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Friday, September 27, 2013

Officials Pleased with Downward trend in Crime in Nuevo Leon- "Yeah but"...........

Borderland Beat
Gunmen storm bar  execute 4, seriously maim 3 at Chato's Grill near Monterrey
MONTERREY, NL  - Four young people were killed and three others seriously injured during an attack by gunmen in a bar early Thursday morning in the metropolitan municipality of Santa Catarina.
The violent incident occurred early at 1:00 am in Chato's Grill, a cantina located on Movimiento Obrero Avenue in the neighborhood of Jardines de la Fama part of the metropolitan municipality of Santa Catrina. Witnesses said three men entered the establishment and opened fire on about 30 customers.

Two men died inside the bar and two died outside between parked cars. The injured were transported to local hospitals.

Sources close to the case said actually one of the mortally injured had died early this morning, although that version was not confirmed.

Of the four youths who died, authorities were able to generally identify three, but only as "Samu," Aaron, and Oscar, alias "El Loco," all  between 17 and 20 years of age.
In the parking lot crime scene investigators seized several vehicles, among them, a car with a vehicle registration of 350z SRN2-4190 which had taken about 20 bullet holes, also a Mustang and a red pickup truck with 13 bullet holes.
The shooting caused panic among the attendees, many of whom went quickly through the emergency exit..
Inside Chato's Grill they treated men and women who were hysterical.

It is believed that the incident is related to organized crime. 

At the time of the tragedy (the numbers in reports have varied) but between 30-50 men and women were on the premises , in addition to the manager and two bartenders, all who retired after the incident.

On Tuesday, a businessman was murdered outside his factory, in the neighborhood España, south of the city, a fact related to his refusal to pay the criminals' plaza fees.

Nuevo Leon's government has reiterated that between the murders this year none has been linked to criminal extortion, and in some cases there has been misrepresention by the media..

Governor Confirms kidnapping of the father of Nuevo Leon Mayor 
MONTERREY, NL - Jorge Luis Martínez Martínez, the father of Jorge Luis Martínez Gutiérrez, mayor Zuazua, was abducted early Wednesday from his home in Zuazua, located 40 kilometers north of the capital of Monterrey confirmed today the governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

He explained that Jorge Luis Martinez Martinez, father of the mayor, was kidnapped at 2:00 pm yesterday from his home located in Zuazua and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Medina said: "We are working on the confirmed case, and unfortunately I can not give more information for obvious reasons, but it is confirmed and we are working."
The family of the victim presented the relevant factual allegation, authorities have refused to provide information to the media for the safety of those involved.

Despite the recent crimes, the security spokesman for the state, Jorge Domene, said that there is a downward trend in criminal activity in Nuevo Leon.

"What we see is that in the last three months, and this would be the fourth, the impact is we've had about one case per day. As of today we have 24 reported cases related to organized crime, this is a trend of consistency in that number, " he said.

He also noted that recent killings and kidnappings have been carried out by a specific group of organized crime. 

Milenio says in an article on Sept. 28, 2013 that 53% of homicides in Mexico are linked to organized crime, down from 72% in January. In April, 2011 8 out of ten homicides were linked to narcos.

In August 2013, there were 777 killings related to organized crime, which represents the lowest average in two and a half years

(It may be better than the story below which was typical from a year ago but it's still too early to be boasting)

Los Zetas Cell killed 22 people, incinerating 17 of them at two ranches in NL
MONTERREY, NL. - The Attorney General of the entity (PGJE) today introduced a cell of Los Zetas involved in the killing of 22 people 12 men and 10 women, 17 of which were incinerated at two ranches located in the north.

Domene Jorge Zambrano, a spokesman for Public Safety, said that one of the ranches is named "La Barbie" and the other is in San Martin Dam, 220 kilometers from the capital, in the north end of Nuevo Leon.

Domene reported that two of the detainees, who were already caught, did job of killing. This is Jesus Mendoza Guadalupe Frias  aka Jesus Frias Alejandro Lozano, El Lupin,'  El Gordo' , El Cochiloco' or La 'Vaca,'19, and Mario Vazquez Ramirez, Chester, 20, who received 6000 pesos per fortnight.

The other three arrested were operating as halcones. They are: Carlos Arturo Escalante Bazaldua, El Anahuac or El Arturin , 26; Ezaú Alejandro Olvera Saldaña, El Tao , 29, and Francisco Javier Sánchez Robles, Chacho , 32.

At the time of arrest, the head of "hawks," identified with the nickname of Eru, managed to flee.

According Domene, the crimes were committed by the Zetas were conducted between April and August this year, and its victims were residents of Anahuac. Some were eliminated by selling drugs and other rival groups for snitches.

The PGJE also involves them in car theft at gunpoint against at least four drivers circulating in the municipality border with Texas. In total, the cell has four formal complaints.

The charts below are from Zeta Weekly August 2013
Report of EPN's War against Organized Crime


Most Violent Cities                                                 


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  1. Its all the Zetas doing they want the money and need it bad from places to keep operating in those areas because CDS AND CDG has moved in and has taken down almost all plazas and have killed nearly all leaders in those areas that were Zetas but the Zetas do this shit and think they will live even though now they not just being hunted by the feds and police and so on that the government is on all on Zetas side but the military that is not with the Zetas but rather with the richer and more powerful CDS and CDG so they have a lot of enemies their to find and catch these criminals and better hope its by the military so they are not killed because each Zeta caught seems relieved to be alive and not caught by their enemies and they cant go more south cause they will run into more military and rivals the CT. So there fucked now that their two top bosses went down. its only a matter of time before Mexico is Zeta free members seem to be leaving for other cartels that have a known Leadership standard and to be spared by their lives and when they do they give up stronghold that are then raided by CDS and CDG and CDJ and CT if they join the other cartels or are relayed from a cartel to a military personal to go and break up the entire cell and stronghold cause the generals cant be paid off anyone more but the lower ones can and can filter info from contact inside of the cartels to tell their boss the generals and then they bust more Zetas and then you risk no cartel resources of your own and bam you take over even more territory. ZETAS ARE WEAK AND GETTING PICKED OFF LEFT AND RIGHT AND STILL THINK THEY HAVE A GRIP ON THE PEOPLE WHEN THEY DONT ANYMORE BECAUSE OTHER CATRTELS AND CP AND CT AND CDJ AND CDS AND CDG ALL ARE GUNNING FOR THEM AND ARE TAKING THEIR PLACES OVER. I guess fucking over all the former leaders of the Zetas from inside for the power grab was not wise and Z-50 pointed that out and then was snitched on by Zetas who he use to work for. Also human smuggling on the border is now being taken care of by other cartels no more Zeta bullshit cause they lost the border towns and cities and cant pass without getting caught by police and or border agents or other cartels that have taken their land from the Zetas.

    1. Jaja calmate golfita jajajaja segun todas las.fronteras ya las ganaron jajajajadeseguro vives en us pendejo.tus golfas y chaputas no hacen nada sin el ejercito o la marina por eso ustedes culos nobpelean.prefieren vivir de hipocresias enganando al pueblo que segun ustedes son los buenos y que no secuestran y extorcionan.jaja bola de lacraz mentirosos.y cual cartel grande si enreynosa son puros paleteros y centroamericanos que tiene los golfos jaja eres un ignorante pendejo. TIENEN anos diciendo que ya acabaron con ls zetillas y ni asi pueden ni juntos an podido ni con el gobierno federal bola de hipocritas jaja

    2. If you havent noticed the other cartels have been trying to get rid of the zetas with the help of the military and they still havent stoped them .... Dumb little kid stop paying attention to all that bullshit propaganda they put out there everybody knows the zetas are expanding there territory every day thats why chapo is hiding like a little bitch up in the mountsins like Saddam in a fucking little hole made specificly for his short ass

    3. I agree with u zetas are done I'm frm monterry I just came from there every thing is comedown you see people walking more free you don't hear zetas doin this and that like they use2 be goin out killing innocent people all that shit is over since cartel del golfo move inn

  2. Zetas dominating cdg as usual<

  3. Yes, it is the medias fault making NL look bad. No extortion here? Own an autobody shop-then see the "protction fees you pay!" No hay problema. Right

  4. I'm having trouble downloading a menu from that place. Can anyone tell me how the wings are from chato's ?

  5. Jorge Domene surely must have felt a little foolish saying this last batch of propaganda Monterrey style

  6. The return of the bar massacres in Monterrey, N.L.. metropolitan area. Thatt must have been an ugly sight to see all the young. people injured or dead from rifle shot wounds. I recall last year how a T.V. station from Mty. showed the fallen bodies of 5-7 teenagers shot dead while their relatives cried all over their bodies in real time. The atrocity had just barely occurred when the news transmitted the footage. It appears the violence is diminishing in MTY. metropolitan are; however; this might be an indicator of things to come in N.L. and resurgence of the violence

  7. Nuevo Leon's government has reiterated that between the murders this year none has been linked to criminal extortion

    I guarantee you that almost all businesses are all being extorted. The government gets their cut. So of course the government is going to play it down.

  8. Chato's been bad like forever. Attracts a bad element or three. This won't help it much getting that desirable university crowd now will? Big improvement this is? I gather that is the point! Point taken.

  9. In yesterday's El Norte (9/27) it reported these above events but the story also listed that a U.S. citizen by the name of Christopher Phillips had been kidnapped in Monterrey. Anybody hear anything abt this?

  10. chivis please admin can you post this story to mainboard or forum.
    although not a beheading story or drug specific i think that due to activities of mexican drug cartels the reo grande valley is now having to endure targeted unconstitutional roadblocks due to their "spillover" activities here in the valley.
    you can find the full story at this link.
    State Rep. expresses concerns over random DPS checkpoints and possible targeting of poor neighborhoods in the Valley

  11. Such a sad sad country. Mexico, the Somalia of the Americas. Complete with warlords, factions, and political corruption. The good people stuck with nothing.

  12. when are this motherfuckers going to be applied the death penalty? they apply it at will,and with extreme prejudice at will,no reason needed, no court either,z40 to be judged in secret court on reduced charges, not to be mistreated,not to be interrogated...what the fuck is wrong with the mexican government???

  13. to September 27, 2013 at 9:45 PM that is not true they are trying to hold onto what they have left because of all the losses when your only alliance is with the Juarez cartel who have been taken down by military and el chapo for their territory it means your allies aren't strong enough to protect you ANYMORE and also all the Zetas tops ranks caught in a year of eachother most amount in any cartels history. Also every single zeta caught by cdg and cds and cjng and ct have admitted they are fighting them off and have lost so much and so many men and women and no longer have the power to do what they once did no longer able to expand to other places just desperately trying to hold onto what they have and the only thing they have left that the community police and cartels have not taken from them is their stronghold that leads to el paso but its getting attacked a lot and they are either deserting their cartel for others as offered by other cartels or being killed off or getting sent to prison faster then you can say holy shit its not propaganda is just numbers and what has happened soon el chapo and cdg and cgnj will have their last place taken over and then no more zetas expect for a few sad ones that will still try but fail like they all have in the past. CDS NOT A SINGLE TOP LEADER CAUGHT IN DECADES. CDS CAN TAKE A CITY IN A MATTER OF HOURS AND HAVE SHOWN THAT IN JUAREZ. ZETAS SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEIR PLACE AND BEEN THE DOGS THEY ARE GETTING ORDERS FROM CDG AND THEY DID NOT NOW THE CDG IS MORE POWERFUL THEN THEM AGAIN AND CDS MOST POWERFUL OF ALL AND JUAREZ WEAKEND BLO WEAKEND ZETAS WEAKEND ALL BECAUSE THEY PICKED THE WRONG SIDES AND FOUGHT THE HAND THAT FEED THEM THEIR MASTERS. EL CHAPO IS KING AND DOES NOT NEED AMERICAN GANGS LIKE JUAREZ TO HELP THEM THAT HAVE DRAINED THEIR RESOURCES AND ZETAS THE SAME BLO DOES NOT USE AMERICAN GANGS BUT TOO MANY HITS AND THEY FELL HARD THE BROTHERS ALIVE ALL STILL POWERFUL BUT NO MORE ARE THEY KINGS. ALSO FOR TJ CARTEL THEY ARE WEAKENED BY STRONG AT THE TOP THEY STILL ARE ABLE TO MOVE STUFF AND HAVE NOT HAD ALOT OF CAPTURES RECENTLY I THINK ITS DUE TO A NEW ALLIANCE WITH THEIR FORMER ENEMY THE SINALOA CARTEL AND IT WAS MADE BY EL ALZUL TO KEEP SINALOA DRUGS FLOWING AND ALSO ALLOW TJ TO CONTINUE AND STAY STRONG ALSO ALLOWING BOTH SIDES TO GET GUNS AND MEN TO FIGHT OFF OTHER CARELS FOR THAT AREA CAUSE THE WEST COAST IS DIAMOND AND PLACE FOR SINALOA TO KEEP THEY ALMOST HAVE ALL THE MIDDLE NOW FROM JUAREZ AND THE LOWER MIDDLE FROM ZETAS THE GULF CARTEL EAST COAST IS THEIR DIAMOND AND THEY OWN IT THEY ALSO EXPANDED WITH THE HELP OF CDS INTO THE MIDDLE TO TAKE JUAREZ PARTS AND TO THE SOUTH TO TAKE ZETAS. ZETAS NOW OWN ONE PART IN THE NORTH THAT IS IN CONTINUED ONSLAUGHT THEY WONT BE ABLE TO HOLD ONTO FOR LONG AND THE STUFF IN THE SOUTH IS NEARLY ALL GONE BECAUSE THREE CARTELS ARE TAKING IT FROM THEM. SO THE NL IS THE ONLY TRUE PLACE THEY HAVE LEFT EVERYONE CAUGHT HAS SAID THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE ITS NO LONGER ABOUT EXPANDING CAUSE THEY CANT WASTE THE RESOURCES THE WAR HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL ON THEM ALSO LEADERSHIP CAUGHT AND FAILURES AND INFIGHTING HAVE ALSO TAKEN THEM DOWN SO JUST TRYING TO HOLD ONE TO THEIR ONCE PEICE AND WHEN ITS GONE THEIR GONE FOR GOOD THIS TIME.

  14. Sad,our politicians lie better than any criminal in any field of criminality and call it diplomacy.

  15. if zetas would still have Z3, Z40 and z50 they would be still strong then ever but since they star killing each other and CDG and CDS doin hit to them and the military and Navy doin ther part shit zetas are all most over and what u goin to see next zetas goin to kill some CDG-CDS put them in internet and put narocs mantas to make them seen that they still sstrong active which in real life they getting weak

    1. 1% of the narcs make 99% of the money, 99% of the sicarios make 1% of the money washing cars or selling paletas,they have to pay piso/plazaand kick half the money up,and on their free time kill the competition.what I wanna know is where is lazca's money?Amado Carrillo's money?I am sure the sicarios never saw any of it,but if they take the bosses hostage,the smart sicarios will see some money
      STALIN STYLE RESULTS...only the best results are when you don't do it for the money,but for the hell of it,big game is for the most worthy prize, and includes no squirrels

  16. Puroz pinchiz pepenadorezzz y carwazherzzz peleandoze por las zobrazzz,pendejozzz


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