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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

13 die in Coahuila state

By Chris Covert

A total of 13 individuals were killed or were found dead in drug and gang related violence in the northern Mexican border state of Coahuila, according to various Mexican news accounts.

Four unidentified individuals were shot to death an an armed encounter with Mexican security forces Monday night near Monclova.

According to a news report which appeared in the online edition of Milenio news daily, a group of state police agents traveling aboard a Dodge ram were fired on by a group of armed suspects who were traveling aboard a Lincoln Navigator SUV.

The incident took place on Kilometer 23 of Mexico Federal Highway 57.  According to the report towards the end of the encounter the armed suspects abandoned their vehicle and continued firing on the police agents.

The incident took place as state and local police agents flooded the highways around Monclova attempting to catch suspects who earlier in the day had attempted to kill the local Monclova municipal police chief, General Victorino Resendiz Cortez Monday afternoon.

According to a separate news report which appeared in the website of El Diario de Coahuila newa dailt, in that confrontation, General  Resendiz Cortez had been investigating carjackings in the region when he was fired on.  The shooters then fled north, but were eventually found that evening.

General Resendiz Cortez was wounded in the encounter, and no indications were reported the wound was life threatening.

According to another report which also appeared in El Diario de Coahuila car thefts including carjackings are down, now averaging 10 per day as opposed to 13 per day from the same period January to August in 2013.  The decline is reportedly 22 percent year over year.

Meanwhiile four individuals were found shot to death Saturday night in two separate locations in Coahuila, according to a news report in El Diario de Coahuila.

Two of the victims were identified as Armando Padilla Gaona, 68, and Norberto Carlos Dominguez Trejo, 33.  One other victim had been identified, but the name was not disclosed.

Two victims, including Sr. Armando Padilla Gaona,  were found in the bed of a pickup truck in Ramos Arippe in Manantiales del Valle colony , while the other two were found on Bulevar Venustiano Carranza in Saltillo.

According to a news account, ransom had been paid for the release of the victims by family, but the victims were killed anyway.

Finally in Monclova, four unidentified victims were found in a grave Monday, according to a news account which appeared in Milenio.

The victims were found in Posada del Sol in a partial state of decomposition.  Reports are the victims were killed only days before the discovery of their bodies.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and  He can be reached at


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  4. Bet you those trucks had texas plates on them..

  5. Wtf wow How is that you pay the kidnapping ransom and your loved one still gets killed. There is no honor among thieves. These scumbaggs have lost all protocols in the way they operate. This is something that is occurring with regularity with kidnapped victims in Mexico recently. Whenever these scumbaggs are captured by the security forces, just carry out the process of judge, jury, and executioners as they see fit. It's madness in Mexico!!! 10-4

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  10. Forum Administrator "DD"

    Over this past weekend, a helicopter was circling various parts of the city of Sabinas looking for someone or something. It was circling fairly close to my house (2 OR 3 blocks away) fling fairly low. I went out in my backyard to bring some clothes in off the line and was watching it. As I walked out there, I passed under a big pecan tree and from the coptors vantage point, it might have looked like I was trying to hide under the tree. It immediately broke off its circle and did a 90 degree turn straight for my house. It hovered directly overhead at no more than 200 ft. I quickly got out from behind the tree and was watching it when from the right side window I was a flash - I don't know if it was the sun reflecting of binoculars or some type viewing device or was a camer or what. I quickly started taking down the clothes from the line. It then flew back to its circle grid that it had been searching. I wondered if I would have a truck load of marines or army show up in front of my house, but didn't think any more about it. It is not that uncommon to have the helos circling, but you never hear anything about what they were doing.

    However, the next day I started wondering again what they were doing. There was a military truck (with the machine gun on top) and a bunch of soldiers scattered around and in front of the funeral home. This is the same funeral home (Garcia's ) where Lanzcas body was stolen from. The soldiers were in front of the mortuary, the office, and up and down the street to the corner like they were on guard duty. That in it's self raised some questions. Why would they be guarding the funeral home if there was not a body of someone of importance inside.

    I have posted on the Forum many times that for many reasons I think Sabinas is home to some high level narco jefes. It turns out that Z40 had a home here and was traveling between Sabinas and Nuevo Laredo when he was captured.

    I have a friend who has an office in the block adjacent to the Garcia Funeral Home and a friend who supposed was a 2nd or 3rd cousin to Lazcano, but you can never get any info about what is happening at Garcia's . Nobody knows anything.

  11. Que caray con estos muchachos que se siguen matando y es el cuento de nunca acabar, que se pongan de acuerdo y se repartan la lana, de otro modo van a acabar todos muertos. Apoco en EU no hay drogas? pero mucho más que en México, pero allá se pelean un poco menos. (de todos modos tienen sus 18 homicidios/día).

    Damn with this guys killing each other, they will never end, just make an agreement and distribute the money and territory, otherways you will end up all death. Aren't more drugs in the US? of course much more, but they fight less. (even so 18 homicides/day isn't so little).


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