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Friday, October 18, 2013

Ex-State Secretary General PAN Killed in Apatzingán

Borderland Beat
Police sources at the Michoacan State Attorney General, confirmed  Wednesday morning, they found the body of Octavio Contreras, who formerly worked  with Federal Consumer Protection in Michoacan and former also as the secretary general of the PAN.

The victim was found at the gates of City Hall, in the heart of the city of Apatzingán.  , Passers-by the gates alerted authorities to the discovery of a deceased person in the early hours of Wednesday.

Octavio Contreras, originally from Apatzingán, was a successful entrepreneur who was involved in the sale of wooden furniture.
PAN lashes authorities strongly to curb impunity after murder of Octavio Contreras
PAN state leadership condemned the act and made a strong appeal to federal and state authorities, those supposedly responsible for providing security, to seek justice for the action to achieve an end to the impunity for the wave of violence and insecurity that plagues the region Tierra Caliente and the rest of Michoacan.

PAN is appalled, disgusted and has become essentially incapacitated by such violence that has befallen the Michoacan victims. This clearly paints a picture of  the political institution, said Miguel Angel Chavez, PAN leader in the state of Michoåcan, referring to the kidnapping and subsequent execution of Octavio Contreras in Apatzingán. 
He pointed out the alarming fact that, despite the official discourse with the state and federal authorities, impunity rules and officials are never responsible for the violence, or the investigations conducted, he said in an interview with Radio News at UM the University Michoacan de San Nicolás de Hidalgo. therefore National Action Party must rethink the conditions in which they are conducting policy in the country and the state, which is becoming more precarious and difficult, accused the leader. "It is unacceptable that in broad daylight cpmmandos circulate in trucks looking to abduct, ostensibly armed citizens kidnapping in a place where there is supposed to be fenced security.  Where is the Army, Federal Police,  and the state and municipal levels of police?/Something was very wrong in this case, if anything, the  authorities are quick to accuse the PAN leader."

"No more crimes! Government must stop the violence in Michoacan, we demand results in the investigations and sanctions to the fullest extent of the law to those responsible for this cowardly assassination, including the many others against, not only the PAN, but the many Michoacan families who also suffer the pain of these crimes and have to deal with impunity in the state authority." said the leader of the PAN in Michoacan.

It should be recalled that PAN faced with great sorrow, the grief of not only their candidate but, also mayor and deputy for the district Apatzingán. He added the crimes PAN has endured this last year, among which, are included young Marisela Delgado, Pedro Cordova, Town Clerk of Tanhuato, and Rafael Carmona, the Sagarpa official.
Miguel Angel Chavez said, "that for the moment there is little information about the underhanded crime of  Octavio Contreras, as it is so early. "The authority, in any case, should provide the elements for the investigation because that's what they get paid to do, but it is too early," he said, noting that "in these cases we must coordinate with Octavio's family to avoid increasing the risks to them. Again today we call upon the authorities of the three Government orders to  grant the necessary guarantees so citizens can live in peace and tranquility of which we are entitled. Relatives of Octavio Contreras we express our deepest condolences and our solidarity in this difficult moment."

Last month, Osvaldo Esquivel Lucateroa, local deputy from the Coalcomán District, was killed   A few days later Apatzingán journalist, Pablo Madriz was also killed, He was an eyewitness to the murder of the legislator.  He died in a mysterious car accident.

Days later a local MP and  a Jalisco lawmaker were assaulted , as they drove towards a municipality in the Tierra Caliente, though both were bodyguards and were monitored.


  1. it's what happened, but just because he was a politician doesn't mean he was more important than many inocents that are murder every day, often politician and criminals are the same

  2. Its crazy how the government gets pissed and wants an investigation into the murders of they're ppl but when its ordinary citizens getting killed nobody gives a shit

  3. Let me guess how they investigate this case : He was a narco and took money!! Case closed! Now off to the golf course

  4. They probably killed for protecting some cartel they just DNt kill politicians to kill politicians there has to be a bigger story behind all this all politicians protect cartel leaders when ever chapo Guzman gets arrested everybody's gonna see all his secrets and who protects him...

  5. Doesn't necessarily mean the guy was dirty just cause he was killed! That's what tha authorities always say to PAN people they kill. PRI up to their old tricks. I'd say.

  6. At the gates of city hall? I can't really see that happening to a republican politician in El Paso w/out people going nuts. I'm from El Paso and it is kind of quiet. Dead bodies don't show up at the gates of city hall. We have Axtecas - Barrio Aztecas that operate outside of jails.

  7. PAN does seem rather over the top about this PAN politician's murder....finally tired of their ranks becoming thinned out and depleted. Pretty soon no one worthy left

  8. They kind of seem to b hit harder than other parties. Why is that. Don't get along with knights or what. Won't pay extortion fees for the unfinished furniture storefront or what? It is frustrating to not know and realize they may be never will. Sich place!

  9. Its ok the Mexican people seem to accept dead as a very comon thing, just like the people of, Chicago. None of the leaders care r want to solve the problem. When making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$off the drugs and living their big houses.

  10. that just goes to show that they don't give a s*** about the ordinary citizens .

  11. Basically another example of impunity like always, killing with nothing more than a little shrug- not even a little question or two.

  12. Replies
    1. Bet you bullets were bought in cali,wholesale prices!!!!you can run a small country selling Methto your own people..

  13. Goes to show they don't give a sh*t about anyone only motivated by greed! Sad state of affairs. Just about anything you do in Mexico besides sitting on your ass and being poor will get you killed by on faction or the other. K triste

  14. Unfortunately all it takes is someone from the same or an opposing party who may be connected to tell his sicarios, look this guy is liked, has values and morals. If he moves up it's over for all of us ( greed). And just like that he's gone.

  15. Just aren't as caring and warm as you've been led to believe. There is a disconnect among some of th regarding hurting others in order to gain means to the end. It isn't cool. I hope one day the nation can look back on this period with shame that so many were so selfish. That way it would mean they survived and maybe learned from their mistakes,

  16. Why is nothing really working because there is still squabbling over territories between the narcos that are now the officials who run the country of Mexico? Sick Mexico is a big huge disappointing catastrophe.

    1. That is one way to put it 9:36 "a big disappointing mezzzz that is Mexico" but even more so Mich is a bitch - I wonder if there is the resolve to untangle it.


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