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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Acuña Coahuila: 60th Escapee Captured from Piedras Negras Mass Prison Break

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

While conducting surveillance tours in various parts of  the city of Acuña, Coahuila State Police captured an escaped prisoner from the September 17th 2012 Piedras Negras mass prison break. 
Authorities report that during the Acuña surveillance they noticed Sergio Armando Nerio Proa  acting "suspiciously", after stopping him for questioning, by using identification on his person, they were able to match him to one of the missing escapees.
129 prsoners escaped  in a planned escape involving a tunnel and a large amount of the escapees allowed to break free by simply walking unchallenged out prison doors. 
This capture is number 60 of the 129 escapees to be captured, adding to the 17 killed in the process of being captured  or in other clashes with authorities. 
This brings a total  of 77 accounted for, leaving a balance of 52 whose whereabouts remains unknown.
Zetas were charged with masterminding the escape, Jorge Luis Moran, public safety secretary of Coahuila, stated; “inmates inside the prison reported that those who plotted the escape were Zetas members and that some prisoners not in the cartel were forced to go along”.
"Clearly, the Zetas are behind this escape," said Moran.
Ciudad Acuña is adjacent to Del Rio Texas, and Piedras Negras adjacent to Eagle Pass, Texas.
source: la Rancherita Radio and BB archive


  1. Well thats my country still a wild west on 2014 soooo proud to be from that shithole where nobody cares about nobody but themselves and maybe family , where a dead body is a target of mockery instead of sjowing some respect for some ones lost i feel soo fucking proud of being from that shithole

    1. Shut the fuck up just because your in america you forgett were you come from yea mexico fuck up right know but i never regret were i was born you fucking damass

    2. Well you were born is a shit hole and that's why you are here. I mean I wish Mexico wasn't fucked up its a beautiful country.

    3. 2:39 Mexico,your country and mine, is a shit hole,but not because or in spite of you and me.if Mexico is such a shit hole,why are so many of the European communities proponents of the brokeass economic austerity schools of free markets,now they are coming back- to their former banana Republics,to buy the land and the houses off the owners,WITH THEIR OWN MONEY,just for signing up a few credits to Mexico that government officials promptly steal.
      Mexican destabilization,like many of the recent ones, and most all of the older ones have been started by global investors,and they will have people killing each other to get their way with the country,I am sure you know a few great investors in your own hometown,so try and pose your questions to them

  2. I am glad they are still looking for these people it is clear that many of them still live in acuña its just a matter of time before they get them all off the streets acuña still terrotory of the zetas people are still afraid to say anything but thanks to the gates marinos for doing a great job in cd acuña feels a little safer to go visit

  3. No entiendo por que el zocalo de cd acuña,muestra,fotos de personas que roban pasta,de dientes comida o ropa como si fueran criminales,de lo peor pero no muestra estazzz ratazzz que tipo de noticias son solo muestran lo que quieren se meten con la gente que no tiene dinero ni forma de defenderse pero con los narcos ni una sola palabra son una verguenza zocalo

  4. Ke Onda con ese bote ke se escapan con madres esos vatos. Luego aparecen en la tele y luego los madrugan...

  5. Hey chivis just want to ask you 1 question? Y don't you write about you're war hero Dr mireles anymore? The truth finally came out

    1. 11:22 what truth came out?the only truth coming out right now,as far as I can see is your shit is making smoke signals behind your back, it says you are an asshole...

  6. 11:22AM the truth came out long ago, that these are the bravest people in Mexico. Hipólito Mora is conducting most of the press and I do not have a email/phone relationship with him. Dr Mireles is burned out doing too much, he is a respected surgeon working 6 days a week then heading up the Michoacán autodefensa with Mora, and conducting all the press interviews.

    They have made inroads and gained new municipalities, I am working on a post it should be up later today. But also they have suffered some losses, including being fired on by gov forces and killing defensas including a 17 year old girl.

    But they are strong in spirit. I will email Mireles soon, I did not want to bother him during this time.

    If I knew anything different that would alter my long standing support of Mireles and the movement I would write about it. I am not here to hide truth, that benefits no one,

    what has happened to the people of Michoacán is a travesty, and would be tolerated in few places, but because of the components of prejudice, and racism, Mexicans are not screaming from the rooftops for the government to do their duty and help and protect the people and their interests.

    Thanks for asking. Keep the movement in your thoughts and prayers.

  7. December 28, 2013 at 2:39 AM

    At least you got balls big enough to say that,unlike many others on here.

    1. 4:49 anybody can have "balls"to come and post bullshit here,and be lucky to have it published,having reason on your side is quite another thing,your hysteric rants are sorely lacking,so I have no other option but to tell you and 2:39 que chinguen a su madre! Pinches jotos ignorantes.
      See,it is easy to have "balls"here estupidos

  8. Does anyone know if acuña is still dangerous i am planing to spend new years eve there but do you still see zetas selling drugs in the corners or driving around crazy halconez

  9. Si entiendo no me hago weyyy estupido lo que trato de decir que son chingaderas si no entiendes tu no estes chingando

  10. December 28, 2013 at 6:50 AM I'm afraid we will be all very old when we see Acuna or the border region ever return to its tourist glory days of souveniers , tequila, art, blankets food etc. God Bless and help those poor souls .

  11. Mas de la mitad de Coahuila La Letra controla ni se diga las plazas al Norte de Coahuila.Si Zocalo no publica nada de los localezzz es porque ya saben como corre el agua.Por eso los pendejos del Cartel del Poniente alias Los Danys andavan ventando granadas al Zocalo y Milenio en La Comarca Lagunera para meterles presion para que publiquen las cosas de los Localezzzz.


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