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Monday, November 11, 2013

Templarios Monthly Payouts in Michoacán Bribes, Mayors in 10 States Contolled by Cartels

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat

Caballeros Templarios  spends about 325 million pesos per year ($ 25 million) in bribes to various officials in the Mexican state of Michoacán, revealed by the newspaper Milenio  today.
The paper added that in other states in which they have the least influence, Templarios  will spend 65 million pesos a year ($ 5 million) and 5.4 million Mexican pesos per month ($ 415,385).

Payouts in major cities of Michoacán per month;

A commander of the Police Federal  collects up to 350,000 pesos per month ($ 26,923),

A senior official in the attorney general's office, 250,000 pesos ($ 19,230)
State police, up to 240,000 pesos per month ($ 18,460).

A deputy of the municipal police the Templarios are paid 30,000 pesos ($ 2,307)
A municipal Public Safety Director, 25,000 pesos ($ 1,923)

An  ministerial officer 20,000 pesos ($ 1,540)
The press is also listed as a beneficiary of  payments, at 40,000 pesos a month  ($ 3,075)

25,000 for reporter at a news station ($ 1,923)
The same sum for an executive of a national television network ($1,923).

Among those  bribed is a general, who receives  2 million pesos a month (about $ 154,000)
The information published today by the Millennium Group comes from an intelligence report, that its journalists had access to for several hours.

The Templarios emerged in the state of Michoacán as a splinter group of La Familia criminal and currently have attained a rapid spread of operations into other states including;

  • Michoacán
  • Guanajuato
  • Guerrero
  • The State of Mexico
  • Colima
  • Chiapas
  • Jalisco
  • Tabasco
  • Morelos
  • Baja California
  • and Tamaulipas.

In related news, at least 250 Mexican mayors in 10 states are under the control of one cartel or another as reported by the AALMAC association, the states named are:

  • Michoacán
  • Tamaulipas
  • Coahuila
  • Chihuahua
  • San Luis Potosi
  • Zacatecas
  • Guerrero
  • State of Mexico
  • Durango
  • Veracruz
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Typically cartels bribe municipal governments in order to control cities, along with intimidation tactics.  Templarios have adapted a different strategy; they use intimidation, threats, and extortion (in place of bribes) to control mayors and city hall.

According to a new report by La Jornada, most of the municipalities of Michoacán are subject to extortion from the Templarios and that of the 113 municipalities in the state, at least a 100 municipalities  pay money to the criminal organization in exchange for permission by the cartel to conduct normal business. 
Threats, pressure and terror of organized crime in regions of Michoacán  by capos and operators, mostly from the Templarios,  has pushed many mayors to consider the possibility of resigning, however, aware of the intentions of the mayors, the regional heads of the criminal group have issued warnings: If you back out, you will be killed.  
Templarios method of operation has included tapping into every facet of the economy, every worker, public facilities such as highways, utilities, politics, produce production, livestock, merchandise, is “taxed”, (extorted).  In every segment of economic action Templarios receive a slice, everything and everyone is extorted. 

The stories are told quietly that drug traffickers in Michoacán have destroyed everything and control the state. 

Mayors were elected in January this year.  The Knights Templar sent armed cells to invite them for interviews by capos. Those who refused, confirmed one state government official, were kidnapped by the Knights Templars.
In all cases, the leaders demanded payment of municipal finance fees.  If the councils did not have sufficient resources, then the payment would be through the allocation of public works and part of the money deposited by state authorities.
For the meetings, they demand municipalities bring their  treasurer, to construct a business and payment plan,  confided one of the sources consulted by La Jornada.  It is estimated that at least a hundred of the 113 councilors pay the  fee.

In a violent drug war that has provided one stunning event after another, when one is thinking we have seen it all, along comes Caballeros Templarios. A cartel  that has no boundaries ,that steals, kills, tortures and  rapes children, of which their leader, a former school teacher, attempts to excuse away by “my boys are uneducated, they lack manners”.

 A cartel who target and attack all people; wealthy, impoverished,  the elderly the infantile, whatever value is there to attain they squeeze and take.  Leaving destruction, death and hopelessness in their path of terror.

And they are spreading fast, faster than any cartel before.  Like an aggressive cancer, metastasizing in short time to a third of the country. 

And few are taking notice.

Note from Chivis:  I relied heavily on a face book page “Por Michoacán con Libertad”, a big supporter of Dr. José Mierles.  I checked it Saturday night midnight before turning in for the night.  It was up.  Then Sunday it was completely gone.  Vanished. 
If any of you have information about the FB page and its Twitter page please


  1. Chivaaa! Nice going,I'm happy you are feeling good and back at work,I know you can't live without us either,XOXOXO!

  2. WOW.
    I need to become a General in the Mexican Army and move to Michoacan. I am definitely underpaid compared to these high rollers. Hahahahaha!!!!

    1. Yea go ahead and become a General, then we will see u on you tube getting your head chopped off, and there goes ur bribe.

  3. And how much does the el presidente get to do nothing about it?

    1. About 2 million monthly and I mean dollars, not pesos

  4. I know it is likely true. Because I know people personally here that work for the police, and they told me about the payoffs in his office. He knows I would never say anything. He as well as I want to stay alive, along with our families. He did not mention names and I did not want him to. But he did talk about what was happening in general. If you do not believe it you do not live in Mexico, or have no idea as to what is happening. I know one individual who is the ex boyfriend of my wife. She thought he had a different business according to him. He had money and set her up to live well. He was off on business for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. She left him when she found out about his business. He also had a wife and children she did not know about either. He looks like a normal guy. He grows pot in huge quantity and the army helps him get it to the big city (I will not mention which city). They even send soldiers up to help him with the harvest when he needs it. He sells it to the big guy, and he has to pay for protection to get it to the border. For those that do not pay you sometimes get caught. On the few longs roads that go North, how do you think they get tons of it past many check points by feds and military? They could really stop it without a problem anywhere of the roads heading North. The ones that get caught are the ones that do not pay up.

  5. Where do you get this information from?

  6. That place is a shithole if u like to be raped murder and all the drugs and assholes with guns u can handle than this is your spot. I doubt even the avengers and xmen could defeat this evil. They would have their heads chopped off and shit.

  7. Who did this translation? A five year old child?

  8. 8:51pm go back and read slooooowly. the sources are there and the fact they were given access to the ledgers for a couple of hours. honestly I thought the $$ was low, but remembering CT uses money sparingly, intimidation usually works without money and in the case of mayors/municipalities THEY pay CT not the other way around

  9. Looks like the CT are growing. These guys are toxic like the Zetas but with their own twist. La Puta is a smart guy but he is a greedy MOFO. He will end up dead or rotting decades in prison like all the rest of them.

    1. The ex-interim "gobernador" of michuacas is back on the high horse as secretary of governance in the state of michoacan,from which he will keep on working to help his wife's brother in love,his concuño,the husband of his wife's sister:
      LA PUTA TUTA!!!
      el prisidente pena nieto just has to keep helping his good buddy,fuck'em in the ass!

  10. also they need to pay "piso" to other cartels since they don't control any border city

  11. Does the ledger say how much they extrort from the hardworking and honest small businessman? Does it explain why good men can not be found who will band together in a civilized society? Does it explain how an innocent child grows up to dishonor his mother by becoming a dispicsble leech on society. Does the ledger list a tally on the iprice of a human life? I blame EPN and it rolls downhill from him.

    1. 2:26 the people that come in contact with these motherfuckers have to give up their property,keep working it for them,and pay them their 10% of whatever they make.
      Then they must save for the ransoms.
      The kabelleras cagadas have learned pretty well from the religious cults that plague the state of michoacan and many many other states,cities and whole countries like the moonies,from the church of sun myung moon,the Korean,behind the takeover of many Latin American enterprises and land grabs,lately fighting like a dog for the piratization,I mean PRIvatization of pemex

  12. Why would a general collecting USD150.000/month
    - not protect those paying him?
    - risk his life and the life of his family by declining to take the money?
    - ever permit that any sort of investigation into bribery is not killed?

    AND WHY WOULD NOT a commander of the Police Federal, a senior official in the attorney general's office, a state police, a deputy of the municipal , a municipal Public Safety Director, a ministerial officer , a reporter at a news station or an executive of a national television network
    DO THE SAME???

    Except for moral and the well being of society there is NO reason!

  13. The US is just as corrupt as Mexico!!!
    Because the same drugs (+95% of it) passing through mexican territory also passes US territory.

    OR are US cops just lazier, worse trained or equipped than the Mexicans???

  14. The president gets a lot$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. No hope the good people of Mx.

  15. Dang, I wanna be a norco so bad. They are cool and get all the chicks.

  16. no wonder these crazy people kill each other over $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  17. Sep 16th was all for nothing.

  18. It should be noted that some of these people are FORCED to accept bribes. Many people like to call them corrupted, yes they surely are, but what exactly do you think will happen to them if they refuse bribes ? They'll get their head chopped off and be replaced by someone else who will eventually accept bribes. It's a vicious circle that you cannot escape from easily.

    Funny that one of you mention super heroes, i think if you ever sent the Ghost Rider into Mexico, he'd be like a kid in a candy shop. I mean, all those guys waiting for a Penance stare...

  19. pretty clear the sources are milenio and jornada. looks like some people only look at pictures, and don't read.

  20. dude I want you to become one so bad 5:13, it is a good mechanism to cleanse the world of idiots.

  21. The Zetas will clean the corruption from that land.


    I am a logical person, so figuring out WHERE and HOW Milenio was able to access ledgers and other accounting documents, was actually pretty darn easy.

    It should be for you also, that is if you remember what you read on BB last week!

    Less than a week ago there was a high profile arrest of a CT named “POLO”. Polo is not some random narco, he was the chief of CT extortions and collections.

    Get it?

    As for people "forced" to take bribes. No cartel is going to force someone to take bribes...they will force them to "comply" but they are free to say they will comply without payment.

    1. The cabelleras kagadas are even more tight fisted than the Monterrey people,after paying off the bigwigs from the government, everybody must go to work and earn a living
      kidnapping,robbing,stealing and expropriating. That is how public corruption compounds the problems besieging Mexico.

  23. Chivis, i'm the guy who posted @ 6:27 AM

    You get what i mean by "forced to take bribes". One way or the other, you will do as they say. If not, you die. Brutally. That was the point of my post.

  24. WOW! $ 26,923 a month? They get paid double that of USA . I'm packing my bags

  25. poor templarios, just imagine having to pay that montly payroll ... on the other hand what's happening in the US? how is the drug sold?, who knows?

  26. sorry 2:10 my mistake, I just didn't want people to think that money HAD to be exchanged. you are correct one way or the other. I have a new video of Dr Mireles going up...

    to the reader saying corruption is in more than 10 states, of course, this does not say "limited to" it was 10 states identified so far by the association. the main point is it is at for all intents and purpose 100%

    I will go further...all municipalities in each of the border states are corrupted and in bed with narcos. they can start there and expand the list.

  27. " Anonymous said...
    Who did this translation? A five year old child?
    November 11, 2013 at 10:13 PM"

    Ouch you gave me a grouchy face.....

    actually...the only translating is the payouts ...

  28. Dont forget is Plata o plomo the ones that are alive are taking the plata. I mean we all have the right to live and the ones taking money are probably saying fuck it the ones that should die are the ones using the drugs.

  29. R.i.p caba putas maten a todos esos putos y que chingen a su madre los caballeros jotos tempamierdas

  30. IM from michoacan and I go there every december so fuck you that's my home town puro michoacan

  31. fuck them chivis. and don't contaminate BB by allowing idiots to post comments.

  32. soooo the CT extort money from the poor and defenseles, to bribe the people who are supppose to protect them from extorsion?? sounds like the people of Michoacan are fucked... I hope Enrique Pena Nieto does ssomething about it..

  33. "Yea go ahead and become a General, then we will see u on you tube getting your head chopped off, and there goes ur bribe."

    if you look at history - not many of those Generals have died. Yes, the people at the bottom are often killed ... halcyons, low ranking members in the Army and police, daily workers for the cartels. But the high echelon people are rarely executed. they know how things work - so they dont step out of line. Instead, they keep the system of corruption and terror functioning. They are not just taking the bribes - THEY are the decision makers themselves. That is why it is hard, almost impossile, for honest men to change this system.

  34. Damn mexico what the hell is wrong with this picture, i don't understand how your president can just pretend that these are just heresay, where is the backbone of your resolve, where has the might of the mexican govt. Gone?

  35. about that Facebook page gone,the Mexican government will not let any opposition stand,not for long,and if they can,the posters will be found and executed,Carlos slim definitely owns Mexican government,he does not believe in charity,but believes anything that makes money for him is necessarily good for all of Mexico...


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