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Friday, November 8, 2013

Michoacán Mayor who Protested Against Templarios Found Tortured and Dead

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Questions surround the death of Ygnacio Lopez Mendoza, mayor of Santa Ana Maya, Michoacán.  What was initially reported as a possible traffic accident was quickly dispelled by Michoacán mayors who say his death was no accident. 
The body of Ygnacio Lopez Mendoza, mayor of Santa Ana Maya, showed signs of torture and beatings from an object to the head and neck, according to the results of the autopsy that was performed on a morgue in the neighboring state of Guanajuato. Also Miguel Marquez Marquez, governor of that state, said that homicide has not been ruled out.
A few feet away from where Lopez’ SUV was discovered, were bloodstains and rocks with blood smears, lending credence to the theory that he was stoned.
Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, governor of Michoacán, said during his tour of Apatzingán that, according to the  PGJ of Guanajuato, Ygnacio Lopez died of asphyxia secondary caused by a blow to the neck .
On Twitter, the former President Felipe Calderon demanded a full investigation, Calderon himself is a Michoacán native..

President Calderon also linked the crime to the Caballeros Templarios drug cartel, publishing a quote allegedly by Mr. Lopez Mendoza, who was a physician;

"When we  work, we have to pay the Knights Templar 10% of our pay. All of us, Michoacán mayors, have this problem," the former president tweeted.
Lopez had recently concluded an 18 day hunger strike in protest against the Templarios and demanding greater funding for his municipality.  Lopez was found dead in his car on Thursday.  (below during his hunger strike)

'No accident'
In a letter to other mayors, the association of local authorities said that Mr. Lopez Mendoza's death "was not an accident

According to information given by his Mr. Lopez Mendoza's family, the doctor got home at about midnight and as he drove his car in, he was abducted by a group of people," the letter read.
In an interview with a local radio, the executive-secretary of the association said the politician was tortured.

Ricardo Baptista Gonzalez told MVS that Mr. Lopez Mendoza got a call from the drugs cartel demanding "more pay", after the federal government agreed to disburse more funds for his municipality.
The family is asking for clarity in the death of Lopez, and that justice prevail.
"We are shocked, because he always fought for social causes, for the welfare of the people, he was loved here and we just  want that justice be done," said the family.

LaVoz, La Zeta  and Por Michoacán Libertad


  1. Well, Well, Well, just how it goes in Mexico. No ne really cares. I wwas Violently attacked /abducted and survived death in mexico, Banned permanently from 3 websites, publicly humiliated,and a victim of blasphey and cyber bullying ,exiled from my community. And I am not even a Mexican . Where are all the civil rights activists that are always there to speak out against an injustice. I diplomatically tried to expose and warn tourist and outhers of the dangers and horrors in Mexico. God Bless , Chivis, Vato, Havana Puro,K. Mennen, and all that habve sacrificed to make BB what it is.

    The following deserve some dignity and hope to the families . God Bless them

    And to the 100,000,'s dead , missing, extorted , raped, tortured, dismembered . That have fell on deaf ears. Keep up the good reporting .
    and Peace.

  2. Chivaaaa! Your #1 fan,and devoted wanna-be lover over "hear"(grammar slayin'first and foremost)
    I'm glad you up and runnin'
    This proves once and for all that medical grifa is good, even if there is no medical need,but lay away the cocaine,morphine,heroin,opium and stop smoking thealkazeltzerz,before they find out...chivaaaaglad you are back,love you bunches!

  3. La mafia no perdona

  4. Another Great Hero, God Bless Him

  5. jajaja...well what happened is when doc was figuring out what to give me for pain, I had no filter due to the "relaxing" meds he gave me in my IV. That is when I asked for Medical MJ. I was seriously thinking about it, it seems better than stuff like oxycodone. Poor doc was flustered. If I need pain med in the future I am thinking about it though....paz, chivis

    1. Havana told everybody about the medical grifa...

  6. Fuck what Calderon has to say he's the one who started this war on drugs in the first place, por su culpable Mexico esta como esta..

    1. 11:31 my dear,president Calderon,tried to do something,people around him like neo-millionaire genaro Garcia Luna, recommended by a Wilfredo robledo and his boss,a Carlos slim helu,whose brother works with the Mexican federal police...
      The president tried to do the right thing,the priistas just brought in some super-corrupts
      to derail the best laid plans...

  7. I feel so sorry for him that I came emotional. :(

  8. What a tragedy. R.I.P to this warrior who bravely stood up for his people and fought against the narco virus that has plagued my homeland.

  9. Tortured and killed by a pussy cartel.Come out of the darkness coakroaches

  10. What is wrong with these idiot Templarios??? They are not going to last very long extorting the common people and killing mayors and police. This is not how you do business. If they had any self sense of preservation they would deal drugs and be very low key, and leave the people alone. Now they are going to all end up killed for being tyrants you can't control a population like this forever what a bunch of GOOFS

  11. Mexican government worse cartel of them all!! Disarming civilians & leaving them @ the mercy of the evil, diabolical cartels-Its obvious they don't want communities uniting @ taking arms 2 fend 4 their life's & well being. Mexico, is so corrupt that u can't trust or believe n anyone. What boils my blood is reading of good people who r constantly being murdered, tortured & kidnapped.How long is it gonna take 2 massively rise n arms against the government & the cartels???? Mexico is a 3rd world country, there is much poverty, wages r low, cost of living not cheap, it doesn't take a genius 2 connect the dots & understand why these cartels have becomes so successful & lucrative. All boils down 2 the government - What a waste of individuals.

  12. extortionists should be skinned alive -- chapos cartel doesnt do this -- getum chapo

  13. What kind of pussy has a legit guy a mayor not just killed but tortured. They did the same to that Maria Gorrostieta too. This guys and every so called cartel that kills and extorts the regular people needs to fall dead or jail.

  14. La mafia no perdona!they killed him for a reason.he wasnt innocent.ct wont do what zetas do to innocents,el q la debe la paga.chapo wont fight ct because la union ase la fuerza

  15. @November 10, 2013 at 3:41 AM
    don't be so stupid. 3000 protestors move into templar turf to get rid of them, templars have to shut them down. they have to set an example to protect their profits. don't ever think these people are noble because you've found a soft spot (and a hard on) for broly bandreas. they're bullies, thieves and killers. idiot.

    it's amazing how corrupt the military were, there. disarming the people miles before they got to town. it shows the deep extent to which the system is working. leaving innocent people trapped and hopeless.

    anyone else noticed that dead cartel members are being called "armed civilians"?

    does anyone put the dots together to know that they're going to ban guns from civilians altogether?

    the only solution I can think of is strapping bombs to yourselves. martyr shit out like the arabs. there doesn't seem to be that many other choices in a place of such intense evil and death.

  16. Carlos slim helu,probably mexican-arab,is working to make it against the law to resist the government in any way,even just not looking the "right"way,will be a punishable offense...

  17. All the cabelleras kagadas and their high powered arms,can get killed a pedradas,just let some get caught and you'll see.the people still can decide who their leaders are,no lies survive forever

  18. The people do not need to blow themselves up, the poor need to make the corrupt rich hurt. Blow up all cell towers you can find. Cripple Carlos Slims hold on Mexico. Mexicans need to boycott Carlos slim. It would nt take long for a boycott to hurt him.


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