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Friday, January 31, 2014

Guerrero Businessman Accuses Mayor of Narco Complicity, an Hour Later His Vehicle Comes Under Fire, Killing1

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

"The SUV we were traveling received over 100 impacts of high-powered weapons. It was a well-planned attack. "
On the night of January 28, Pioquinto Damian Huato, a prominent businessman in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, was traveling with his family aboard a van Honda Pilot, when they were intercepted by an armed group that open fired on them  them with  R-15 rifles.
Killed instantly was  Damian Huato’s  daughter in law,  Laura Rosas Cebrito, 28, the  wife of  his son Walter Damián Bautista.
"Everyone else miraculously left unharmed, although the SUV we were traveling received over 100 impacts of high-powered weapons."
It was a carefully planned attack, we were attacked  from the left side, the back and the right side, where the first truck,  without stopping, blasted us with machine gun fire,   the second, attacked with two types of weapons.
They were "catastrophic seconds" described Damian Huato.

Damian Huato, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, holds  Mario Moreno Arcos , PRI Mayor of Chilpancingo, as responsible for the attack, along with his brother Ricardo Moreno Arcos, Director of the Municipal Government.
"Mario Moreno Arcos If you really want to assist in the investigation, you should take a leave of your position and  allow the investigation of the case to be conducted openly and ​​freely " challenged Damian Huato, who wants the attorney general’s office to take over the investigation.
Damian Huato standing
In August Damian Huato had publically denounced the police department, in Chilpancingo.  He said they worked for narcos and accusing the police of kidnapping people on behalf of a criminal group, who decided victims fate, either " killing , beating or asking for money from families in exchange for their release. "
He further asserted that flagrant impunity was rampant against crime operating in the capital where drug gangs have terrorized  society with  murders, kidnappings and extortions committed every day, and a fleet of  over 200 'narcotaxis' operating in the city.   The narcotaxis are unregulated taxis,  which act as lookouts for cartels.  They have been accused of sexual assaults against women, robberies, kidnappings  and murders of  passengers.
The businessman condemned Mayor Moreno Arcos, for allowing organized crime to operate freely, and accused the mayor of being directly connected to organized crime.  "Los Rojos" is reported as the cartel operating in the city.
"Los Rojos" is a remnant of the Beltran Leyva Cartel operating in the Central, Mountain and part of the Sierra under the protective mantle of authorities of the three levels of government, according to official reports.
The leader of this gang is identified with the name Leonor Nava Romero, "La Garra" or "El Tigre", (left) who was arrested in the town of Zumpango during a military operation and transferred to the maximum security prison in Tamaulipas, charged with crimes of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.
However, two months later, a federal judge freed the criminal leader, after  the deposit payment of amount of  13,238 pesos (apx 1300USD), in a court ruling issued on 10 November by the First District judge, in criminal proceedings based in Tamaulipas.
"La Garra” took command of the cartel after the execution of his brother Jose Nava Romero, "Don Che", (left)  who was killed inside a cock fighting arena, at dawn on June 16 in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla.
Damian Huato says the state faces a crime wave like that in neighboring Michoacán, where the Caballeros Templarios drug cartel has instituted a reign of terror.
“Thanks to Mario Moreno Arcos, the criminal model of Michoacán has taken root in Chilpancingo” Damian Huato told MVS radio.

The Templarios’ main business is supplying crystal meth and other synthetic drugs to the U.S. market, the group has diversifications in extortion and kidnapping for ransom.
It was exasperation resulting from Caballeros Templarios crimes and the lack of response from authorities, that drove  Michoacán communities into forming  a autodefensas union in  February 2013.

Autodefensas are also being organized in Guerrero, and in other states compelled by the success of the Michoacán group.

Damian Huato was wounded Tuesday in the attack, so to his son, as they, along with his daughter-in-law Laura Rose Cebrito, were traveling through Chilpancingo, only Cebrito died.

The attack came an hour after Damian Huato confronted Mayor Arcos at a public event, accusing the city’s top official of ties to organized crime.

Damian Huato accuses the mayor of being behind the shooting.

“I am only a spokesman, a channel, to express the deep unhappiness there is against the complicity of this gentleman,” he said Thursday, referring to the mayor.

“Business owners in Chilpancingo have been driven to desperation by the municipal government’s collusion with criminal organizations.”

 “City hall is full of killers-for-hire” said Damien Huato
Sources used to write this post: LibertadGuerrero-SDP-Proceso


  1. I don't know why the PRI is not listed as one of the country's biggest if not the biggest drug cartels. The PRI is corrupt from top to bottom and they have been damn near from the beginning of the party. Those scum bags have more blood on their hands then any drug cartel ever has but since they are politicians their scum remains hidden. People of Mexico need to root out every corrupt PRI politician and put them to death the same way they have been doing to any citizen they have felt like doing for eighty years or more. Mexican people deserve a hell of a lot government then they have been getting for the last hundred years.

    1. The pri is responsible for so many murders. I agree they should be listed as a cartel. There the first people the self defence group should kick out.

    2. Its hard to get rid of these corrupt politicians.because they know more corrupt politicians.this guy isn't any different than a plaza boss.

    3. Government the biggest organized criminal group in Mexico

  2. I express my deepest sypathy to Mr. Huato's Family and to the honest people of Guererro State. Mario Moreno Arco has effectively confirmed the accusations against him.

  3. let's see what mayor mario moreno arcos "el cantinflas" and governor angelico rivera "el gavioto" have to say now...arrivederchi maybe?
    the colegio frances and his professional training did not cover much ethics for el gavioto, and his economics education did not make him a better businessman, he did not learn much more than any other cacique, only to extend the hand for his kickbacks and bribes,poor bunch of hungry the guillotine!!!

  4. 41 019 510 visitors since December 3 2009, BB sure has been up to something...kongratlations buggs and thanks!

  5. chivaaa! what time you started working today, do you ever sleep? nice to see you all over the place...XOXOXO

  6. Now everyone knows what this guy says is true.this is why you need more self defence groups.the police and the mayor are the cartel.

  7. Any more proof that the whole political system in Mexico is corrupted!

  8. Auto defensas anybody? That mayor better leave office before the townspeople get together and lynch him. Then when the townspeople are about to clean that town of corruption the PRI will come to the Rescue with the Military and attack the Auto Defensas. Further proof the political system needs to go!

  9. The political system in in Mexico is complete idiocracy. Let me get this straight the local police are the kidnappers. The politicians and cartels are business associates. The hardworking taxpaying citizens of Mexico fear the very same democratic government that is in place to serve them. So when they go to the police to report crime ( rapes, robberies, extortions, kidnappings, murders, and any other crime) they are in essence most likely negotiating with the perpetrators. Whats gonna be the straw that broke the camels back that causes a complete revolution in Mexico. Its obvious the P.R.I. is the cartel and they are the corrupt police complicit in the crime being committed all over Mexico. Mexico wake up. Mexican soldiers wake up!! That Geeneral you work for is not there to protect the Mexican citizens. He is there to protect the interest of the cartel, P.R.I.and his own Mordida. Very sad indeed!

  10. "However, two months later, a federal judge freed the criminal leader, after the deposit payment of amount of 13,238 pesos (apx 1300USD), in a court ruling issued on 10 November by the First District judge, in criminal proceedings based in Tamaulipas.

    There is no one government office that has not been corrupted. Corruption is the source of Mexico's greatest issues.

    It is naive to think anything will change in Mexico. Italy understood that Organized crime can only exist with the collusion of government officials.

  11. How is it that this judge is allowed to keep his sear?? A change of culture is needed in Mexico. PRI and all of its political ties needs to be outlawd and the judge relieved of duty for not doing his job!!

  12. Crazy but not sadly not shocking anymore.

  13. Aha. You no what's funny.. that I check out his fb and most of his followers are fake fb profiles...

  14. These things happen , because Mexico has a closed justice system. Mexico is being trained by USA on an open jury court system. As soon as it is implemented , judges will no longer be able to do stuff like this as all the proceeding will be witnessed and accountable.
    Judges being paid by cartels will cut and run , take their ill gotten gains to another country to retire. An independent adjudicator will be able to review cases not conducted in open court , with all evidence made available.

    Of course this pre-supposes that the PRI will instigate the USA court system when all the training has been concluded. As it was part of the Merida initiative , maybe they don't have a choice.

    If you look at the bigger picture in Mexico , with the new legal system coming in , the AD making massive gains, Piena-Neto having to show he is trying to tackle the cartels , because he needs to persuade foreign investors into the gas/oil industry privatisation , that they will not be plagued by cartels like the zetas tapping their oil lines and stealing their profits. This is all snowballing into the writing on the wall , the cartels will melt into the background , and the corruption at the heart of the Mexican government will decrease , it has to.

    Mr Huato is carrying on the spirit of Don Alejo , you can feel it seeping into the bones and minds of ordinary Mexicans who have just had ENOUGH! You can feel the FEAR that has paralysed everyone evaporating like a ghost in daylight. Quite ironic that indigenous Mexicans are the one who ignited the spark that may free the population of Mexico one day.

    Since the AD gained momentum over the previous months , many people on the site have registered who were lurkers. The AD are just an incredible inspiration to everyone , long may they be masters of their own destiny.

  15. when will governor and mayors face federal charges of corruption along with all assets seized?

  16. Someone needs to start categorizing these so called Mexican "bussinessmen" though, because this guy for example is most likely a smalltime empresario has money but is not by any means a billionaire like slim or one of those guys, you know the ones who own mexico, which is why organized crime fucked with this guy's family, because they can, specially if these small empresarios do not comply with whatever the cartel wants. Slim and Azcarraga Jean on the other hand need not worry, because they are indeed more powerful than all of the Mexican cartels put together, plus they own the mexican institutions, in fact they do not give a shit about the violence and what is going on in Mexico, they do care though about these not getting out by the media, internationally specially because that is not good for bussiness. but mostly they do not care, you know within their small club, so I say it is time for smaller empresarios to start giving a shit because the way things are right now any one of them could be next

  17. Regardless , 100 impacts in any country in the "civilized" world is booshit .
    This is the 21st century and in Mexico they take pride in killing women.
    Welcome to 21st Century Mexico.

  18. All kinds of change is needed in Mexico. But , it will never change. They had their chance in 1914-1920 . But, could not handle the freedom and management. There still exists over 500,000 souls missing from that turbulent period.

  19. Greedy azz scumbagz.

  20. Forget chapo, beltran leyva, zetas.... PRI = biggest scumbag cartel in mexico.

  21. The revolution WILL be televised....

  22. BB the discourse has improved a lot, the finger pointing has become more accurate, kongratlations again.
    regarding pena nieto needing to convince foreign investors of the benefits of investing on pemex, it is more like the other way around, with salinas de gortari and pena nieto financing the takeover of the presidency through corruption, of which milking pemex was part of, coupled with stealing pemex funds through "legal" contracts and corrupt union leaders, drug trafficking and vote buying etc etc as part of the program, they will not be the main beneficiaries of the economic rape of the country, the global investors whose vulture capitalist practices make the world go round, are the ones that will take the lion's share of the blueberry pie. nobody will stand on their way, if it will cost them making one or two more mexican billionaires, it is no problem whatsoever.
    the problems of poverty will not be solved, but they can say their one or two billionaire successes prove they were right and those that become poorer, will be to blame for their lack of faith on the lord and their lazy work habits, more education will be recommended on their private schools, financed with public funds of course, after which they will still find themselves holding the shitty end of the stick. there is a big difference between the stated aims of the wars on poverty and its real aims,and consequences, that is why the struggles of the downthrodden are called class warfare, giving the poor and their struggles a bad name and misleading the unaware to their slaughter houses, by any means necessary of course...

  23. someone wake up pena nieto,perhaps shove a broomstick up his ass and let him know that he has been president for over a year now,pena nieto seems to not give a shit about what happens to mexico or its honest working people....PRI=mexicos cancer....

  24. Sad,sad,sad,look at the woman,they would still have opened fire if children were in the car also.It is people exactly like you MARIO MORENO ARCOS who are destroying Mexico,not gringos,not the US,not martians,Mexicans like you.
    This mayor must be so bad people like Pioquinto Damian Huato couldn't keep quiet any longer.PRI at its best,how did they get voted in again?

  25. @9:49 VOTE FRAUD, just like pena nieto, whose campaign was financed by state governors that stole all they could and took loans from foreign banks to steal too,like bertie boy moreira, fidel herrera beltran ,granier, marin,etc,
    the milking of pemex to sell to US corporations at half a price,and selling compromises to foreign corporations from canada, north korea, china, US, france, england, youname it, there is no foreign owned corporation that does not engage in paying kickbacs to encroach in the mexican economy, walmart being one of them.
    the good for nothing mexicans can not properly tend a pumkin seed stand, or a nopales stand, only foreigners know how to properly work and progress, like kamil nacif and jean succar who went from selling pop in sandwich bags on the street to own hotel resorts in cancun, these lebanese businessmen are business geniuses,like carlos slimmy helu.
    the prostitution and piming of minor boys and girls to international tourism and highly placed mexican politicians and businessmen REALLY PAYS aah?
    that is mexico for everybody that wants to make it there, pay to play. it would not be hard to clean up things except for the support from countries like the US that keeps the armed forces of mexico well weaponized if barely enough maruchanized to keep the indians in their place,commanded by bought and owned by "ginirals" without dignity, military honor or integrity, but diplomados de estado mayor, much honored and vetted by the US organizations they work with... and ... and ...
    genaro garcia luna tried to make forbes retract and withdraw its assertions that he is one of the most corrupt mexican politicians ever by bringing up his many diplomas, medals, and commendation letters from foreign countries that don't know any better,after a lifetime of crimes like kidnapping for ransom,murder,extortion to satisfy his personal greed, thank you carlos slimmy helu for giving mexico that fat motherfucker for a public servant...

  26. @ 9:25. I had never seen the word "maruchanized" used effectively in a sentence before today. Good job !!

  27. @9:43 chivaaa! another fan however maruchanized, i am going to heaven and will need new tennis shoes,pirate merchandized of course, see you there,thanks...
    does anybody notice that mexican satraps always get caught with millionaire houses, properties,money and investments in the US?
    but the biggest rats always run to european countries where the EAGER BEAVER's misa's austriac, swedish,english and german schools of economikkkzzz do not even comment about their customers, money or methods of enrichment?
    omar khadaffi had trillions of dollars in deposits with foreign banks, that did nothing for him at the and of his life, all he got was a whooping and they say a broken broomstick handle up the ass, after his death, no money gets returned to the libyan people, and the banks have no comment about the personal private business affairs of their customer, but the US is generally blah blah blamed for the mayhem in latin-america and all over the world, President Obama getting accused of being a coward for refusing to send america's children to fight and die in wars the warrying chickenhawks pick and will not fight or send their own children to fight, at least prince harry put his ass on the line for a little bitty while, well protected of course...


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