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Monday, December 2, 2013

Leader of The Community Police In Guerrero Detained

The leader of the Community Police in the village of El Paraiso, municipality of Ayutla, Arturo Campos (with microphone in hand).
By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras

December 1, 2013-Chilpancingo, GuerreroThe leader of the Regional Coordinator of the Community Authorities (Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias (CRAC)), the community of El Paraíso, municipality of Ayutla, Arturo Campos Hernández, was arrested in Ayutla and transferred to the prison in Acapulco and charged with aggravated kidnapping.

The apprehension of the Mixtec indigenous activist occurred this afternoon at the end of a rally held in the town square, Granados Maldonado de Chilpancingo, where the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center announced the start of a campaign called “In defense of our life and liberty”, running from the 1st of December to the 12th to demand the release of the 12 Community Guards detained since late August and imprisoned in maximum and medium security prisons.

Ángel Aguirre Rivero
Speaking at the protest, Campos Hernández criticized the strategy driven by the government of Ángel Aguirre who intends to regulate the self-defense groups and community guards that have emerged throughout the state to directly confront crime.

El Paraíso, Guerrero, Mexico

In this regard, he said that the community police associated with the CRAC located in El Paraíso, were not willing to subject themselves under the command of the police forces from the three levels of government, simply because “they were infiltrated by organized crime.”

He was then detained in this capital by a group of ministerial agents when Arturo Campos intended to go in a public transport unit to the neighboring town of Tixtla.

Then, he was transferred to the prison in Acapulco where he was brought before the first instance court #4 of criminal matters, who issued an arrest warrant against him for the crime of aggravated kidnapping.
Vidulfo Rosales Sierra
In this regard, the Tlachinollan lawyer, Vidulfo Rosales Sierra, condemned the arrest of Campos Herrera and accused the government of Ángel Aguirre Rivero of promoting a campaign to dismantle the group of the Community Police associated with the CRAC headquartered in the Mixtec village El Paraíso, municipality of Ayutla de los Libres.

This is due to the fact that these groups of community guards are considered by the government as dissidents because they have publicly manifested themselves with weapons against the policy implemented by Enrique Peña Nieto, the attorney indicated.
Tixtla, Huamuxtitlán, Olinalá
He also said that the group of Community Police of El Paraíso, which spreads from the municipalities of Tixtla, Huamuxtitlán and Olinalá, showed the indolence of the government against the brutal wave of violence and impunity that has suffocated the people of Guerrero.

Consulted after the arrest of the leader of the CRAC in Ayutla, the litigator informed that Campos Herrera faces charges of aggravated kidnapping, belonging to two criminal cases, 191 and 142, based in courts of first instance in criminal matters of Acapulco and Chilpancingo.

This is the same proceeding made by the government of Aguirre against the group of the PC-CRAC that keeps the 12 prisoners from late August belonging to the same self-defense group based in El Paraíso.
Nestora Salgado-Olinalá
Among those in the group detained from El Paraíso are: the coordinator of the Community Police in the town of Olinalá, Nestora Salgado, currently imprisoned in the maximum security prison in Nayarit; the leader of the self-defense group in Tixtla, Gonzalo Molina, currently imprisoned in the maximum security prison in Oaxaca; as well as the coordinator in El Paraíso, Bernardino García Francisco and nine community guards, imprisoned in Acapulco and Chilpancingo.
Gonzalo Molina-Tixtla
The Tlachinollan lawyer stated that the government of Aguirre has not substantiated evidence of the aggravated kidnapping charges against the leaders of the PC-CRAC of El Paraíso.

He also stated that the administration of Aguirre is violating the human rights of the Community Guards by transferring them to maximum security prisons outside the legal entity because they are not guaranteed the right to adequately defend and protect their family.



  1. Valor...I skim though Guerrero Noticias today and there was an article about passed legislation in support of the auto defensas in Guerrero, did you see that? I will go back and read further this post has peaked my interest. Good post....paz

    1. Governor Angelico Rivera has all the movie star looks of a troglodite,looks like he has never been hungry,looks like a fully overblown cacique,and in Guerrero state, they specialize in murdering the opposition.
      That is why the auto defensas should not come out while in the organizing stage,that is political suicide,premature.
      For the best results,it should all come out at once,all over,and military is needed,there are military,I am sure that love their country more than the"authorities",and many that surely would understand that they are not government sicarios,nor slaves of military discipline,but representants of the people,whose main duty is to represent them,their main duty is not to kiss their superiors ass,or to go against the people...

  2. Not suprised by the government response. Most murders go unprosecuted and people rising up to protect themselves imprisoned for a charge not involving murder. I suspect a living "victim" is needed for the trumped up charges to stick otherwise. Not too much longer and all hell will break those with revolution.

  3. Good job government keep cleaning the filth

    1. Oh I guess you are being sarcastic because knowing the facts about what the government is doing to the people would. mean you are part of the problem.

    2. 12:05 you must be a US Republican queen.
      Angelica Rivera,la gaviota,la primera dama de Mexico has expressed her contempt for the proles and the rabble,calling them envious of success,saying that Salinas de gortari,el ratoncito orejon,el mas ratero,has been the greatest president of Mexico.she seems to think like the French queen that if the filthy rabble don't have bread to eat,they can eat a broad.
      La gaviota has never been a gaviota,the proper name is guilota,bigger than a guila
      She has always been to busy peddling her ass to acquire the most elementary education about herself and the people her husband is l trying to lord it over,on the shoulders of a divided majority that helped him steal the presidencies of Mexico,now governing through royal edicts and promulgations,enacted into laws by cannon shooting millions of pesos to the lawmakers that will gratefully take them;makes one want to puke,24/7...
      The great majority of the US population, friend and foe,supports the Mexican people,in their struggles,I know it,I have seen it,they may be the best help the Mexicans ever had,just keep the governments,the businessmen,the inverionistas,the money changers in general,out of the soup!!!

    3. Filth like you does not need an introduction,mexico hates rebels because they know the truth that's why they get prosecuted like animals so it won't spread,if you would know a a little bit about mexicos history is that its agenda now a days is to get rid of the poor people just like their neighbors,read a book filth maybe you will learn something you filthy ignorant.

  4. The Last letter and the B letter supports the Comunity Police of Guerreo! CT you can run but you can't hide! Pika boooh La Tuta!

    1. 10:29 and if so,so what.
      As long as we have not been able to help the CP with one red cent,let the zetas and blo gain some redemption where no
      impunity applies,the CP will deal with the future in the future,I hope.

  5. The people should get paid for protecting their homes and states, It looks like the Mexican government, army, police are all corrupt pieces of shit. That's why Mexico is the way it is all the corruption starting from the top to the bottom.

  6. Why doesn't Chivis post selfies anymore?

  7. Pinche gobierno mierda

  8. Sending the people that are fighting to defend their families and homes from criminals to maximum security prisons where the caballeros templarios are.. this government has to go down the people have to rise up and take down the whole gobernment


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