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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seven Die in Gunbattle in Jalisco

Borderland Beat

Three police officers and four gunmen were killed in an armed confrontation in the western Mexican town of Tepatitlan, the Jalisco state Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday.

The gunfight erupted Tuesday night when members of a criminal outfit opened fire on municipal police who spotted them “consuming drugs on the public thoroughfare,” the AG’s office said in a statement.

The Tepatitlan cops requested help from state authorities after the assailants took refuge in a house from where they continued pelting the police with gunfire and grenades.

Three officers were killed and four others wounded, including two who remain hospitalized in stable condition. The other two, injured by grenade fragments, were treated and released,

Police found three gunmen dead inside the house, while a fourth was fatally shot outside as he tried to flee, the AG’s office said.

Source: AP


  1. Replies
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    2. Aqui rifa al-quaeda

  2. Wow, this is straight out of the movies, or better yet GTA. Its amazing how wild it really is. I wonder what drugs they were "consuming" that drew the attention of the police.

  3. I realize this happens a lot in Mexico. but i don't recommend that you turn these gunfights into some kind of spectator sport. try to stick to football. :-)

    And I seriously don't recommend that you ride bicycles around that scene of active shooting.

    que demonios man, are you crazy down there???

    also, what happened to the camera man after a few seconds in the video - he suddently dropped everything. did a bullet come his way??


  4. lol pelted by bullets? You get pelted by snowballs not gunfire haha love the translations! I love this site!!

  5. Jalisco no se raja!!


    1. Rifan madre putos AQuI desde California asta Michoacan nos la pelan putos muertos de hambre...

  7. Thanks for coming down to our area, there is a lot going here like in Jiquilpan, Mich

  8. could you find more information on the identity of the gunmen that were killed

  9. Ya se por que los abatieron en la noche. En Jalisco se faja vaselina y no armas cuando vaja el sol;-)

    1. No mames si estos eran cabrones duraron 4 horas en la balacera contra el gobierno

    2. Vete ala verga perro tu q sabes invesil envidioso JALISCO es un estado chingon


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