that was worth an estimated US$10 billion.
Lax controls in China's chemical industry offer gangs easy access to precursor materials, while regulatory shortcomings abet smuggling efforts.

A recent UN report said Hong Kong did not issue end-user certificates to ensure the buyers of precursor chemicals were the actual recipient of the materials.
The narcotics division had not responded to questions on the regulatory framework by last night.

"These cartels benefit via linkages with Chinese organized crime by obtaining access to bulk precursor chemicals whose regulation has been severely tightened in Mexico and the United States," said Professor Robert Bunker, of the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College in Pennsylvania.

"The Chinese and HK triads get cash providing the bulk of precursor materials and also infantry small arms and ammunition. They also profit from smuggling Chinese and other Asian nationals via the cartels into the United States."
The gangs also trade finished drugs, with Sinaloa selling cocaine to increasingly affluent Asian markets, according to a 2011 report by the non-profit Jamestown Foundation.

Cocaine seizures by Hong Kong Customs soared from 30kg in 2011 to 600kg in 2012, a jump of nearly 2,000 per cent.
The figure fell to 170kg last year, yet the drug has been classed a "growing threat" in Asia by the UN.

According to Customs, most of the seizures were destined for neighboring countries.
Cocaine's expanding presence on the mainland has been linked to increasing affluence. The prevalence of meth has also continued to grow across Hong Kong and the mainland, although its popularity is generally confined to younger drug users.

Seizures of meth pills across China rocketed 1,500 per cent from 6 million in 2008 to 100 million in 2012, according to a November report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.
The extent of Hong Kong's involvement in the international meth trade was highlighted by a series of arrests in Sydney over the past two years.
In 2012, four Hongkongers were detained following a record seizure of HK$4 billion of heroin and crystal meth.

The huge haul was followed less than a year later by the capture of three more Hongkongers in the city in two more big methamphetamine busts.
Chief Superintendent Kwok Ho-fai, of the police organised crime and triad bureau, declined to answer questions on the links, saying the force would not comment on "operational matters".

Hong Kong Triads Video below.

 Notoriety - Hong Kong's triads and the Mexican Sinaloa cartel
Named after the state on Mexico's Pacific coast where it was formed, the Sinaloa cartel is perhaps the most powerful drug trafficking organisation in the world.

The cartel is led by the elusive Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, who has been wanted by authorities worldwide since he escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001 by bribing the guards.

Last year the Chicago Crime Commission branded Guzman Loera "public enemy number one" due to Sinaloa's impact on the drug trade in the city. The last person to hold the distinction was Al Capone.
The cartel's heartland covers a "Golden Triangle" across Mexico's Sinaloa, Durango and Chihuahua states. But the cartel is said to maintain operations in locations as diverse as Sierra Leone, Russia and Australia and is now considered a transnational organized crime group.
On Friday, police in the Netherlands arrested a man suspected of being the cartel's top enforcer. Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa heads a group of hitmen known as "the Anthrax". He is active on social media and frequently posts pictures of a seemingly luxurious lifestyle that features celebrities, high-profile events and fast cars.
Hong Kong is home to a handful of organized crime syndicates.

Paramount are the 14K and the Sun Yee On triads, arch-rivals with a propensity towards violence.

Triads have their roots in dialect groups, trade guilds or political movements, but are now responsible for much of the region's drug trafficking and vice establishments.
With about 55,000+ members worldwide, the Sun Yee On is said to be the most organized and wealthiest triad society.

Sjun Yee On is a Traids faction founded by Hokkien immigrants from northeast Guangdong in 1919, the triad exerts considerable sway in its traditional stronghold Tsim Sha Tsui East, as well as in Tuen Mun and Tseung Kwan O.

The 14K was founded in Guangzhou in 1945 as an anti-communist taskforce. In 1949, it relocated to Hong Kong following the Nationalist defeat and today exerts influence predominantly over West Kowloon, Yuen Long and Kwun Tong.
Source-South China Morning Post

About the Triads:
The following in information from a previous post of mine:
·         Triads are family-run organized crime gangs. They are sometimes refereed to as the Chinese Mafia or, among mainland Chinese, as "black societies." The Triads are active in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the Chinatowns in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.

 ·         Chinese Triad societies control all Chinese organized crime. They are some of the world's largest crime organizations. They are believed to have more than 2M  members, with 150,000 in Hong Kong alone.
 ·         The term "Triad" is relatively modern English term used to describe the triangular symbols found on flags and banners used by the Hung clan, also known as the Heaven and Earth Society. The bosses of the Triads are called "dragonheads."

·         The Triads are believed to control an empire worth many billions of dollars. The largest and most powerful Triad, Sun Yee On, is believed to have 140,000 members. The unnamed "Dragon Head" of Kong Sun Yee On, was named on Asiaweek’s list of the 50 most powerful people in Asia.

·         Sun Yee On is believed to be particularly well connected with the Hong Kong tycoons and Communist party elite. One high-level Communist official even referred to them as "patriotic." The second and third largest Triads respectively are Who Sing Who and 14K (14 stands for the road number of a former headquarters and K stands for Kowloon).

There are 60+ gangs in the triads federation in china alone with a half a million members. However they are based around the world including the US. They are centuries old and diversify product in a apx 50% split similar as the Zetas.

I takes 6-12 months to be accepted into a triads gang.


  1. Wow chivis nice info

    1. Chivis- Great info. Two recent events reflect the Sinlola cartel and triads involvement in the growing expansion globally. The first is 5 middle school girls showing up with meth stickers in a small town outside of Houston. One of the girls father was arrested for giving the girls the meth. He's now talking. Bottom line, he's getting it from San Antonio through the Sinola cartel. The second event I became aware of this past week involving the Sinola cartal and the triads having taken over the majority of drugs in Africa.Which they then distribute it through Mexico into the US and from Africa to Europe. In Mali it is common to see both Sinola cartel members as well as 4 different triads working together. The number one drug problem in Africa is "ice". It appears now to be the number 2 import into the US behind pot.It is a nightmare trying to help 8 and 9 year holds hooked on it. Everyday seems to bring a new wave of addiction to our children thanks to these groups. There are not enough rehabs in the US, much less Africa. Bringing us timely information is vital. Once again BB educates us and reaffirms what is rumor and what is facual. I hear a lot of rumors but once I see it as truth through BB, I can then know what is needed. Thanks Chivis from Cape Town South Africa.Sorry for rambling, jet lag. Peace Texas Grandma

    2. I thought you where in cape town south America a couple days ago.

  2. Sinaloa taking big hits, its just gona get crazier

    1. Nope it's Caro Quintero cleaning house

  3. No offense but no shit. I coulda told u this. When I was in Reynosa I wanted a perico n thay said litrally echa te in Gallio. In Mexico culture a Gallup fights n stings I said que es in Gallio n thay busted out meth. This was around 8 yrs ago. I said de donde gararon este pedo ...." De los pinche chinos" I'm sure I'm not the only one that has witnessed this. Please post this shit cuz its real n people should know. Drugs have been provided by los chinos for awhile now. N I hear some those fukers speak Spanish to

  4. You don't need a world war to conquer a country, the Mexican cartels and their accomplices are conquering the United States through drug addiction.

  5. Oh man, these guys are so cool.

  6. Don nacho coronel and beltran leyvas have been connected for a long time now.Thats why nacho was called the king of crystal he controlled Colima and produced huge quantities en la sierra.

  7. If true , Are the Chinese immune from Kingpin and Rico ?
    Think about it. The Ore business is supposedly controlled by elements of organized crime and Chinese are supposedly doing business with them.
    If all this is true ? It could , Could be speculated that the Chinese could trade weapons, and old outdated diesel submarines to the Mexican organized crime organizations. Just in theory but food for thought.

    Well, so just go arrest and extradite some nobody Mexican inbred /living abortion who thinks he's Scarface. No shit , scar face t shirts and posters
    are #1 sellers in Mexico . Even the kids love Scar face movie. He's their idol.

  8. Now all of a sudden all these know it alls on here wanna say "no shit I knew that bla bla bla" shut the fuck up y'all didn't know shit till y'all read it here. Good post Bb

  9. @chivis
    WOW! This is crazy I just (about 2 months ago) was invited to my jewelers house and when I got there I was thrown back by his facial tattoo and full tattoo sleeves. After I asked he told me that he was a triad and that his god uncle (first I ever heard god uncle lol) was Mr. Gon and that he was a triad as well. IDK if this was common knowledge but I myself did not know and didn't really believe it but it makes sense now. Its such a small world haha

  10. Why is the story repeated twice?

  11. I believe the michoacanos monopoly has fallen but their products is stll hands down the purest

    1. What about Heisenbergs product,his is at about 96% pure.

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    vato fanfarron joto, creandose una vida falsa con fotos falsas jaja pinche gatillero de quinta,
    mejor regresate al barrio naco de donde saliste y asaltabas con resorteras naco! jajajajaj 
    yo no se como esa basura pueden admirar, si lo conocieran en persona no le tendrian más que
    lastima, en fin.


  14. esa cara me la imagino puesta con las fotos de su instagram
    fatal no va la ropa ni nada con esa cara
    naco de alguna colonia corriente

  15. El porq se tapaba la cara este nacooooo jajajja jajajja

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    imaginando un bratpit jajajja ascoooo este payaso

  17. "HONG KONG - More than 3 tons of crystal methamphetamine were seized in a village notorious for producing narcotics in China, authorities said.


    Around 22 tons of raw materials for drug production were also seized, the official Xinhua news agency said."

  18. Don't be silly...those are not rental tags. All highways are tax or toll, among a gazillion other damn tags and doc display the communists make one display. our cars both have them for the Guangdong, HK (ferry), Macau and Shenzhen.

    as for the shirts I have no clue why they go shirtless I called and asked my husband and he says to display tattoos, many are on the back of the torso, especially 14k (K=Kowloon HK) and Sun Yee On.

    There are 60+ gangs in the triads federation in china alone with a half a million members. However they are based around the world including the US. They are centuries old and diversify product in a apx 50% split similar as the Zetas.

    I takes 6-12 months to be accepted into a triads gang.

    1. Damn chivis,your married...too bad

  19. PS. ..a vehicle in china and HK is very expensive. A Van from the US with a price tag of 40k USD will be apx 100k in China with extensive duties place. a hummer or Mercedes will be upwards of 175

  20. Yup the Chinese supply the precursors to the mexican cartels to make crystal meth in the sierras of michoacan sinaloa and many other states. The mexican cartels then sell the crystal meth all over the world for huge profits.

  21. Yes in hong kong you would have to pay aprox 35k usd of taxes per year and per car not everyone has cars over there

  22. Why don't the triads simply make it themselves and cut out the Mexican middlemen? Making meth is just basic chemistry, and the Chinese are definitely better at science than the Mexicans. Supply routes? How about all those container ships coming over daily to the US west coast?

    1. Chinese will never have the US retail or wholesale drug markets in the US,that's why they won't cut the Mexicans out,they won't be able to get rid of the finiched product

  23. At the same time that the corrupt Chinese govt. in complicity with the triads is selling the cartels the necessary precursor chemicals to manufacture ice inorder to make profits from illegal drugs, it also serves a geopolitical purpose. Anytime the Chinese can do harm to the U.S.A. in some fashion, they will take advantage of the opportunity inorder to weaken the U.S. from within -- in this case through drug addiction. Other methods are also utilized. Whether it be weather manipulation, releasing a virus, or sending the triads overseas to increase crime in host countries. Exploiting corporate greed by providing the U.S.A. corporations with a large pool of cheap labor to encourage the outsourcing of American, thus, undermining the American worker. Wal-Mart and Target come to mind. China is bent on world conquest. On becoming the world's imminent superpower. It will be only a matter of time before they bring Taiwan under its control. I even have a theory about China and Cuba, home to a Chinese minority. Furthermore, keep in mind that some of the precursors are purchased from another BRIC nation -- India.

  24. @2:27 WOW! You are definitely of low intelligence lol. I hope you have invested in a premium foil hat do you go aluminum or tin?

    1. @3:27 p.m LMAO!!!:) probably foil with a propellar on top!

    2. You are a naive fool. This is precisely what is happening. You obviously have zero knowledge of transnational narco-trafficking.

  25. Well the Asian gangs are the original makers of method.

  26. The triads have working agreements with all organized crime groups. Yakuza from Japan, the American mafia, the Sicillian and Italian Mafia, the Russian mafia Etc. They've been in the drug business ever since opium was exported by the Brits to China back in the 1800's.

    The triads are SOB's but they serve a purpose in Hong Kong and China. They are like BlackWater Security. Private security that does dirty work for the U.S. and the Iraqi government. Keeping the people down and enforcing government policy. They keep the authorities hand "Clean".

    In exchange, they are allowed to keep their illegal businesses. Trafficking in drugs, people, endanger species, ivory. Gambling and prostitution. Slavery. Extortion. You get the picture.

    Of course the government officials get their share too.

    Kinda like the PRI and it's working agreement" with the cartels.

    1. "They are allowed " hahah.ok good for the mafias that the govs let them do biz..

    2. @6:55 ha,ha,ha! ESBY ora si te la jalaste hasta que se te arranco,si no sabes para que hablas ora vas a andar con el propeller en el horno y a propulsion a chorro.
      All the drug trafficking operations are owned by big businessmen,and launder money into the trillions of dollars,little ma' and pa' narcs,don't last long because they are nothing to them,and if they make any money,it gets expropriated anyway...or it is a bone thrown to the narcs to fight like dogs,to destabilize a territory to soften it for take over,you may be better off as a music critic of chun-tata-chun corridos...
      Good luck on your new career...

  27. How can she have a husband if she's my lady?

  28. @ 2:27 PM

    Your theory sure sounds a lot like American, British and Spanish history.

    The British forced opium upon the Chinese back in the 1800's, thats why the Chinese government went to war with great Britian, its called the "Opium War".

    "Weather manipulation" The CIA tried that on Cuba back in the 1960's.

    "Releasing a virus", exactly what the Spanish, Americans and British did to the Indigenous peoples back during the conquest of the Mexico, America,and Australia.

    "Sending triads overseas to increase crime in the hosts countries". Wrong, the first immigrant Chinese and Japanese were invited to these hosts countries as cheap labor. They worked the farms and built the Union Pacific rail roads. They came because the indigenous people were slaughtered or busy working the great hacienda plantations for peanuts/beans.

    The latest wave, well they brought their way in by "Investing" $500,000 in real estate or businesses. Its the BS policy of the American banksters, Keeps their foreclosed properties from losing money.

    "Exploiting corporate greed" That's true. But I put the real blame on the corporate factory owners. The past ten years, they sent over 50,000 thousands factories, ( not jobs, Factories!), overseas, mostly to China so the corporate powers can get super profits.

    "On becoming the world's imminent superpower". Don't they have a right to modernized and prosper? After 30 years of disastrous economic planning which lead to millions of deaths. Growing and prospering is not a bad thing.

    The recent bulling of their neighbors is different though. I don'y like it.

    Last thing. Whats's this about your theory of Chinese in Cuba? Please explain.

    Peace and Prosperity

    1. ESB thank you for responding to my comment without resorting to insults unlike some fools. That shows how they lack in maturity. By the way I'am drug free and have never consumed anything illegal. Kinda of ironic considering I follow the latest narco news and do my own research on the topic. To say the leas, I think for myself.

      That's how the Brithish took control of the Chinese territory of Hong Kong. They won the right to sell opium to the Chinese people and took control of their former colony.

      If you don't governments aren't still utilizing weather manipulation, think again. Look up HARP. That's a U.S.A. govt. electrical research installation in Alaska.

      Maybe perhaps in Sub-Saharan Africa through the AIDS virus. At one point in the world, almost 80% of the HIV cases came from that region -- a region with only 10% of the world's population; specifically the nation's of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana. Nations where white minorities fought hard to maintain white rule. If anybody knows anything about the swine flu, it was also called the Chinese bird flu since it is believed it originated from there. If its been done in in the past by govts., what makes you think its not being done now by nations like China.

      As far as sending triads to the U.S. and other host nations, we're talking more recent times as the article on precursors trafficking would suggest. Last I heard, there isn't a wave of Japanese immigrants leaving Japan for a better life. That's what happens when govts./thriving business sector create opportunities for their citizens. Chinese immigrants = influx of triads and the all criminality they bring. They traffic the Chinese immigrants and hold them as slaves for businesses like restaurants or massage parlors until they pay off the debt for their transportation to the new country. Your not going to tell me the triads weren't involved in human trafficking even during the times of the building of the U.S.A.'s railroad. Remember Zhenli Yegon.

      Put the blame on Wall Street also. When these corporations outsource their factories, downsize or merge the stocks of those companies go up. That's more money for the company owners and fatter checks for CEOs and brokers.

      As far as banksters, they print/control the supply of our money; we bail out their banks; and we pay their salaries.

      Yes China has the right to prosper. They have a wealth of resources/people. It is in the world's intest that the most populous nation on earth prosper, specifically in the case of stability. China is communist in name only. They opened up their economy to capitalism under Deng Xiaoping because they knew that communism was a flawed ideology, and that the way to economic prosperity was through thriving markets in partnership through a strong/stable govt. Communist party rule under Mao Zedong was a means to a end. Mao rid China of warlord domination and united China. The U.S.A. conquered the plains, China conquered Tibet.

      Finally, Cuba has a minority of 100,000 ethnic Chinese. I wouldn't doubt if some of the powerful people in Cuba had a Chinese background if a more deeper investigation was carried out on their personal history. I wouldn't doubt if some of the powerful Cuban-Americans would have similar backgrounds. That would explain some of the geopolitical rivalry that occurs between Cuba and the U.S.A. Perhaps the Cuban-Americans are just really actors in this geopolitical drama inorder to perpetrate an appearance of antagonism that at the end of the day, as agents of China, is a ploy to serve China's interest. We have two U.S. senators at the moment now of Cuban extraction. This enmity between Cuba and the U.S.A. might have some Chinese involvement/string pulling behind the scenes. The same goes for Oliver Stone.

    2. 2:30
      --England "returned" control of Hong Kong to china,English Barclay's bank "lost" billions of pounds in Hong Kong.
      --HSBC Holdings plc,headquartered in London,founded in1991, by the hong kong and shangai banking corporation,to a t as a new group holding company.
      --with global orifices all over the world, dedicated to laundering money and to finance, with assets of 2.692 US$ in 2012.
      --founded in 1865 in Hong Kong,benefitted from the start of trading into China, including opium trading...
      -How in the hell can a fucking bank,funded and headquartered in London,in1991,be that rich and powerful,and have a Chinese name?
      --now hsbc owns all kinds of businesses, sends everybody's jobs to China,wants to finance the buying of all the natural resources all over the world,through third parties,of course,has Chinese obtaining ownership of the African continent,Asia, Africa,America,and makes China the big enchilada?
      --US$ 2692 trillion in assets in 2012,and still needs to traffic drugs and launder money?
      --and we have narcs battling for the profits from selling a pericazo?
      --and we still have the idiots denying that some BIIIG evil is behind all the problems in the world...
      Most all this copied from Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia,I don't know how to paste. Google while you can,soon it will. E against the law

    3. Thanks for the knowledge/research bro. A point of contention with you. Although G.B.-England "returned" Hong Kong to China due to Brithish bank Barclay's losing billions of pounds in the former Brithish colony, it was the best move former Brithish P.M.Thatcher could've done when she on the return with Chinese President Deng Xiaoping. However, eventually China would've began to agitate for the return of Hong Kong if not returned peacefully. Your not going to tell me England would've kept control of Hong Kong at all costs. I don't care what bank's nterest were at stake.You do the math: 1.3 bil. Chinese vs. the Brithish military. Ask Portugal about trying to hold onto colonies by force as far as their former colonies in India is concerned.

    4. HSBC had US$ 2.692 trillion in assets
      The return of Hong Kong control to China is more like to mask the influence of the British on the taking over of the continents and shift blame for aggressive politics and economic domination of the world,the chines are making good through the slave labor they provide and the thight control of their population.
      The Chinese presence in Africa,America and growing influence in asia leaves no doubt,they are spearheading the takeover,but hsbc moved its headquarters to England,and from there they are pulling the strings,they would not stay in China and risk the Chinese overwhelming them.
      Their moves on Europe have ruined the economies of those that listened to them,America is suffering the same symptoms for following suit,Mexico and the rest of Latin America,same thing.
      The point I am trying to make is behind all the evils of the world is not the US,or any single country,but big global banking.
      I just got tired of just reading about the atrocities and the count of daily death, and took to looking for the why, what, who, when, where.
      Other colonistas could not hold on to their Colonies,but the new colonists are taking back all the colonies,even the US,by corruption of the politicians and the armed forces,and it is working wondrefully for them. john Cecil Rhodes declared on his last will that his fortune was to be dedicated exactly to conquering all the land industry and peoples,recovering for the British,including the former Colony now known as the United States of America,and it is working,the US is full of domestic enemies...

  29. To 7:48 PM

    LOL! They ain't Jet Li or the other martial stars. But the criminals will go after you with 1000's of members. Numbers VS muscles. Numbers usually win. That's their secret to keeping power.

  30. chivis, with much love and admiration. i think you have delusions of grandeur. you never wrote anything. you copy and paste and/or translate mostly the work of other journalists. Your website is great because it chronicles this stupid war like BDN used to. and the service you provide is much greater than any article you may or may not have written. let go of the ego. People appreciate you for what you do.

    1. If you want the reality of grandeur let me offer some Tuna...

      Tunuts on your chin...

      Or better yet you must love dragons of grandeur...

      My balls dragon on your face

      Take your wack ass coments somewhere else.
      Keep it coming Mi Chivis

  31. The Chinese were the ones that brought opium to the golden triangle back in the late 1800's. That being said ,the Sinaloans have the distribution on lock,thats why they are partners.Plus why take the risk.? They are paid no matter what happens to the pre cursors,less profits;but guaranteed profit none the less.Keep an eye out for North Korea,they are next in the pre cursors making game....

  32. @11:23...chivaaa! los aires de grandeza,los causa la grifa,nosotros te queremos por bonita.your work here is appreciated,and not enough,don't let the comadre have any effect on you,i know one rotten bean is one too many,but what can be do,best regards and where is havana?some of us miss her too.
    @7:48 can't take over the whole site because of you,but mao's experiment, has only survived thanks to other countries like france and the ussr,and england under the table,and now it is emerging as a "power"player because of the slave communist labor it exploits for the benefit of the global vulture capitalists,in detriment of the US workers,and surrendering their environment to the whims of their "patrons"on whose's opium of friendlines they have pinned their hopes of progress,paired with drug trafficking opportunities,and chances for territorial conquests,check the Dragon Mart operations,and plans for oil and minerals in mexico,too close to the US,their friendship with the bolivians,for the lithium,etc,all aiding the cause of recovering the US colony for their former masters, everyting made legal for and by the foreign and domestic enemies of the US that are the cause of all the big problems in the US and the world,and of course in mexico,where not content with the opportunities that our corrupt government sold to them ,they still needed to terrorize and kill so many people by their sicarios,armed forces and police,as they are doing in africa too. EBS,not everybody can be right all the time,but let's try harder.
    PS i left some homework for you,a few posts back,i hope you can deliver...
    take it as a collaborationbetween you BB and me...

    1. English as a Second Blablabla(ESB):
      The Chinese had the opium,the Europeans trafficked it until the Chinese kicked them out,probably in complicity with the British who were allowed to keep Hong Kong from where their trafficking continued until the present,now including Meth precursors, china producing and the British marketing it.
      The viruses and biological warfare were not known in the times America was colonized,it was their good luck that the colonizers brought with them their illnesses that decimated the indigenous population.
      Asians were brought to America when slavery was abolished because the former slaves did not want to do menial jobs without benefits welfare and obamacare,on top of their natural laziness.
      Good on the Jobs exported to China,but any country can get rich if it can exploit a population of billions of Communist slaves.
      the Cuban/us rivalry happened when Cuba kicked out the americans and had to find help to survive in the arms of the Russians, with help of the British under the table,and other countries openly confronting the US.
      The British learned their lesson from the French about helping revolutionaries all over the world,the French monarchy being their first victim,to pay them back for helping Ben Franklin and his cohorts achieve the independence of the US...
      let's don't write books,it takes a long time to have to correct your and your assyciates brainy but wrong or incorrect bla,bla,bla...


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