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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sicarios Killed my Papá

Borderland Beat


  1. Chapo needs to stop killing inocent people

  2. Damn so any One can get killed
    kidnapped in México. sad Thanks Obama &
    erick holder for doing your part in
    giving Méxicos Terrorist What They
    need to jeep terroriseing Mexican
    people. I just feel sad for the littile
    girl. I too was a wittness to murder at ayoung age I was at a park playing on the swings on the Other side there was
    basketball court 2 black guys were
    playing basketball then all of a sudden
    One of them took out a knife and stabed the Other repeatifly stab Agree stab un till he laid there life less
    the Other Man ran from the seen
    then the fire department washed
    all the blood off the basketball court.
    I was 7 at the time so the police didnt want talk to me becuse I was a minor but I still told them What happen.
    it some Thing I would never forget
    to this day I can still see the firefighter
    spray water on to the court to wash off the blood.this happend in reno nv

    1. Homie spell check

    2. Your not the only one. 4 years ago i was at michoan I was with my mom getting tortillas. I saw this guy wounded on the back He wanted to hide from the police over in that place. Or idk who shot him I still remember it. Idk what happen to that guy. But i look the bullet wound. It looked dry. Moscuitos was flying it.

  3. Wheres the story? Cant see it on my android not even on web version.only the conments are there

  4. residente de tijuanaOctober 13, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    damm this is a fcken tragedy familia por favor accepten mi condolencia si supiera quien son les daria mi apollo financiero y un lugar donde vivir en paz tambien mi esposa les manda su condolencia y mis amistades

  5. No story visible on my spanking brand new iphone, ipad or macpro......WTF BB???

  6. Finally got it to play but dont know spanish and the print too tiny to read! :(

  7. BB! No story showing up on any of my online devices....something broke homies!

  8. Fuckin cowards.... it sickens me that they kill without a care in the world.... this little girl will never see or be with her daddy again.... and the piece of $hit that killed him is probably enjoying himself. I feel terrible for all the families who lost loved ones due to cartel agendas. Savages...

  9. I hope all the supporters of drug use realize that the only reason drug use exists is because people use drugs. Sound silly, right? Too simple for you? Well, prohibition didn't work, so it was many die from alcohol poisoning and intoxicated driving accidents? See, the damage is more than just the behavior of the sicarios, it is also the effect of the intoxicants. No? i didn't think you'd get it. Have another oxycontin, forgetaboutit.

    1. 3:07 when will you understand? The greedy bastards create the problem,they promote use,entice and envice the young,FOR MONEY... that is the bottom line,THE BOTTOM LINE! repeat one hundred times and go back to your branch.
      death to the pushers,help for the addicted!

  10. @3:07 Either way, people are gonna look *anywhere* to get high, even if they have to use gasoline and crush up dirty codiene pills & mix it up then inject till their skin goes green and falls off, people will go to those extremes to get high. What is needed is regulation and harm reduction. The sicarios with no drugs will just move onto human traffic, hits for hire, gambling, whatever, you can't just blame a junkie like that uses drugs BUT also I admit I calmed right down when I saw the damage caused by narcotics in Mx. I was sickened and horrified to see the effects of my (minor) behaviour on innocents 1000's of miles away from me. We've all gotta unite, Brothers and Sisters. It's the ONLY WAY.

  11. What a awful shame, what that little girl has to live through.How can this world be so cruel, as to continue on this path of destruction and death? hopefully, she will be one of the people who will rise above this and make something good happen out of something make changes where they are needed most, in her own country! it will take an uprising of good to fight this evil that has plagued them and their everyday lives.I hope the best for her and her family, may God be with them.

  12. 3:07 PM I like drugs. Buying them from people who do the service isn't the problem. US govt creating an enemy, called it illicit drugs, and then paved the corridors for the drugs to flush into the country.

    US govt are trafficking most of the drugs, then turning around and saying they're at war with their business partners.


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