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Monday, September 2, 2013

Violence down in Sonora state; 4 die

By Chris Covert

While violence has gone down overall in the Mexican state of Sonora, in some municipalities murders have increased as much as 94 percent, according to Mexican news reports.

A new report posted Monday on the website of El Imparcial news daily said that intentional homicides statewide are down from  2012 going from 338 to 284 between January and July, a reduction of almost 16 percent.

The report came from information provided by the Sonora state Procuraduria General de Justicia de Estado or attorney general's office.

Although the overall rate has gone down, murder  in key municipalities have soared, including Cajeme and Hermosillo, while Nogales and Navojoa have registered a modest year over year decline.

Cajeme's intentional homicide rate went to 94 percent with 97 murders in the first half of 2013 with 97 against 50 the same period last year.

Similarly, in Hermosillo, the state capital of Sonora murders have risen 31 percent going from  48 in 2012 to 63.

A total of four individuals have been killed in drug and gang violence in Sonora state.
  • One man was shot to death and another was wounded in a shooting in Magdalena municipality Sunday.  Juceth Montero Ruiz, 27 was shot to death and Iber Montero Ruiz was shot and wounded aboard this Jeep Cherokee in Villa Trento colony as they were traveling aboard a Jeep Cherokee SUV  near the intersection of Calle Alberto Bello and Carretera Internacional.  Armed suspects traveling aboard a GM brand SUV fired on the pair, then apparently fled the scene.  Police later found the SUV, which had been hit by small arms fire.
  • A man was shot to death in Pueblo Yaqui Sunday.  Eduardo Castro Leyva, 27, was found in Heros de 47 colony wounded with packages of drugs said to be marijuana.  A handgun was also found nearby.  He later died at a hospital in Ciudad Obregon.  News report say the victim was a known criminal who had served time in prison for carjacking.
  • A man in his teens was found apparently beaten to death in Pueblo Yaqui.  Jorge Alberto Mendivil Ibarra, 19, has been kidnapped last Saturday by armed suspects who forced him into a vehicle before speeding away.  The victim was found near the intersection of Calle 500 and Carretera Internacional in Valle del Yaqui.  Mendivil Ibarra had a prior criminal problem involving cattle rustling.
  • A man in his 30s was shot to death while trying to stop a burglary at his home in Esperanza Friday.  Mario Alberto Castro Leyva, 30 came home with his wife to find two men leaving his residence on Ampliacion Alameda.  When he tried to stop them, one of the men shot  Castro Leyva in his chest and then fled aboard a bicycle.
  • A man was shot and wounded In Caborca municipality Sunday.  Daniel Romero Martinez, 38 was shot in he backyard of his residence in San Rafael colony where several armed suspects dismounted from a Nissan Xterra and shot him using a handgun and a rifle.
Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and He can be reached at His latest work of non-fiction, The Wounded Eagle: Volume 2 went on sale Sunday at and


  1. the wild wild west is alive and thriving

  2. Who has Sonora on lock? Chapo and his GN up north and Mayo and MP out west? Does Beltran's have any disputed pull anywhere anymore?

    1. Beltran has saric to santa ana
      Its small but it is beign
      Desputed chapo mayos have all
      Sonora on lock and will for a
      Long time

    2. Beltranes have the most influence in Sonora its been H's home base since the early 90's. People need to understand H dont have many sicarios like CDS CT Z or CDG he has high govt officials and generals when he needs dirty work done he calls Z Isidro or Comando Alacran no need for so much exposure

    3. Wrong chapo and mayo have Sonora on lock just like Durango to many people there protect the CDS capos. That's why Sonora is way calmer then a lot of other states. I don't have to fear about going to Sonora in my truck and some one stealing it from me because chapo and mayo take care of there people so they don't have to steal from innocent people.

  3. Los de sonora son esclavos del cds... Jajajaja pendejas

  4. Los paderres!!!! De A.P. are the ones bin running the show!!!!


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