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Friday, November 8, 2013

Cartels Among Us

Borderland Beat
Ruthless criminal organizations behind mass murders, assassinations and kidnappings are setting up shop in the area, right under property owners’ noses.

One rancher, who we’ll only call James for his protection, now patrols his property armed and ready for his own drug war.

Somewhere in Calaveras County, he agreed to take a CBS13 photographer, producer and reporter on a hike through his property.

He and his men are all armed, with one serving as lookout.

“That way if we get in trouble, he can get us some help,” James said.

We’re repeatedly warned to keep quiet and be ready to confront a violent marijuana militia willing to do anything to protect their pot.

“You just don’t know if you’re to run into somebody that wants to shoot you or stab you,” the rancher said.

He’s talking about the Mexican drug cartel that investigators say has moved onto his land.

The cartel’s merciless, menacing and brutal drug-related crimes in Mexico have been chronicled in international news reports.

Now they are his neighbor—low-level workers hired by drug lords to grow marijuana on James’ 2,100-acre ranch more than 1,200 miles from the deadly border town of Juarez.

“As soon as we saw that it was a grow, we backed out of here,” he said.

James found the first marijuana grow after discovering tire tracks and footprints. There were a thousand plants up to six feet tall. Calaveras County Sheriff’s investigators got rid of that grow.

But there’s more to the nightmare for James.


  1. I can't beleive cartels still make money of weed nobody wants stems and seeds anymore puro kush

    1. 35% is Purple Kush, Indica and Pop Corn Buds and the rest is mostly reggie(regular weed).

    2. Purple kush?? One strain accounts for 35%?? All cannabis turns purple when grow outdoors and is exposed to the cool nights of fall.purple kush sure sounds dank though doesn't it.reggie? Is that reggie bush or reggie jackson.perhaps you meant schwag.perhaps you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

    3. Reggie means regular aka Mexican dirt weed. 8:13 you don't know what your talking about. 11:20 is right only broke people smoke that trash

    4. The cartels have grow houses on both sides...they sell hydro & reggie... only idiots think.they only sell bricks of Reggie

    5. I will never smoke
      Mexican weed
      for one its never grown
      two who knows what's in it
      becuse narcos just don't
      give a fuck about what
      customers want.
      third narco Terrorist
      are terrorist and I wont
      support that.
      When you can just go
      to Washington or Colorado
      or Cali. just don't buy
      from narcos BC they are

  2. Mexicans this Mexicans that well quit smoking weed americans... shit I mean ...blaming others for your own self inflicted problems like always.... legalize drugs and stop this whole mess... but wait the govt. wont do it cuz theyre cashing in on it you guys bealive everything the news and the govt. tell you... brain washed big time...

  3. of course people still smoke bricked weed. not everyone wants to spend the extra cash on the high grade stuff. only kids have to "kush only" mentality.

  4. Just tell the FBI and they'll burn the plants down. What are the cartels going to do start shooting the FBI. I think not. That'd be like waking a sleeping giant. It'd just create more problems. James is best to just scout his land report it to the FBI every time he sees it.

    1. Ignorance is a beautiful thing!

    2. @11:25 p.m.oh they dont? Since when? They not only shoot at them they kill them when given the right just stock up on some grenades and various weapons myself if i was him!!

  5. Genntlemen stop with bullshit about cartels in cali working da 6000 plant grows im from central cali and becuz of its medical laws alot of people tend to risk doin super gorrilla grows in sequoias,yosemite, mendocino etc,.. and for the most part most of them are not funded by mex cartels, they are just mexicans, whites and asians doing their makes me laugh when i hear cartels this cartels dat, growing weed is not hard especially in a medical state.everybody is doin it, kush demands the best price especially cookie if u got it, peace from cali!!! Att E40

  6. Only kids have to "kush only" mentality. LOL you are right about that, for every pound of kush sold a ton of brick weed is sold.

    1. Kids aren't who said fuck the schwag.the evolution of cannabis didn't come from kids came from those that decided the only thing brick stick is good for is making not the junk left in your pipe.yerba no mota.

  7. More like 6-8lbs per every lb of high grade around here

  8. Legalize WEED just weed create jobs lessen crime.


  9. "perhaps you meant schwag.perhaps you don't know what the fuck you're talking about." - the history lesson of a retarded 15 year old swag-sta

    the root of the entire problem, I'll say it again because it's true, is the U.S govt's secret ops. the C.I.A, has been dealing drugs for decades. when congress cut funding for the contras, the C.I.A. went ahead and dealt with Escobar, Noriega, and eventually Caro Quintaro and Felix Gillardo.

    you've heard people say that chapo is a C.I.A asset... lazcano, morales, cardenas, everyone will be proven to be! just watch. the formulas are so predictable!

    seriously ask yourself why they're in iraq, syria and wherever else, stealing oil for oil companies, rather than being on the border shooting down planes of cocaine? because they are running the whole damn show! D.E.A and C.I.A agents border on rogue agents. they have no idea of the extent their criminal orders will affect innocent people. it's all about money.

    1. So great at stating the obvious aren't you.get schooled in the americas.

  10. 2:01 Legalize the death penalty for traffickers and corrupt government officers...

  11. The cia and dea allow cartels to cross drugs,us government is a druggie himself,what a selfish bastard.chapo guzman pays usa and they leave him alone..usa dont want one is looking for him..its funny how us citizens get brainwashed by the news and governments

  12. not just Mx, it's here in UK / Europe too...

  13. Dude I sell 40 pounds of kush every week. It's nothing.

  14. they dont have the brick shit in the KC metro, it is grown on some of the best fertile flatland america has to offer, there really isn't a whole lot of mexicans either..


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