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Thursday, November 7, 2013

PGR Arrests 25 Municipal Police Officers in Michoacán

(November 7, 2013)—Around 25 members of the Municipal Police of Vista Hermosa were presented to the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) on Thursday in Michoacán after being arrested for alleged ties to organized crime.

The officers were arrested and taken to the city of Morelia amid a heavy security operation with the participation of several units of the Mexican Army, Federal Ministerial Police, and Federal Police.
On November 4th, a squad car of the Federal Ministerial Police was found completely burned in the municipality of Vista Hermosa.  The officers of the squad car hadn’t been seen since Sunday.

According to initial reports, the two officers who manned the squad car were commissioned to the municipality of Zamora through the PGR, from where they carried out investigations in the area.

According to the official versions, the policemen who arrived at the PGR, still wearing their uniforms of the municipal police, would be charged for ties to the disappearance of the Ministerial Federal Police agents René Rojas Márquez and Gabriel Quijanos Santiago. 

Early versions of the arrest informed that federal forces had taken control of the security in the town, as it happened on Monday in the port of Lázaro Cárdenas.

However, the governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa dismissed in an interview that the arrest of the municipal police is related to the situation occurring in the harbor.  He explained that the officers of Vista Hermosa were required and called to testify about the disappearance of the two agents of the PGR.

He also stated that the actions from “The Federation” are in conjunction with security measures directed towards the creation of a single command, which would take away pressure from the local authorities in dealing with organized crime.

“The obligation and the right thing to do is to establish a single command, to take away pressure from mayors in having to deal with organized crime, because even the criminals want to appoint directors of Public Safety.”


  1. Why cant Mexico pay there cops better so they don't have to deal with the narcos I know a polica de camios over in mexico he says they pay peanuts he wants to get transfer to a boader town he says the police camps near boader towns get paid better cause they get a cut off the drugs how sad

  2. They will be back on the street in a week,sadly

  3. 25 more sicarios after their short and I do mean short stint in jail.

  4. Can't believe anything Fausto Vallejo Figaroa says. I always comment to Havana to quit telling us what the mayor or interim mayor or governor of Mich. says. Just erase it because undoubtedly it is a bunch of lies. They are just shilling as puppets for the those who practice maneuvers adorned with plastic helmets.

    1. LOL! I always forget about their plastic helmets! They almost lived it down but not quite. Thanks for refreshing everyones' minds!




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