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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mexican security forces rescue 11

2 die, 2 detained in San Fernando municipality

By Chris Covert

A total of 11 unidentified individuals were rescued from captivity by Mexican Security forces in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, according to Mexican news accounts.

An El Universal wire dispatch featured on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily said that a  Base de Operaciones Mixtas (BOM) detachment rolled up at a residence in Altavitsa colony Sunday night.   Two unidentified men were found in the house, strangled with plastic bags.  Two men were detained at the scene.

The victims told officials that they were waiting payment of ransom for their release from their families.

BOM detachments are a mix of local state and federal security units, including police and military.  Ciudad Victoria is the state capital of Tamaulipas.

Meanwhile in San Fernando municipality two unidentified armed suspects were killed by Mexican security forces Monday

According to an official news release posted on the website of Tamaulipas state government, a BOM road patrol encountered a convoy of three vehicles near a break near Rancho El Novillo on the Urracas-Reynosa road.  The news release said that the passengers riding in the convoy fired on the patrol, and return gunfire killed two.

Three of the vehicles in the convoy were abandoned, one Chevrolet Avalanche, one Chevrolet Silverado and one Nissan Murano.  Security forces also seized one rifle, one handgun, six weapons magazines and 70 rounds of ammunition.

The news release also claimed that two armed suspects were detained near an abandoned narcocamp at a farmhouse. A couple was detained at the scene, identified as Margarita Hernandez Gonzalo Alvarez and Manuel Martinez Aldama.  Two handguns were seized as well.

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  1. I think chapo is to blame for all the mayham in mexico hes a rat

    1. The splintering of power from the PRI to other political parties along with each parties' corrupt alliances with drug trafficers: the reason for the mayhem.

  2. We need more rats so they can all exterminate each other.

  3. The mexican government and politicians protect chapo because of one reason peña nieto doesn't control mexico chapo does so if they kill or arrest chapo all hell is gonna break loose and rightinow that he's alive and in mexico everything's neutral yeah there's some killings here and there but they rather let Chapos ppl be the top ones than the most violent cartel in Mexico "zetas" you think z40 was captured that easy that was Chapos lil present to peña nieto campaign

  4. What a sad country to live in...kill all drug dealers...and their families...

  5. The USA and sll governments should sell all confiscated drug for half price...what would chapo do then...his market for drugs would dry up...Use the money from the sales for more police...problem solved

  6. Why the fuck does every one say chapo this Chapo that >>>> in chih. Mex chapo does not control shit and if you say he does then you just don't know because you don't come from there never been there not even for 1 second have you been there <<<< I am from namiquipa chih.mex. and around here all of chapos people have been killed there ranches burned and entire families killed <<<< in chih mex chapo is nothing but a name <<<< if you want to know what happened here is a short recap Chapo did take control of chih mex and scared jaurez cartel out of the state for a couple years but recently LA linia has been coming in little by little taking back the state until recently were now jaurez cartel is back in full force with total control of the state <<<< so please don't talk because I'm sure you just don't know because you don't know anyone there and sure as hell have never been there <<<<

  7. Well Mexico, is in debt. La raza nesesita trabajar, they should legalize marijuana. There wouldn't be so much crime alot of work for everyone.

  8. In reality this will never stop as long as the United States demands more drug, think about it how many crack heads u see and pot heads and meth heads it will never go away as long as there are dope heads in the USA we fuel the fire that burns in Mexico

  9. @1044pm i agree,he wanted he murdered his way in..he wanted he murdered his way in....and he wanted N-laredo...zetas stopped em dead!!! greedy murdering ratt is Chapo!!

  10. zetas haven't been making their payoffs


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