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Friday, December 20, 2013

Carlos Nayen Borbolla Sentenced to 15 years in Zetas Money Laundering Case

Borderland Beat

By Jazmine Ulloa - American-Statesman Staff

Former drug traffickers have described Carlos Nayen Borbolla as a savvy and charming businessman, a knowledgeable horse buyer and a key background player in an operation that laundered nearly $60 million through the U.S. quarter horse industry for one of the most violent criminal organizations in Mexico.
In court testimony, investigators said Nayen, 28, helped channel the illicit earnings of Los Zetas into front companies that trained, bred and raced champion horses across the southwestern United States. His ex-associates said he helped fix competitions and extort a Mexican real estate mogul for money, while a separate indictment out of North Texas alleges he also was running guns south.

Money laundering trial and beyond

But until Wednesday, when he was sentenced to 15 years in prison on money laundering conspiracy charges, Nayen had rarely appeared in court and never testified in his own defense.

Most of the records in his case are sealed, he did not take the stand in a trial for five of his co-defendants in April, and since September, his lawyers had been fighting to close his sentencing hearing to the public. U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks ruled Friday to keep it partially open.

Before the court Wednesday, his lawyer, Frank Rubino, and his family touched on his personal story. Rubino said Nayen had been raised by his grandparents without the love and guidance of his parents. The young man was practically born into crime, Rubino said, becoming involved with illicit activities in his teens.

His mother told Sparks that she wished she had not abandoned him, while his wife said she and Nayen had a 1½-year-old baby whom her husband had never held. He was arrested in the summer of 2012.

Standing in shackles and an orange jumpsuit, Nayen, who had been facing up to life in prison, apologized to the government and society for his actions. “I would like you to know that I was not arrested. I was rescued from the world I was living in,” he said.

He is the last of nearly 20 people to receive punishment in the case, one of the largest prosecuted in Central Texas and which implicated the two top leaders of the Zetas, brothers Miguel Ángel and Óscar Omar Treviño Morales.

Five businessmen — including a third Treviño brother — were tried in April. All but one was found guilty of conspiracy to launder money.

In trial testimony, former drug traffickers said Nayen was often the one to choose the best studs and mares, which were then bought by straw purchasers and placed under the names of other people to disguise their ownership. In photographs presented by prosecutors, he stood out from his associates in plaid shirts and cowboy boots with his clean-cut style and slicked-back hair.

He was introduced to quarter horses by another of the defendants, Mexican businessman Francisco Colorado Cessa, who was like a father figure to the young man, witnesses said. Colorado was sentenced to 20 years in prison in September and is facing new charges for attempting to bribe Sparks, according to court records.

In a separate indictment out of the Northern District of Texas, Nayen was said to have formed part of another trafficking organization, running weapons and cash south into Mexico and drugs north across the United States, using proceeds to buy automobiles, houses, jewelry and other valuable assets.

Among defendants listed in that case were two witnesses in the April trial who defense lawyers argued were not credible and had been charged with murder in Mexico.



  1. Finally get to see his face. Interesting stuff.....I wonder why it seems anything related to this guy is being suppressed?

  2. Nayen is lucky,he will see his babies some day,and he can have visitors in prison,the victims of the pinchi zetas just got executed,many times after being tortured,etc etc.
    for a Texas judget,zparkz went easy on some guys,maybe he plays golf on a occasion?
    There was a chain of gas stations in the US,they supplied fuel for mmunicipal vehicles,like squad cars,famous mayors, were shareholders,never wondered where their cheap oil came from,but as since the zetas oil operations came out,valeo gas and car wash went out of business...I wonder about the connections to the people buying into pemex

  3. Ah, I guess Carlos will be a saprano soon obviously a seasoned member of the chorus

  4. Good article! Truly, as much as one detests los Z, it still seems to me that this guy took the fall for much bigger fish than he. Money laundering laws don't actually have teeth in the states thanks, in part, to Poppy Bush's White House putting the brakes on legislation that had made it through Congress but not the senate. Mucho show, pues!

  5. Does it matter, there million out there like him

  6. Hey Chivis ...what about that death of Macho Prieto?. How about that? Jaja! Old Chapo must be getting a bit nervous now, you think? Maybe his bodyguards are retraining into new jobs ... learning how to make tortillas again. It's a good time to buy a one-way plane tickets. Jajajaja!!

  7. chivis i hear federales never got the body thats what some blog say

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  9. Zs valieron verga por los cdg les kitaron un chingo de jale contodo y jente y jefes en pedasos.

  10. Rott in jail scum..

  11. This guy was so much apart of this and the kidnapping of that Veracruz re al estate developer that he made go to his wedding. It just goes on and on. He is lucky he got so little time .

  12. It's to bad he did not work for the banks, if he had he wound never see one day behind bars because all he would have had to do is pay a fine.

  13. The accused have the right to face their accusers in OPEN court. The people (tax paying citizens) should have the right to see OPEN prosecution of criminals. What would it take to see a criminal prosecuted to a majority (over 50 %) of sentancing guidelines? If a perp cooperates with authorities for a lighter aenta ce then he should be labeled in open court as a cooperating defendant. That is vague enough to avoid a 'snitch' label. It could mean that he confessed. Don't the citizenry deserve a lighter 'sentance' of crime free/ drug free neighborhoods. We try to raise our children in a healthy environment and jackass prosecutors let criminals walk so that they don't have to do their job. If a perp can be prosecuted with a 50 percent. chance of sucsess, the. There is no incentive to go light on him if he is a major player. It is our money paying for the prosecuted and all related costs. Hide prosecution in shame. There are many types of corruption. Some involve a deluded execution of ones sworn duty. 15 yrs vs. life vs. decapitation and kidnapping vs.getting to happy hour by 4:30 on Friday vs. B.S. Govt gets their seized a$$et$, criminal gets a pass, citizens get shut out and crime ridden environment and a nutlaess monkey prosecuted gets off work early. Sad.

    1. He is young and smart, and with all american and mexican kingpins in US federal prisons, in 15 years he will be out in the streets with the best drug connections in the world.

  14. Nayen said he was not arrested he was rescued from the world he was living lol well you welcome Nayen, now we will educate your ass in jail for 15 years lol.

  15. honestly guys come on.. he probably helped capture Z-40. he would stay in contact with him when there horse operation was still going on... what a coincidence, courts denied any entry to media or journalist when he was testifying. thats probably becausee the gov't wanted to protect him a little.. and they only give him 15 years in this case and the pending case.. he had probably turned z40 in

  16. Milking pemex,was an inside job,the.economist loses to the Mexican people,do not stop there,the enhanced position of the fraudsters,helped them buy the elections whose outcome is now fueling the privatization of the national patrimony, education health services,federal commission of electricity,mining,railroads,agriculture,tourism,water rights,comunications,everything privatized by way of graft,stealing,kickbacks,corruption,shady deals among the vulture pirates of global capitalism that have discovered that Jesus hisself was a capitalist blesser of their evil deeds.
    The Pharisees and the Philistines are finally getting their wish of jesus' making money for "their God's temple" instead of worrying so much about the rabble.
    Billy Graham would be so proud,as rush Limbaugh laments the taking over of the Vatican by the Marxist Pope of the theology of the liberation that got cardinal Romero Barcelo assassinated,nuns raped,and so many latinamericans murdered by the rightists drug trafficking disciples of nazi torturers like Klaus. Barbie, because they might have becomeCommunists,since anybody that subsists under the gorilla regime of a banana republic,must be really evil...

  17. The governors of tamaulipas,veracruz,coahuila, nuevo Leon,Tabasco,Guerrero,michoacan, zacatecas...almost all states,stole from pemex,using the zetas to milk the pipelines,for the PRI PARTY and Pena nieto's benefit, now as a payback,they are getting thrown to the wolves,the president has new friends...

    1. Some dirty governors to check:
      -manuel cavazos lerma,tamaulipas, pederasta,now federal Senator working on the selling of pemex in spite of the many accusations of corruption and ties with drug traffickers like osiel Cardenas and los zetas, wanted in the US for questioning...
      --Tomas yarrington,tamaulipas,being sought by mexican and US for questioning,ties with osiel,gulf and zetas,money laundering, missing,probably living at los pinos...
      --Fidel herrera beltran,veracruz,also known as Z1,accused of millionaire frauds,drug trafficking,ties with gulf and zetas,money laundering,this priista now wants to be Mexican ambassador to Greece...
      --Mario Marin,a priista rat of the first order,also known as"el gober precioso", famous for his pederast friends, like kamel nadir and succar kuri,and his own weakness for very young girls,suspected ties with international rings of child traffickers for sexual purposes,his son and his princely cars living in AUSTRIA,watching over his daddy's mansions over there...
      a looong story of corrupt governors,it really illustrates the realities of Mexican politics, and who the US is relying on to keep Mexico safe from socialism,no wonder the US always ends up with its feet all shot up,and lately with its knees on the ground,like on all fours? What for? why oh why?
      Maybe somebody has been selling to the US the wrong approach to foreign relations,for a looong while now...



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