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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He Denied Their Existence; Eight Months Later, Fausto Vallejo Wants Dialogue

After eight months with the emergence of the community guards in Michoacán, the governor, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, anticipates that amid the critical situation that occurs throughout the state, he will finally talk with the leaders of the self-defense groups that maintain their presence in at least six municipalities in the state.

This occurs just after the violent weekend that the state suffered through, with the attempt to uprise a new self-defense group in the municipality of Apatzingán on Saturday October 26, when about 3,000 demonstrators were attacked in front of the town hall in the presence of the Mexican Army.

However, since the emergence of the first armed civil groups in the municipalities of Tepalcatepec and Buenavista on February 24, the state government not only denied the existence of the groups, but was also responsible for minimizing the situation in the region of Tierra Caliente.

In an interview conducted by Revolución TresPuntoCero, José Manuel Mireles, leader of the Consejo Ciudadano de Autodefensa de Tepalcatepec (Citizens Council of Self-Defense in Tepalcatepec), warned that just like in his municipality, the citizens of Buenavista are armed to the teeth and ready for anything: “The church bells ring and in minutes we assemble 5,000 people in the main square of Tepalcatepec”, he said.

However, the statements of Vallejo Figueroa and the previous governor Jesús Reyna García claimed that the presence of the self-defense groups have “diminished” and that also with the presence of the federal forces in the region they were “unarmed”.

Nevertheless, Revolución TresPuntoCero also reported the presence of armed civil groups in the regions of Tierra Caliente and Costa de Michoacán through photographs and videos that were spread throughout social networks.

While the community police in Tepalcatepec and Buenavista were the pioneers, these armed civil groups were followed by those from Coalcomán, Chinicuila, Aguililla (July 26) and Aquila (July 24).

The reason why they decided to uprise, as reported, was because state and municipal governments have been indifferent with the charging of quotas to merchants, professionals, and even with the development of public works.

It’s all because of the connection, which the self-defense groups report, the Michoacán authorities in all three levels of government, the Mexican Army, the Federal, Municipal police, are with the Knights Templar.

Such as Vallejo Figueroa, who is accused of receiving funds from narcos for his political campaign as governor; as well as mayors and congressmen from the PRI throughout the entire state.
Vallejo Figueroa
In addition, the former governor of Michoacán, Jesús Reyna García, who attended the funeral of the father of Nazario Moreno, “El Chayo” on Wednesday, July 24.

Source: Revolución 3.0


  1. Well, well, well....isn't this interesting, I wondered what his return would mean. So happy to see Reyna out of power.

    thanks valor

  2. Puro Michaocan! The people will not believe the government anymore. Fuck the government. Let the people raise and stand together for the cause of good.

  3. I have just 1 concern....why N the Fuck doesn't anybody N the political office w/ do something????is that how fuckD up this state is that everybody knows what's going on N these fuckN morons deny everything that is going bad. These caballeros templarios are a bunch of straight bitches just bullshitN everyone.

    1. The familiar michuacana established itself by buying first of all the police(municipal) and then the gates the gates the mayor the governor,the president,the whole government's blessings,same thing in guauguila, chiguauguau,zacatecas, did not matter the party,pri,pan,prd...all corrupt,all after the pinchi peso,or dollars,for the us government no entirnde pesos,and when confiscated,the take is not worth it!!!
      Death penalty for corruption is needed,specially for Mexican popoliticians.
      The only reason for being after the narc now,is Mexico is destabilized,and "they" need peace to "attract" the "investors" that caused all this rigmarole,now they come on their high horses to the fire sale,just like the Russian neo-billionaires

  4. animo! this is what it is going to take to reform mexico. the spread of self defense groups will take back the country for the people. they need to stay small but united. revolutionaries.

  5. So now the government wants to talk to the people? hahaha no shit after all the small towns are arming themselves and are ready to fight these narco assholes. The government has to be for the people otherwise you can expect a revolution soon.

  6. Ya F. The templarios they need to get rid of them all

  7. The Doc is finally getting their attention.

  8. This is the real threat to the Mexican state: people taking power into their own hands. My proposal for keeping the status quo (with the corrupt government firmly in control): arrest the Autodefensas and throw them all in jail. The cartel inmates will eat them alive. That should teach those obnoxious campesinos a lesson (i.e. to not question authority).

    1. WTF are you talking about. Take a trip down to where this shit is happening then come back try to explain your BS solution again. Its easy to give say BS when your not living in that type of situation or know people down there. You might think your a smart ass but i bet you anything you have no balls to step up and take care of bussiness like those poeple in that region. So get off the goverments balls unless your into that kind of stuff then thats your bussiness.

    2. Heyy man are with the people or with the cartels side ?

  9. Gobierno= curruption
    Death, distruction.
    good for you Michoacán.
    only if we can get gto on
    the same page.

  10. 6:50 you are muy guey,the Mexican government don't wanna lose face that bad in front of errybody,with the latest terrorist attacks and the removal of the"actin" governor,the ct and the puta tuta's days are coming to an end,not even the Mexican government needs friends like these, guey. why don't you go and help the cabelleras kagadas and show respect for them?

  11. How come they never show this stuff in the news on television or channel 44 in Juarez Mexico

    1. Dude you should check the facebook page valor por michoacan sdr to know more about this movement


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