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Monday, September 23, 2013

Now there's four police officers detained for el bar Heaven

Borderland Beat 9/24/13 Update

The most recent agent, who's name hasn't been given by his commanders, was detained for presumably having participated in the abduction and transfer of victims to Tlalmanalco, State of Mexico, where they were found dead, decapitated in a clandestine grave.

These four SSPDF officers detained for their alleged connection with the Heaven bar kidnapping and murder case are elements of the Police Investigation of the same PGJDF. 

Edgar Ernesto Gutiérrez Vera Jorge Clemente Martínez Pérez, José Zequera Zavala and the fourth no name is given yet.

18 detainees related to the case
And remain under the precautionary measure:
César Iván Romero Reyes, Bryan 
Giovanni Guerrero Arroyo, 
Erick Raymundo Fernández Sánchez, 
Fernando Fernández Sánchez, 
Jonathan Omar Robles González  
Pedro Francisco Paz López
The following were already recorded and are subject to criminal proceedings:
Víctor Manuel Aguilera García
Víctor Manuel Torres García, alias “El Chobis”
Ricardo Antonio Méndez Muñoz, alias “La Mosca”
José de Jesús Carmona Aiza, “Chucho Carmona”
Ernesto Espinosa Lobo, alias “El Lobo”
Mario Alberto Rodríguez Ledesma, alias “El Moschino”
Gabriel Carrasco Ilizaliturri, alias “El Diablo”
Andrés Estuard Henonet González, alias “El Andresote”

Mexico City's police chief says a fourth officer has been arrested in the investigation into the kidnapping and killing of 12 young people who disappeared in May from an after-hours bar and later turned up in a mass grave.

Security Chief Jesus Rodriguez Almeida says the four have been turned over to the prosecutor's office and he has no evidence to conclude they were involved.
The Mexico City prosecutor announced Monday that two more police had been arrested in the case, putting the total at three officers. Rodriguez on Tuesday confirmed the arrest of the fourth officer to The Associated Press.

Eighteen people have been arrested so far in the case involving the after-hours bar, Heaven. The killings shook Mexico City's image as a haven from drug-related, organized crime.
                 According to the Video many more are involved

Older story-Two police officers of the Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District were detained for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of 13 people which occurred on May 26 in the Bar Heaven.  Previous Witness account translated .

They are Jorge Martínez Pérez and José Clemente Sequera Zavala, assigned to the sector Zona Rosa.

Now there are three SSP-DF police arrested in Ciudad de Mexico for their presumed involvement in the kidnapping and murder of 13 people whose bodies were found in a mass grave in the town of Tlalmanalco, State of Mexico .

Last week an agent of the SSP in DF,  Edgar Ernesto Gutierrez Vera, from La Zona  Rosa,  was arrested for his involvement in the kidnapping of 13 people on May 25 from the bar Heaven.

Jorge Martínez Pérez and José Clemente Sequera Zavala, assigned  to the Zona Rosa sector in DF and SSP officer Edgar Ernesto Gutierrez Vera, also arrested last week, are allegedly responsible for the crimes against the young bar patrons in Ciudad de Mexico on May 26. Allegedly the investigation is now focusing on the SSP chief of the Zona Rosa Sector.


  1. WOW, I'm shocked, are you suggesting that there is corruption in the Mexican police ranks?

    1. Well, of course there is corruption, duh but you don't immediately go interrogating the SSP when 13 kids get kidnapped and are found decapitated in a narcofosa, without checking other avenues first. Why? Because police are supposed to provide a sense of security not be another gang of creeps to contend with.

    2. They seem to be moving on this one. Even though they are doing something- sure is humiliating to admit your police can be turned on two dimes. If they ended up like the 13 kids-it might be easier for the families than looking at the disgusting lowlifes sit around watching clowns on tv.

  2. You know I would be fine if they just decapitated thes three without pain killers and whipped 'em in a narcofosa! I'm not usually like this but okay? So that's ONE! They deserve no better. Thanks for the update on the hellish Bar Heaven, Havana.

  3. Wow, they are actually getting to the bottom of the shit on this one, see when everyone is looking at mexican law enforcement as corrupt, and somehow this shows that they were. Suddenly the gvt is reviewing evidence and people are being arrested, is it because this is so close to mexico city, that this is being treated this way?

  4. It is one thing when it is a group of criminals but 13 kids at a bar is another. why don't they take their leadership to the square and do the same to them but castrate them first. Lets start where the corruption begins, at the top.

  5. We know that Mexican Police is involved with the criminals and I think they are the criminals, there's no surprise there. They are the most corrupt Police in the world period.

  6. Do that know why these kids were kidnapped yet?!

  7. All I know is there will be many more implicated before this case is "put to bed"

  8. No matter what Chivis says the families say, there is plenty of doubt surrounding these decapitated abductees from the Heaven Bar

  9. You updated this and so did Mr. Covert. You are both with it. Good follow through. You just aren't in it for the pay check. You care about the stories and BB readers. I was going to bring your lack of an update to Chivis' attention. She knows how to update. But you had it in control. Nice one!

  10. Doubt all you want, the killers, the families, the police I guess are all in collusion. Yup, that makes perfect sense.

    As for the motive I have written the motive 2X already. it was to cause turmoil at heaven bar for the killing at Black Bar..

    PGR says that motive has not changed.

  11. full and complete investigation going on,if other crimes are investigated,90% will have police officers involved and covering up, all over Mexico because all of them have to pay kickbacks to the police chiefs, "pa la torta, jefe"!

  12. The investigations proved it was Javier Joel Rodriguez Fuentes,El Javi , who ordered the kidnapping in retaliation for the murder of El Chaparro . To date, a fugitive.

  13. Officers (cross out Officeres, it is spelled ORIFICES)
    Edgar Ernesto Gutiérrez Vera Jorge Clemente Martínez Pérez, José Zequera Zavala and the fourth no name is given yet.


  14. PGJDF revealed the fourth arraigned uniformed officer implicated in the Heaven bar kidnapping and homicide case as Daniel Valverde Trujillo, 35. He allegedly participated in the monitoring of the Heaven bar on Lancaster Street on the night of the crime.


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