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Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 die in Matamoros

Three armed suspects were shot to death in an armed confrontation with Mexican security forces in Matamoros, Tamaulipas Wednesday night, according to official government news sources.

According to a news release posted on the state government website of Tamaulipas, the incident took place at 2100 hrs near the intersection of  Avenida Division del Norte and Calle Republica de Cuba in Modelo colony where a Mexican Army road patrol had observed an then signaled a number of armed suspects who were traveling aboard a Chevrolet pickup truck.

The armed suspects fired on the army patrol which returned fire killing all three men.

One of the dead was identified as Juan Antonio Sanchez Lumbreras, 22, of Matamoros.

After the confrontation ended army troops seized three rifles, an undisclosed number of weapons magazine and ammunition.  The suspects were wearing bulletproof vest and according to the news release, had military style haircuts.

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  1. Damn I wiah you were still with us juan sadly but true your gone but your memory lives on my heart best belive that sincerely antonio

  2. Mi matamos querido. Arriba .rigo . Tobar por un matamoros limpio de zetas ahuque ya quedan muy pocos

  3. So? Pedro had a military style haircut. It doesn't mean he was in the army. He did it for the same reason we all do it - it's low maintenance and cooler.

  4. I dont think it said he was In the military.

  5. Military style haircut.......yeah definitely positively organized krime....NO MAMEN MEJOR SI MAMEN.

    1. They needed money for the kickback,but z40 took it all to live like a king,and keeps taking all of it to live like a queen in prison and buy all the sabritas for the pimp(la Barbie).when will you unnerstand? the big bosses got all the money,they are easier to take out or down,you will not go to prison,and if you spread it around wisely you will be the king of the chicanos...

  6. Is it me, or is the eastern front a little quieter than usual??

    How refreshing that Matamoros has not been subject of discussion on BB for a bit.

    In Reynosa, on the other hand, we had the poyero story a few days ago...

    Can anyone on The Beat, in and around Matamoros, comment as to its climate of late?

    What about Valle Hermoso/El Realito?

    How hot Is San Fernando?

    Ya hace mucho que no voy con La Guera at El Mercadito TZ. She still there?

  7. pinches zetasmierda de humanidad ustedes no son traficantes mas bien son mata mexicanos pero al gun dia van a desaparecer de la tierra i saben el cartel del golfo les da duro arriba matamoros [ los zmamen al z 40


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