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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fewer Homicides Reported In Michoacán Towns with Self-Defense Groups

A self-defense checkpoint in Tancítaro, Michoacán
Eduardo Miranda

Morelia, Michoacán (December 2)—Despite emerging measures implemented so far by the federal government- sending federal and military forces, cleaning up police forces, having military officials in police stations, and monitoring security in various municipalities-, intentional homicides in the state register a slight increase during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, compared to last year’s predecessor, the panista Felipe Calderón.

According to the report “criminal indicators” of the National Public Security System (Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública (SNSP)), last year on average 32.5 executions were committed each month (considering 12 months) on average 33.22 were committed since September of this year.

In round numbers, in all of 2012, 306 intentional homicides were committed; while in the first nine months of this year 299 have been committed, with the fact that the months of October, November, and December have not been counted for.

Other interesting data from the SNSP: in 2012 the months of April, September, and December were the most violent, with 53, 51, and 40 executions, while this year the bloodiest months were March, July, and August with 50, 42, and 44 intentional homicides.
Municipalities with higher crime rates

For municipalities, the highest number of crimes are committed in the capital Morelia with 128; followed by Apatzingán with 44; Uruapan with 36; Zamora with 25; Lázaro Cárdenas with 23.  In contrast the least violent are: Tumiscatío with one; Arteaga and Paracho with four; Coahuayana, Salvador Escalante (Santa Clara del Cobre) and Tiquicheo with five; Huetamo with six.
Least violent municipalities
The criminal report of SNSP also shows that in populations where there is a presence of the self-defense movement and community policing, the homicide rates are lower: Tepalcatepec with 12; Tancítaro with 12; Aguililla with seven; Coalcomán with six; Aquila with eight; Cherán with one.
Self-defense/Community Police presence
The exception is Buenavista Tomatlán which accounts with 37 executions since September, one more than Uruapan.

Source:  Proceso


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