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Monday, January 6, 2014

High level Mexican officials involved in the murder and kidnapping of Kiki Camarena

Proceso (1-5-2013)  El Diario de Coahuila (1-5-2013) By J. Jesus Esquivel

 Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Three former Mexican police officers, placed in the witness protection program since the 1990's, gave Proceso details of the kidnapping and torture of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena in 1985. But there's more: these witnesses assert that Manuel Bartlett Diaz, then the Mexican Secretary of the Interior, and Juan Arevalo Gardoqui, Secretary of Defense, witnessed the torture of the DEA agent.

This is the most detailed account I have found of the persons present during the interrogation of Kiki Camarena. --un vato

CALIFORNIA, U.S. (Proceso).- In collaboration with drug traffickers and with the CIA, Miguel Bartlett Diaz and General Juan Arevalo Gardoqui participated in the interrogation of DEA agent Enrique Camarena, who was tortured to death in February of 1985.

This claim is sustained by three former Mexican police officers who are now in the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program, also known as WITSEC (Witness Security Program). One of them also accuses Bartlett (then Secretary of Interior, now a Senator for the Labor Party (Partido del Trabajo)) of having received four billion dollars(?) [Probably pesos, not dollars. Other sources refer to this amount as $320 million. -- un vato] in 1984 to finance his campaign to become a candidate for the Mexican presidency from drug traffickers Rafael Caro Quintero, Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo,"Don Neto",  Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and Manuel Salcido Uzeta, "El Cochiloco".

For the three former police officers -- interviewed separately by Proceso and identified for safety reasons as "Jose I", "Jose II" and "Jose III"-- there is no doubt: the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), drug traffickers, the (Mexican) Army and the Mexican government planned the kidnapping of Kiki Camarena on February 7, 1985. 

These statements are consistent with those made to this journal (Editions No. 1928, 1929 and 1932) by three former U.S. federal agents -- Hector Berrellez, Phil Jordan and Robert Plumlee-- who insisted that the CIA was behind the murder of Camarena because the anti-narcotics agent had discovered a secret plan by the agency to arm the Nicaraguan contras with resources obtained from drug trafficking.   

Admitted into the protected witnesses program during the development of Operation Legend, charged with investigating Camarena's murder, the three former Mexican police officers gave Proceso a detailed account of the case, before and after the kidnapping, torture and murder of the DEA agent.

"About eight or ten days before the kidnapping of Camarena, I was at a meeting that took place in a house owned by Ernesto Fonseca. The house was known as 'La Bajadita'.  It was located beside the School of Medicine at the Guadalajara Autonomous University", says Jose I, who in 1985 worked on political and social investigations with the Jalisco Support Squadron (anti-riot) under the command of Federal Judicial Police Commander (PJF) Sergio Espino Verdin.

He states that, on orders from (Espino Verdin), he was part of "Don Neto's" personal bodyguards.

"Present at the meeting were 'Don Neto', Caro Quintero, Felix Gallardo, 'El Cochiloco'; an Army Colonel whose name I don't know, but whose characteristics I recall: about 55 years old, not much hair, and he was wearing a suit. There was also a man there they called Max. I had seen this person once or twice before this date.  And I found him curious because he was not Mexican", he explains.

-- Max was not a Mexican?

-- No, no. I found this "Max" strange, and I even laughed at the way he spoke.

-- Was he a gringo?  

-- No, he was not a gringo. He was dark skinned, like us. I bet he was Puerto Rican or Cuban... the ones who always drop a letter when the pronounce a word,-- says Jose I.

According to the former policeman, Max "was listening to everything, he would get close to Rafael and to Ernesto. That day, 'Don Neto' hardly moved from his desk. There were about 20 people there. And I'm talking about people very close to them, one hundred percent".

Jose I claims that in that meeting Fonseca showed a photograph in which Antonio Padilla, a local restaurant owner, appeared arm in arm with another person he didn't know at the time, but who he later learned was Kiki Camarena.

"Don Neto" requested that Padilla be killed. The rest of them were against this because that restaurant owner was working for "El Cochiloco". But Caro Quintero grabbed the photo and pointing at Camarena, said: 'This son of a bitch is going to die'.

"After that, in the presence of the colonel who was there and in front of Max, who was then between 35 and 40 years old, more or less,  Ernesto said to me: 'Go to the bedroom, take out a stack of money, and please bring me a bottle of cognac that's right by the safe", he says.

"When I came back with the money, 'Don Neto' took it and spoke to the colonel: 'Here, I'm turning it over to you'. It was all one-hundred dollar bills. (Jose I estimates there was about $20,000)".

"Ernesto asked the colonel: 'Is this enough or do you need more?' The colonel took the money and put it in his suit pocket", continues the former policeman.

-- What was the payment for?

"Nothing was said, it was not explained whether the money was payment for killing Padilla or Camarena. But they never killed Antonio Padilla. The colonel and Max then left. The moment these two left, the party started, they kept on talking and making arrangements. That day, Ernesto gave me a gift of a million pesos (about $80,000.00). They had not prepared any drugs to consume, so I mixed them a kilo of bazuco".   

Jose I states that during those years, he didn't know who Max was. Today he says that it was the Cuban Felix Ismael Rodriguez, "El Gato", who took part in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and who worked for the CIA in Mexico, Central America, Vietnam and Bolivia, where he captured Che Guevara and ordered his death on October 9, 1967. (Proceso Nos. 1928 and 1929).
 Post Continues on Following Page----
"El Gato"

In 1984, Jose II was a member of the Judicial police and was assigned to the area of Homicides in Jalisco. His boss was Commander Jose Maria Carlos Ochoa, and (Carlos Ochoa) assigned him to work under "Don Neto", for whom he became chief of security.

In July that year, "two individuals came to the 'Mar Marmara' house (another of Fonseca's properties) and asked me if Don Ernesto was there. Inside, in the living room, Fonseca was with Javier Barba Hernandez (lawyer for the Guadalajara Cartel)", narrates Joe II, and he adds that he showed the two visitors into the house, where they began conversing with their host.

"Then Don Ernesto called for me and said to me: 'Look, these are people who bring us weapons and grenades'. Javier Barba told me: 'You're going to help them fill hand grenades with powder'. 'Don Neto' told me that one of them was an Army captain and the other one was with the CIA."

-- Did Fonseca tell you the name of the CIA person? 

"They told me only that the CIA person was called Felix, but they didn't give me his whole name. I knew he was with the CIA because 'Don Neto" himself told me. That day, the Army captain and the CIA guy brought 'cuernos de chivo' (AK 47) and plenty of hand grenades to the house.

Also in 1984, recalls Jose II, former Jalisco Judicial Police officer, "they took me to the Club Libanes in Colinas de San Javier. My group commander was Ernesto Piliado Garza and the commanding officer was Jose Maria Carlos Ochoa.

"There, they introduced me to Fonseca Carrillo and to Caro Quintero, who were supposed to work for the Department of Interior, and my bosses told me that from that moment on I was to stay with them and take orders from them."

Jose III states that in the 'La Bajadita' house (on Hidalgo Street in Colinas de San Javier, Guadalajara) there  were frequent meetings with government officials and high ranking members of the military.

"Among the people who went there frequently was one who spoke with a Cuban accent", he recalls. Like the other two protected witnesses, Jose III can state with certainty at this time that the person who spoke like a Cuban and was at 'La Bajadita" is Felix Ismael Rodriguez, "El Gato".

"It was an open secret during those years in Guadalajara, and among people who worked for 'Don Neto',  caro Quintero,  Felix Gallardo and 'El Cochiloco', that the CIA took weapons into Mexico and Nicaragua, and brought cocaine from Colombia into Mexico", he recalls.

The statements given to Proceso by the three protected witnesses are almost a replica of of what they testified to in the early 1990's in Federal District Court in the Central District of California.

The three former Mexican police officers and dozens more witnesses testified in the trial of Ruben Zuno Arce, Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros, Jose Bernabe and Javier Vazquez Velasco, accused of drug trafficking and implicated in the murder of Camarena.

Senator Bartlett and General Arevalo Gardoqui (photos below)

As chief of security for "Don Neto", Jose II states that he was a witness to what took place on February 7, 1985, in the home of Zuno Arce on Lope de Vega Street. That day, in collaboration with Espino Verdin, Guadalajara Cartel members kidnapped Camarena and Department of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources pilot, Alfredo Zavala Avelar, informant and collaborator of the DEA agent.

Both were taken to the servants' room in that house and brutally tortured. The pilot died that same day.

"We arrived with Ernesto to the Lope de Vega (Street) house and there were a lot of people already there.  I remained outside with the bodyguards and more people began to come out, 'El Amadito',  'El Javier', people we recognized with the Caro Quintero bodyguards.  I looked into the room in the house and, in fact, they had Camarena on a bed , blindfolded and with his feet and hands tied.

"When I first looked, he was the only one in there, but a little later, two hours, more or less, Felix Gallardo and his people arrived, bringing with them a person covered with a green military jacket. His head was covered and he was walking. One of the bodyguards told me he was Camarena's damned pilot. I saw that they put him in the same room that Camarena was in, the servants' room", recalls Jose III.

-- Who was inside the Lope de Vega house with Fonseca Carrillo and Caro Quintero?

"Well... in the living room there were General Vinicio Santoyo Feria (Commander of the 15th Military Zone, based in Guadalajara); General Arevalo Gardoqui (then Secretary of Defense);  Manuel Bartlett Diaz; Felix, the Cuban, who was with another foreigner whom I didn't identify nor learn his nationality, Miguel Aldana Ibarra (Director of Interpol-Mexico); Manuel Ibarra Herrer (Director of the PJF--Policia Judicial Federal), Espino Verdin and others". 

-- What were all these people doing?

"Talking in the living room. But at a given moment, they all went into the the room where they had Camarena. Everybody was going out of the living room to go look at him. Bartlett, too, went to look at him.  I don't know if Bartlett questioned him, but he looked at Camarena in the servants' room several times. They were all very nervous, scared, it was a very heavy atmosphere, very tense. One could feel the danger. There was a risk of death".

-- Which of the persons who were not with the narcos did you see interrogate Camarena?

"The Cuban. The Cuban and another foreigner did interrogate Camarena. In other words, Felix and the other person".

-- What did they ask him?

"I don't know if Camarena answered, because he was already in very bad shape when I saw him. They had already beaten him up a lot. From the beginning, Rafael had ordered his people to beat him to soften him up. He was blindfolded, but his mouth was uncovered so he could talk".

-- How long did Felix and the foreigner stay with Camarena?

"About five or ten minutes. It was like a pilgrimage, like a visit to a church, all politicians, all drug traffickers".

Jose III says he was not at the Lope de Vega house on February 7, 1985, but he was at the side of Fonseca Carrillo on April 7 that same year in Puerto Vallarta. On that day, "Don Neto" and his people were arrested.

"At that house, he was always listening to the Camarena interrogation. They had recorded all of it", says the witness.  When describing for this journal the room where Camarena was kept, Jose II mentions that there was a tape recorder on top of a dresser with which they recorded the interrogation.

-- Did you listen to the recordings (while) in Puerto Vallarta?

"Yes. 'Don Neto" would play a cassette constantly. It was the cassette in which that chopped voice, Cuban, would ask Camarena who else in the government was involved, what else did he know. And you could hear the blows, the grunts from Camarena, who would say: 'Stop, please. I told you everything". 

-- Why did Fonseca keep playing the recording with the Cuban's voice?

"I don't know. He would play it and play it. He would sit smoking his cigarettes and drinking his cognac. He listened to the recording about five times. The Cuban's voice was very clear. The recording lasted about 30 minutes".

-- What did Fonseca say about the Cuban?

"'Don Neto', when he listened to the recording, would say: 'We are fucked! It's all screwed up!' 'Don Neto' said that Max worked for the CIA, that he was U.S. intelligence. He would say that Samuel Ramirez Razo, with the DFS (who had taken part in Camarena's abduction) was with the CIA and was with us. That they were associates of Manuel Bartlett Diaz".

For Bartlett's campaign
In the agreement signed with the government of the United States to enter the protected witness program (a document that this journal had access to), Jose I, Jose II and Jose III promised to "tell all the truth of what they saw, what they heard and what they did as police officers working for drug traffickers". 

The agreement with WITSEC warns them that if they lie to a court or in any public statement they may make (like this one to Proceso) they will lose the privileges they and their families have been granted, they will be charged with obstruction of justice and sentenced to several years in prison.

-- Did you witness any meetings between Mexican government officials and "Don Neto" or Caro Quintero?, Jose I is asked.

"Yes. By Bartlett".

-- Where did you see him meet (with them)?

"In the Lope de Vega house".

-- With whom, exactly?

--"With Rafael, with Ernesto, Manuel Salcido, with Miguel Angel Felix, with former governor of Jalisco Enrique Alvarez del Castillo and with the Honduran Juan Manuel Matta Ballesteros. And with Max".  

-- Did you see Bartlett meet with Matta Ballesteros? Are you sure?

"Yes, sir. In the Lope de Vega house. That meeting was in order to deliver a trailer completely loaded with dollars packed in egg cartons of that brand name...Bachoco".

-- The money was for Bartlett?

"It was going to be delivered to all of them, to Arevalo Gardoqui, to Bartlett Diaz, to Aldana, who was there, too, and to Jose Zorilla (Director of Federal Security). I am stating and afirming this because I personally took down two boxes they ordered me to take down. They told me: 'Get up on the trailer and throw down two of the boxes'. I threw down two boxes, they opened them, and they were filled with hundred-dollar bills".

-- What was the money for?

"The money, as far as I know, because that is what I saw and heard from the conversations between themselves, was for Manuel Bartlett Diaz's campaign for the candidacy for president of Mexico."




  1. Why can't they let kiko R.I.P

    1. 9:19 kiki camarena rests in peace,after two or three days of torture,the ones that will not rest in peace,are his torturers and killers,mainly from the US side,as it is coming up,it is a wonderful tar and feathering of the Republican side,I hope it comes up on all news channels and in print,for those still propounding the voodoo economy of Reaganomics.
      For kiki's shake don't let go of this bone!
      On top of everything the campaign against the sandinistas failed miserably because all the money made off the drug trafficking found a warmer home in the pockets of those running the contras,like the caleros,north,Abrams,secord,all of the circus clowns,even brought Fidel Castro into it,I can certainly imagine Felix Rodriguez kissy kissing with Fidel Castro,after both of them cooked el che in Bolivia to seal their dirty dealing,or double double double dealing,
      30+ years of impunity,should be enough,ask Obama for his opinion anyone?

    2. Esa persona era corrupta por su puta culpa estamos como estamos, que chingue a su madre lo que dicen de el por que el no era una persona buena...

    3. 7:35 kiki camarena did not torture or kill anyone,he was appointed legally to do his job,and he was legally doing it on both sides of the border.
      If we are like we are,blame the corrupt Mexican government,selling the mexicans to the highest bidder for their own profit...
      So,safo y a veinte cada que respires,sin safaderas...

  2. The deeper you dig, the uglier and complicated this gets. Great job reporting, awesome read.

    1. Agreed, truly disturbing to learn of the details it makes one stop and think about how fucked the whole situation really is. Its a whole lot more than good vs evil its more like greed trumps everything. As much as I love this country theres no denying that the US using the CIA and other intelligence agencies has been directly or indirectly responsibe for a great majority of wars & since the end of WWII. I am just as skeptical as the next guy but theres a huge difference between skepticism & willful ignorance. Only when we discover the truth can we begin to live freely.

  3. Not surprised.. Since Mexico's politicians are all fucking crooks.. They might as well let Chapo run for president..

    1. 10:02 SOORYY to disappoint your ass,but all the corrupt Mexican politicians do not equate one bad vulture capitalist,they corrupt and steal like nothing ever these days,they corrupt their government and everybody else's,on the chapo,I agree,but maybe Dr mireles would be a better candidate,the soldiers need to be liberated from the blind discipline of having to do their officers will,and Dr mireles has been working around the armiy elements that remember how many of them have been sent by their strategist superiors to be ambusbed by the cabelleras kagadas, without even the appearance of an investigation,regarding kiki camarena,where are all the great American reporters?or the great Mexican reporters? Is thirty years not enough impunity for kiki's murderers?
      For the torture alone,a la Klaus Barbie's nazi style,his tormentors should be subjected to the same treatment...

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  5. We all know that the US government:
    - kills people who does not comply with their policies (as e.g. in this case)
    - sanctions and promotes the use and distribution of drugs for political reasons
    - is the biggest corruptor in the world
    - lies and is hypocritical (Snowden and Manning proved that)

    Just cannot understand what the fuzz over Kiki is all about.

    1. 10:28 You do not understand like many others,that:
      -not all the American people were working in the Reagan administration...
      -Not all of the people that did work for the Reagan administration worked for the CIA..
      -That not all of those working for the CIA at the time,were involved in the iran-contra affairs...
      -That vice-president George HW Bush,ex-cia boss,ex-ambassador to China,and the man that first saw Reaganomics for the voodoo economics fraud that it was,and
      which consequences are that the mighty US of A has trickled down to its knees...
      -was in charge of lording it with others in the Reagan cabinet while the president slept drooling in Nancy's lap...
      -that Donald rumsfeld,Oliver north,Eliot Abrams,Felix Rodriguez,William Casey,dick Cheney,and a few others still alive,but not that many,allied with criminals all over the world to traffic drugs and make money for themselves,while appearing to try to save the world from communism...
      -inventing communism,and Communists was no problem...
      -Iran Contra failed in all of its goals,not because it would not have worked,but because most of the money was stolen by the puppet masters,who saw better opportunities to invest their ill gotten money in the global economy,as did Bain and Co. And Bain capital,and Thatcher and all the American right aspiring to be millionaires...(not happening)
      So many points to be made,it gets boring, but having to answer to the questions, bother the crooks that wasn't supposed to be there,the us government has questions to ask,and all it needs to bring people to justice,WHY WILL THE US GOVERNMENT NOT ACT? IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THEY ALL ARE DIRTY?

  6. If I remember right, The Mercury News form San Jose, CA tried to expose this CIA, cocaine/crack epidemic connection about 20 years ago. They reported how the CIA brought the Crack epidemic, first to LA's Black community through Ricky Ross (Not the second hand rapper) network, then spread it nationwide by LA's Crips and Bloods. This Crack epidemic has destroyed millions of lives mostly in the Black and Latino communities.

    The CIA was in it mostly for the money, to fund its illegal operations. Eventually the CIA, NSA and the Reagan Whitehouse were caught. We had the Iran Contra Senate Investigative hearings. Reagan's NSA staff took the fall. Ollie North, poindexter and a few others took the bullet for team Reagan.

    We should not be surprised by this latest news.

    This is why Snowden and Corporal Bradley are American heros. They down loaded and exposed to the American people internal government documents, listing all the governments dirty deeds and crimes.

    1. You watched "2 Guns" way too many times brotha.

    2. @ 3:30; and you're in denial, face it brotha SOME of our US politicians are just as corrupt

    3. 10:40 your heros committed treason against the guys that are prosecuting them,you indulge your whims,you are supposed to pay,so stop whining...

  7. thanks,it is high time this bullshit comes up and out, all those involved can come and defend themselves now that it is in the open,see what they have to say...

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  9. Incredible story...

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    Are there ANY news on him out there?

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  11. Great article , thank you ,
    Corruption all around us at every level , we have no one or no establishment to trust , you have to be silent or be ignorant enough to be part of it or else , if you become a threat you will be eliminated , i think the plane crash in michoacan is an example , sad but true

  12. sounds legit but i wonder why the cia wouldn't of just killed these guys by now to shut them up. they basically killed one of their own so what's 3 corrupt Mexican cops.

    1. The dirty deeds of a few rogue agents,that used the agency's good name and resources for their own benefit mainly,do not have to make the CIA go and assassinate anyone, even acknowledging it's role in historical fuck-ups do not have to hurt the CIA,but there are lessons to br learned,that you can not fool everybody all the time,comes to mind.
      Oliver North may have been a hero at a time,like OJ,but that was in the past,now both are crooks,certified crooks...

  13. Rafael Caro Quintero..has a Black list if you guys don't know or remember. Little by little he going take care of that list.

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      It is like, you know? Daniel Ortega IS STILL THE PRESIDENT OF NICARAGUA, AND OLIVER NORTH,THE "WAR HERO",COULD NOT GET ELECTED SENATOR,and you or I can not say any of that is any different than it is,so Mister popo,try and get wise,I mean wiseguy wise,not wiseass wise.
      Your popo don't fly...

  16. And ollie north is running around and treated like a hero to some ppl!! If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck its a duck!!

  17. The only real candidate for the President of Mexico is CHAPO.

  18. Max Gomez? This really has come around full circle.

  19. @Anonymous said...
    USA vs mexico let's go to war
    January 6, 2014 at 11:40 PM

    What? its nonsense, stupid comment,USA and Mexico politicians are in bed, citizens lose at both dont understand nothing , get the bigger picture

  20. I beleive this worked its way all the way up to Oliver North and President Ronald Reagan. But Reagan had no recollection and Oliver North exercised his 5th amendment priveledge... Sorry people of Mexico, but you guys are fucked. maybe this drug war in Mexico is a wake up call for the people to clean house, starting at the top...

  21. To 10:27 PM,

    People are doing Something. We have not rolled over and died. Bartlett's campaign died with Camarena's death. The Guadalara Cartel was dismantaled . The Iran/CONTRA hearings were held. Reagan's presidency was neutered.

    Today, we can thank the AutoDefense movement in Michoacan, they have inspired 100s of thousands to take back their lives. Tens of thousands of these criminals have been locked up. In the U.S., we have the marijuana legalization of 2 important states. The latest poll has the majority of the American people for legalization. And we have the Borderland Beat blog, with no small thanks to courageous people like, Chivis and the BB reporters.

    You don't know "whats the fuzz about Kiki?" Goggle it, lots of great information on the corruption of Mexico and the US.

  22. As I get older I discover more and more about how the human race is capable of the vilest crimes all in the name of greed. We are destroying everyone and everything.

  23. Greed is the root of all evil. There is no sin other than greed. Everything else derives from it. Lust? Gluttony? Envy? Greed is the cause of all.

  24. Why the fuzz about Camarena? Because he was somebody, and other somebodies cared about him and won't let this injustice be forgotten.

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  27. Another Kike story? Really? the injustice here is all the poor families that lost their living because the criminals like the DEA decide that a Marijuana field should not be harvested because they think it's bad. When did we have a legitimate vote to criminalize "drugs"? What ever happened to freedom in this country? Those of you who think drugs should be illegal are retarded and should be shipped to N.Korea to appreciate what freedom is. If you don't like freedom get out of my country. Freedom IS free.

    1. 12:20 you have been smoking too much of your shit.the poor farmers have never made good money,unless they do it under the radar and on their own,the middlemen are the ones always making all the money, irregardless of the legal status of the harvest,if you have to live in your own country,way up your ass,by all means do it,but advocating for a one more popohead is not going to fix the world.
      Treatment for the addicted,jail to death for the pushers,your pick...

  28. The Capos ain't shit in compression to the people that really run the show. Corruption in the politicos world wide

  29. The "Cuban" at the scene of Kiki's torture and murder at the Lope de Vega St. house is Félix Rodríguez, aka "Max Gómez", who is referred to as "Max" later in the story. He was a CIA operative involved in the cocaine business in order to fund the Nicaraguan Contras. The other foreigner with him was probably an American CIA official.

    1. ...and the torture methods clearly reflect the teachings of nazi Klaus Barbie and his disciples,practiced throughout the latinamericas since the fifties to the present.

  30. To;

    9:19 PM, 10:27 PM,11:40 PM, 10:02 PM, 11:40 PM, 11:04 AM, 11:07 AM, 11:32 AM, and 1:02 PM.

    I know you are the same troll. Loneliest and anger only continues, unless you seek help. You should sign up with the new Obama Care. It's affordable and you can finally receive help for your personality disorder. Please get some counseling, you will feel much better.


    To BB administrators, please cull these sorry trolls. They only exist to create and confuse the discussion.

    1. 2:45 !@@!you are wrong,of your list,one is mine,and I have six more on this story only!
      Also I do not feel lonely at all,I can go and have my pick of entertainment,tough guys respect me without my being a bully,I just love BB,and if one Guy's head gets straightened one bit by my aspersions it will have been worth it,if anybody's ass feels nailed,that will be their own stupidity,I'd say let people express themselves,as long as there is room,and pray their writing improves and they can teach something to the rest of us,try and GROW A LITTLE AS A PERSON,IT HELPS,SSSH!

  31. This story about the Mexican cops going "underground" in the witness protection program is a fantasy. The risk that they would later "sing" and tell all is just too great and too risky. If the CIA could kill their own U.S. federal agent, what would stop them from "disappearing" 3 small-time corrupt Mexican cops??? Too many "James Bond" movies, my friend....Good conspiracy theory. Entertaining, but far-fetched....

    1. Rogue agents,do go and kill their own confrères,like Barry seal,but the agency per se do not do that,sections chiefs may go and fuck up on their turf,but the agency does not have to answer for them and does not.

    2. 4:01 kiki camarena was a DEA agent,he was getting too wise for the CIA's rogue agents,Cuban,American and mexican and their operations in the continent...

    3. After the release of Caro-Quintero who was implicated & served time for camarenas murder three ex CIA operatives came forward with their accounts of this tragedy. Their stories are identical as far as the major players responsible but not as detailed as the 3 crooked cops account, nonetheless its difficult to ignore the fact that at least six ppl have come forward with remarkably similar accounts detailing who was really behind the kidnapping and torture of camarena, all point to 2 CIA operatives. Whether this was sanctioned by the CIA I doubt we will ever truly know but its hard for me to believe that the agency would let a couple of rouge agents responsible for the murder of an american agent continue their "work" unless this was approved by the highest levels of the US govt. For the CIA to take out a couple of ex crooked cops would only give more credence to their stories, instead the agency chooses to ignore or to try & discredit anyone who brings this up.

  32. No one cares about Camarena he's dead for bein an idiot and nosy. While Don Quintero is living the life enjoying his freedom.Next story.

    1. You are obviously an ignorant fool, who doesnt understand the importance the implications of these allegations. The murder of camarena led to the incarceration of some of the top narcos in mexicos history. This in turn led to the division of the territory to different plazas, which then led to the cartels we all know juarez(carrillo fuentes fam), golfo, tijuana(arellano felix bros.), sinaloa( chapo & zambada), caro quintero & so on. So u see ppl care about a good man trying to do the right thing and this also relates to everything going on now. I know that u post stupid coments to get a rise out of ppl but ur ignorance really shines through. Come up with something better to say or b ready to get put in your place fucking dirt bag.

    2. It actually made it worse.Back then there were only 2 in the whole country.This is what happened to standard oil,Rockefeller became richer after the government split his company.Same thing in Mexico,the cartels became greedy and crime went up.

  33. How hilarious that all Mexico's ex presidents such as Salinas, Zedillo, Fox and Hinojosa end up being teachers at Harvard University, I wonder how much knowledge they might have regarding US-Mexico corruption machinery.

    1. 5:45 not Salinas my boy,not Salinas,he hangs around Ireland,England, Sweden, etc,etc, close to the banks where the money stolen from Mexico is at,great businessmen like the Salinas de Gortari,satraps that they are,ex-politician neo-millionaries have no business sense,never had, and never will,all their robberies are managed by foreign consultants with their eyes on the ball,all the money goes to their bank,and the countries burglarized,and the rats that stole the money WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN...
      they may see worthless shares,but no money,prostitutes never see the money again,that is the pimp's pride and no love ever,for more pride,the less the love and the more money,that is the pimp's pride...

  34. I'm still in awe as to why this has got no traction on the mayor press. This is all very fuckin Ficton like. I watch homeland for the incredible plots and twists. But undoubtedly reality is stranger than fiction

  35. Justice never quits. Stupid (to the very first post).

  36. By the way "Max" lives in Coral Gables and even has a business down there.

  37. @ January 7, 2014 at 11:32 AM
    Rafael Caro Quintreo is actually a dirty old man chid molestor who isw now lliving lke a filty maggot that he is waiting and watching for the big betrayel who will turn him in for the $5,000,000. reward for his arreast. This pig of a man WILL be caught soon and brought to the U.S., for a taste of real American Justice. The days in the mexican prison as a Man Whore that he was was only a warm up of the misrey to come fdor this piece of shit
    "Hey Caro , puto motherfucker, leave the little boys alone and get ready to come to the U.S so that you can die here in the Dark cold lonely prison that will be your home Bitch" ( This child molestor was arrested in Costa Rica with a Kidnapped 12 year old he called his wife)- PATHIC MAGGOT - UNCLE SAM IS COMING TO GET YOU!!

    1. She was 24 years old, and they had been together for almost 2 years, get the right info before you post anything. And most of DEA agents in Guadalajara were corrupt as hell, and anyone living in Guadalajara at that time knows about it.

  38. Manuel Bartlett,director of the direccion federal de seguridad (DFS) at the time,told Carmen aristegui that the camarena business was an "old story" kind of irrelevant, and that the DFS had a lot of problems,and that he disbanded the agency because of those problems,but he never said anything about his role in the problems,now he is saying that Salinas,Pena Nieto and Osorio Chong are just trying to smear his ass bringing back this "old story",maybe Bartlett camarena dig some dirt himself about the tree amigos?I am sure the Mexican Fouché of the Mexican 80's learned to collect dirt on everybody that could come up someday...habla Manuel!!! We lissenin'!

  39. It's funny how this stuff hasn't really hit us media.
    Maybe its because the us government runs the media and doesn't want these stories out. I wonder why?

  40. Anonimous at 4:01 PM

    You my friend would be saying the same exact thing about the iran contra affair. That is if it had not been uncovered and declassified. It would just be another "conspiracy theory"

  41. Pisses me off the goverments can get away with awful shit like this because its mexico an nobody gives a shit about things that go on over there but when you see the dumb stuff the mainstream media puts in our face like anyone gives a fuck .

  42. so the things i see on american dad about stan smith being a cia agent an doing funny but bad things aren't far from the truth lol
    on a serious note they need to make a movie based on this story it be good.

  43. If you ask me, the people of who pushed the panic button, and ordered the hit on Kiki Camarena, were the CIA and the people in the upper echelons of the Reagan Administration, and not the Capps of the Guadalajara Cartel. The CIA was robably putting things in the minds of Quitero, Fonseca, and Felix inorder for them to carry out, and for the Mexican authorities, the evil deed of killing Camarena for the purpose of preventing him from spilling the beans on the CIA' s involvement in drug trafficking. What's worse was that they were working with drug traffickers in order to carry out that end while at the same time flooding the streets of the U.S.'s inner city's with destructive addictive drugs. CIA, Pentagon, and members of the Reagan/Bush administration utilized their support of armed groups opposing communism in Afghanistan and Nicaragua as an opportunity for them to make money off cocaine and heroin -- while at the same time funding the mujeheddin and the Contras with those proceeds. That the CIA, perhaps members of the Reagan/Bush, and DIA took advantage of those conflicts inorder to make profits off illegal drugs was really their main objective in my opinion and not the war on communism. If in the process millions of Americans threw their life away, and one brave DEA agent gets killed, so be it.

  44. I used to be friends with a guy who told me that his fathers family down in Mexico had a Military history dating back to Emiliano Zapata. He said he never met his father and all that he knew about him was that he was a half Mexican, half Colombian gangster who died somewhere south of the border in 1985... He said that his father was born in Zacatecas to a Colombian mother. I guess Zacatecas is where KIKI found a lot of Plantations that led to the big one in Chihuahua. This guy also went on to say that his father was somehow related to Pablo Escobar either through blood and/or business. He said that what happened in Mexico with Kiki and The Guadalajara Cartel, prompted Escobar to attack The Palace of Justice in Colombia to get rid of all the extradition policies.

  45. @ 6:22 PM,

    Am I wrong about you? No, I don't think so. So I missed a few of your remarks. You're still a troll.

    Here's the definition of a troll:

    "Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical and sarcastic remark on an innocent bystander, because it's the internet, and hey, you can." (Urban Dictionary)

    All you want is to get a rise out of somebody. You make stupid and sarcastic comments, that's factually wrong. Come on guy, seriously, 6 stupid times on this article!?

    So u aren't lonely, "I can go and have my pick of entertainment".
    Why don't u try public mastrabation, perhaps a supermarket?

    "Tough guys respect me without my being a bully".
    An insecure comment. Why don't u get a tatoo on your arm, that always gets barrio respect. Too painful? Try the lick and stick tatoos. I think they come in children's cereal boxes. Better yet, shave your head and mess with old people, that's tough guy/La vida loca attitude..

    "I just love BB, and if one guy's head gets straightened out one bit by my 'aspersions' it will have been worth it."
    Classic troll mentality. U look for people to f**k with in the internet. You have too much free time and you're afraid of the dark. Hmmm... I know!, go to the Dog Whisperer on You Tube and there are many free videos about anti-social behavior. You never know. and it's free!

    "I'd say let people express themselves as long as there is room".
    Me too. But not on BB. You don't stick to the subject. You only veer off into irrelevant tangets. Craig's list has a whole section devoted to discussion groups. My God! They have discussion groups on every subject imaginable. Pets, cars, hobbies, religion. I'm sure there are perverted things, even for you. Check it out.

    "And pray their writing improves".
    I understand. Your writing style is a direct result of Roosevelt's High academic standards. Yes, that Roosevelt, in the East LA neighbor of Boyle Heights. :) Grammar Alert! Please double space at the end of each sentence, its easier on the eyes. :(

    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Told in first person by someone who was there, this is the story of the kidnapping of DEA Special Agent Enrique 'Kiki" Camarena and of the failed attempt to find and rescue him. It is also the story of the grim discovery of his body, along with that of his friend, Alfredo Zavala, and of the oft times thwarted chase of the major narcotics traffickers believed to responsible for this murder. The Mexican government's bizarre cover-ups are not so easily explained. It is an almost unbelievable true story of crime and corruption.

  47. @ 9:17 AM

    Not whining. Cheering for Snowden and Bradley. Didn't you know that they are holding up the highest traditions of American Dissent. Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and millions of Americans that protests against injustices.

  48. 9:14 we are all trolls here,but not all of us try to use BB to suppress what we perceive as inferior people's posts,i don't know about your public "mastrabations",but i'm glad you come here for all of us to see you make an ass of yourself in public,so much for your grammarian prowess,maybe you will keep coming here with your shit,because i'm sure craig's list don't have room for your BS, which nobody would bother with over there. i don't know why, but i feel like i have kicked your butt a few times before, it's so easy,being that you are sooo stupid,still i enjoy the activity. for next christmass ask santa for a new brain...

  49. 11:40 the mexicans want to lose a war with the US,guantanamo is not big enough to hold all those mexicans,also the US does not want to have much to do with the mexicans,they dont want livestock they would have to provide jobs,security,welfare etc etc.they want to own the land ,the oil,the electric companies,mining,the cultivable land,all of the water rights,cheaper tan chinese laborers,ownership of tourist resorts,of course they will take whateve is left over after the TPP vultures take their picks,they are bigger,hungrier vultures than the USS of A,surprise! obama and romney are working for the same big bosses,global investors of the privatizers ofnother people's countries and patrimony,obama has been deporting mexicans to extort some oil contracts from the mexican government to extort some oil concessions and contracts.
    All the countries suffering the consequences of "institutional austerity",are trying to recolonize the banana republics they know how to exploit so well,and they don't come to invest noting but a few kickbacks here and there,and a few loans for the development of the hostage country,that gets stolen and deposited back in their very own banks,to invest on the takeovers of evn more latin american properties,With companies like haliburton helping the latino caciques steal everyting from their countries.
    the us knows full well not to own anymore livestock who will turn into "snobs" with so many "human rights"as rick santorum so aptly said,while representing the christians on the campaign trail

  50. 9:14 also to get your mathebruticas straight,the hypotenuse is longer than the tangent, so hold on to it...i hope your craig list buddies come to BB and help you debate,they may be worth my while,and you need the help,mister popo...

  51. I enjoy reading an article that can make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!


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