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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kidnapping and extortion increases in Mexico

By Chris Covert

Kidnappings and extortion reports increased by double digits in  the first eight months of the Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto's administration, according to a news account posted on

Going by data sent to the Mexican Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica (SNSP)  by state attorneys general, increases in both crimes have been posted in nearly every month since the start of President Pena's term in December 2012.

Such an increase in crime doesn't make it to Mexican press since December 2012 because of the clamp on crime news, sometimes voluntary and often involuntary as it relates to Mexico pervasive organized crime problem.

According to the report, statistics compiled for the periods December 2011 through July 2012 in the former Felipe Calderon administration and the same period in the Peña administration indicates that kidnappings have increase by 223 total, 809 in the previous year to 1,032 in the current period.

The increase is 27.5 percent.

Going by the graphics provided in the report, month for month increases have been posted for every month in 2013 over 2012.

Similarly for the crime of extortion, increases have been posted for every month save one, June, 2013, when three fewer cases of extortion were reported, 679 versus 676.

That increase is 17.5 percent with 794 more cases from 2012 to 2013.

Mexican government officials have disputed the claims saying that the increase is due to the federal government's campaign encouraging citizens to report kidnappings and extortion.

Secretaria de Gobernacion or interior ministry spokesman, Eduardo Sanchez, is quoted in the article saying that kidnapping gangs have been dismantled and many kidnapping victims have been released, which is what is shown in the data.  Eduardo Sanchez also admitted that the statistics do show an increase in the crime of kidnapping and extortion.

Francisco Rivas, of the Observatorio Nacional Ciudadano, disputes the government claims saying if anything the increase shows a small part of a larger crime problem.  Citizens do not always report kidnapping and extortion and an increase in crime statistic would indicate that the crime has increased, dramatically.

"There are no indicators," said Francisco Rivas, to back up the government's claim.

Before the clamp on crime news took place last spring, Mexican press reports indicated that ordinary citizens suffer from virtual kidnapping where a victim is telephoned and told to pay money to prevent an actual kidnapping.  Citizens have responded by simply not answering their phones.

Kidnapping and extortion are also a means local crime groups have of funding local operations.

Nationwide, kidnappings have more than tripled since the start of the Calderon administration going from 436 in the first full year of President Calderon's administration to 1,344 in 2011, the last full year of the Calderon administration, and the high water mark for the Calderon years.

Going by current statistics, at the current rate kidnappings nationwide could come close to 1,300, the lowest level since 2010, when 1,236 kidnappings were reported.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and He can be reached at His latest work of non-fiction, The Wounded Eagle: Volume 2 went on sale September 1st at and


  1. it's cuz that puto tuta and his goons caballeras kagadas it's a good thing they're getting their ass kicked by the self-defense groups death to la puta and CT

  2. What would happens if all Mexican cartels were to make peace with eachother, and decide to work together. If hey appointed a board of directors just like any other corporation. You have a CEO, president, vise president, managers, supervisors and so on and so on. They unite all their foot soilders to be one army, they put all their conections on the table, make rules where you couldn't extort hard working citizens that don't have anything to begin with. You wouldn't kidnap for ransom or political reasons. Imagine total unity, Golfos, Sinaloa, zetas, beltran leyvas, Tijuana, working all together? Each boss manager of their own area. A board of directors which is appointed in agreement by the other bosses, a vote. Kind of how they appoint the pope. That will have the U.S, and Europe trembling. Imagine how much more money they would make. That would bring peace to Mexico. That will change all Mexico. Drug trafficking will never end, lets face it. But their would be a lot more money to go around for everyone. Including politicians:)

    1. Mexicans are violent by nature, they enjoy the bloodshed as much as they enjoy making the money.
      Good idea, but Mexicans aren't capable of that level if sophistication.

    2. too late! besides,the idea is to divide and conquer,and for all the marbles,keep them divided and keep them conquered,that is why family gets killed to get the HATE there,bullshit like "nothing personal"will never fly in messico,we only know one thing very well,and it is NEVER TO FORGET, right next to never to forgive...

    3. It's been tried before but everybody got too greety so it didn't work mostly because of chapo and mayos fault

    4. Mexicans are violent by nature. What an asinine statement. The U.S. is the only country in the world to drop not one but two atomic bombs on another country. The U.S. killed two million in the Viet Nam War. The U.S. killed more Philippinos than Japan did. The U.S. has 1,000 military bases in 750 countries arond the world and they commit a lot of crimes. I could go on all night with this.

  3. Everyone is fighting against chapo i guess thats what happens when u betray and snitch

  4. i know for sure the goverment is not reporting here in nuevo laredo.we had at the minimum 2 transit police murdered and some people say 5 and 10 missing.i also here some people were hanged.the transit police are wearing bullet proof vests.i was thinking about robbing them just for the vest.those are very hard to come by.

  5. Mexico seems to suffer from the same effect as the U.S. did/does with the blame President Bush dilution. I am tired of hearing the statistics starting with Presidente Calderon's war on organized crime. The statistics coming out of Mexico favor Presidente Pena-Nieto due to government censorship of reporting and blosoming corrruption. Every story seems to have the same byline; since the start of Calderon's war on the cartels. EPN, what have YOU done for us lately?

    1. the priiztaz are winning this war on drugs,they egged their sicarios onto the scandals to tire the people away from the panochistas,now that they are back on power,they are cleaning up,but almost no politician gets fucked up,not even the family of Martha sahagun,or the family of Calderon, hell! not even the family of the biggest rat Salinas de Gortari...but the sicarios are shire getting it up the ass,they really got u s e d !

    2. 8:41calderon had about 80 000 deaths in 6 years,about 13 000 per year,eon has about 16 000 in 6 months,from killing his sicario partners that he don't need anymore

  6. @ 4:55 Unfortunately you sound like you're listening to a John Lennon song and taking it literally. Imagine all you want but it ain't never gonna happen except in your mind.

  7. Mexico.
    Come for the vacation.
    Stay for the funeral.

  8. pena nieto says that its all in your mind,if you just close your eyes and wish all the violence,rapes,murders,extortions,robberies,kidnappings,beheadings go away they will,just wish it away and look the other way,that is pena nietos solution....

  9. Pena to me is like bashar assad
    becuse When a lot of citizen die by the hundreds
    pena dose nothing. and says it was rebels
    aka narcos.just like al assad.


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