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Monday, November 25, 2013

Video Translation:A day in the life of autodefensas Blockade, Shootout, and Death

Vato and Chivis for Borderland Beat translation by Vato

Autodefensas stopped by the military who demanded their weapons

Note: This is the translation of the audio from a video that appeared on Televisa’s Punto de Partida.  Thank you to the reader who brought this to my attention.  The mayor referenced is the same mayor that caused headlines recently when he stated the autodefenzas should stay of the government is not going to provide security.  This video is an excellent portrayal of a day in the life of autodefenzas beginning before day break they encountered an army blockade who once again demands their weapons.  The life and death of an autodefenzas. Chivis and Vato

Nine Months and Moving Forward

(Screen) 9 months and moving forward.

(00:07) Narrator At 6:00 a.m. on November 16, approximately 300 men traveling in 30 pickups left Tepalcatepec. They were headed, they said, to the town of Tancitaro to support a group of townspeople who had asked for their help. Also, they would tour all the Movement's fortifications all the way to the municipality of Los Reyes.

(00:24) (Soldiers greet Dr. Mireles) (Soldier: How are you? Everything OK?)

Dr. Mireles We're in a state of alert because yesterday they kidnapped five more people right here in Los Reyes.
(00:38) Dr. Mireles ...And we know there will be an uprising, and we're going to support them.
(00:40) (Narrator) In Buenavista, Tomatlán, the caravan halted and self-defense forces from that town, from La Ruana and Coalcomán  joined them.
(01:05) (Man loading pistol magazines) We have to be ready, for anything...trying to back up a friend and ... problem with a rifle that won't fire, that's why we are supplied with new ammunition for each operation... These (magazines) hold 9 (rounds) each...they're .38 Super, 70 series....(Shows semi-auto pistol)... you load the bullets here... (other speaker attaching loaded drum magazine to rifle) There it is...fully loaded...
(01:40) (Narrator) At almost 8:3 a.m., about 800 men in 80 pickups resumed the march.
(01:45) (Dr. Mireles) Let's go, gentlemen, the "hard" pickups in front, please, catch up with the Commander.. Let's go...
(Radio:to the rear?)
(Mireles)...all the way to the rear...
(02:05) (Dr. Mireles, speaking to guy standing next to his truck:) We're going all the way to El Limon. That guy said we have to get to El Limon and drop off some people there, and go on through there, all the way to Tancitaro. (Man beside Mireles truck: "Then, all the way to Limon?")
(Mireles) Yes.
(02:15) (Radio #1) All of you with scope-sighted rifles, get your scope-sighted rifles out because those are the ones that will get us out of trouble, if there's any trouble.
(02:22) (Radio #2) If you're able to... Nobody fires, nobody shoots unless you have a target. We have to take care of our ammunition.
(Radio #3) That's the way it has to be. Nobody shoots unless there's a target.
(02:35) (Radio #1) Good luck and may God bless us and protect us, and may God forgive us for what we're going to do.
(02:39) (Radio #4) It was a pleasure to support you with everything, and here we are, moving forward. Good luck to everybody, and I hope nothing happens to us, old man...
(02:40) Dr. Mireles Roger that, old man. It was an honor for this humble servant to have participated with all of you in this movement. Remember, if we fall, don't allow the Movement to come to an end. A warm hug to all of you and may God bless and protect all of you.
(03:00) (Radio #1) All of you, comunitarios, don't be afraid. Take heart and let's go forward. 
(Radio #3) And if something does happen to us, it was a pleasure being with you, and we are all grateful to all of you...
(03:08) (Radio #4) None of that talk, we're all coming back, nothing will happen, let's move forward with everything (we have).
(03:16) Female radio speaker: The Lady of Guadalupe and St. Jude Thaddeus will protect all of us.
()3:17) (Radio #3) Thanks Dona Mari...
(03:19) (Radio #4) No going backwards...
(03:19) Dr. Mireles (Passing under the Limon arch) ...There were women and children, and those they executed were left hanging there... Below photos of the hangings)

Below are the four in life
Killed by CT: Sisters Fanny and Jazmine Guerra, 19 y/o Jazmine was a university student.  Fanny was married to Javier Pulido, also hanged, along with  Didier Sierra a secondary school teacher.  The men were horribly tortured before hanging, they were all hanged alive.  Fanny and Javier had a 3 mo old baby.  Their crime? Helping autodefensas.

(03:30) (A local driver stops to talk to Dr. Mireles) Hello. I'm glad you're here.
(03:35) Dr. Mireles I there anything moving?
Driver: They're up ahead, at the gas station ... I'm glad you're going there
 Dr. Mireles That's where they are? Thanks.
(03:42) Narrator After the warning, at 9:00 a.m., they continued on their way.
(03:47) Radio voice Be careful, there at the gss station there's a pickup...
(03:55) Dr. Mireles Heads up, comrades They say the bad guys are at the gas station, where we're going to enter the town, so you’ll be on the lookout. A local resident just warned us. Be careful.
(04:05) Narrator After traveling 5 kilometers, the warning given by the Pareo resident is realized.
(04:11) (Shooting starts)
(05:50) (Narrator) for 15 minutes, the self-defense forces repel the attack. An hour later, they resume their travel.
( 06:05) Dr. Mireles Let's go forward, my friends, let's go.
(06:06) Narrator By 10:00 a.m., the Los Reyes municipality was no longer the objective. At that time, the county seat of Tancitaro was occupied by the residents with the help of members of the self-defense forces who had infiltrated into the town the night before.
(06:20) Dr. Mireles Things got hot in town, we have to go help them.
(06:25) Narrator Slowly they made their way through the town of Pareo, witnessed by some of the town's 650 inhabitants.
(06:37) Dr. Mireles (to the town's people) Don't back down! (Voice: OK, old man!) Grab your weapons and join the self-defense forces. (To a woman holding a broom:) Trade your broom for an armored vehicle and come on!
(06:55) Narrator Two kilometers outside the town, on the highway that goes to the Tancitaro county seat, the Army was already waiting for them.
(The soldiers and comunitarios meet)
(07:15) Comunitario the problem is that they're taking our weapons. Without weapons, it's as if they're sending us to slaughter, because without our weapons, they'll be here in no time and kill us all.
(07:20) Army officer We cannot return your weapons to you. If you're going to go through here with weapons, we cannot allow that.
(Chaotic scene, soldiers and comunitarios all yelling, shouting about weapons.)
Comunitario voice: "Don't attack the military personnel, don't attack them! ") Comunitarios begin sitting down on the highway: "We're going to sit down right here and stay here, let the soldiers kill us, let them kill us, it's better for them to do it..."
Another Comunitario voice: "Take the weapons from the Templarios!" 
(08:00) Narrator After a discussion that lasts an hour, the self-defense forces agree to return to the center of Pareo.
(08:10) Army officer I'll return your weapons in Buenavista, like we agreed, like I promised. I cannot permit the law to be violated. That's my position. We're not moving from here, and you're not going to Tancitaro or anywhere else, with the weapons that I’ve taken ... from you.
(08:22) Narrator In the end, their weapons are returned. Several days after this incident, in Tancitaro, the situation is not peaceful. The Municipal President (mayor) returned last Tuesday and declared his support for the self-defense forces.
(08:38)Voice of Municipal President Salvador Torres It is the people, the population here in the municipality that has risen up with the help of other municipalities that have formed their own self-defense forces. And when people meet me on the street, they say, "We support you, Mr. President, because you are one of us, you have stayed here with us and have not left us to go somewhere else."
(09:01) Narrator But the confrontations and the tension continue. From the day they entered Tancitaro, the self-defense forces have withstood four days of attacks, resulting with four deaths in their ranks. The war that Michoacán is living through continues to leave many families in mourning, like that of Mr. Leonardo Miranda.

(09:20) Mr. Miranda You want to see my son? (Leads them back to house where coffin is placed)
He came back from the United States (Female voice: He's the oldest son), "because", he said, "I don't want to work anymore." He sold his house, the business that he owned over there... (Female voice: He was already living there.) ... so he could set himself up in Los Reyes... he was in the business of...
(Mother brings out memorial with picture) ...He's the one they killed (pointing to the memorial).
Mr. Miranda I told him, "let me go, I'm old," ... He said, "No, Dad, not you, I..."
(Mr. Miranda continues) What I'm going to do is sell everything I own, all my cattle, and buy weapons. I'm going to arm everybody in this town, and get everybody to join... because they wear their pants like I do.
And I told them, "This war is going all the way to the finish. They already killed two (of us), what's one more?"           


  1. Awesome. Fuck the cartels. They steal kill extort innocent people. Its like one lion fighting a pack of hyenas eventually with enough hyenas the lion will fall.

  2. dr mireles you are a living legend, god bless

  3. Those are balls, the guy at the end saying he was going to sell his livestock to buy weapons. The narcos from sinaloa tend to be different. Look at mini lic, hired Banda el recodo for his hometowns posadas last year.

  4. Crooks nothing moar nothing less looking forward for the AD execution bideos "in order to teach the Templars a lesson" JiJiJIjiJiJIjI!!!

  5. I feel anger clear to my soul . These evil bastard hanging these folks from the arch and all the other atrocities they commit. I only hope there is really a hell because if there is not there will be no true justice .The lifes of one hundred of these kind of jackals isn't worth one good one. There will never be justice
    Damn them to hell !

  6. someone with knowhow should go down there and make weapons for the autodefensas...

  7. Beggar Tuta Puta & coward CT meth head faggots your time is up...Kill all CT sewer rats.
    Viva Mexico.

  8. Where the fuck is Nieto? Where the fuck is the international media and scrutiny? Where? How is Nieto left alone and not at least held to comment on this ineptitude of his shiny new regime?

  9. Thank you so much vato and chivis for posting and translating this video but let me tell you something you should add the word shootout video to the title of the article to atract more readers to see this great video and also i have a smart phone and the article is kind of not been seen well i mean there is a problem with it check it out and you will know what im talking about thatnk you again guys great job

  10. From Italy I pay my utmost respect to the Autodefensa, keep up the fight. You are writing history right now!

  11. This is unbelievable! The army is not far from where the bad guys are but they go after the auto defensas? Make sure you tweet this information so that more people can be aware of what's going on in Mexico thanks to the corrupt Nieto administration!

  12. This is an amazing interview,

    a Birdseyes view following the group. It was very frustrating seeing the militars so close to templarios yet harass the auto defense group.

  13. Should be taking down the big "businessmen" behind the sicarios,right at the top:
    MIGUEL ANGEL GALLEGOS zicuarain resident.
    -Has Carmen Aristegui seen the people that got hanged?
    -Anything on televisa?
    -These news need to be seen all over the US.
    -Ask the Mexican consuls about these abuses
    -what is the Mexican "army" planning to get the cabelleras kagadas killed or arrested?
    -what is Pena nieto's plan?
    -million exiled Mexican demonstration in the US?
    -we need to get organized before Dr mireles and his followers get slaughtered as the mexican government specializes in doing.

  14. Best video yet, to give us an idea what the comunitarios endure.

    great job and thank you Vato & Chivis

  15. God bless Dr Miereles he is incredible. Thanks for posting this. Gives me hope. Just a sliver of hope...but hope

  16. Amazing and aggravating

  17. They have to be real careful because the army is working with at least one cartel there. They can't trust anyone.

  18. Dios ayude a los autodefensas de Michocan!!

  19. Heyy chivis vato add the word shootout to the title like video shootout translation thst will get you more people whaching this amazing video and article please di it

  20. damn..those were teenaged girls they hung? I didn't know that


  21. Vato and Chivis

    thanks for translating.
    this makes everything about Dr Manuel and the autodefensas a LOT clearer - so much clearer now. it actually sounds like the Mireles autodefensa has a good chance of keeping CT out of some of the towns ... providing the Mex Gov't and the Army do not take extra actions to disarm them.

    Therefore, all of your scrutiny as journalists should now be on the forthcoming actions of the Mexican Governmnet (if they do actually do something).

    And one other thing. BB has been active in supporting the story of the autodefensas - good for you!! But the Mex. Governmnet is not foolish and probably realizes that open joirnalism is not favorable to them bringing the hammer down on the autodefensas movement. Therefore, do not be surprised if there is an attempt to quash your own reporting, or stop stories and materials flowing to you from Dr Manuel, or shut down BB in some way. Plan for this to occur, and if it does then you will be ready.

  22. Anyone who can comment in Spanish,do it so they know that many people support them.

  23. So let us review what happened with the tactics in this video. At one point, Dr Manuel's autodefensa is shooting at a CT vehicle in Pareo. And the CT gunmen are shooting back. Then the CT cartel flees down the road, away from Pareo. We assume they got away, since no bodies were reported and their vehicle was gone. Then the autodefensa also proceeds out of Pareo along the same road - and is stopped by the Army checkpoint a couple of kilometers outside the town.

    This raises the big question.
    How did the CT cartel vehicle get past the checkpoint?
    The CT were clearly armed and displaying weapons. The Army must have heard them firing inside the town - it was just 2 km away. Yet the Army did not respond to shooting inside the town, and did not try to apprehend the CT gunmen. That is very clear.

    Draw your own conclusions. Whatever orders are being given to the Army inside Michoacan, it is certainly not to stop cartels from operating.

  24. nah, you didn't need the shooting in the title, sensationalizing attracts the losers imo

  25. Dr Manuel ... in this video you finally got your message across to us clearly.
    Now we can see the injustice with our own eyes.
    Not we understand your indignation and your anger.
    Now we see what you are fighting for.
    Please send more videos that show your missions - like this one.

    And know something very important ...


  26. chivis y dont u ever post my comments u son of bitch cause ur getting a cut from the cjng or mireles i am the same guy and that pist the shit from mireles and i am gonna findcu some watch u piece lf shit

  27. I know you guys hate it when I post comments like 10:33AM but it made me laugh so much I had to post the comment.

    yeah...Chivis CJNG...that is I

    1. 10:33 Chivaaa!you evil,that poor CT don't have any other place to post his CT popo, now his CT buddies are going to kill his ass por pendejo,leaving the insults to the CT unanswered,is punishable with death by maricon CT...

  28. UNA VEZ MAS, la gente de mexico rises to the injustice created by the so called goverment, which cares more for $$$ then their people. The Rich get richer, and the poor people get killed. The times have changed, ahora la gente will rather die fighting, with a gun in their hands, fight till there is no EVIL to fight. PICK UP ROCKS, MACHETES, PISTOLAS, CARABINAS!!!!

  29. I wish there was a way I could send Dr. Mireles funds!! Somebody should start a website to start raising funds!! Habemos muchos Hispanos con familia en Mx... muchos que ya ni podemos ir a ver por miedo de que nos pase algo. I had an uncle killed in front of his 5 yr old boy by some bastard thugs just because he would not hand them over his $$ from a small restaurant he owned. I know there's many of us willing to donate so Dr. Mireles and his crew can buy more guns, cars, ammunition, etc... please let us know Chivis!!!

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